Getting Closer

 LiMei rushes into the bathroom, she washes her face and fixes her hair. How did I not hear the alarm! I haven’t even started making dinner yet! Looking in her closet she picks out a deep green button up sweater and a pair of black leggings, it will be chilly on the patio. She straightens out her bed and opens the front door.

    Rui gazes at LiMei’s flustered and sleepy appearance as she walks over to him, he wants to grab her into his arms and kiss her soft pink lips. Her eyes are half opened and her long black eyelashes are fluttering in a seductive way. LiMei’s cheeks are flushed and the dark green sweater highlights the deep green of her eyes, she looks even more beautiful than usual.

     “Rui I’m sorry I fell asleep, dinner won’t be ready for awhile.” OMG he looks so handsome in that black sweater, why is he so sexy when he is wearing casual clothes?

     “I ate a late lunch I’m fine can I help you with anything? I brought beer and wine I didn’t know which you would like.”

     “Here I will put them in the fridge, come in while I start the food. ”

     Only Du Chang has been in her apartment before she is a little self conscious it is small and her bed is right there. She has a screen divider she uses so it isn’t visible when he is over, she put it up before she went out to get Rui.

    Rui sits at her small table watching her start the stir fry she is concentrating he can tell by the serious look on her face. He loves the way she scrunches up her nose and arches her eyebrow when she is thinking. He can’t bear the thought he might not be able to see every one of her little expressions if she decides she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

     LiMei has no idea the dark and deep thoughts that are running through his mind right now. She walks over and hands him a beer she grabbed one for herself also. When she hands it to him she notices his hand is black and blue and he is holding the beer with his left hand. LiMei wonders what happened to him but doesn’t want to pry. Rui can see the worried look in her eyes but isn’t going to explain that he and Chen Jianyu were in a fight last night.

     Moving back into the small kitchen area she stands on her tiptoes trying to get a spice from the cupboard. Rui walks over behind her and easily reaches up to take it from the shelf for her. LiMei can feel his broad chest leaning into her back and smell his unique scent as he gets it down for her easily.

     Smiling he places it into her small hand. LiMei wasn’t expecting him to be so close to her and her heart is beating rapidly remembering him pressing her up against the wall when he was angry. He was a completely different person from the gentle man who is here now. She feels a certain heat rising in her body from his closeness. Her green eyes are sparkling and wide as she looks up into his smiling face, “Thank you.”

     Rui can hardly control himself as he looks down at her beautiful face. Dammit, I want to knock that little screen down she has blocking her bed and toss her alluring body onto it. Why am I having so much trouble controlling myself around her, it is like she cast a spell on me. The sweater is short and when she reached up it exposed her tiny waist. The deep green of the sweater makes her creamy white skin even more tempting, the black leggings are tight accentuating her slender legs and firm bottom.

     As he is standing in the tight kitchen with LiMei his mind is having lewd thoughts, picturing bending her over the kitchen counter and having his way with her, he shakes his head trying to come to his senses. She better not be getting ready to say goodbye or I might go insane and do something I will regret.

     LiMei starts the rice and stirs the vegetables, “Rui could you turn on the grill outside we can cook the pork skewers and steak, then the rice and vegetables will be ready.” Rui nods and takes his beer out onto the patio, the cold air is helping him calm himself. He isn’t an overtly sexual man why does just looking at her make his mind have such thoughts as though he can’t control himself.

    He drinks down his beer looks at the grill and fires it up. LiMei walks out with another beer for him she is still drinking her first beer. She lights the candles she brought out earlier and sits at the table with him. In this light he looks extraordinarily handsome, LiMei is happy she invited him over so they can work out the problems from last night. When he is smiling it takes her breath away, she has never been this attracted to a man besides her brief infatuation  with the French soldier that Autumn.

    At the same time they begin to speak“Rui I..” , “LiMei I..”

    LiMei nervously giggles and says,“You go first Rui.”

    He drinks some more of his beer he has never been in the position of having to apologize to a woman before, he actually feels a little nervous.“LiMei I’m sorry about how I treated you last night. It isn’t an excuse but I was drunk and jealous when I saw you so close to the Frenchman. I can’t explain what came over me I just want you to forgive me because I like you.” There he said it he can only wait for her response.

    LiMei is touched his voice shows his sincerity, she reaches over and touches his hand.”Rui I was wrong too, I didn’t like seeing you like that but I shouldn’t have gone to that Club to see what those girls were up to, I should have trusted you.” Her green eyes are misty, she does want to be with him.

    The feeling of her tiny hand on his and the look in her eyes is making his heart pound. He breathes a sigh of relief, she isn’t going to leave me. He tightens his grip on her hands, “I will never lose control like that again I promise you.”

   “That is all I need to hear from you because I like you too. I don’t want to give up on what we might have together. Oh I need to check the rice!” LiMei jumps up from the table. Rui watches her run into the apartment, all the dark thoughts are gone, he is going to ask LiMei to be his girlfriend. His lips curl up into a smile eventually she will be my little wife.

    LiMei carries the marinated pork skewers and the steak out to put on the grill, everything should be ready in fifteen minutes. Looking at Rui he is smiling at her, she feels very happy right now. She sits next to him drinking her beer as he turns the meat over, the aroma is drifting into the night air.

   “The rice and side vegetables should be ready, how is the meat.”

    “Almost done.”

    The atmosphere between them has softened and is more comfortable than when he first arrived. When LiMei walks out she thinks the setting is very romantic with the candles and the lights twinkling. Then she remembers I told Chang he could eat with them! What was I thinking! Well he helped me so I can’t change her mind now.

    “Ah Rui… you know the boy whose bike I was riding on that day?’

    “Yes.” How could I forget the little shit..

    “He is going to join us for dinner.”

    “…” Rui tightens the grip on the tongs he is holding .Why is that annoying brat joining them, he is hoping to get closer to LiMei tonight. Well I can’t act like it bothers him he needs to be cool about it. “Should I cook more meat?”

   “No I think that is enough. Do you want another beer?”

    “Sure.” Rui thinks he will need one to handle this meal. LiMei is too nice she shouldn’t encourage that boy, it is obvious he has a crush on her.

    LiMei’s phone rings, “Yeah Chang the food is almost ready are you coming up?”

    Du Chang is really pissed his mom called him to get home he forgot Nuo was coming over tonight to tutor him and she is there waiting for him. If he flunks his math test he won’t be able to go to the swim meet. “I need to go home and study.” 

     His voice is tinged with anger, damn coach he said if he fails his test he can’t go with the team. Math is his worst subject at school and the coach knows it but wouldn’t exempt him.

    “Well studying is more important, I will cook for you another night. See you at your swim meet on Saturday.”

   Saturday she is going to a High School Swim Meet to watch that boy? I will need to accompany her and keep the High School boys from swarming around LiMei. They seem to be very close, well at least he isn’t going to ruin dinner. Rui drinks his beer turning the meat, “It is ready LiMei.”

    LiMei is a little disappointed she wanted to show off her cooking skills to the little brat so he will stop teasing her “Du Chang needs to go home and study so it will just be the two of us.”

   Walking out of the apartment she is holding  the rice and vegetables. “I will get the wine.” When she returns instead of asking Rui to open the wine she puts the corkscrew into the cork she has done it many times when she works in Room Service.

    “Let me.” Rui reaches for the bottle when he takes it his hand is very painful but he can’t let her open it. LiMei can tell his hand hurts she grabs the bottle from him, “Rui your hand looks very painful, in my job I open wine all the time.” She opens it and pours two glasses, she really wants to ask what happened. LiMei puts some pork and vegetables on his plate then sets down a bowl of rice in front of him. “LiMei it all looks delicious.”

     He is incredibly happy sitting on this little patio enjoying watching her busy herself making dinner. Rui likes the way she is a simple girl and cooked a meal for him, he has never met anyone like her, beautiful, sweet and kind. He is staring at her lovingly watching her savor the bite of pork she put in her mouth.

    Rui picks up his chopsticks, LiMei sees him grimace as he is holding them. She moves her chair next to him, “Rui give me your chopsticks.” She feeds him some pork. He is surprised when she does this it is a very intimate gesture. “Your hand looks very painful.”

    He tastes the spicy meat, she really did a nice job with the seasonings. It is spicy but has a hint of sweetness to it.“It isn’t too bad. I can use the spoon to eat the rice and vegetables.”

    LiMei has some wine and eats her dinner. The wine tastes delicious and the pork is spicy the way she likes it. When they are finished she clears the plates then comes back outside. Rui is sitting on the cushioned bench looking up at the stars drinking his wine, he motions for her to come sit beside him.

     “You are a very good cook LiMei, thank you for dinner. Next time you will have to come to my house and I will have my cook make something special for you.”

    LiMei is reminded of when she was in the hospital and he had food delivered from his house it was very delicious. “Oh your cook has excellent skills I really enjoyed the food you had delivered from your home.”

    Her eyes are sparkling she certainly is a foodie, every time he watches her eat his food seems to taste even better to him.

    “How’s work?” Rui wants to hear if she encountered that bastard Chen Jianyu.

     LiMei pours herself another glass of wine. Hesitating she considers should she tell him she was sent to Chen Jianyu’s office for the time being, they are friends she doesn’t want to sound like she is complaining about him.

     “I got off work early that was good.”

    “Are your coworkers easy to get along with?

     “I didn’t have much of a chance to interact with them I got transferred to a different floor.”{LiMei is thinking well Kathy wanted to drug you, no one else spoke to me then I got moved to the arrogant Iceberg’s office and his secretary is a haughty bitch. Wang Li is nice though.} LiMei doesn’t want to talk about the Hushang Group anymore, the wine is relaxing her she wants to stare at the stars, she has been stressed out all day trying to avoid trouble at that stupid company. 

     “Do you want a glass of wine or another beer?” LiMei thinks the wine is quite delicious and continues to sip it.

    “I’m good for now.” He feels very content, the girl he likes is sitting so close to him on the bench and is willing to forgive him. Feeling tempted looking at her slender body next to him he wonders, would she mind if he put his arm around her? She is looking up at the sky, he leans into her pointing at a group of stars. “LiMei do you know what that Constellation is called?”

    LiMei can feel his hot breath on her cheek, as she turns her head and says “No.” Her tender pink lips are parted their faces are so close their eyelashes are almost touching, Rui can’t resist the pink lips in front of him, in the moonlight her delicate face has a soft glow, he can’t hold back his desire he kisses her gently. When their lips press together he can feel she isn’t protesting his impulsive move.

    She doesn’t push away her mouth yields to his tongue as it enters her mouth, he can taste her sweetness and the wine she just drank. Without being too forceful he continues to play with her slippery tongue, swirling his eager tongue around hers. LiMei’s mind goes blank as he skillfully kisses her, his hand is behind her holding her close to him. He is the first man she has allowed into her heart and his kisses are intoxicating.

     LiMei can feel his heart beat as their bodies are touching. So hot! LiMei can’t resist his masculine scent and his strong body pressing on her, he is the first man she wants to belong to body and soul. She takes the initiative to put her arms around his neck. When she does this he is getting extremely hot as he feels her slender arms encircle his neck.

    Leaning her down onto the bench, his hand slips under her sweater he can feel the softness of her skin it is hot under his hand. He moves his kisses down her neck still not being too aggressive, gently tasting her creamy white skin. LiMei has her eyes closed the pleasurable feeling his hands and mouth are giving her is incredible.

    Her supple body is reacting to his intimate touch, she is experiencing an unusual tingling and wet sensation below. As she softly moans like a cute kitten arching her back responding to him his body reacts, he has never wanted a woman more than this little girl under him.  He sucks her neck moving down to her perfect collarbone as his slender hand reaches its destination under her sweater. His other hand begins to unbutton her sweater, he can see her white lace bra as he undoes the third button. His breathing is getting heavier and his eyes are filled with desire as he considers if he should proceed, He glances up at LiMei’s face that is bathed in the moonlight looking fragile and vulnerable. He can see she is lost in the way she is feeling, her breathing is also erratic. Should I pick her up and take her to the bed inside or restrain myself? Does she want me to..or will I risk frightening her again and losing her?

    While Rui’s mind is in chaos a man with a dangerous look on his face is sitting a black Maybach across the street watching.

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