I’m In Love

 Kuang Bo decides to fuck with the good doctor, he had come over to return Feng LiMei’s phone when he saw the happy little scene on the patio. For some reason seeing the little bunny waiting on the arrogant bastard pisses him off. She is cute and probably too naive to see through to the doctor’s true self, a cold man capable of both healing and killing. When he saw Qiao Rui push her down his blood began to boil for some inexplicable reason, is it because she reminds him of Qin Daiyu?

     Apparently Dr. Qiao only presents the gentlemanly image of a caring doctor, but after reading the research on him it seems he made a few enemies when he was with the Underworld because his temperament. He is brash and unyielding. The report contained a psychological analysis of him when he first was under Dr. Woo’s care in his last year in University.

     He has serious anger issues and trouble controlling himself when he goes into a rage. Dr. Woo was able to treat him then took him under his wing as a disciple of sorts teaching him about traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. This training is able to help control the demons inside of him. Kuang Bo wonders if he can set him off, for some reason after lunch and seeing him with Feng LiMei he has the urge to take her away from him.

     Leaning back in the driver’s seat he pulls out a gun, should he frighten the little bunny. The doctor will think it s related to his time in the Underworld I’m sure, he wouldn’t think Henri Armand would resort to violence or know where Feng LiMei lives. How will he react? 

     He plays with the gun aiming it out the window, he could easily shoot the doctor but he needs that medicinal herb and the doctor did save his life. If I shoot at the tree with the lights it will be close enough to frighten her and the doctor will think it was a warning to him. Right as he is considering pulling the trigger his cell rings, Dammit it is Kuang Fu fucking with his fun as usual. “What brother?”

    “ Where the fuck are you? Get your fucking ass back to the Compound tomorrow I have a big job and I need you here.”

    “How much is it worth to you?”

     Kuang Fu doesn’t like his brother’s sarcastic attitude. If he hadn’t let that little slut Qin Daiyu slip away he wouldn’t have had to recruit a new girl. She isn’t half as pretty or smart as Qin Daiyu. “Listen asshole when I say jump you better say how fucking high I own you.”

    After Kuang Bo hangs up he mutters to himself “Only for a short time more brother, because I am going to end you soon.” Kuang Bo looks up at the patio, well doctor I will be back on Saturday to ruin your day. He slams his hand on the steering wheel, “Shit I really hate you Fu!”

    On the patio, Rui decides not to rush it, reluctantly he buttons LiMei’s sweater and rises up from being on top of her. She has no idea why he stopped and wants him to continue, this feeling is too good to end. “Rui..? her voice is sweet and breathless, the gold specks in beautiful green eyes are lit up showing her own desire.

    He lifts her up and whispers in her ear, “Baby, I want you but..”

    The sound of his sexy voice in her ear, she kisses him impulsively pressing her lips onto his, she doesn’t want him to stop. He gently pushes her away brushing her hair behind her ear. LiMei ‘s mind is clouded is he teasing me? “I want you too..”

    Rui pulls her sweater down to cover her stomach, the sight of her snow white skin is almost too much combined with the pleading look in her eyes. “LiMei I got carried away, I don’t want to rush things with you.” He can’t believe he stopped but what would she think of him afterward once she came to her senses. 

    Obviously she has never been with a man before and her judgment is clouded by the sexual feelings that he awakened. He doesn’t just want to have sex with her he wants her to stay by his side.

     She leans into his chest holding onto him with her small hands,she is going to ask him even if it is embarrassing, “Is it because I am…” No she can’t say it. Suddenly her pride as Qin Daiyu rises to the surface. Who are you? One minute you are mad at his behavior now you want him to.. she shakes her head composing herself. “Never mind.” 

     She stands up from the bench and walks over to the table and pours herself some wine.

     Rui can see she is hurt by his stopping so abruptly, He walks over and grabs her into his arms, “LiMei I want our first time together to be in a romantic special place.” He leans down then lifts her chin looking into her green eyes, her pink lips have a pouty look, he kisses her gently, “I’m on vacation for two weeks where would you like to go?”

     “Really you want to go somewhere together?’

    He holds her tightly , “Anywhere you want,”

    LiMei is cursing her job at Hushang Group, no way would that stupid big boss of hers give her time off. But they are going to Shingu Island on Friday{Oh that’s right I can’t go to the swim meet or work, shit..shit..shit.. I totally forgot }

   Rui can see she is thinking, so cute, he loves the serious look she gets on her little face. “What do you think?”

     “Um..I just started this job so I can’t take time off but I have to go to Shingu Island on Friday until Tuesday with Chen Jianyu.”

    Rui takes her arm, “What?” Why is she going to Shingu Island with that bastard.

    “Oh I didn’t mention it because I don’t like the CEO and I know he is your friend so I didn’t want to complain to you. But now I think it is great to go away with him!”

    “…” She wants to go with him? Rui can feel his anger starting to rise why would she need to go to that remote island . She is an accountant. What does Chen Jianyu have planned, does he like her?

     With an excited voice she almost jumps into his arms, “Can you meet me there?” She looks up at him with a bright smile.

     Rui grins, dammit why does he doubt her? She is just a little idiot who doesn’t think before she blurts stuff out. He hugs her, “Of course I can.” He touches her hair and holds her close, LiMei…

     “Have you been there before it is breathtakingly beautiful.”

    “Yes, I have been there before it has been a few years, it is quite beautiful. He has gathered many rare herbs on the backside of the mountains there with Zixin. It does have an unbelievable untamed beauty.

     “I will probably have to work with the CEO during the day on Friday but I should be off on the weekend , he said Monday and Tuesday we have meetings to attend then. Oh I am so excited you can come, there is a waterfall by Mushin Mountain that is awe inspiring. Do you like to hike I want to hike into the mountains. We could camp over night, on Mushin Peak you can see falling stars if you look to the East. ”

     Rui watches her excitement, he really doesn’t know what she likes to do, she likes hiking and camping so does he. “You like to hike?”

     “I was raised in the mountains with my mother and grandmother, my favorite pastime was hiking and finding medicinal herbs for my grandmother.”

    Rui is surprised at her enthusiasm, it makes him very happy they both enjoy the outdoors. He can’t believe she likes collecting herbs also.

     “I don’t want the Ice..I mean CEO Chen to know about me wanting to go into the mountains he would probably find work for me to spoil my plans so don’t tell him you are meeting me there.”

    Rui starts laughing she is rambling. “I won’t, but shouldn’t you tell him your man is meeting you there for the weekend?”

     “My man…?”

    He lifts her chin and kisses her, “Yes..your man.”

     LiMei blushes, he thinks she looks adorable. “I will book a hotel room for Friday then we can go into the mountains on Saturday and camp until Monday, would you like that?


     Qiao Rui knows some people that live on the island he can have them get all the supplies they need for their camping trip and supply a guide, those mountains can be treacherous if you aren’t familiar.

    “Can you stay a little longer? I will go get you another beer, I didn’t see your sportscar do you have a driver coming for you?”

     “I do and a beer sounds good.”

     Rui sits on the bench tonight is going better than he had anticipated. He sighs looking at the stars, it will be a fun weekend, he hasn’t been to the island in a long time. So she grew up in the mountains..that explains the natural air she has about her.

     LiMei gives him the beer and pours the last of the wine into her glass. She clinks her wine glass against his beer, “To a great adventure this weekend!” Then she leans back pointing at the Constellation she says giggling “You didn’t tell me the Constellation’s name.”

    “It is called Fated Lovers.”

    “Wow..” Limei leans against Rui, he puts his arm around her shoulder, they sit and gaze at the stars. Rui thinks this is a good time to give her the necklace. He reaches in his pocket and hands it to her.

     “What is this?’

     “Look and see when I saw it I thought of you.”

     LiMei opens the gift box she takes a deep breath it is the most beautiful necklace she has ever seen. “Ah..so beautiful!” She kisses Rui, “Thank you! I love jade, she points to her hairpin, my grandmother gave me this.” Rui never noticed her hairpin before, it is white jade it has an ancient style carving on it, it looks like an heirloom. “Very pretty.”

     “Can you put the necklace on me?” LiMei turns her back to him lifting her hair. She can feel his fingers brush against her neck and she laughs, “Your fingers brushing on my neck tickles.” The sound of her light laughter makes Rui smile.

     She turns around her eyes are sparkling “No one has ever given me a gift besides my mother and grandmother and they have been gone for many years now.” Her eyes get a little misty thinking of them,  She brightens up then they would be happy for her finding someone as wonderful as Rui, “What do you think?”

    “Beautiful… but not as beautiful as you are.” She is radiant right now the wine has made her cheeks pink and her eyes are twinkling with happiness.

     LiMei hugs him smiling, “You really know how to flatter a girl.”

     He kisses the top of her head thinking I will give you everything. If you will be mine. The white jade suits her perfectly. “I mean it.”

     “Thank you Rui I will never take it off!” LiMei has no idea the price of the necklace she only knows it is beautiful and Rui gave it to her.

     It is getting late and LiMei needs to get up early for work but she doesn’t want to say good night yet. She leans her slender body against him on the bench staring into the dark sky, she feels safe as she leans against his strong chest.

     “LiMei I should go, it is late and you need to work early. I will make arrangements to meet you on Shingu Island.”

     They stand up, she touches her necklace, “Rui thank you..” She stands on her tiptoes to kiss him. He likes it when she takes the initiative she isn’t experienced and it is always cute the way presses her lips on his never initiating a French kiss.

     He takes out his cell to call his driver, he walks her into her apartment. She should live with him this place is too small. His cell rings his driver has arrived. He pulls LiMei into his arms kissing her one more time not wanting to let her go. “Sweet dreams.”

     LiMei says goodbye and closes the door. OMG he is amazing! She runs into the bathroom to look in the mirror at the necklace, the white jade is flawless. He is coming to Shingu Island, Yeah! LiMei is so happy it wasn’t awkward between them he apologized and was a gentleman when she was swept away by desire.

     She twirls around then touches the bunny charm sitting on the shelf “Mom, I’m in love!”

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