Afternoon Off

 LiMei quickly puts on her glasses clipping up her hair she adjusts the wig. It dawns on her how did Rui know I lost my phone? She is anxious to see the phone he got her, she looks at her watch lunch is about over she goes back to her table and finishes her beef noodles.

     She will open her phone when she gets to her desk if she is late the iceberg will most likely bitch at her. The elevator opens Kathy is on her cell her face is twisted up with an angry frown, she brushes past LiMei without even saying hello. As LiMei pushes 35, a man next to her smirks at her, she has no idea why. When the elevator stops they both get off, he is thinking she must be the little bitch that discovered the problems with the report.

     LiMei sees the man approaching Chen Jianyu’s office if he is in a meeting maybe she should wait outside. She watches the man enter the office and she sees Chen Jianyu’s secretary at her desk, “Excuse me are you CEO Chen’s secretary.” She recognizes her from the meeting with the man in the wheelchair. She is quite beautiful and has a haughty air about her, perfectly matched with the iceberg.

     “Yes can I help you?

     “I’m his new Special Assistant and I see he has a meeting should I wait out here?”

     Suzi wants to laugh CEO Chen would never hire such a pathetic looking person. “You should leave before security comes.”

     Why would security come? “He told me to come back after lunch.”

     “CEO Chen is in a meeting with Sun Yichen I can’t disturb him to check your identity.” 

     “Oh here is my ID, she shows it to Suzi.

     “It says you are in the Accounting Department, go back there.”

     LiMei doesn’t feel like arguing if Chen Jianyu wants her he will call down there. She wants to unwrap her phone and call Rui. Before the elevator opens Suzi comes rushing over, Chen Jianyu called to see if his Special Assistant had returned. That was close he sounded angry, if he found out she had driven her away she could be sent back to the secretarial pool. The only secretary that has never suffered that fate is Nuying.

    “Miss Feng CEO Chen wants you to join the meeting with Sun Yichen.” The secretary’s whole demeanor has changed she is now speaking in a pleasant voice and motioning towards the office door.

     LiMei pulls on the heavy door and walks into Chen Jianyu’s office she sees the crafty looking man who was in the elevator with her on the way up.

     “Yichen you know my new Special Assistant Feng LiMei she is the one who found the discrepancies in the report.” Chen Jianyu’s mouth curls up in a wicked smile.

     LiMei is thinking how would he know me? Obviously you want to taunt this evil fox with poor little me.

     “How would I know her?” Sun Yichen would never hire such a sorry looking person no matter how smart they were.

     “You hired her.”

     LiMei is looking back and forth between them how is this going to affect her. They look like they want to tear each other apart from their body language.

     Sun Yichen now recalls he didn’t do the new hires he skipped out on them to meet with his mother when they were planning on drugging Chen Jianyu. “It was Chen Huan who hired her I was unavailable the day of the interviews.”

     “Then I need to thank Huan, she is going to be a valuable asset to me while I work on the Singhu Island project.”

    Sun Yichen glares at LiMei he will need to find a way to get rid of her, only an expert would have seen through that report it looked flawless. He needs to find a way to ruin this project and take control away from Chen Jianyu. Now Zangwa Yi will be on his ass he promised him the job.

     When did I become valuable? She feels the cold eyes of Sun Yichen on her, he doesn’t seem like a person you should provoke. LiMei wants to just sit down and open her new phone, she inches over towards her desk then sits.

   Chen Jianyu and Sun Yichen are over by his desk in a heated discussion. LiMei decides to open her phone while they are bickering and ignoring her presence. She can hear some juicy gossip but isn’t interested at the moment.

     She opens her phone it is beautiful, he got her a pretty pink color. She clutches it to her chest, she was going to go buy one tomorrow because she works tonight, it is becoming harder to stay mad at him he is really trying to make it up to her. It isn’t the expensive phone as much as he wants to talk to her so badly he went and got her a phone. He must be busy but took the time to deliver it himself.

     LiMei sees he input his number should she call him. “Excuse me CEO Chen I will go get the both of you some coffee I will be right back.” She hurries out the door before he can respond. Actually he is surprised she would offer she didn’t seem happy with her new position.

     She walks past his secretary ignoring her, all these people up on this floor are annoying. The break room is empty she puts on some coffee to brew staring at her phone. Maybe just a text saying thank you. Sitting at a table she texts him: Thank you Rui, how did you know I lost my phone?

     Rui’s phone shows a notification he has a text, she did lose her phone that explains the man picking up. Why was he so stupid to doubt her. He isn’t going to tell her an unknown man answered her phone last night that is how he knows. He replies: Can we have dinner tonight?

     LiMei isn’t sure if she wants to see him yet though: I need to work.

     He notices there are no smiley faces or hearts she is probably still mad. He really wants to see her: After work?

     She is planning to go home tonight early read a little and get some sleep she has been very tired: I will call you when I finish work at Hushang.

     Rui doesn’t want to push her at least she sent him a text: I will wait to hear from you then. He arrives at Hushang Entertainment they show him into the audition. Huan certainly knows how to select beautiful women for his programs, but they all look alike.

     “Huan where is Henri Armand I thought you said he would be here.”

     “He had a meeting that is running long she should be here shortly. What do you think of these women I am producing a new variety show introducing new talent.”

     “They are pretty.” he looks at his watch. “What does he want with me anyway, with his money he can discuss the ancient arts with experts I just dabble, it is only an interest of mine.”

     “He seemed to think you are an expert from what he told me. I don’t know ask him here he comes.”

     Rui isn’t happy to have to look at the Frenchman’s face after last night but it seems important to Chen Huan.

     Henri greets them and takes a seat, “Dr. Qiao I’m glad you could make it today.”

     Back at Hushang Group,Chen Jianyu is finished with Sun Yichen and LiMei hasn’t brought the coffee back, what is taking her so long. “Yichen I mean what I say if you interfere with another project of mine I don’t care how the Chairman reacts I will crush you.”

     Sun Yichen acts as though he is without fault, “Jianyu I have no idea what you are talking about it was your team that screwed up how does this concern me?”

     “You and I both know you are close friends with that weasel Zangwa Yi. Why you would side with an outsider… I will find out.”

     Sun Yichen sneers at him, “I don’t think the Chairman would believe anything you say against me without proof, do you have any?” He knows he covered his tracks it appears as though the Supervisor of the Acquisition team was bribed by Zangwa Yi, his part in the matter is well concealed.

     “Get out.”

     Sun Yichen is clenching his fists at his side he should be the CEO of Hushang Group not this arrogant bag of wind. He will investigate the ugly little assistant how did she notice the problems with the report.

     LiMei is sitting playing with her new phone forgetting she was to take coffee into Chen Jianyu she hurries and pours two cups and puts them on a tray with some cream and sugar, she doesn’t know how the black fox in there with him likes his coffee. Rushing out of the breakroom with the coffees  she can’t open the office door to enter, why would someone have such a heavy wood door. Suzi isn’t at her desk all she can do is knock.

     Chen Jianyu opens the door to see her with the tray, “What took so long?”

     “I had to figure out the coffeemaker. Where is the other man?”

     “He left.”

     “Oh.” She sets the coffee down on Chen Jianyu’s desk, hmm..should I ask if I can have the other cup, no reason to waste it.

     “CEO Chen?”

     “What is it?”

     “So not to waste could I have the coffee I made for him?”

     “…” this girl has no office etiquette at all, he will need to have Nuying teach her how to handle herself in the office she will be back tomorrow. “Only this time in the future the answer will be no. Did you make the necessary notes at lunch?”

     Shit! She went outside with the driver then finished her beef noodles forgetting to even look at the report. “I thought it would be better to sit down and point the mistakes out to you.”

     Chen Jianyu’s ribs are hurting from sitting at his desk, he isn’t leaving for Shingu Island until Friday he can deal with it tomorrow. Now he will need to look at the other bids. What a pain in the ass.

     “I’m leaving for the day, after you read the entire report, point out all the discrepancies in an email then you can leave for the day. Tomorrow be here at 9:00.” He finishes his coffee, touching his face, it is beginning to hurt also. Damn that fucking Rui!

     LiMei wants to jump up and down working for this tyrant might not be that bad, no punching a time clock.. she will have the entire afternoon off! “I will do that immediately.”

     “My email address is in your computer, don’t rush it just so you can leave.” He saw the gleam in those strange blue eyes when he told he he would be leaving.

     “I won’t.”


     As soon as he leaves she begins to seriously look at the report. It is going to be a huge resort, how will that impact the environment on the Island, now it is a natural preserve and the mountains are full of wildlife and exotic plants. Some of the medicinal herbs that grow there at the top of the Mishun Mountains are extremely rare according to Uncle Xinghi.

     She studies the report page by page, copying down the inaccurate calculations and the inferior materials they are considering using. She isn’t sure about a few of the materials so she researches them on the internet and compares the cost from one supplier to the next. There is a big difference in pricing depending on which supplier you use. They would need to transport the equipment and materials a great distance on land then across the  water so that is an added expense, it would be cheaper to use a supplier closer to the coast than Zangwa Corporation in Pushong City.

     LiMei contacts Meng Construction Corporation in Hirachi City that she knows is reputable, her good friend from High School’s Uncle owns it. Giving them the specifications for them to submit a bid, she tells them they should do it ASAP, not to mention her phone call. So many unscrupulous companies around and Chen Jianyu doesn’t seem very bright, how he runs this company..she shakes her head. It takes her an hour and a half to write a concise summary. She drinks her coffee while she is working, very tasty she really likes the Blue Mountain Coffee.

     When she is finished she prints two hard copies and puts one on Chen Jianyu’s desk, puts one in her purse, then emails him a copy. Done! Best to have a copy herself, no way does she want to redo her work. His office is open and his email can be hacked, that crafty fox Sun Yichen probably has a spy here. Sometimes she feels she should thank all the unscrupulous people she has known, her father, the Black Sky Organization they taught her how to spot schemes and underhanded dealings..haha.

     She picks up her flowers and the Apple Store bag it has her charger and instructions in it, maybe she should see if Rui has time this afternoon, she is willing to try to work it out with him if he promises never to behave that way again. 

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