Takes Her Home

Henri motions to his bodyguard to alert the driver to bring the car. LiMei peers over to where is waving, she never noticed the giant of a man at a corner table , how did he blend into the wall with his physique? The bodyguard must be an elite expert to make himself seem invisible. The bodyguard takes his cell and calls the driver to bring the car to the small restaurant then goes out front to wait.

     When the black Maybach arrives at the front the bodyguard comes in to tell Henri the car has arrived. Henri pays the check when the woman sees the tip she grins, “Please, please come back again. “ LiMei is impressed he was so generous he barely ate his food she wasn’t sure if he even liked it.

     The bodyguard opens the back door of the luxury car, when they are seated he gets into the passenger seat in the front. The driver pulls out, “Tell the driver your address so he can input the information.”

     LiMei gives them the address then leans back and closes her eyes she drank quite a bit of wine and it is taking effect she is very drowsy. Henri smiles, she must have black hair under her wig because some strands are falling onto her creamy white shoulder as she lays her head back on the seat. Maybe that is why the doctor looked shocked when he saw her wondering why she was there wearing a blonde wig. Interesting.

     Suddenly the driver makes a sharp turn to enter the highway LiMei falls into Henri’s arm laying her head on him .He feels her soft body against his and can smell the scent of jasmine is is refreshing and light. The bodyguard can see in the rear view mirror his Boss is smiling a strange smile. He doesn’t like anyone to touch him and this girl is practically laying in his lap, who is she to the Boss?

     Henri contemplates investigating her but she wasn’t willing to tell him her name. He can see a small black purse is sticking out from the pocket in her leather jacket. He casually pulls it out and opens it, her ID card is in there, some banknotes and a credit card some keys. No makeup not even a comb, only a few essential items. Hmm, Feng LiMei, I need to find out more about you. He replaces it into her pocket letting her sleep on him.

     Her black eyelashes are fluttering as she sleeps, she is dreaming of how romantic Rui was when they were in the garden at the resort, She clutches onto Henri’s arm with her small hands, snuggling her head into him, “Rui..” she gently whispers, for some reason when Henri hears this he is unhappy. He touches her cheek brushing the hair out of her face, he wonders what she looks like without the blonde wig. Well he will make sure he sees her again before he leaves Pushong Cty,

     They arrive at the address she gave them looking at it she had said she rents a rooftop apartment at this address. He doesn’t want to wake her up she is sound asleep, he takes the keys from her purse and gets out of the car reaching in he lifts her into his strong arms. His bodyguard starts to say he will carry her when Henri motions for him to be quiet. The dark look on the Boss’s face he shudders thinking if he had woke the sleeping girl up what the consequences would be.

     LiMei moves in his arms as he opens the door, he gently lays her on the bed trying not to wake her. Earlier she showed she likes to bear her tiny claws when she is angry, she would most likely be upset that he didn’t wake her up when they arrived. He takes off the black boots revealing her two tender feet, her toenails are painted a cute pink color, he can’t help want to touch them. She stirs on the bed, “Dad,I don’t want to do it, don’t make me go..” she is tossing on the bed. Henri sits next to her and holds her hand that is clenched in a fist.

     What kind of nightmare is this, he quietly says without his French accent, “Go to sleep you don’t have to go.” She seems to relax, he sits on the bed staring at her, he lifts her head up off the pillow taking off the blonde wig, her hair is is secured with some pins, he removes them and her long black hair falls onto him as it cascades down her back. He touches it with his slender fingers, she has beautiful silky hair why would she wear that blonde wig? He lays her head back onto her pillow and looks around for a cover to put over her, he sees a quilt thrown on a chair.

     Carefully he covers her, as he is about to leave he glances around noticing how small the apartment is, only the bed, a table and small kitchen, one of the kitchen cupboards is ajar, he can’t stand disorder so he walks over to close it. All that is in it are a few boxes of instant noodles and a can of coffee. The other cupboards are empty. Is she poor? He opens the refrigerator out of curiosity, some juice and a half bottle of milk Why doesn’t the Doctor support her? On the table are several mangas, he smiles young girls really like this trash. Daiyu would always bother him for the latest volumes when they came out.

    He will have groceries delivered here tomorrow she can’t live on instant noodles no wonder she was devouring the food at that greasy restaurant. Henri doesn’t know why but he feels slightly protective of the little girl. He shakes his head as he leaves glancing back at her beautiful sleeping face.

    When he comes down the stairs the bodyguard opens the back door, “Boss her phone was ringing, it is on the back seat. Henri looks at the cheap phone with a Hello Kitty cover on it. It must have fallen out of her jacket pocket when he got the purse out. No password needed? What a foolish little girl. He looks several missed calls from “Handsome Doctor”. Five new text messages, he is about to read them when the phone rings again, should he answer it teach the Doctor a lesson for upsetting the little bunny. Why not. “Hello”, he answers in Chinese.

     Rui is drunk he couldn’t go to sleep and kept drinking, “Who the hell are you?” His words are slurred and he has an angry tone to his voice. He is tightly gripping his phone with his left hand when he hears a man’s voice.

     Henri has a sinister smile on his face, “Who are you?” he has the urge to fuck with the good doctor.

   “Where is LiMei put her on the phone now.” Rui stands up and is pacing around his living room. He thought she finally picked up the phone who is this bastard!

   “She can’t come to the phone right now.” The phone is then hung up. Henri starts laughing loudly. The bodyguard and the driver stare at each other. Their serious boss is laughing in the backseat like a hyena after answering the little girl’s phone. They don’t dare even look .

    What the fuck! Who is she with now! Rui kicks the table flipping it over, his butler hears the commotion and rushes out to see what is going on, he turns on the light in the living room. Rui sees him, “Get the fuck out of here.” The butler has been with Qiao Rui since he was a boy he knows very well how he can rage. He hasn’t seen him like this in years, his eyes look crazed, his hair is messy, he has no shirt on and is having trouble standing up. “Young Master” he rushes over to steady him, Rui knocks his arm away, “I said leave!”

    Rui presses redial he is going to kill whoever that man is she is with now. No answer. Rui throws the lamp what can he do, where is she, are they at her apartment. He realizes there is no way he can drive to go over there, but he needs to see her or will go insane. “ Zhong Hai get out here.”

     He comes running out from his room, “Yes, what do you need?”

     “I need you to drive me somewhere.”

    “Now?” It is two o’clock in the morning and the Young Master is drunk. Where would he want to go?

    “Yes fucking now! No, make me some coffee first.”

     Rui goes into the bathroom he needs to sober up, he turns on the shower, stumbling he takes off his pants then gets under the cold water, he leans up against the wall letting the water run down his body. LiMei what are you doing to me I can’t think straight. His mind is clouded, who answered her phone he was Chinese, so it wasn’t Henri Armand. Dammit, who was it? He turns off the water then staggers out of the shower wrapping a towel around his waist he sits on his bed, the room is spinning. He lays on the bed trying to compose himself within a moment’s time he passes out.

     Zhong Hai brings the coffee to the room and sees Qiao Rui is asleep on the bed, he breathes a sigh of relief nothing good could have come from the Young Master racing off somewhere in the middle of the night. What could have triggered him to fly into a rage like that. Since he came back to Pushong City he has been calm and the demons inside him haven’t roared their ugly heads. Zhong Hai sets the coffee down and covers Qiao Rui with a couple quilts he is concerned he might catch a cold from sleeping only in a towel. He definitely isn’t going to wake him up. The old man picks up the coffee cup and goes back out to the kitchen.

     When Henri arrives at the Crescent Moon Hotel he goes to his Suite and removes his face mask, washing his face he looks into the mirror, no one would suspect he is Kuang Bo wanted criminal. Sometimes he forgets what he really looks like, only Kuang Fu and Qin Daiyu have seen his real appearance in the past five years. He is looking forward to the day he can eliminate Kuang Fu from his life and find Qin Daiyu again. The girl tonight reminded him of how much he misses Daiyu.

     He walks out and sees the girl’s phone on his desk, Feng LiMei, I caused you a problem tonight with your Doctor I couldn’t resist fucking with him. I hate men like him, in Xiaobo’s private room before the incident he seemed as though nothing could touch him. He was cold and arrogant because Chen Huan forced him to meet me. Now I see he has a weak point and it is you little thing. I’m going to have to use you little girl to get what I need from the doctor for Xinghi, I don’t think he will part with that particular rare herb easily.

     He looks at the text messages from Qiao Rui, yes every man can become irrational when it comes to their woman. He never would have thought a girl like Feng LiMei would be the doctor’s type. He picks up the confidential file he has on Qiao Rui, he researched him before he came to Pushong City. The last woman he was involved with was a socialite named Lau An, sophisticated, rich with stylish good looks, a savvy business woman. His assistant Bai Chiyu is beautiful, very capable and has been in love with Qiao Rui since she started to work for him. He has never shown any interest in her.

    The five years Qiao Rui was in the mountains working for the Underworld he has been able to keep a secret that would be difficult for an ordinary person to unearth, it took quite a bit of money and persuasion to find out this information. Kuang Bo considered threatening to destroy him with his unsavory past, but according to Uncle Xinghi, Qiao Rui saved him at his clinic when he was on the brink of death a few years ago. Qiao Rui is currently at odds with his stepmother and stepbrother Xiaotong about the direction Qiao Corporation is taking at the next Board meeting his name will be presented to become the CEO.

    Kuang Bo is examining all his options to deal with Qiao Rui and this development means he can’t make an enemy of him he will need to partner with the Qiao Corporation in the future to destroy his enemies. Kuang Bo sets the file on the desk, rubbing his eyes he heads to the bathroom to shower. Tomorrow will be a busy day and Uncle Xinghi arrives in the evening he wants to have some good news for the old fart.

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