Long An

 When Li Tian and Sara arrive at the airport he chuckles looking at Sara’s pale face and her white knuckles as she grips onto her skirt. He can’t resist the urge to tease her; she looks like a frightened little kitten huddled in the corner. “Scared?”

    “No.. no.. not at all”.Of course I was scared you damn maniac! You took that last curve at 120mph and the entire ride you were driving recklessly. 

  He has a devilish grin on his handsome face, “Then you will like how I pilot my plane.”

  Sara’s deep blue eyes widen as she stares at him, “WHAT!” I can’t go then I need to think of an excuse..

   He pats her head while he laughs, “I’m joking, although I have a pilot’s license I have work to do while we are in flight.” He reaches to unbuckle her seatbelt. She pushes his hand away, her shaky voice is tinged with anger, “I saw how you did it before I can unbuckle myself.”

    Li Tian’s lips curl up, “Very well.” The little kitten is showing her tiny claws, she looks adorable with her cheeks puffed out and her forehead wrinkled. I wish I could grab her into my arms and kiss those pouty red lips.

   Sara struggles for a moment then the buckle unsnaps, she stares at the door frowning, is he going to open the door for me?

  “Push the button on the right.”


   Li Tian smiles as he stretches his long legs getting out of the driver seat. This little girl is entertaining besides her seductive body being the best fit for me. Thinking about Sara’s face when he was teasing her he isn’t paying attention to the commotion by the plane.

   Sara hears Sun Peizhi’s husky voice then glances over towards the Li Group’s luxurious airplane, who is the beautiful woman talking to Sun Peizhi I wonder. She is tall and dressed exquisitely, Sara has a tight feeling in her chest, is that his girlfriend? She is gorgeous.

   Li Tian lifts is head from the trunk where he is getting the luggage, “What are you looking at with that stupid expression on your face?”

   Still fuming from him teasing her in the car she sarcastically responds, “Nothing. I was wondering what was taking you  so long in the trunk.” God this man is so annoying!

   “…” He takes a look over to his plane, Motherf****r is that fucking Long An? What the hell is she doing here!

   “Let’s go.” He hands the luggage to Sara to wheel to the plane. When he sees her struggling to wheel both of them he smirks, don’t think you can insult me and not pay the price, then hurries over to the plane.

   When he arrives by the ladder leading up to the plane he sees Long An’s designer luggage. His face blackens and his tone conveys his annoyance, “What are you doing here An?” 

   Sun Peizhi was watching Sara and Li Tian when they got out of the car and saw Sara struggling with the large pieces of luggage and says, “CEO Li, I will help Song Sara with the luggage.”

   Li Tian stops him with a domineering tone he replies, “No. She can do it.”

   Sun Peizhi is incredulous that Li Tian won’t allow him to assist Song Sara.  Fuck his orders..  he quickly walks over to help her, at this point is he going to make me stay behind… I doubt it.  The poor girl is wearing high heels and wheeling two large suitcases while she has a large computer bag slung over her thin shoulder. What a fucking pr**k!

   When he gets to where Sara is he says, “I will get the luggage.” He takes the computer bag from off of her shoulder. She grabs his hand, “No, I think the CEO will get angry.” Obviously he is punishing me for my sarcastic comment at the car.

   “He told me to come help you.”

   “Really?” Did the stupid tyrant have a change of heart?

    “Yes.” Why does she put up with his arrogant behavior, she is beautiful and deserves much better than that cold asshole. Always referring to him as CEO…

   “Alright then.” Sara rubs her aching  shoulder and shakes her arm, normally it wouldn’t be a problem but my entire body feels like it was run over by a truck. Suddenly remembering his wound on his abdomen she blurts out,“Wait..”She tries to grab the bag back from him, “You are injured, I can take the luggage.”

  He laughs and takes the bag back, “ I’m good I told you it was a minor injury.”

   Sara enjoys the sound of his hearty masculine laugh, she smiles brightly at Sun Peizhi, her clear blue eyes sparkling staring at him with an infatuated expression, “ Thank you.” Sara’s heart flutters, Oh my God he is so incredibly handsome and sweet!

   It takes him a minute to catch his breath while gazing at her delicate features, in the morning sunlight Sara looks like she is glowing. He tries to compose himself.When she smiled at me just then I could feel her pure aura and a very pleasant warm feeling surged throughout my body. What the hell was that!

   Over by the plane Li Tian and Long An are arguing, the veins are bulging and blue on Li Tian’s neck, “No way are you coming with me!” I’m not going to let you ruin my time with the little kitten on the plane.

   Long An stomps her feet petulantly, “I am coming Tian! Your grandfather told me to spend time with you on this trip. He said you need to accept me because our marriage has been decided by the elders.”


   She fumbles in her purse then takes out her phone, crying she stammers,“Grandpa Li.”

   Li Tian grabs her phone out of her hand hanging it up. “What are you trying to pull An!”

   She raises her voice,“I’m telling you Grandpa Li sent me. How would I know you are going to Milan right now.”

   Li Tian glares at her, that old fox monitoring my damn movements. He takes out his phone from his pocket dialing his Grandfather.

   The old man is sitting at the breakfast table when his phone rings he sets down his napkin, I knew the stinky boy would be calling, “I’m having breakfast, what do you want?”

  “Old man! You know why I’m calling, I am not taking Long An with me. I have important Li Group business to take care of when I am in Milan.”

   Li Hong laughs, “Bullshit.”

   Li Tian clenches his teeth, “I am meeting with an Italian investor for the Mega Mall Project.”

  Li Hong crosses his long legs and leans back in his chair, I enjoy making this brat squirm a little. he has become too arrogant these past two years, the nerve of him calling me Old Man! “So Little An can shop while you are in meetings. She is going if you don’t want her mother to oppose you on the Waterfront deal you have cooking.”

   How do they know about that development project? I barely have started negotiations with Yang. Dammit!

  “If I lose out on that project Li Group loses also.”

  “Do you think I need more money? Your grandmother cries to me every day that you haven’t given her any grandchildren to hold.” He affectionately glances out the floor to ceiling window facing the garden at his wife tending her favorite peonies.

    “Long An is the best match for you, the Long Group is somewhat inferior but who does match up with the Li Group and I have known her grandfather my entire life. She is a good sensible girl.”

   Li Tian takes a sidelong glance at Long An who is admiring her long red fingernails, Sensible my ass, she is a whining little spoiled bitch.

   He looks at his watch, I don’t have time to argue with the Old Man we need to take off.  He mutters under his breath, “Fucking Shit!” He sees Sun Peizhi and Sara walking towards the plane, I told him to let her bring the luggage. Pissed off at the situation Li Tian tells his grandfather, “She better not cause any trouble or I won’t be responsible.”

    Li Hong slams his hand down on the rosewood dining table in anger,“Tian, don’t you dare bully the girl or you will answer to me!”

   “En. “ He hangs up resigned to the fact he will need to bring her to Milan with him, “Get in the plane An.”

   Long An has a smug expression on her face as she walks up into the plane. I will make you take responsibility for me Tian. You are the only man for me whether you like it or not you will be mine.

  Li Tian is like a volcano ready to erupt, “Peizhi take Long An’s luggage, Song Sara can get the rest.” He glares at Sun Peizhi with a murderous glint in his dark eyes, if I didn’t need you I would fucking leave your ass here. I clearly said let her get the luggage. Why did Zheng  Tilan recommend him to me, his attitude sucks. 

   Sara watches Long An enter the plane swaying her hips with Sun Peizhi following her up the stairs. Does he like that type of woman? She looks down at her petite body, I can’t compare to that woman’s overly developed body.

  Li Tian is behind Song Sara , “Why are you so slow?”


   When they are all aboard Long An looks Sara up and down, “Tian, who is she?” 

  “My assistant.”

    She holds onto his arm possessively,“Where is Yang James?” Since when did he hire a woman? Every employee at the Li Group is a man.

   He takes her hand off his suit jacket,“No more questions. Go sit down.”

   Sara stares at Li Tian wondering who the woman is that is hanging on his arm. Sun Peizhi watches the scene feeling sorry for Sara knowing Long An is Li Tian’s fiancee and she can only end up left behind or as his mistress.. It must be very awkward for her right now.  

   Li Tian is in a very bad mood thinking there is no way he can have sex with Sara while Long An is on the plane. Godammit I need to find a way to break this fucking engagement without damaging the relationship between my family and the Long Group. Why didn’t the stupid woman stay abroad, who let her come back!

   Sara looks around the cabin, she has no idea where she should sit. Finally she decides to sit next to Sun Peizhi far away from Li Tian and the woman. She casually sits down when Li Tian comes out of the back cabin he walks over to her seat and grabs her arm, “What are you doing sitting here? I need to go over some paperwork with you.” He drags her up by her slender arm taking her to the seat next to him. Sun Peizhi can feel his temper rising as Li Tian jerks Sara out of her seat. If I didn’t need you bastard I would kick your fucking ass. You have no respect for Song Sara. He looks out the window clenching his fist at his side, if this mission wasn’t a matter of life and death I would say fuck it. Well Song Sara, I promise you I will find you a decent man when this is over and kick this motherf****r’s ass for the way he treats you.

   Li Tian glares at Long An who is occupying the seat next to his seat but holds back his annoyance; he doesn’t want to listen to her bitching. “ I need to do work on this flight so my assistant needs to sit here.”

   She is looking in her purse for her mirror, “What?”

  “Go sit by Sun Peizhi, when I am finished you can come back here.” But I don’t plan on being finished for the entire flight.

   Sara sighs but can’t refuse since Zhou Mo told her to be Li Tian’s assistant on this trip. Why don’t you spend quality time with the woman, let me sit by Sun Peizhi. I don’t want to sit next to you.

    Surprisingly Long An quietly  acquiesces, “Alright.” Then looks up at his handsome face with a satisfied expression, “We will have time to spend together in Milan, work hard.”Long An has been taught by her mother work comes first with a man not to interfere or they will resent it.

   They all sit in their seats and the pilot announces they will be taxing down the runway shortly. “Please, buckle up. Stay buckled until we are through the storm front over the mountains.” Sara shivers as she grips her armrest, Storms?

   Sun Peizhi turns around and sees the frightened expression on Sara’s face,he feels very protective of her. She looks terrified after the announcement. I wish she was sitting with me instead of with Li Tian. I doubt he will try to alleviate her fear. 

   Long An buckles her seatbelt then takes out her phone to send a text before they take off.[ Hehe…Wenli, I am on the plane plan capture my man is now in progress!]

   [ Sweetie don’t be careless, if that heartless beast finds out you drugged him I don’t know what he would do to you.] 

   [I remember what you told me. When we are at the hotel tonight I will put it in his glass of wine at dinner.]

  [It worked when I used it on that little bitch Song Sara. I got it from the same bartender at the Black Jade Club.]

  [ Wenli you definitely can be the bridesmaid at my wedding..I have to go. We are taking off now.]

  [Text me when you get to Milan and don’t forget to buy me the latest exclusive purse from Chloe Design for my extra effort.]

   [Brat! I already gave you a Limited Edition Hermes bag my mom just bought me!]

   [ An you are marrying fucking Li Tian don’t be cheap!]

  [ You are right I could buy the entire collection.]

  Li Tian sees her on her phone, “Long An get off your phone we are taking off.”

  She puts her phone in her purse smiling thinking of getting Li Tian in bed, he will need to take responsibility for me.

   After they are airborne and stable Li Tian reaches into his briefcase and takes out some papers. He hands the stack to Sara, “I need you to analyze these numbers for me and find out which company has the most competitive price.”

   She looks up at him blinking twice,“CEO Li that will be difficult without a computer to input the data and analyze.”

   Li Tian points to the back cabin, “There is a desk  and a laptop.Password is xxxxxxxx”

   Sara yawns as she stands up. “Do you mind if I make some coffee?”

   “Tell the flight attendant to make it and bring me a cup.”

   “Yes CEO.”

   Wow he never says please or even has a civil tone. How does anyone work for that man!

   Before Sara looks for the flight attendant she walks up to Long An and Sun Peizhi, “Would you like some coffee or something else to drink.

  Li Tian watches her. What is the stupid woman doing doing? I told her to get me a cup of coffee, Jing can take care of them. “Song Sara what are you doing? Jing will see if they want something.”

  Embarrassed by his condescending tone Sara’s face turns red, and mumbles, “So annoying..” then politely says to him, “CEO this will be easier then Jing can get everyone’s drinks at once instead of making two trips.” 

  “Whatever, just hurry up with my cup of coffee.”

  “What would you like Miss?”

  “I will have a glass of orange juice with three..no four ice cubes.” Sara resists the urge to roll her eyes, obviously these two are a match made in heaven, both arrogant.

  “What about you Mr. Sun?”

   “Nothing for me.”

   “Are you sure? What about some tea?” Sara noticed he drank tea at the villa… no coffee.

   “Okay, tea would be good. Thanks.” He smiles at Sara, damn, she has that cute concerned look on her face again.

    Sara walks back past the seats and a couch. A young man has his eyes closed with his feet up on a chair. Sara glances up front, Li Tian doesn’t seem like the type to tolerate someone sleeping on the job. She whispers, “Wake up.. CEO Li wants a cup of coffee.” When the man doesn’t stir Sara looks in the cupboard and grabs the coffee, then makes the tea. Looking in the small refrigerator she gets out the orange juice and she puts in the four ice cubes she smiles, what a spoiled girl, not a please or thank you there either.

   Sara remembers at the Zhou Group office Li Tian drank his coffee black so she doesn’t add cream or sugar. The tea? I think plain also. Once they are ready she puts the drinks on a tray to take to the forward cabin. She hands Li Tian his coffee then walks up to give Long An and Sun Peizhi their beverages. She hands Sun Peizhi the tea, “I wasn’t sure if you wanted sugar or not.”

  “No sugar.Thank you.”

  “Miss, your orange juice.” Long An is reading and doesn’t look up. She curtly says, “Can’t you see I’m reading! She waves her manicured hand dismissively, “Put it on the table.”

   After Sara leaves them Sun Peizhi gives Long An disdainful look, “ Looks like the Long family’s Young Miss missed  manners class. Shouldn’t you have said thank you to Miss Song.”

   She doesn’t want Li Tian to hear so she glares at him whispering, “I don’t need a lowly bodyguard teaching me manners.”

  “Apparently you do.”

  “Hmmph!” She goes back to reading her magazine, insolent bastard, I’m going to insist Tian fire him!

 Sara walks back to the cabin grabbing her coffee on the way. This is good to have work to do so it will get my mind off flying through a storm.

   She sits at the desk with the pile of papers. After signing in she opens to a program to enter the numbers. It seems as though this should have been done before now, why didn’t he have his assistant do the comparison. Yang James had this paperwork completed days ago but Li Tian wanted an excuse to bring Sara along.

   After an hour Sara rubs her temples, so tiredShe lays her head on the desk I will rest my eyes for a few minutes then continue inputing the numbers.

   Li Tian decides Sara has been working long enough, she can come sit with me now and we can go over what she has finished. I don’t need that little wench Long An getting suspicious.

   When he enters the back cabin he sees Sara slumped over the desk, he looks at the computer  she has finished quite a bit of the work I assigned her.

   He picks her up and carries her to the bed, she must still be exhausted from last night. For a moment he is tempted by embracing her soft and sweetly scented body to his chest.I can’t give her the drug she is too weak and Long An is out there. 

  Li Tian walks out to the forward cabin and picks up Sara’s purse considering giving her a sedative so he can at least lay next to her. He lazily walks up to where Long An is sitting.

  She is sipping the orange juice as he approaches, “Tian are you finished with your work?”

  “No. I need to go over the paperwork with my assistant in the back cabin. I don’t want to be disturbed.”

    Long An sets the glass of juice down and smiles sweetly, “I won’t. I know how important your work is. I  brought some magazines and my IPad.”

   Sun Peizhi has his eyes closed, what a  weird situation. The bastard has his fiance out here and Song Sara in the bedroom. They could easily do the work out here, this woman must be completely stupid. I could give a shit about this spoiled woman but why does a nice girl like Song Sara let a fucker like Li Tian bully her, there must be a hidden reason. She couldn’t possibly be in love with him could she? I should stop thinking about her, it is none of my business I need rest and mentally prepare for the mission. 

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