No… You Aren’t Her

  Chen Jianyu arrives at the Accounting Department, where is that little girl, he surveys the room. Most of the employees are at lunch. MiMi sees the CEO is at the empty desk of Supervisor Mu’s secretary, she straightens her hair and quickly appears in front of him bowing, “CEO Chen may I help you with something?”

     “No, you can go back to work.” MiMi has never seen the CEO up close she recognizes him from his pictures in magazines. He is extremely tall and good looking in person, but she feels a chill surrounding him. Supervisor Mu told her doesn’t like any unwanted attention so she stops herself before she says anything more. “If you need anything my desk is right there.” She smiles sweetly pointing to the back of the office.

      As he scans where she is pointing he sees those hideous black shoes of LiMei’s stretched out in the aisle from under a desk towards the back. There she is. He walks back to her desk, LiMei is sound asleep with her head on her desk snoring, is all that girl does at her desk? 

     Her computer is on Baidu, he notices the large bouquet her face is almost planted in the flowers, it looks very expensive who would send this mouse flowers. Curious he picks up the card all it says is Forgive Me. How did this plain girl get a boyfriend and he seems to be begging for forgiveness, her looks are ordinary at best. This florist is the most expensive and exclusive in Pushong City. He shakes his head most likely they delivered the flowers to the wrong person.

     Chen Jianyu coughs she doesn’t move . Everyone else is looking busy at their desks trying not to catch his attention. He coughs again, LiMei rustle, “shhh..I’m tired.” She is drooling onto her desk, he frowns if she wasn’t a genius he would pull the chair out from under her and kick her out. “Feng LiMei!” he shouts. LiMei knocks her face into the flowers when he startles her awake, she quickly jumps up “CEO Chen I had some paperwork to finish”, shequickly picks up some papers into her hand.

     He scoffs at her,”Didn’t I tell you to hurry?” She wipes her mouth with her sleeve shit… I need more sleep at night. “Yes Sir”, she really wants to go to Shingu Island she needs to do a good job for this old man.

     “Let’s go.” he starts walking down the aisle, LiMei picks up her purse, the flowers and follows him. He looks irritated, well he always looks like he is sucking on a lemon.

     When they get to the elevator he sees the way she is clutching the flowers to her chest in her tiny hands admiring them with a smile on her face,  her little head is buried in them enjoying their scent.

     “Did you get someone’s flower delivery by mistake? You should have left them at the information desk.”

     “…” What is he implying, someone like me wouldn’t get flowers? “Huh? They are mine.” She wants to add you idiot, but picturing the Island she refrains. She was only there once with Kuang Bo and Uncle Xinghi it is beautiful and untamed. Really it is a shame they want to build a resort on it but maybe they could make it an ecofriendly resort. Maybe she should mention it to Chen Jianyu at some point. He probably won’t listen but it would be awesome if she could convince him.

     When they get to his office he tells her the desk on the far right will be hers she is not to disturb him. She nods and puts the flowers on the desk next to the computer then moves it so the bouquet blocks the view of him sitting at his desk. Chen Jianyu notices her playing with the flowers she is almost glowing her cheeks are pink. He is very curious about who sent them for some reason, he must just be bored to be interested in the mouse’s lovelife. What kind of man would find her dull looks alluring.

     When LiMei gets situated her stomach is growling she looks at her watch it is lunchtime. Does she get the same schedule now that she works in the CEO’s office. “Excuse me CEO Chen.”

     “I said don’t disturb me sit there until I reprint the report then I want you to show me why the numbers and materials don’t match up.”

     “Well, it is my lunchtime, I want to go eat in the cafeteria.”

     This girl is unbelievable! “You can wait until after we go over the report.”

     “Can I work on it while I eat, I will explain my findings in a detailed manner that you can understand.”

     Is she trying to get on my nerves, implying I’m stupid? He stands up and walks over to her desk towering over her in a domineering stance, “Miss Feng I want to ask you how are you so familiar with the Construction business? I looked over your resume and didn’t see where you had worked for any Construction companies.

     How will she explain to him her father owned a large Construction business and he was a shady businessman. He would always change the specifications, materials, overcharge, that is how he eventually became indebted to Kuang Fu when he got sued for fraud. To avoid being arrested he needed to compensate several companies he worked with or go to jail. She was forced to work in his office in High School because he didn’t want a useless daughter he needed to support. 

     She is supposed to be an orphan so… “When I was in High School I helped out in my boyfriend’s father’s Construction office. I wanted to be of use to him when we got married.”

    “Is that who sent you the flowers?”

     “No, we broke up when we graduated.”

     “What is his name?” Chen Jianyu is surprised she had a boyfriend with her looks.

     “CEO Chen that is my personal information I don’t need to share with you. Can I go eat please the Accounting Department takes lunch at eleven.”

     “Go but be back here twelve o’clock sharp. I will dock your pay if you are one minute late. Do you own a watch? if not there is a clock in the cafeteria ”

    “Thank you CEO Chen.” Jeez! How did I land myself in this prickly man’s company! The cheap man wants to dock my pay for every little thing…so cheap. She stomps off towards the door she tries to fling it open to make a statement but it is too heavy she can barely open it.

      Chen Jianyu smirks he can see she wanted to show him she was angry with him by making a grand exit but couldn’t open the door. He can’t help but laugh as she leaves, for a genius girl she is really a little idiot.

    After she leaves he takes a closer look at the flowers, they are a strange combination. Whoever sent them to her was pleading for her love and forgiveness. She seems so ordinary is the man using her because she is a genius? He picks up the card, Beautiful Moments Florist on Lingu Street. He needs her to focus on her work he should see who sent this distraction to the little mouse.

     Rui goes to the Clinic and has his x ray technician take pictures of his hand, it is only bruised should be healed in less than a couple weeks. He is relieved Dr. Woo isn’t here today he doesn’t want to explain anything. When he is finished he tells his driver to drive to the Apple store off Wushong, he is going to send a new phone to LiMei, he is sure she lost her phone last night. When they arrive he enters the store, several salesgirls rush over to him.

This customer is tall and handsome and looks rich, his watch alone an ordinary man could’t afford. Rui walks over to the counter “Which one would you recommend for a girl.” The salesgirl’s heart sinks he is buying his girlfriend a new phone. Still the commission could be big. “I think this one is the best, it is our newest, it is sleek and the color is pretty. Rui doesn’t hesitate or look further he needs to meet Chen Huan and he is late. “I will take it can you deliver it right away?”

     “I’m sorry but we can’t deliver right now our driver is out.”

     “Fine, I will take it.” He hands her a black card, she is almost drooling she has never seen a black card holder before. She runs his card as she hands it back to him she brushes her hand across his giving him a coquettish look. He ignores her and takes the bag, when he gets in the car he tells his driver to go to the Hushang Group. He doesn’t want to run into Chen Jianyu but he wants LiMei to be able to call him. Sitting with his long legs crossed feeling a little more confident he will be able to talk to her soon he takes  the new phone out putting his number in it .

    He was considering finding her himself but that might be too pushy of him, he decides his driver should deliver it to LiMei.

 When they arrive he tells the driver to take the phone to the Accounting Department and make sure he hands it directly to Feng LiMei not anyone else. He wants to know it is in her hands. Rui’s driver enters the building he asks the front desk for Feng LiMei , she tells him she is in the Accounting Department but right now is probably in the cafeteria it is the lunch time for that department. He goes to the cafeteria, Qiao Rui showed him a picture on his phone he had taken of him and LiMei when she was sitting on his lap smiling in the garden, the picture is his screensaver.

     The driver walks into the cafeteria looking for a girl who looks like the picture, he can’t see anyone who fits the description. Should he return to the car and tell Qiao Rui he can’t find her? He decides to ask someone if they know her. He spots a plain looking  girl at a small table eating beef noodles as though she is starving, her chopsticks are flying in and out of the bowl. She is slurping them down greedily as he approaches her table. Yeah… she looks like an accountant. “Miss do you know where I can find Feng LiMei she works in the Accounting Department I have something for her. “

     “Huh?” She looks up from her bowl of noodles,  he is holding a bag from the Apple Store. “I’m Feng LiMei.”

     “No. You can’t be.”  There must be some mistake, Qiao Rui showed him a picture she is a beautiful slender girl with green eyes and long black hair.

     She can see the disbelief on his face, she points to her ID badge hanging around her neck, then pulls him down towards her. “I look like this at work because I don’t want to stand out. Come with me.”

     LiMei yanks him outside to the patio around the corner after checking to see no one is around she takes off her glasses and wig letting her long ink black hair down smiling at him. She is breathtakingly beautiful, he gasps when he looks at her, even though the dress is shapeless her face is delicate and her sparkling smile is bright.

     “I don’t want to take out my contacts but you can see it is me right? Is Rui here?” She really wants to run out and see him right now but she needs to restrain herself she still needs a proper apology from him.

     The driver is in a daze why would she hide her beauty does she get harassed by her boss. “ He is in the car waiting for me to return.”

    “Go then..”

     The driver returns to the car shaking his head what a strange girl. When he gets into the driver seat Rui asks him if he handed the bag directly to LiMei.

     “Yes I’m sorry it took so long  she was in the cafeteria.”{In some crazy disguise she asked me not to mention}

     “Was she eating with anyone?”

    The driver thinks that is a strange question but he tells him no, she was by herself. Rui looks at the picture of them on his phone his lips curl up in a faint smile after hearing she wasn’t having lunch with any man… he texts her [call me ]

     “Take me to Hushang Entertainment.”

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