Need a Blonde Wig

LiMei walks into the cafeteria to meet Kathy, her brow is furrowed thinking about Rui drinking and being surrounded by beautiful women. She isn’t paying attention and almost collides with a man carrying a tray of food, “Watch where you are going!” He gives her a nasty look, since when can a Housekeeping employee eat in this cafeteria.

     “Oh” she looks up distracted, “Sorry.”

     Kathy holds onto her sleeve and whispers in her ear, “Be careful, he is one of the top salesman, if you had actually ran into him I don’t think you could handle the consequences.” Kathy shudders he is a complete jerk.

     “Thanks.” She sneaks a look over at him, he is sitting with another man, he is very good looking but he has the face of a crafty fox. A woman walks by him trying to get his attention he smiles at her but as she walks away he looks disgusted.

     “Did your emergency call upset you? We can take a minute and have a cup of tea Supervisor Mu is a great boss to work under, she allows us to be informal. Her bottom line is getting the work assigned to us finished on time. CEO Chen won’t tolerate mistakes from accounting.”

     LiMei wants to laugh yet he made a huge mistake and didn’t say thank you for her discovering it. “Tea would be nice.” Maybe she can find out about this Black Lotus Club.

     “Did you want to eat lunch now while we are here? I think that would be fine also.”

    “Just tea.” Normally LiMei would be starving but after hearing about the Club she lost her appetite.

    Kathy walks her over to where the tea is located then they sit at a small table over to the side.

     Wang Li is getting ready to leave after supervising the cleaning crew when his phone rings, “Yes Boss?”

     “Did you send that homeless looking girl back down to Accounting?” He was trying to take a nap and he was thinking about that pathetic appearance of hers on the couch. How did she add all those numbers in her head while she was in the elevator. Did Sun Yichen hire her because she is a genius?

     “I did just as you requested.”

     “I want her information, where she graduated University and how long she has worked at Hushang Group.” How can they allow an employee to dress in that manner, every employee is a reflection of his company.

     Wang Li wonders why Chen Jianyu wants this information. “I will go to Personnel to check before I leave.”


     He should reward her for discovering his mistake, also he can’t have it leak back to his father he almost made such an error. He closes his eyes he will call her into his office tomorrow.

     Wang Li goes back up to the 20th floor, “Is Sun Bingqing in her office?”

     “She is at lunch.”

     Wang Li wants to go see if they took care of Sun Yichen, should he take care of this now or check in with Yang. Shit, I better go find her. He takes the elevator to the first floor where the cafeteria is located. He looks around the cafeteria, he can’t see Sun Bigqing maybe she left the building for lunch. 

     As he glances towards the side of the room he sees the girl. Maybe he should just ask her, if he had looked closely at her name badge he would some information but he was distracted by that photo of her on it. He thinks she told him her name but he doesn’t remember it.

     Kathy sees a tall muscular man walking towards their table. She doesn’t recognize this handsome man,she smiles at him as he is walking directly towards them.

     LiMie wonders who Kathy is looking at her smile is blinding. She turns slightly.


     Kathy wonders why he is speaking to LiMei, how does she know him.

    “Oh Wang Li, did you need something?”

    Wang Li feels a little awkward, she knows his name and he can’t remember hers.

     “I need your information.”

    Startled LiMei says “What!” Is there a problem now, what they couldn’t clean his couch of her drool?

     “If it is the cleaning I will see to it myself I once worked in Housekeeping{What a nightmare job that was she had to go with Kuang Bo and a cleaner to a crime scene to remove bodies and evidence after a newbie screwed up a job.}


     LiMei looks like a frightened rabbit her tiny hands holding the cup of tea and those strange wide blue eyes behind the black glasses. Wang Li can’t help staring at her little face scrunched up.

     He shakes his head what a strange looking girl.”No it isn’t a problem with the couch CEO Chen wants your information and I saw you when I was looking for Sun Bingqing, I thought I would simply ask you. What University did you graduate from and your Major ”

     LiMei wants to know why he wants the information but if she continues to look afraid it will become suspicious.

    She hands him her badge that she had finally clipped onto her sweater. “Here, some information  is on my employee badge.  I graduated from A University.”

    Both Kathy and Wang Li stare at her, A University! Only rich people can afford it, it is the best and most expensive University in the country.

    LiMei can see the shock on their faces, “I got a Hardship Scholarship.”

   That makes sense, Kathy and Wang Li’s expressions turn back to normal.

    It doesn’t say when she started work though just her name and section.

    “When did you start working for the Hushang Group?”

     LiMei is getting nervous she fiddles with her glasses, no way could the arrogant man recognize her, no way.

     In a timid voice she looks at him shrinking into her seat, “Today.” Her hands are sweating as she grips them in her lap. She really wants this job, she doesn’t want to find another one and she has already asked the Kitchen Manager to only give her a few shifts.

     She has to ask or she will explode. “Why does CEO Chen want my information am I in trouble?”

     Wang Li looks at her she looks pitiful, are those sweat beads on her forehead. He needs to calm her down, he feels sorry for her. “No not at all.” He has no idea why the Boss wants to see her but he can’t stand that sad look on her small face.

     He hands her back her ID badge, “Thank you Miss Feng.” he walks away quickly she remind him of his little sister when she thinks she is in trouble.

    Kathy stares at LiMei who is gulping down her tea, “LiMei why would CEO Chen want your information?”

     “I have no idea .” She lies, “I just took notes at his meeting for him.”

     Kathy is thinking maybe he needs a new secretary but why would he want LiMei she studies her up and down with an incredulous look on her face.

     “Kathy I wanted to ask you something.”

     “What?” She is still trying to figure out who Wang Li is she hasn’t seen him in the company before and he wasn’t wearing an ID badge.

     “This Club you and your friend were discussing what is it like?”

     Kathy almost spits out her tea does LiMei want to go with them? Huiqing would never allow it. She is even wondering if she could go out in public with LiMei she is well… different looking.

     “ is very exclusive, her friend works there so..” She doesn’t want to be mean but no way can LiMei go with them tonight if that is what she is aiming at with that question.

     LiMei can see the conflicting emotions on Kathy’s face, “I was just asking because my cousin is in town, it sounded like somewhere she would like to go. I don’t know how to entertain her we are quite different. She is a model in New York. She has a fashion shoot in Shangwen and stopped to visit me on the way there.”

     Kathy breathes a sigh of relief, she didn’t want to hurt LiMei’s feelings. “She might enjoy the atmosphere there, many handsome rich men frequent it, there is a fancy restaurant, dancing, four bars each with a different theme and of course the private rooms for parties. 

     Women line up to get in, they are only picked to go in if they meet the standards of the owner he is a mysterious man named Xiaobo.”

     “So you and your friend are going to wait in line and hope to get inside the Club?”

     “No, her friend is going to meet us at the back and let us in, then she is going to..” Maybe she shouldn’t tell LiMei their plans she doesn’t know her and it involves CEO Chen and his friend Qiao Rui. “Anyway her friend is going to help us get into the Club.” She looks at her watch, “LiMei we should return.”

     LiMei finishes her tea and stands up to leave. It would be too forward she can see to ask Kathy if her ‘cousin’ could accompany them. She will need to dress up and hope to get in through the front. On the way home she should get a blond wig from that shop by the noodle shop and maybe a tight dress at the little dress shop by there.

     As they are walking back to the accounting section she googles the shops, the wig store is open until six, the dress shop seven o’clock, perfect! If she leaves straight from work she should get to the wig shop by five forty.

     When she gets back to the accounting section she realizes she still doesn’t know what to do, all she has done is have a tour of the company. Supervisor Mu gets up from her desk and walks over, knowing Kathy she probably stopped and gossiped along the way. If she wasn’t her cousin’s daughter she wouldn’t have a job here always slacking off.

     “LiMei come over this is your desk and computer, for today I am going to have you acclimate yourself with a tutorial that is on the computer. It has information about the Hushang Group all its subsidiaries Also what we do here in Accounting. When you are finish you can ask me any questions you have I am not going to give you any paperwork to handle today. Familiarize yourself with our procedures.

     Since you said you were once a secretary I will have you answer the phone today, Jing Ehuang had a dentist appointment so I let her leave work . The extensions are all on a sheet next to the phone so direct the calls to the appropriate person. Our standard response to the caller is Hushang Group Accounting Department how may I direct your call.”

     LiMei sits at her desk running her fingers over it, yes! She lays her head on it very own desk. She sits up and turns on the computer, she needs a password she should have asked Supervisor Mu. The Supervisor walks back over, “I didn’t tell you the temporary password is Hushang, after you log in with that create your own, each person is responsible for what is on their own computer.”

     “Thank you for your guidance Supervisor Mu.”

     After she leaves LiMei logs in and pulls up the tutorial, on the front page is a picture of Chen Jianyu standing outside the Headquarters. My he is quite photogenic. She proceeds to read about the company and its subsidiaries. Man, they have their fingers in a lot of pies he must do a good job managing this company. The last page is employee benefits, rules, regulations.

     They offer many opportunities for employees to move up in the company, they recruit from within, there is a merit system. HaHa I wonder if he wants  to give me merits for saving him so much money?

Money! That reminds her she hasn’t sent the money she had the Bartender transfer to her that night on the rooftop to Father Lam .She should do it before she forgets, it would be easier to do it on the computer than her phone, Supervisor Mu said no one can access this computer but her, she doesn’t want anyone to see her on her cell.

     She brings up the website for the Orphanage on the screen. The website design is nice I wonder if Xiao made it she is wondering. LiMei clicks on Donations and types in the bank information, amount 300,000 USD. Donor information: Anonymous.

     After she finishes she scrolls through the pictures of the children , Father Lam, Xiao teaching a class. She needs to go visit them sometime this week maybe Thursday after work she won’t be working at the hotel.

     Kathy walks over to see how she is doing, she likes to walk around rather than work, accounting is so boring but her father made her study it in University. She is engaged to the second son of the Wong Construction, she hopes she never has to marry that man, he is unattractive and always leers at her when they have dinner together at her parents. Her father said it is good to show you can help him with his business.

     “LiMei are you an orphan?”That would explain she is thrifty and doesn’t want to spend money on clothes.

     “I am. This Orphanage is run by a friend of mine.”

     Kathy looks at her with pity, that explains it. She looks around,“Don’t let Supervisor Mu see you using the computer for personal surfing the internet it is one of her few rules. You could be on a site that contains a virus and ruin our network. If these computers crash they all will go together.”

    Holy Shit! Why didn’t Supervisor Mu mention that! Of course St. John’s Orphanage wouldn’t be harmful but what if she was looking at another website. She never thought of that possibility.

     “Kathy, thank you!” She immediately closes the website and looks at the other files she is supposed to be studying.

     Kathy wanders away and she can see her talking to the girl named Mimi. This department seems relaxed. This morning Supervisor Mu looked a little scary when she first arrived, but everyone seems to be working quietly at their desks.

     Her stomach is grumbling she didn’t eat earlier but now that she has decided on a plan to go to the club she is hungry. She looks at her watch wow it is almost five o’clock no wonder she is hungry all she had was the toast this morning. She can’t wait until she gets to the noodle shop.

     She finishes up reading on the computer and logs off. She notices everyone is packing their things to leave, should she stand up or wait until a few people leave? She needs to catch the bus promptly at 5:15 to get to the wig shop before it closes. Well, I will leave now if it is a problem I will stay tomorrow later.

     Picking up her purse when the clock reads 5:00 she runs out the door. She has no time for goodbyes she needs that blonde wig!

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