Sara is sleeping restlessly on the bed, the sound of thunder can be heard outside the plane and there is a slight bit of turbulence. She is tossing and turning in the midst of a nightmare triggered by the thunderstorm’s rumbling noise which resembles gunshots.

When Li Tian enters the back cabin he walks over to the bed, Sara has kicked off the covers and her  beige linen skirt is twisted around her slender thighs exposing her creamy white skin. His Adam’s apple rolls up and down at the seductive sight of her lace panties and her black silk shirt slipping down her delicate shoulder from her jerky movements. Dammit! Is the little kitten having a nightmare? 

He reaches over to cover her tempting body hoping he can restrain his urge to bully Sara. I need to work on a plan to seduce the little thing so she is willing to have sex with me then she will be in my bed for the long term. If got into the bed and she was to wake up…  with her temper she wouldn’t let me close to her again.

   Sitting on the edge of the bed he stares at her innocent face contorted in fear while her tiny hands clench the blanket twisting the fabric with her fingers. What is she so frightened of in her dream. While he is wavering on what he should do suddenly the sound of booming thunder and lightning crackles outside the plane.

Sara suddenly reaches up pulling him down close to her quivering body Frightened by the horrific scene within her dream her blue eyes widen and tears form in the corner of her limpid blue eyes as she whimpers, “Brother ..Find Mommy..Find Mommy!”

He is stunned, she sounds like a terrified little girl. Sara grips onto his shirt, her tears begin to flow uncontrollably, “Please..please..Don’t let them kill Mommy.” Sara’s eyes are glazed and she mumbles incoherently gazing into his unfathomable dark eyes. Sweat beads are glistening on her forehead as she is sucked deeper into her nightmare.

While patting her back trying to soothe her, Li Tian’s deep voice has an unusually gentle tone, “Song Sara..wake are dreaming.”

Sara holds tightly onto his waist, “Brother..I’m so scared.” She buries her head in his chest clinging onto him with her tiny hands. “She told me to hide her until you came…” The sound of her timid and frightened voice pulls on his heartstrings, what has she been through..

Kill Mommy? What the hell! He embraces Sara while tenderly stroking her long black hair, “It will be alright… no one will hurt you….I’m here.”

Sara feels safe in the strong arms holding her tightly she begins to calm down snuggling into his chest whispering, “Brother..”

Conflicted by the complex emotions inside him doesn’t know what he should do..she feels too good in his arms to lay her back down on the bed, should I hold her until she wakes up? She did embrace me Fuck! He gazes down at her tearstained face resting on his chest and wipes away her tears with his finger, What happened to you..

After awhile Sara begins to move around in his arm so Li Tian reluctanly decides to lay her back down on the bed. As he loosens her arms from around his waist Sara wakes up drowsily looking up into his handsome face her voice soft she mutters, “CEO Li..” Then her eyes widen in shock and she pushes him away, “CEO LI!”

He has a faint smile, “What are you yelling about?”

Sara stammers,“What..what..why..why..” The last thing she remembers is looking through  paperwork at the desk. Why am I in this bed holding onto Li Tian..Oh my God!

  He can’t resist teasing Sara. “Don’t look at me like that. You took advantage of me.”

Sara’s face turns crimson red as she looks at the messy bed. No wait he has his clothes on..I have my clothes on.. wuhuu whuhu I want to find a hole to crawl into right now.

Raising his eyebrow now might be a good opportunity to get closer to the little kitten. “Miss Song, I came in to check on you because the plane is going through thunderstorms creating a great deal of turbulence. right now and we need to buckle up. I saw you in the bed and you appeared to be having a nightmare. When I reached down to wake you grabbed me into your embrace.” I won’t mention  you thought I was your brother.

Sara wants to cry..what the hell was I thinking! She quickly straightens up her skirt and blouse, “I’m so sorry CEO Li..” She has no idea what to say to him, now she remembers snuggling in his arms thinking he was Brother Ming, her bodyguard when she was young. He didn’t shove me away..he held me while I was crying..Doesn’t he have a severe case of OCD..She looks at his tear stained shirt..Holy Mother of God!

The look on Sara’s beautiful  face has a special appeal and charm right now as he watches her complicated emotions flash across her face. She is adorable..Her blue eyes are still misty from crying… her clothes and hair are messy. She doesn’t know what to say..haha..

Embarrassed by the awkward situation. Sara quickly tries to get off the bed and distance herself from Li Tian. She stumbles as her legs are caught in the quilt hanging off the bed, tripping into him. Watching her tangled in the covers about to fall he catches her before she tumbles to the ground. Li Tian looks at her half parted lips and wants to kiss her badly but remembers his plan.He helps her steady her body and calmly says,”Miss Song, the turbulence is getting worse you should go to the forward cabin and buckle up.”

Sara shakes her head, he isn’t going to make a snide remark or laugh at me? She glances up at his handsome face. “Thank you. I will.” She hurries to the forward cabin, Thank you. I will..Thank you..I will.. Is that all I could say? Maybe he will just let it go, he seemed unusually sympathetic. Maybe Bi was right he isn’t that bad of a person. 

After Sara leaves the cabin her scent lingers in the air, it’s not my style but you are worth taking my time. He walks over to his closet and takes out a casual black cashmere sweater with a v neck. He holds the damp shirt in his hand then puts it to his nose breathing in Sara’s unique fragrance afterward he tosses it onto a chair. He thinks about her vulnerable appearance as she clung onto him, I need Yang James to find out what happened to Song Sara’s mother.

He walks back out to the forward cabin, both Long An and Sun Peizhi look like they are sleeping and Song Sara is gazing out the window at the storm.

He sits down next to her and notices Sara stiffening her body. “Are you afraid of the thunderstorm?”

“No..not at all I was thinking how beautiful the lightning looks streaking across the sky.” I am scared to death but the lightning is beautiful.

He presses the button next to him and the flight attendant appears, “Get  two glasses of red wine.”

“Yes CEO Li.” Jing hurries towards the back of the plane.

“Since we are going to be working closely together for the next week, I’m going to call you Sara, as I would my other assistants.”

“Uh..okay.” Sara still wonders if she said anything weird when she was dreaming, I can’t recall my dream but Bi says I talk in my sleep when there is a storm. Sometimes calling for Mom. God, I hope I didn’t make a big fool of myself in front of him. 

“Good. Did you finish the paperwork?”

“Almost, I only have a few more pages to go over.”

“Since the turbulence is getting worse you can finish it when we get to the hotel.”

“Thank you CEO Li.’ Sara fidgets with her fingers, he is being awfully nice. What is with him. Well, I should enjoy it while it lasts.

Jing approaches them with the two glasses of red wine, Li Tian hands one to Sara, “This will relax you.”

“No..I shouldn’t.’

“Take it.”

“Alright.” Sara takes the wine glass from him then hesitantly takes a sip. “Really delicious.”

“It is from my vineyard in France.”

 “…” He has his own vineyard? Well he is a billionaire, makes sense.

Li Tian drinks his wine, yes I will follow Yang James advice he always has a girlfriend, make the little thing feel comfortable with me.

This exchange is followed by awkward silence as they drink their wine. Sara continues to look out the window while Li Tian stares at her delicate profile. Why isn’t she taking the initiative to talk to me, maybe another glass of wine she will loosen up.  He presses the button summoning Jing for two more glasses of wine.

Sara has barely finished her first glass of wine when Li Tian hands her another glass, “CEO Li, I just finished my first glass. I can’t drink that much on an empty stomach.”

“Well drink it down. I will have Harold fix our meal.”

Sara’s voice is tinged with concern, “Isn’t it too turbulent for someone to fix a meal?” Who the hell is Harold? I only saw Jing when I went to the back cabin. 

“No. That is what he is paid to do.”  He takes a gulp of his wine, why is she always worried about people.. Sun Peizhi..fucking old man Harold…

Sara takes a sidelong glance at Li Tian, what a strange man. Nice one minute and back to being an arrogant tyrant the next. So unpredictable!

She sips her wine and looks for a magazine to read, picking up a magazine with Li Tian’s picture on the front.On the cover of a prestigious financial magazine he is leaning on his mahogany desk wearing a designer suit and with a serious expression on his face.. His tight waist is accentuated by the tailored suit and his watch is shining with diamonds. Jeez..that watch must have cost millions. Damn… he is incredibly handsome in an overbearing cold way.

Li Tian notices she picked up the latest edition of Global Financial Times and he is featured on the cover. Now I’m glad I did that fucking stupid interview, look at the little kitten she is almost drool looking at me on the cover..  Sara tosses the magazine back without opening it. Li Tian frowns surprised she immediately discarded it… maybe I should mention  there are five more full page pictures of me in that fucking magazine!  

Sara picks up a fashion magazine and begins flipping the pages stopping to look at a picture of Han Bi’s brother Chao modeling the latest Sportswear from Henri Armand, he is a popular singer recently turned actor who goes by the name of Kang Jin. Sara excitedly says,”Chao you look great!” According to the article it looks like he will be in Milan for Fashion week AWESOME! I will need to call him, I haven’t seen him in six months!

Li Tian stealthy watches Sara staring admiringly at Han Chao modeling a track suit while posing on a bridge, who is the bastard she is ogling now! Pfft! A stupid model..I’m much more handsome..intelligent and rich than that little pretty boy! He has to restrain himself from ripping the magazine out of Sara’s hand. He presses the button when Jing doesn’t appear right away he angrily presses it three more times.

Jing comes rushing out with the wine bottle and pours the red wine into Li Tian’s glass, Sara waves the half full glass in her hand, “I’m good.”

Li Tian agitated by her indifference says, “ Leave the bottle and get Harold to fix dinner.”

Jing stares at Li Tian, that old man is sound asleep back there, isn’t it a little late for dinner? Not to mention we are in the middle of a thunderstorm, I shouldn’t even be out of my seat let alone that old fart banging around making you food! “Yes CEO Li.”

Li Tian leans back in his seat drinking his wine, wait… that model. I recognize him…he is Han Chang’s younger brother. But he goes by Kang Jin while he is pursuing his career. How does she know his real name? It is a well kept secret.. Does she know him? His curiosity gets the better of him after the few glasses of wine he drank, “Sara, do you know Kang Jin?”

“Yes. His sister Bi is my best friend.” Her blue eyes sparkle,  “It looks like he will be in Milan while we are there.”

“Oh.” Right I forgot Han Bi..when Sara was in the hospital I went to dinner with her. He suddenly says, “Small world his older brother and I are childhood friends.” Yang James said to find common interests people in common..good..very good.

Sara finishes her wine feeling more relaxed.  “I don’t really know Han Chang he is much older than me and he was always studying abroad.” That makes sense Han Chang is the CEO of Han Group and he has the same cold ‘I’m above you peasant’ attitude when I did see him at Bi’s family mansion.

“…” Is she saying I’m fucking old? I’m not yet 30..I’m not old!

Jing walks over to their seats rolling a tray of food, “Do you want me to set it on the table? The turbulence seems to have passed.” Thank God that white haired old man Harold was about to have a heart attack back there. He didn’t want to unbuckle from his seat to make your food. I had to do most of the work until I pried him from his seat when the weather calmed down.


Jing wheels the cart over and places the food on the table as Li Tian unbuckles his seatbelt. Sara looks at Li Tian, should I just follow him over there? Sara’s stomach starts grumbling, I am too hungry to worry if he means me too.  She unbuckles and gets out of her seat.

The aroma of the food drifts up to Long An she opens her eyes , what time is it? She stretches her arms, that food smells good it must be time to eat.  She turns to see Li Tian and Sara sitting at the dining table with several steaming hot Western dishes sitting in front of them.

What the hell! Tian is eating with that little slut and didn’t even bother to wake me up! 

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