Henri Armand languidly climbs the stairs to the private room, he could see the young girl talking to the Doorman as he passed by them. He laughs to himself when was he ever that chivalrous to save anyone, only Qin Daiyu brought out that tender side of him. 

     Suddenly his heart suddenly felt a pain as her face flashed in his mind. That must have been the reason when the girl smiled she reminded me of Daiyu that is why I helped her avoid a bad fate with Amir Malouf. He shakes his head he needs to find out if Qiao Rui possesses the rare herb he needs but tonight doesn’t seem as though the Doctor is in the mood to talk.

     The Doorman tells LiMei she is invited to the Boss’s private room. He is surprised when she frowns wrinkling her forehead, “No, I am looking for someone I don’t want to go.”

     “Who are you looking for in the Club, if I help you find them will you go?” He already described her to Boss Jing, he wants her to join their party, if he doesn’t bring her he is in a bad position.

     LiMei hesitates she can’t say Qiao Rui, she needs to just find him and see what those girls are doing. “No, I can look myself.” LiMei begins to walk to the restaurant behind the front bar.

     Following her he decides he will tell her who is in the room, no woman here would resist being able to meet the Chen Brothers and the Frenchman was staring at her as he walked up the stairs, what is his name again? Right! He is the famous Fashion House owner, Henri. The other man is just a doctor or something no one famous.

     “Miss stop!’

     LiMei is getting annoyed at this big lump of a man following her around, she turns to him narrowing her eyes,”I said NO!”

     He tries again,“Let me tell you who his guests are..”

    LiMei glares at him, “I don’t care who is with your boss! I am looking for one person only!”

     The Doorman blurts out, “Are you sure, two golden bachelors of Pushong City are in there..” LiMei is ready to kick him in his shin with her boot, she is getting very angry about him following her around.

     He continues as she is moving into the second bar area, “The Chen brothers..” Before he can say another word her eyes get big and she grabs his sleeve with her small hand. “Did you say Chen Jianyu?”

     Good..Very Good she is interested in CEO Chen. “Yes!”

     “Is there another man with them?”

     “Henri Armand.”

     “Anyone else?” Rui has to be with them who else would he be here with if not those stupid brothers.

     “Just some doctor.”

    “Let’s go! Hurry!” She drags him along with her little hand on the sleeve of his uniform, “Which way?”

     The Doorman laughs could the doctor be the one she is looking for here at the Club? She changed her attitude as soon as I said doctor. “Follow me.”

     They walk towards the stairs, “Wait!” LiMei wants to freshen up before she sees Rui even though he won’t recognize her she wants to look her best.

    In an exasperated tone the Doorman says,“What now?” He feels he is so close to getting that raise why is she hesitating?

     “I want to use the restroom first.”

     “There is one by the private rooms upstairs.”

     They walk down a hallway he points to the restroom. “I will wait here for you.”

     LiMei enters inside the restroom are Kathy and Huiqing. She feels her disguise is very good so she isn’t nervous when she sees them, she smiles at them then enters into a stall. They watch her enter the last toilet and continue talking in low voices thinking she won’t be able to hear them. LiMei is a martial artist so she can hear their conversation quite easily. She smiles to herself maybe she can learn of their plans.

     “Huiqing I would like to snag a rich husband like Qiao Rui but he told Chen Jianyu he has someone he likes.”

     LiMei’s ears perk up when she hears Rui’s name.

     “Just do what I said don’t be an idiot! This is your golden opportunity, when else will you be this close to an heir of one of the four famous families.”

    “What if he finds out it is me who drugged him he would hate me.”

     “Once he took advantage of you he would have no other option but to take responsibility for you. Qiao Rui has a reputation as a very clean and honorable man.”

     LiMei is squeezing her fists on her lap while sitting on the toilet, Kathy I didn’t think you were that type of woman!

     “Well what about you are you going to drug CEO Chen?”

“No, I changed my mind ,he is such a cold bastard he would probably have me killed. He is godly in his appearance but I don’t think he would be a good lover.{LiMei almost wants to laugh when she hears this.}

     I am going to sit next to the Frenchman he is famous in the fashion industry and you know I got into marketing to meet someone who could help me become a model. I thought about Chen Huan but he is such a womanizer he would just kick me out after he had sex with me then use his PR team to destroy me and my career.LiMei nods, he probably would.One brother is cold as ice and the other is a roaming wolf.

     Huiqing continues, “Here Kathy all you need to do is put a couple drops of this in his wine. I know you had a boyfriend from the Sales Department, you told me you aren’t a virgin so cut your finger a little so you can put the blood on the sheets. He will feel guilty for being your first man.”

     LiMei marvels at this girl Huiqing she has thought of all the possibilities. What an evil bitch! What is with the women in this town is the only way they can get a man is by drugging them?

     Kathy clutches the vial of aphrodisiac Huiqing gave her. She must do it she is tired of working in the Accounting Department. “I am sick of working under my aunt she is such a bitch! Always having work for me, watching my every move.”

   Supervisor Mu is her aunt? Kathy is such a phony person she was kissing up to her earlier today as she was talking.

     LiMei decides she needs to intercept the drinks before Rui and the Frenchman she was talking about drink the wine laced with the drug. She should hurry and get in the room while these two are still in the restroom plotting.

      She runs out of the toilet without looking in the mirror she washes her hands shaking them so the water lands on Huiqing’s silk dress, “Oh Sorry!” Huiqing is glaring at her, “Bitch!” before Huiqing can grab her LiMei grabs a paper towel running out to the Doorman, “Hurry..”

     “…” She took ten minutes in there.

     LiMei takes a deep breath as the Doorman opens the door, she walks in smiling at the group of men and women. They all stare at her she is holding her black leather jacket in her hands a little nervously, the white knit dress is clinging to her subtly sensual in the way it accentuates her slender body. Henri Armand looks at her with a hint of surprise on his face his lips curl up so she is here for this group of prominent men.

     LiMei recognizes him right away but where is Rui? Her face sinks looking around the room, did he leave so all this was for nothing. Well if he did he is safe from that wench Kathy anyway. She wants to leave now and turns towards the door. Xiaobo is stunned the Doorman was right you don’t see many girls here with a breathtaking natural beauty like hers, she isn’t wearing makeup and her feaures are flawless.

     “Wait!” Xiaobo can’t let her leave, he wants to show Henri his club attracts beautiful women.

     “I’m sorry I have the wrong room.” LiMei smiles politely and reaches for the doorknob with her slender hand. As she does Kathy and Huiqing come in the door. She recalls the Frenchman saved her from falling downstairs she can’t allow that vile Huiqing to drug him. The two girls that enter glare at LiMei isn’t she the girl that splashed Huiqing’s dress staining it with water drops! What is she doing here?

     “Sit for a moment.” Xiaobo stands up and holds her arm pointing to the couch.

    LiMei eyes the two women who entered I won’t let you drug anyone. “Only for a moment I have somewhere I need to be.”

     LiMei sits next to the Frenchman, how should she tell him? He is surprised she chose to sit next to him he offers her some wine.

   “No thank you, as  I just mentioned I have somewhere I need to go.” Huiqing squeezes in on the other side of him, smiling sweetly, “Mr. Armand allow me to pour your wine.” He ignores her staring at LiMei’s face, she has a rare innocent look to her he hasn’t seen in awhile he wonders what those pink lips of hers would taste like.

   Chen Jianyu is on his phone not paying attention to what is going on across from him Lau An called several times but he ignored her calls. Right now he is texting her back. 

      Chen Huan is a little jealous the blonde girl sat next to Henri Armand instead of him if she is from Pushong City she should know who he is after all. He motions to a girl in a tight black dress to sit on his lap. She smiles brightly as she sits on his thighs this could be her chance. He kisses her full red lips trying to forget being ignored by the little minx next to Henri.

   LiMei decides to whisper in Henri ‘s ear in French she is fluent, she doesn’t want to cause a big stir in the room.She leans into his ear, whispering in French the plans of the two girls and not to drink the wine.

  As she does the door opens and Qiao Rui enters, he had stepped out to call LiMei to tell her he was leaving the Club. He was a little upset there was no answer it went straight to voicemail. He is anxious to leave, fuck waiting for dinner I will tell Chen Huan’s investor to call him to meet another time.

    Startled seeing Qiao Rui enter the room LiMei quickly moves away from Henri and jumps up off the couch. Qiao Rui takes a good look at the blonde girl across from him he saw her with her face pressed against the Frenchman’s ear a moment ago when he opened the door. 

     Black lines form on his forehead and his eyes narrow dangerously. He would recognize those pink lips and that face anywhere even with a blond wig and blue contacts it is Feng LiMe !  What the fuck is she doing here pressed up against another man in that sexy dress ! 

      Furious she was so close to another man he grabs LiMei’s small hand and drags her towards the door, once outside he pushes her up against the wall with is hands above her head caging her within his arms and he looks like he is in a rage.

    He has been drinking heavily  while waiting for dinner and his emotions are out of control right now, his eyes are burning with a possessive fire. He fiercely kisses her prying her lips open and entangling her tongue with his not allowing her to escape his burning jealousy.

      Holding her hands above while pressing his body onto hers as though he wants to mold her body into his, continuing to kiss her he is like a raging beast trapping his prey. LiMei is gasping for air as her body is heating up with his domineering kisses, her heart is pounding in her chest. He nibbles on her ear then whispers, “Baby…why are dressed like this?” 

    I need to explain to him. These passionate kisses are full of anger and betrayal I can tell he is punishing me with them.

     She tries to push him away but he is holding her too tightly for her small hands to move him . She will never use her skills to strike him unconscious, she needs him to listen to her. “I..I”

   Rui  is crazy with jealousy right now  and before she can explain he kisses her again sucking on her little tongue consumed by  wanting to possess her, he wants to make her see only him. What was she doing in there… is this what she does at night? I really don’t know her, what is she capable of, playing the innocent girl with me… Is she out with men every night allowing them to touch her while she sweetly moans. He moves his kisses down her neck sucking and biting her, he wants to remove the thoughts of any other man from her mind, his entire being is consumed with jealousy.

     Rui suddenly picks her up into his arms carrying her down the hallway he kicks a door open no one is in the room, it is a luxurious suite for VIP guests. LiMei wants to explain but his eyes are like a black abyss right now she doesn’t think he will hear what she wants to say to him. 

     He hastily walks through a living room to a bedroom, roughly  laying her down on the large bed, he is going to take her right now. Rui is on top of her ready to rip the skintight dress from her tempting body. 

     How many men has she deceived with her soft voice and innocent act? Does she need money?  He hasn’t said a word to her, LiMei can’t stand to see him this way in a breathy voice she pleads , “Rui please let me explain I came looking for you!” She is going to tell him the truth as stupid as it is it is better than him thinking she is a slut.

     He is on top of her he stops and looks at her face, her cheeks are crimson red and her lips are swollen from his kisses. Her eyes are wide and misty.“What did you just say?”

     “I..I..I was jealous when I heard my coworker and her beautiful friend say they were meeting you and Chen Jianyu here. I didn’t know how else to get into a Club except to dress like this and hope to get picked to go in, I didn’t want my coworkers to recognize me either. LiMei’s voice is shaking as she says these words. He looks in a daze, “Rui!” 

     He is thinking about it, she is lying… In a dangerously low voice tinged with anger and pain he stares into her eyes.“Why were you hanging on the Frenchman when I walked into the room?” The image of her tender pink lips next to that smiling bastard’s face surfaces in his mind. You belong to me no other man can touch you!  His body is telling him she needs to pay with her soft body lying under him for her deceit. 

     Rui is scaring her, does he hate me now ?  His eyes that are usually very gentle are cold and he is emitting a dangerous aura.  But she could never strike him, hurriedly she blurts out, “I overheard the two girls say they were going to drug him and you. That Chen Jianyu was a cold bastard and would kill her, the Frenchman could make her a model. I didn’t know how else to tell him so everyone wouldn’t hear. I didn’t want to cause a scene.”

Now she is starting to cry, her small body trembling under his. I said what she needed to say. Tears are rolling down her cheeks, whispering muffled by her tears, “Rui… you, only you..”

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