Hungry My Angel

  Rui looks down at LiMei’s tear stained face, her eyes are red and her lips are quivering, when he heard her explanation he snapped out of his angry trance. He gently wipes her cheek, in a tender voice says, “LiMei I’m sorry.” He gently hugs her to him, “I lost my mind when I saw it was you, can you forgive me?” LiMei is sniffling and her body is still shaking, she is relieved he isn’t angry with her but feels hurt by his mistrust.

     He lifts her chin and in a pampering tone tries to calm her down, “I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you.” Rui runs his slender finger over her swollen lips, “Did I hurt you?” LiMei lays in his arms conflicted, she thought he was different, gentle and kind.

      She didn’t expect him to react so wildly when he realized it was her without listening to what she wanted to say.

     LiMei is tired, last night she had to deal with Chen Jianyu then work all day, now her plan tonight totally backfired. LiMei knows she was foolish to spy on Qiao Rui but she never thought it would turn out like this. Do all men have such a violent streak in them?

      She quietly moves out of Rui’s embrace, he can see the hurt and disappointment on her face. “Rui, I’m going to wash my face then go home.”

     He lets go of her and watches her slender back as she walks to the bathroom. Rui lays on the bed putting his hands on his face, am I insane, what did I almost do. He saw a blonde girl hanging on the Frenchman and didn’t realize it was her until she stood up facing towards him, then he exploded in a jealous rage. Now she is afraid of me, what an idiot I am to let her see this dark side of me.

     LiMei takes out the blue contacts crying irritated her eyes, she tosses them into the wastebasket, I won’t be needing them again. Blinking a few times she rinses her eyes with water, they are stinging. She takes off the blonde wig and throws it away also she only has her small purse and jacket.

      LiMei lets her hair down and runs her fingers through it, she didn’t even bring a brush. Her tiny hands are shaking as she puts the jade hairpin of her mother’s into her hair, “Mom..”

     Looking in the mirror after a few moments she smiles and quietly says “Qin Daiyu when did you become such a dummy! You are a very impulsive girl! Don’t let yourself be bullied again. Men are men don’t trust them, lead a quiet life you wanted when you came to Pushong City. You got carried away and thought you found your Prince… You are Qin Daiyu not Feng LiMei!”

     She straightens her back and walks out of the bathroom, in a determined voice she says, “I’m going home Rui.” LiMei picks up her black leather jacket off the floor.

     When he sees her come out Rui gets up off the bed and rushes over to her, “Let me drive you home.”

     LiMei can see he has been drinking he shouldn’t be driving, “Rui you don’t seem in any condition to drive, don’t you have a driver when you come to a Club to drink?” Dammit why am I concerned about him still.

     “I drove myself I’m fine.”

     “You aren’t fine! Get a ride with one of the men you are here with tonight.” LiMei doesn’t want anything to happen to him even though she has decided it isn’t a good idea to be involved with him anymore.

     Rui laughs at that suggestion no way would he ask one of those bastards. He has an idea, she looks angry but concerned about him. “You can drive my car.”


     “You could drop me at my house then drive my car to your apartment I will send someone for it in the morning. I think you will have trouble finding a cab to drive you from this Club to the suburbs this time of night.”

     LiMei thinks he might have a point about that, she glances at his handsome face, his hair is messy and his eyes are still hazy, she wavers, no, she won’t give in to her feelings for him. It takes all her willpower not to cave and drive him, but she is very hurt by the way he bullied her. “I will be fine I suggest you call for a driver. Goodbye Rui.”

     LiMei quickly leaves the room before Rui can respond, he isn’t sure what to say his mind is muddled from the alcohol. He hits the wall with his fist Dammit! Why did I bully LiMei like that, no she can’t just leave me, he races out of the room.

      Looking down the hall he sees no trace of her how did she disappear that quickly? He rushes down he stairs through the Club he goes out the door looking for her on the sidewalk. The is no sign of her, maybe she went back to Xiaobo’s private room.

      Henri wonders about LiMei, after she told me about that conniving woman Huiqing’s plan she was dragged out by the doctor is she his woman? Too bad she is to my liking and obviously caused herself some trouble by warning me although I am immune to aphrodisiacs. 

     He appreciated the warning, he casually switched glasses with Huiqing and smiled as she drank her wine. He pretended to be feeling the effects then took her to VIP Suite 1009 then called Amir Malouf that he had a present for him, he will owe him one.

      Since the doctor has left there is no reason to stay, he sees Amir Malouf as he leaves heading up the stairs, that girl will know the consequences to her actions very soon. He shakes his head… karma is a bitch.

     Taking large strides Rui runs up the stairs and opens the door to Xiaobo’s private room. They are eating dinner, Chen Huan looks up seeing Qiao Rui’s disheveled appearance he quips, “What happened to you?”

     Rui doesn’t see Henri Armand, did she leave with him, he still has irrational doubts clouding his mind. “Where did the Frenchman go?” Rui’s voice is dangerously low, his aura is cold and menacing.

     Chen Huan responds “He left with the girl named Huiqing about ten minutes ago. What is wrong with you? Sit and have some dinner.” He has never seen Rui so agitated over a woman, usually he is unflappable.  He has countless beautiful women around him, nurses,  celebrity patients,  he looks at them as though they are air. Who is that girl?What happened after he dragged the girl out?

     Chen Jianyu has been eating and texting Lau An she is complaining about him missing dinner at his parents. He looks up to see Rui frantically looking around the room. He has been drinking and is in an irritated mood, Lau An knows he is at the Black Lotus Club because Rui told her. His lips curl up, he decides to tease Qiao Rui, with a sarcastic tone he pushes Rui too far, “What happened did the little blonde bunny escape from you?”

     Rui snaps at this comment he grabs Chen Jianyu by the collar lifting him up off the couch, “What did you just say you fucking bastard?” His eyes are narrowed and the veins are popping out on his neck

     Xiaobo jumps up dropping the girl who was on his lap, “Hey Rui calm down!” Xiaobo was in Special Forces so he thinks it will be easy to restrain him but Rui after living with the Underworld for five years also had strong martial arts training. He throws Xiaobo off him, all the pent up anger he has towards Chen Jianyu for holding his past over his head explodes in a swift punch to his face. Chen Jianyu barely dodges, he is pissed off himself at Rui for Lau An ruining his mood.

     He swings his fist towards Rui, Rui kicks him in the chest knocking him backwards onto the couch Chen Jianyu shouts,“You are dead Rui” as he lunges at him hitting him with a palm strike in the neck. Rui counterattacks by hitting him in the face before Chen Jianyu can react he kicks him backwards, “You will never beat me you fucking pampered a**hole” Rui laughs and leaves. Fuck him! He shouldn’t have pissed me off with what he said about LiMei.

    Chen Huan thinks it is funny, these two have been fighting like this since they were in Middle School together. He just sat back watching the good show. “Jianyu do you need a doctor? Oh that’s right the doctor just left..haha..”

    “Shut the fuck up Huan” Chen Jianyu sits back on the couch did that crazy fucker break my ribs with that kick.

     “You could see he was pissed off why did you provoke him you know he loses his sense of reason when he is angry. He didn’t get the nickname Demon Lord in school for nothing, remember what he did to Zangwa Li?”

     “ I thought he learned to control his temper when he was in the mountains with that fucking guru of his Dr. Woo. Anyway,he told Lau An I’m at the Club when I was supposed to go to dinner at the mansion. I didn’t think he was into that girl. Didn’t he say he had a date later. Whatever.. who gives a shit, pass me the bottle of whiskey.”

     Kathy was in the restroom after Huiqing left with the Frenchman trying to decide if she should drug Chen Jianyu. When she enters the room she sees Chen Jianyu leaning back on the couch holding his chest. “CEO Chen are you alright?” She sits next to him he has a look of pain on his face.

    Chen Jianyu frowns, his face carrying a hint of dissatisfaction as he sees her hand on his arm. “Go sit on the other couch.”

     Kathy is insulted by his tone and decides to drug him, she will sue him if nothing else, arrogant bastard! She deftly pours a few drops into his whiskey, ignoring what he said she is about to pick up the glass and give him some when Chen Huan inadvertently grabs it thinking it is his and downs it in two gulps. 

     Kathy’s eyes widen, he has a girl sitting on his lap how will she make her move on him now. Damn..damn..nothing is working out!

     LiMei has no idea what is going on in Xiaobo’s private room she waited around the corner for Rui to leave so she could return for the blond wig and stupid contacts, in the VIP suite. It would be just her luck to run into Chen Jianyu as she was leaving the Club he would recognize her as Kang Mei. That would raise questions since Rui dragged her out. 

     She is mentally exhausted from juggling all these identities, from now on she is going to go to work come home eat a delicious meal and read her mangas. The men she has met in Pushong City are too domineering, it even turns out Rui has a beast like side to him.

     After she puts on  the blonde wig and washes the contacts she hears two people enter the room, it is the Frenchman and Huiqing. Oh shit! She quickly puts in the contacts hoping she doesn’t get an eye infection from them.  Why was I hasty earlier tossing them in the wastebasket.

      Didn’t he listen to what I said to him earlier? I got myself into trouble with Rui for nothing! She hurries to the walk in closet to hide how can she walk out now. She can hear Huiqing she is telling the Frenchman how hot she is, she needs him now. 

     What the hell, did he switch glasses on her, well it serves her right. But I’m not staying in here while they do it that’s for sure. She hears the Frenchman say he will be right back he left something in the other room. She sits in for awhile contemplating what she would say. She won’t say anything she will ignore them if they speak to her. Yes.

     It doesn’t seem he is returning, good this is my chance to leave. LiMei walks through the bedroom,  Huiqing has taken off her dress, her face is crimson she is writhing around on the bed in a red bra and  red panties touching herself. For a moment LiMei feels sorry for her but quickly recalls she had intended for Kathy to drug Rui. Even though she is mad at him right now that is despicable. Huiqing doesn’t notice her she is moaning with her hand in her panties trying to relieve her desire waiting for the Frenchman to return. 

     LiMei opens the door and is met with a tall man’s chest in front of her, he is wearing an expensive black silk shirt and black pants.

     She looks up at him he is the scary looking man who was at the bar earlier. He has devilish good looks, black hair with a short beard, but a sinister smile that makes LiMei’s hair stand on end. 

     Did the Frenchman send him up to take care of Huiqing? LiMei shudders and tries to push past him. “Where are you going little girl?” She is the little bunny from earlier, he thinks the Frenchman has left her for him, he doesn’t mind being second. 

     She can see she is in a dangerous position he oozes a sadistic vibe, “I am meeting Henri downstairs, you should get out of my way.” LiMei feels this is the best strategy.

     “Sorry honey, he told me he left me a present in this room and it must be you sweet thing.” He licks his full lips looking at her delicate face in front of him.

     “You are mistaken your present is unwrapped and is in the bedroom, if you touch me you are a dead man.”

    He looks past her and can see Huiqing on the bed naked and  moaning. He hasn’t had a threesome in awhile he is getting hard thinking about having both of these different flavors in bed. “I will have you both, whatever your price is I will pay it.”

    “I’m not for sale I am Henri’s do you dare touch his property?” {The Frenchman must be a vicious man to put Huiqing in this man’s bed.}

     Amir Malouf knows Henri has strong Underworld connections, he is deciding if this ripe peach is worth the trouble when the Frenchman appears behind him pulling LiMei out the door.

      “Naughty girl I told you I would meet you downstairs. Were you jealous?” He lifts her chin and softly kisses her, looking at Amir Malouf with a distinct killing intent, “He didn’t touch you did he Bebe?”

     Amir Malouf quickly denies the accusation,“No man, I just got here,I didn’t touch your woman!” He has heard stories about the Frenchman.

      Although he is well known as CEO of Henri Couture there are many rumors about him that circulate in the Underworld, bedding his woman a man could die a thousand deaths before his life is finally extinguished.

     As he was leaving the Club The Frenchman heard Qiao Rui frantically asking a Doorman if a blonde girl had just left, he was curious about her maybe she had returned to Xiaobo’s private room. She might be the bargaining chip he needs to acquire the rare herb from the doctor.

      He was walking down the hallway when he saw Amir Malouf and her small blonde head at the opening of the door to Suite 1009 where he had left Huiqing. He walked up right as she shamelessly proclaimed she is his property, his lips curl up wondering why she is in that particular room. Was she in the bathroom when he brought Huiqing into the suite? Did she and the Doctor…?

The Frenchman smiles broadly, “Enjoy your present Amir , just don’t kill her or you will pay the price.”

As he takes LiMei by the arm to leave he hears her stomach grumbling,  “Faim mon ange?” 

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