Flowers From Rui

  LiMei finishes her breakfast and leaves the Cafe, she wonders how she will react when she sees Kathy, she will need to act normal but she is disgusted by her. Huiqing might not have survived the night with that beast of a man, LiMei shudders picturing the leering face of Amir Malouf as she was leaving the room. 

     Well today is day one of my I’m going to ignore all drama. The bus is right on time, she sees the man who insulted her yesterday, he seems to be pushing a young boy in a school uniform out of his way. She steps in front of the boy as he is about to fall and holds his arm. “Are you okay?”

     She looks at the fat man, “Listen Mister if you don’t stop pushing people around I’m going to report you to the bus company for harassing other customers.” The door of the bus opens she stands so the young boy can get on first. “You ugly little bitch who do you think you are threatening?”

     LiMei’s eyes flash a murderous light this man will regret those words. “I’m not threatening you I’m warning you fatso.”

     Chen Jianyu’s driver is sitting in his car waiting for the traffic to move by so he can pull out Chen Jianyu’s window is open he doesn’t like a stuffy car and today the breeze is cold and refreshing. He can hear what is going on at the bus stop. Wang Li recognizes the girl in the altercation is Feng LiMei, should he tell the Boss she did save him a great deal of money and the fat man looks as though he is about to hit her.

     Also, she did get him the coffee, “Boss that girl is the one from the Accounting Department.”

    The driver is about to pull out, Chen Jianyu orders him, “Wait.”

   “The plain genius girl?”


     Right then the fat man’s face turns beet red and he reaches to grab at LiMei’s hair, “You are a dead girl!”

    “Get her.” Chen Jianyu was thinking about having her go over the numbers for the planned construction on Shingu Island then pay her for her work. He doesn’t want to gift her money the other employees would gossip and wonder why. He can’t have his mistake exposed.

    In a flash before the man’s arm can touch a strand of her hair Wang Li is in front of him. The fat man looks at the mountain in front of him he isn’t going to risk his health by dealing with her anymore.

    LiMei was about to dodge and watch him fall on his face when Wang Li appeared out of nowhere in front of her.

     The bus driver has let everyone else on the bus and is about to drive off LiMei hurries over to the door, “Wait.” he opens the door but Wang Li has her by the arm, “The Boss said to ride with him to work.” LiMei glances over and the fat man is trying to push past to get on the bus, Wang Li knocks him away he tells the bus driver, “This man has offended an employee of the Hushang Group he can not ride this bus now or in the future.” The bus driver nods, offending the Hushang Group can end miserably, he shuts the door and pulls off.

     LiMei sticks her tongue out at the fat man who is huffing and puffing, how is he going to get to work now. If he sees that little slut again she is dead!

     “Thank you Wang Li I didn’t think you recognized me in the Cafe.”

     “…” How could I not she has a unique look to her. Someone really needs to tell her to get contacts and better clothes.

     “I don’t want to ride with your boss though I will wait for the next bus I’m a little early anyway”

     “Miss Feng he told me to come get you. He will be angry at both of us if you don’t get into the car.

     “Pfft. I don’t care if he is angry with me.”

     Doesn’t she know her little job could be gone with one word from him.

    “Please Miss.” Wang Li has a pleading look in his eyes, he uses this puppy dog expression on his wife when she doesn’t want to listen to him. Which looks really funny on a muscular man who is 185cm tall.

    LiMei can’t help but smile he looks silly with that expression, “Alright.” Dammit if it weren’t for that fat fart she would he happily on the bus daydreaming on her way to work.

     Chen Jianyu can see them talking what is taking so long. He frowns as he looks at the outfit she is wearing, doesn’t she own any decent clothes? If she goes on this business trip he will need to buy her some suitable work outfits and deduct it from her pay. Lau An might let her work in those clothes but he can barely look at he pathetic appearance.

     Wang Li opens the door for her, Chen Jianyu studies the folder in front of him. LiMei looks out the window as they are driving along. He can smell a light flowery fragrance she is wearing. He likes it, it is so much better than the heavy perfumes most women wear. It is light it reminds him of Kang Mei although he likes the jasmine scent more.

    He gives her a sidelong glance, she isn’t going to try to make conversation with him? Not even a thank you for having Wang Li rescue her? 

    “CEO Chen could you have your driver drop me off down the street I don’t want to be seen arriving with you.” She doesn’t need gossip about her. She looks at his profile, is he wearing makeup on his cheek, it looks a bit swollen too, I wonder what happened to him.

     What the hell! She should be proud to be arriving with the CEO he is the one who should worry about his reputation being seen with a lowly employee like her.

     “No I need you to accompany me to my office so you should just come with me in the VIP elevator.”

     “CEO Chen I need to punch my time card that is on the first floor first before I begin to work so I will be paid.”

     “…” This girl is making me want to strangle her with her impertinent behavior,”You won’t be needing a time card I am promoting you for the time being to Special Assistant to the CEO.”

     “Special Assistant to you? No I don’t want that job.” She shakes her head in disagreement, that would be the job from hell she likes her cubicle in Accounting, and she needs to call around to find her phone.

     Chen Jianyu turns and coldy stares at her his eyes narrowing as he tightens his hands on the report. Who does this homeless looking girl think she is! Why wouldn’t she want a promotion. She doesn’t want to work with me?

     Wang Li can see Chen Jianyu is about to explode, his forehead has dark lines and the veins on his neck are about to pop.“Well if you want to continue to work at the Hushang Group you will occupy this position until the Shingu Island project is finished.”

    “Shingu Island? Are you going to be traveling there? Will I accompany you?” her voice is light and cheerful.

     “Yes.” Why does she suddenly sound agreeable.

     “I accept the position.”

     “…” Wang Li glances in the rear view mirror and sees a slight smile on Feng LiMei’s face. Does she want a free trip there.

     Why does she act like she is doing me favor? Chen Jianyu looks at her gazing out the window with a smile on her face.

     They pull into the underground garage, and Wang Li opens the door for Chen Jianyu. LiMei hops out the other side excited she has a chance to go explore Shingu Island, there are many rare medicinal herbs in the mountains she is going to send them to Uncle Xinghi anonymously. She misses that snarky old man.

     Chen Jianyu watches the ridiculous girl as she skips to the elevator does she think this is a playground.?

     “Hey little girl, stop acting like you are in elementary school.”

     LiMei glares at Chen Jianyu, what an old man, she is happy at first it sounded like a drag working for him but they are going to Shingu Island, she can swim, hike, play around when she isn’t working. She gives Chen Jianyu the middle finger behind his back. Wang Li sees her and wants to laugh out loud, she is crazy.

     They enter the VIP elevator, Chen Jianyu looks at her shapeless dress and black flat shoes, she has no sense of style whatsoever. “Feng LiMei.”


    “You can’t dress like that when we go on the business trip.”

     “Why not?”

     “Your clothes are of shoddy quality, your appearance needs to reflect your position as my assistant.”

     Shoddy? Who does this iceberg think he is. “Sorry CEO Chen but I’m poor and this is all I own.” Let him buy me some clothes then, he is rich. I did save him a lot of cash on that last deal.

     “I will send my secretary Suzi with you to pick out appropriate business attire.”

     “No, I like my style.”

     “I don’t.”

     “Too bad.”

    “I could fire you right now for you talking back to me.” Chen Jianyu thinks this girl doesn’t know when someone is taking pity on her and wants to help her.

     “Fire me then but I will contact the Employment Bureau to receive unemployment benefits for being unjustly fired.”

     “…” If she wasn’t a genius with numbers he would kick her out of the elevator, like he cares about a measely compensation. But the negotiations are complicated the tribe wants all the costs specified before they will agree to a partnership, If there is any mistake the deal could fall through. He is confident in her abilities after her noticing the mistake he made in the Zhao negotiations.

     “ Suzi can work within your guidelines to find more suitable clothes.’


     They reach the 35th floor, entering Chen Jianyu’s office . LiMei recalls drooling on his couch, she chuckles.

     “What is funny about my office?”

     “Ah nothing, are you going to inform Supervisor Mu about my reassignment.”

     Chen Jianyu glares at her I’m the CEO I don’t bother informing anyone of my actions.“Feng LiMei.”


     He tosses her some reports. “Look through these and see if the numbers add up, if it is a feasible proposal. He wants to test her he has looked over the proposal earlier.

     LiMei scans through the report she yawns she is still tired. When she gets to page three she sees a glaring mistake. “Can I have a red pen?”

     Chen Jianyu looks at her, “In the desk drawer.” She found something already?

     LiMei reaches into the drawer finding a red pen she circles the mistake, flipping through the pages she marks several other discrepancies she notices, yawning she sets it on the desk. “ I made a few notations.”

     “Are you finished.” Chen Jianyu thought it would take her longer.

     “Yes. Should I go tell Supervisor Mu I’m up here.”

     He nods, “Don’t be too long.” Chen Jianyu walks over then looks over the documents, she is accurate in her appraisal he noticed last night a few problems but she was able to see the Contractor had duplicated the numbers in the one section increasing his profit margin. She did it without a calculator. Worthy of a graduate of A University. {Limei would laugh if she could know what he is thinking.}

     “Do you have more work for me right now”, She is getting sleepy.

     “When you get back, go tell Supervisor Mu you will be working on the 35th floor until further notice.” This girl is a genius he didn’t notice the creative accounting the Zangwa Construction Company used when submitting their bid. She has already left the office when he sees the last page she drew a face with a tongue sticking out under which she wrote in big red letters you are being scammed!  He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her impudence.

     Chen Jianyu stands up from his desk crumpling the report into a ball, Zangwa Yi do you think I will let you slide for this! 

     How does that little girl have knowledge of construction terminology and appraisals. He personally doesn’t know all the types of materials, terminology relying  on his acquisition department for details. How did they miss these problems with the report.

     LiMei takes the elevator to the 20th floor, she sees Kathy sitting at her desk playing a game on her phone. Hmm…wonder what happened last night. She sees Supervisor Mu in the back she walks towards her, when she passes her own desk she sees a huge arrangement of flowers. She sits down and looks at the beautiful flowers, she knows the flowers’ meaning they must be from Rui. She looks at the card all it says is Forgive me. LiMei is overwhelmed, the flowers are beautiful. Daffodils purple hyacinth,roses an unusual combination but they represent forgiveness, new beginnings, love. LiMei feels her eyes welling with tears, Rui…

     She lays her head down on he desk, what is she going to do, she does care for him. If she had a phone she would call him right now. She decides to call his office at the hospital, she googles the number, dialing it on her office phone she reaches the operator, “May I have Dr. Qiao’s office?”

     “Just a moment.”

     “Hello this is Dr. Qiao’s office may I help you?”

     “Is Dr. Qiao there?” LiMei’s voice is soft and sweet. Bai Chiyu wonders which patient this could be she doesn’t recognize the voice. “Who may I ask is calling?”

     “My name is Feng LiMei.”

     Bai Chiyu recognizes the name she is the young girl who Qiao Rui was very attentive to when she was a patient. “He isn’t in today may I take a message?” She won’t mention the call to Dr. Qiao when he checks in.

     “No, thank you.” LiMei is disappointed, she needs to find her phone so she can call him. She lays with her head resting on her arms, last night she had a nightmare about when her father first told her she had to go with Kuang Fu, she didn’t sleep well. She doesn’t really care about her father he was a bastard to her after her mother died but she wonders if Kuang Fu punished him for her escaping from the Black Sky. She slowly closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.

     Supervisor Mu was called out of the office and everyone is busy with their own work so no one pays attention to LiMei as she sleeps.

     Chen Jianyu is in his office on the phone with his acquisition team demanding an explanation for their incompetency. The Supervisor begins to sweat profusely, he knows his head is going to roll for being discovered, he received a large sum from Zangwa Corporation to overlook the price difference and quality of materials to be used.

     Zangwa Yi is desperate to win the bid his brother Zangwa Yan lost over two billion when the Bashu City construction project was rejected and he went abroad to avoid being punished by the Chairman. Some investor confiscated his mansion and is now owner of a huge chunk of Zangwa Corporation stocks. He pressured the Supervisor through Sun Yichen.

The Supervisor wonders  how CEO Chen discovered their subterfuge, they were careful to describe the material in such a way it didn’t look as though Hushang Group was being overcharged.

     “Leave the company immediately, if security sees you on the premises after a half hour you will be arrested.” Chen Jianyu pounds his hand on his desk, Sun Yichen I know you bribed him I am sick of your games. He wants to know how Feng LiMei knew the report was inaccurate.

     Where is that plain girl, she should be back by now how long does it take to gather some meager belongings from her desk!

    He picks up his phone to call Supervisor Mu, no answer, the call is forwarded to the company switchboard. He slams the phone down and takes a few long strides to his office door throwing it open in a huff he heads for the elevator.

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