First Day Part 3

 Chen Jianyu and Zhao Da finish their negotiations and sign the contract. After Old Man Zhao leaves Chen Jianyu calls his father, “It is completed.”

     “Did Zhao Da give you any trouble?”

    “No, he seemed to be in an unusually agreeable mood.” Chen Jianyu was surprised he didn’t complain about being kept waiting. He kept clutching a handkerchief in his hand smiling, it was somewhat strange.

     “You need to come home for dinner tonight the Lau Family is joining us.”

     “I can’t tonight I caught a cold this weekend and am sick”, he coughs a few times into the phone. He is going to the Black Lotus Club for a party.

     “Sick or not be here.” He hangs up the phone.

     When his father orders him like that he regrets his decision to stay in Hushang Group. If he had pursued his dream after college he wouldn’t have to still be under his father’s control. He would crush Sun Yichen if his father didn’t dote on Sun Yichen’s mother making his life miserable. He massages his temples he is going home to get some sleep.

     “Wang Li I am going home did you do what I asked you concerning Sun Yichen.”

     “I did.”

     “Very good.”

     Chen Jianyu picks up the signed contracts to put in his desk. “Suzi I’m leaving for the day, you can go ahead and take the rest of the day off. Call Chen Huan he is having auditions today at Hushang Entertainment I said I would join him, cancel for me. If I call him he will bother me. Call Nuying she is finishing up a negotiation for me in Catang City, tell her we can conference call with the client tomorrow at two.”

     “Yes, CEO Chen.”

     Chen Jianyu languidly strides down to his office, he pushes open the door he hears a strange sound as he enters. He sees LiMei curled up into a ball on the couch snoring. Her legs are tucked up into her grey skirt she looks like of a ball of yarn, her glasses are hanging off her head. He forgot he told her to wait but she shouldn’t be sleeping on his Italian leather couch.


    The girl doesn’t budge is she drooling? He is disgusted he doesn’t want to touch her to wake her up, she looks pitiful in those clothes like a homeless girl who found a place to rest. He picks up his cell, “Wang Li before you leave come into my office.”

    He walks over to his desk placing the contracts into a drawer and locks it. Wang Li comes in the office, Chen Jianyu points his slender finger at LiMei asleep on the couch. “Wake her up after I leave and send her back to Accounting. Then have the cleaners come and clean the couch, throw away that cup”, he points to her coffee cup on the table next to the couch.

    Chen Jianyu leaves, Wang Li stares at the little girl asleep on the couch. She does look pathetic. If she hadn’t just saved Chen Jianyu a lot of money she would be thrown out in the street. LiMei is dreaming of a Belgium Waffle smothered in whip cream and strawberries she is smacking her lips in her sleep. “More whip cream..” Wang Li wants to laugh she must be dreaming of food, she looks really thin and frail. He face is small and delicate, why does she wear such huge ugly glasses, up close her skin is jade like.

    “Miss Feng..” He pats her shoulder.

    “More strawberries Flower Boy…”

     Wang Li laughs she is actually kind of cute. “Miss Feng!” He says it louder. LiMei can hear someone calling her name, she opens her eyes halfway and sees Wang Li bending over her.

    She jumps up banging her head on his chin.”.Oww..” Wang Li is startled and rubs his chin, that hurt.

     LiMei straightens out her glasses and wipes the drool from her chin with the sleeve. She sits up on the couch “Wang Li? He isn’t here is he?” She looks all around the room.

     She looks frightened. “No Miss he left, you need to go back to work now.”

     “Oh yes..yes..I was just waiting for him and.. Will I be in trouble with Supervisor Mu?”


     LiMei breathes a sigh of relief. She stands up and straightens her skirt, “Then I will be going first.” She bows towards Wang Li and runs towards the door. It is a very heavy door and she has to yank it open with all her strength, smiling she nods back at Wang Li. She rushes into the elevator she looks at her watch it is 11:00! She has been gone for two hours!

     After she leaves Wang Li calls cleaning services to come in and clean, Chen Jianyu is a clean freak she was actually drooling on the couch and he didn’t kick her out, Wang Li is shocked he restrained himself.

     LiMei walks into the Accounting Department, she needs to find a way to call Rui too. She looks around for Supervisor Mu. She sees her in the back talking a grey haired man with glasses. She walks back waiting for them to finish.

    “Feng LiMei you are back, why did CEO Chen want to see you?”

     LiMei doesn’t want to go into detail how would she explain falling asleep in the CEO’s office. “He needed someone to takes notes his secretary was busy, he asked me to fill in for her. I used to be a secretary so I said I could.”

     Supervisor Mu looks her up and down, “Alright. I just asked Kathy to take you on a tour of the company and point out the cafeteria, the washrooms, then guide you through some tasks I have for you today. You will have a lunch break at one o’clock.” LiMei bows, “Thank you Chan Kathy for taking care of me.”

    “You can call me Kathy.”

    “Thank you, please call me LiMei.”

     LiMei thinks Kathy is very pretty, she has big brown eyes and her hair is dyed blond, she is tall and slim.

     “First I will show you the washrooms, then we can go to check out the cafeteria and break rooms.”

     LiMei grabs her purse maybe she will have a chance to call Rui to reschedule to dinner.

     They walk down the hallway all the men they pass smile at Kathy, she has long legs and is wearing a short beige pencil skirt with a black silk shirt. LiMei likes not being noticed, she happily walks along listening to Kathy gossip about all the men and women they pass. She certainly knows some juicy gossip.

     “LiMei I heard you took the papers to CEO Chen. He is so handsome isn’t he?” I have had a crush on him since I started working here a year ago. I have never had a chance to speak to him directly. Her eyes light up and she is glowing while she is talking about him. LiMei wants to be sick, if Kathy only knew what a beast he can be she wouldn’t be calling him a gentleman.

     Granted he tried to make up for it but he isn’t the shining Prince Kathy thinks he is. Then today she saved him a billion dollars and he didn’t even say thank you, just had his bodyguard tell her to get back to work.

     “He is good looking but not my type.” She thinks about Rui, he is the perfect man not stupid Chen Jianyu.

     Kathy looks down at LiMei, she looks like a little beggar in those clothes, how could she not be impressed with Chen Jianyu he has godlike good looks, he is rich, his family is one of the four great families in Pushong City.

     LiMei is oblivious to the strange look Kathy is giving her, “Is that the washroom do you mind if I use the toilet?” Now would be a good time to call Rui.

     “Of course I will wait out here for you.”

      Kathy sees a friend of hers from Marketing and calls her over, “Are you going to the Club tonight?”

     “Yes, I heard there is a party there in the owner’s private room for Qiao Rui, you know the handsome doctor friend of CEO Chen.”

     “Really, CEO Chen will be at the Black Lotus Club tonight? How did you find this out?”

     Rui doesn’t answer so LiMei sends him a text telling him she needs to work through lunch asking him if they could have dinner instead. She is walking out she stops at the door when she hears Qiao Rui’s name.

    “My friend is a hostess at the Club she always tells me when anyone important is having a party there. It is to celebrate his new wing at his hospital being funded.” Kathy interjects, “He owns a hospital?”

    “Yeah he is the heir to the Qiao Corporation.”

     Kathy has seen him before, he is very handsome, but she never knew he was the heir to the Qiao Corporation.”Can your friend get us into the private room? I heard the Black Lotus Club is very exclusive not anyone can even enter  the lower level let alone a private room.”

     “I think so, Chen Huan always calls for girls to come play with his friends.”

     LiMei clenches her little fists at her side until her knuckles turn white, that Chen Huan! Tempting Rui with girls! What is she going to do about this? Kathy is beautiful and sophisticated looking, I wonder what her friend looks like. LiMei walks out of the restroom, the girl Kathy is talking to jumps back when she sees LiMei, who is this raggedy girl. Her face has a look of disgust on it.

     LiMei looks at the girl, she could be model, she is taller than Kathy with long black hair to her waist, her chest is exploding out of her low cut dress and her waist is tiny.

     Kathy sees her friend’s reaction to LiMei, she is her coworker after all , she tries to lighten the situation, “Feng LiMei your back, this is my friend Yan Huiqing she works in Marketing.” Kathy smiles trying to make it less awkward.

     Yan Huiqing smiles, “Kathy I need to get back, call me later.” She swings her hips as she walks away.

    “Sorry LiMei she is always like that, let’s go see the cafeteria.”

     LiMei doesn’t say anything she was looking forward to seeing the cafeteria but now she is in a bad mood thinking about these girls hanging all over Rui. As they are walking towards the door LiMei’s phone starts ringing, “Excuse me Kathy do you mind if I take this call it is an emergency.”

     “Sure I will be in the cafeteria.”

     LiMei walks around he corner to where the stairwell is located. She answers in a low voice, “Hello”.

     “LiMei are you feeling alright?” Her voice sounds strained.

     “Yes I’m just a little tired. Did you get my message?”

     “I did but I can’t have dinner with you tonight, would you mind if I came over later to see you?” He is pissed he committed to this party when Chen Huan contributed a huge donation. He insisted because one of his investors in Hushang Entertainment wants to meet him.

     He is going to that club, dammit.


     But he said he would come afterwards to see her. She brightens up a bit. “Sure what time would you come over?”

    “I will call you, not too late ten o’clock?” He is happy she agreed he wants to see her adorable face.


    “LiMei you should rest when you get home you sound tired.”

    “I will. I need to get back to work my break is over. Bye Rui.”

    Rui hangs up the phone LiMei didn’t sound like herself, he wonders if there is any problems on her first day working at Hushang.

     LiMei can’t shake her jealousy thinking about those girls hanging on Rui. All the men she has been around in the Black Sky Organization couldn’t resist a beautiful woman coming on to them.

     Maybe I should go to this Black Lotus Club...

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