At The Viilla Part 3

LiMei’s lips are turning blue from the cold, she has no choice but to try and disable the alarm. She examines the door she can see the thin wire that triggers the alarm she takes out a sharp sliver needle and slices it. Now she can enter Chen Jianyu’s bedroom if she should run into him she will hit him with a palm strike and if Rui is with him she has no choice but to hit his accupoint with one of her needles then erase his memory.

      The thought of erasing his memories really bothers her. He is a gentle and kind person she doesn’t ever want him to know the LiMei she can be, and erasing the memory can only be done once to a person or they will have complications. What if at some point she will need it to protect him. 

     LiMei takes a deep breath and tiptoes into the room. She goes to the door and peeks out no one is in the hallway. She runs to the stairs as she gets to the bottom she sees the old white haired Butler walking with a cup of tea in his hand. A car, she needs a car to escape.

     She quietly creeps up behind him and gets the gun from her purse sticking it into his back. “I don’t want to hurt you but I need a car. Lead me to the garage and car keys.”

     Old Butler Jing is about to pee his pants, what kind of woman did the Young Master bring back here? He drops the tea cup LiMei quickly catches it before it hits the ground, the hot tea burns her hand. She wants to scream but she stifles it.  Her voice is soft yet threatening, “Don’t make a sound.” he is shaking he is too old for this! “Miss I will take you.”

     She whispers. “Good, hurry.”

     They walk towards the garage door while Chen Jianyu and Qiao Rui are coming down the stairs.

     Chen Jianyu sees one of the servants yawning as they walk by the staircase, “Have you seen her?”

     The servant sees it is Chen Jianyu and quickly wakes up, bowing he says, “No Sir, I checked the kitchen and the gym I am on my way to the sun room.”

     “Let me know if you find her.” Did she jump down from the second floor and escape, that is ridiculous… an impossibility.

     “Chen Jianyu did you bring her here against her will? Why would she hide from you?” He doesn’t think Chen Jianyu would abduct someone but why did she disappear? He does seem unusually obsessed with this woman.

    Chen Jianyu has no idea what goes on in that strange girl’s mind. “She doesn’t think like other women.” 

     “I’m will be on the couch wake me when you find her.” What kind of girl gets kidnapped and saved by Chen Jianyu then runs away? Most girls would be excited over even the slightest bit of attention from him, she must be an unusual girl.

     LiMei and Butler Jing are in the garage, LiMei looks around at the luxury cars, why does anyone need fifteen cars? “Get me the keys to that one.” She points at a Lamborghini Veneno, Butler Jing’s hair on his neck stands up. The Young Master just received delivery of that car it is worth 4.5 million dollars! He might as well let this little girl pull the trigger and kill him now!

     “Miss I think you should choose another car, the black Maybach possibly, it would cause less attention as you are on the highway. Chen Jianyu will definitely  call the police and this car will stand out.”

     She can tell Butler Jing is nervous about her taking the Lamborghini, her choice was correct it will really piss Chen Jianyu off if it is missing. She laughs to herself, it serves you right for bringing Rui here!

“Keys.” She smiles holding her tiny palm out to him. 

     Butler Jing reluctantly  gets the keys out of the locked key cabinet on the wall. “Could you knock me out with your gun?” it might be the only way he will survive this ordeal.  Standing there in that pajama top covered in blue bears  hanging off her slender shoulder this little girl doesn’t appear old enough to know how to drive a car.

    “Just tell him I have a gun, he will believe you. Open the garage.” 

     He is too old it looks like he would die with even the slightest blow to that frail head of his. Is Chen Jianyu that intimidating of a boss for him to suggest that, the man must be eighty years old.

     She climbs into driver’s seat, and peels out of the garage leaving Butler Jing standing there with his mouth open as he sees the Lamborghini drive off onto the road.

     Qiao Rui  hears a car’s tires screeching out of the driveway, laughing he calls out to Chen Jianyu “Jianyu I think your little bunny just stole one of your cars.”

    Chen Jianyu comes running over from the sun room where he was talking to one of the servants. “What did you just say?”

   “I heard a car leaving, I will be leaving also since you don’t have the girl here anymore.”

     Chen Jianyu feels as though his head is going to explode. He angrily strides over to the garage, When he opens the door Butler Jing is standing there in a daze looking at the empty space where the 4.5 million dollar car should be.

     Rui walks over to the garage to see what is going on, she certainly has guts to steal a car from Chen Jianyu.

     Chen Jianyu looks the direction Butler Jing is looking, there are black tire tracks and no Lamborghini Veneno. The veins are popping out on his neck and his handsome face darkens, “JING! You let her take the Lamborghini?”

    “The little Miss had a gun!”

     “KANG MEI!”

     Qiao Rui arches his eyebrows and has a sarcastic grin on his face, “She has good taste didn’t you just have that car delivered?” He is enjoying seeing Chen Jianyu flustered.

     Chen Jianyu glares at Qiao Rui, “Get out!’ He doesn’t need to be reminded he hasn’t even driven it himself.

     LiMei pulls out onto the highway there is a sign Pushong City ten miles, that isn’t too bad. If he calls the police she should already be in the city she can take side street to the Café then leave it there for him. She wonders if Chen Jianyu has found out she stole his new car , the mileage driven was zero She pictures his handsome face contorted in anger screaming “KANG MEI!”  

     She starts laughing and speeds down the highway no one is on the road, she presses on the gas pedal, it is exhilarating going this fast.

     “Are you going to call the police?” Rui is curious what his answer will be. Anyone who dares to anger  Chen Jianyu usually will die without their corpse intact.

     “Don’t you need to get some sleep? Go!” Chen Jianyu can’t believe she was in his grasp and is now gone again. He hits the wall with his fist.

     Butler Jing doesn’t know what to do, he hasn’t seen the Young Master so  enraged well.. ever. He usually looks cold and indifferent on the surface even if he is raging inside, not allowing anyone to sense how he feels about a situation. Then he seeks revenge silently. Who is this little girl to him to make him reveal his emotions.

     LiMei pulls into the parking lot behind the Café. What to do about the key? She has cooled down no reason to be mean and lock the key in the car. She walks around to the front of the Café and drops the key wrapped in paper in the mail slot written on it is ‘Chen Jianyu’

     Looking at her watch she can get two hours of sleep. Yikes! How will she make it through on her first day at work. Luckily she doesn’t need to work at the hotel until Wednesday night or she would be a zombie. She runs down the street turning the corner it is only two blocks to her apartment. She hurries up the stairs after she opens the door she flops directly onto the bed. Her alarm is already set for six o’clock.

     She is relieved at least Rui didn’t see her at that stupid man’s Villa. Ahh..Rui..she wraps her slender arms around her pillow and closes her eyes.

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