At The Club

LiMei sees the cab approaching and waves at him, when she gets into the cab she gives him the address. “How long will it take to get to the Black Lotus Club?” He is still stunned at her appearance and doesn’t answer right away. She looks like a celebrity what is she doing in this modest neighborhood. He looks in his rear view mirror staring at her. “Ah, about twenty minutes.”

     “Thank you.” LiMei sits back in the seat feeling nervous. How is she going to get into the Club? Well she has to that is all there is to it, she can’t let those girls throw themselves at Rui. She closes her eyes, it has been a long day and she didn’t get much sleep.

     “Miss?..Miss?” the driver can hear her snoring in the back seat, “We have arrived.”

     LiMei can faintly hear someone talking to her, “What?’

     “We are at the Black Lotus Club.”

     She opens her eyes, “Oh..Sorry!” She smiles at him as he turns toward the backseat looking at her. He feels in a daze, her smile is breathtaking, even though her outfit is sexy her face has an innocent glow, why is she going to this Club? He usually brings high class call girls here is she one? She doesn’t look like one and her home is old fashioned.

     LiMei pulls out the payment from her pocket purse for him with a generous tip. “Thank you.”

     He feels the need to say something, “Be careful in there Miss!” His eyes have a sincere look in them as he says this to her, she smiles replying to him, “I’m just meeting friends from work, it will be fine.”

     The cab driver watches her as she steps onto the curb. There are many women lined up to enter the Club, she goes to the back of the line, her legs are a bit shaky. These women are dressed in Designer clothes and many have jewelry worth a fortune on them. Some women glare at her as she takes her place at the end of the line. Even though her white dress is simple it clings to her slender body showing her curves. 

     The exposed part of her legs above the black boots is creamy white, the dress reveals part of her slender thighs. She can hear a woman tell her friend, “What a cheap outfit.”

     LiMei glances at her clothes, well that is true compared to these other women’s outfits. She sighs, maybe this was a bad idea, she just let her jealousy take control. She will have to sneak in the back if she doesn’t get picked to go into the Club. She looks at her phone a missed call from Du Chang. Oh shit! She forgot he texted her while she was at work. She sees they are still at the front of the line checking people out, she should call him.

     “ Little Brother Chang, I’m sorry I was working all day.Then I needed to hurry to go somewhere. What’s up?”

     “Where are you? I hear a lot of women’s chatter in the background.”

     “I went to a club with some coworkers.”

     “Yeah I met the girl who is staying with you this morning, she was strange.” LiMei laughs to herself he is too cute. “What’s going on with you?”

     “I want to know if you can go to my swim meet on Saturday?”

     LiMei thinks maybe, but she said she would volunteer at the clinic on Saturday and then needs to work at the Crescent Moon Hotel. “What time?”

     A muscular man in the Club’s uniform is approaching her, she scrunches up her face waving at him to wait until she is done talking. He looks at her she is stunning but a phone call is more important than getting into the Club? He begins to walk away when LiMei realizes he might be her chance to get in she wasn’t paying attention. “Chang, sorry I have to go yes tell me tomorrow what time!” She quickly puts away her cell and grabs the man’s arm, “Sorry, Emergency!”

     She smiles her brightest smile at him showing a row of perfect white teeth and a small dimple in her cheek. Her eyes are sparkling as she asks, “May I enter?” He wants to say no because she shunned him a moment ago but he can’t even say the words. The Boss would be impressed with this girl’s flawless beauty. He might get a raise if he sent her directly to the private room where the Boss is entertaining some big shots tonight.

     The man says in a deep voice,“Come with me.”

     Several women start complaining as he walks past them with Limei, “Why is she going in? She has no class, those clothes are from a lowly store.” More grumblings can be heard, LiMei just turns and smiles at them, she stuck her tongue out at the woman who said this while walking behind the handsome doorman.

     “Shut up you sluts.” He hates these women who are from high ranking families who expect to get in on their names alone. At least four out of five have had plastic surgery, this girl  has a natural alluring look about her.. So what if her clothes aren’t brand name she won’t be wearing them for long.

     LiMei looks up at him thinking brother isn’t that a bit harsh, but keeps moving along with him. When they get to the front door he moves a red velvet rope allowing her to enter.

     The only time LiMei has seen a Club this luxurious was in Budapest it was a Discotheque. Kuang Bo and her met a Drug Lord who was selling cocaine and various designer drugs. The Billionaire client’s only daughter was a violin virtuoso, seventeen years old when she overdosed. It was from this man that her boyfriend had obtained the lethal dose of a popular drug among their friends. 

     The boyfriend was in a coma the client felt that was revenge enough but he contacted the Black Sky Organization he wanted the Drug Lord tortured then killed.

     LiMei was accompanying Kuang Bo who was posing as a German who wanted to purchase a large quantity of cocaine. LiMei was pretending to be his girlfriend who was a drug addict. Yeesh that memory sends a chill down her spine. The Drug Lord put a giant line of cocaine on a glass table to demonstrate its quality and wanted LiMei to snort it. She was freaking out looking at Kuang Bo, he smiled with that devilish grin of his at her.

     The Drug Lord’s eyes were glassy he was high on his own drugs causing him to let his guard down around them. He wanted to party with them before they finalized the deal, his right hand man had checked them out. Little did he know his right hand man conspired with the Black Sky Organization to betray him so he would become Boss.

     The Drug Lord had sent his bodyguard to get samples of the other drugs, luckily then they were alone with him in his office. Kuang Bo decided to shove the man’s face into the cocaine then hit him in the back of his neck rendering him unconscious. He sent LiMei to take care of the bodyguard. 

     The client wanted pictures so Kuang Bo made it appear he was tortured then killed. He didn’t like to torture anyone a swift kill was his method. Kuang Bo knew LiMei would be uncomfortable seeing the body  so he met her outside the door They quickly fled before the body was discovered.

     Kuang Bo disdained  drug dealers when Kuang Fu told him to send the location of the Drug Lord’s cache of drugs it had already been destroyed by him. Thinking about Kuang Bo, he has his own strange set of morals.

     The man who brought her into the Club is talking to her and she obviously isn’t listening. He wonders what is with this girl, he finally speaks louder “ I will be back wait here!”LiMei is snapped out of her memory. “Sure.”

     LiMei is left standing in the first bar area of the Club staring at the people . The furnishings are expensive she can tell. there are multicolored lights shining on a modern bar, leather couches with people lounging on them drinking. English pop music is playing through speakers. LiMei wonders what the other areas look like, does Rui come here often with his friends?

     In Xiaobo’s private room the men are drinking and eating appetizers, Rui is getting restless listening to Chen Huan and his investor talking about business. Chen Jianyu looks like he is going to fall asleep on the couch. Suddenly the door opens and several girls enter the room. “Finally!”, Chen Huan had asked a half hour ago for the girls to come in to entertain them. Two of the girls don’t look familiar to Chen Huan, “Xiaobo did you hire some new girls?”

     Xiaobo glances up from his drink, “You know we always bring fresh faces to the Club.” He doesn’t recognize them but he seldom pays attention. The one girl is very pretty she has long blond hair and sparkling brown eyes. “What are your names?”He looks at the two in the front.

     “I am Huiqing and this is Kathy.” She is so happy her friend got them in the back door, Chen Jianyu is sitting right there! She is about to explode with happiness gazing at the handsome man lounging back on the couch.

     “Sit.” Xiaobo wants to impress Henri Armand, he has been thinking of opening Black Lotus Clubs in Europe.

     All the women sit on the couches next to the men, Huiqing sits next to Chen Jianyu, crossing her long legs to show her shapely thighs. She knows he doesn’t like any woman who is too forward so she shyly glances at him while pouring him some wine.

     Kathy is wearing a sequined silver short dress she bought especially for tonight she sits by Qiao Rui. He moves slightly away from her, he doesn’t want her getting closer to him, he wants to wrap this up and go to see LiMei. Two women sit on either side of Henri Armand he puts his arms around them. A girl that has liked her boss Xiaobo for quite awhile sits by him.

     Chen Jianyu thinks the girl sitting next to him looks a little familiar but he can’t place where he has seen her before. She pours his wine smiling at him. He thinks her perfume is too heavy and she is wearing too much makeup. He pictures Kang Mei in his mind and her fresh look.

     Why do women paint themselves up and apply such a strong scent, grimacing he moves slightly away from her and then asks her to go get him a cigar. Huiqing has no idea where to get him one she looks over at Kathy who gives her a quizzical look.

     Xiaobo can see she is new and motions to a box over on a side table.

     “You have beautiful women in your Club, Jing Xiaobo.” Henri Armand allows one of the women to put a shrimp in his mouth with his chopsticks. Kuang Bo enjoys this role, he is tired of the Underworld and his brother. His plans are coming together, eventually the Black Sky Organization and his brother will be destroyed by him then he can live the life he wants as a legitimate businessman.

     “I have been considering opening a Black Lotus Club in Paris, do you think the elite would be receptive?”

     “Definitely, your interior design is unique and if the chef compares with the one who made this mango shrimp you will do well. I saw your designs in an Architecture magazine recently do you have a background in design?”

     “I studied it in University before I joined the military.”

     Henri Armand is intrigued he sensed a certain dangerous aspect of the Club when he entered. There were quite a few international smugglers and foreigners of dubious character he recognized when he was walking through the lower levels. He saw an old acquaintance of his, Amir Malouf at the bar when he entered. His wife is one of Henri Couture’s biggest clients.

     “Will dinner be served soon Xiaobo I need to leave at 9:30.” Qiao Rui is getting restless waiting.

     “What’s the rush Rui?” Chen Jianyu notices Qiao Rui keeps looking at his watch.

     “I have a date.”

     Chen Jianyu can’t believe Qiao Rui’s words he never goes on dates.“Did Old Man Qiao set you up on a blind date?”

    “No I met someone.”

    Chen Huan is surprised Rui has liked Lau An for ten years. “Who is she?”

    “No one you know.”

    “Introduce us.” Chen Jianyu holds his glass for Huiqing to fill.

     “No she doesn’t want to meet you Jianyu.”

     Kathy is surprised when Qiao Rui says this,he has a girlfriend? How is she going to get his attention, should she use the drug Huiqing gave her before they came here.

    “Why wouldn’t she want to meet me?”

     “She is not a member of an elite family and likes her privacy.” Rui drinks some of his wine.

     “The food is on it’s way, have dinner first, this party is in your honor after all.” Chen Huan doesn’t want to insult Henri Armand.

     Qiao Rui gives Chen Huan a dissatisfied look, “I do appreciate the donation the new Wing will implement many innovative ideas.”

     Henri Armand looks at his watch Malouf should still be downstairs, he wants to feel out how long he will be in Pushong City. According to his sources Malouf is looking to buy a mid size company in Pushong to use as a front for his smuggling maybe there is some money to be made there.

     “Excuse me I will return in a half hour I need to make a business call.”

     Downstairs LiMei has been waiting for the man to return she is getting impatient she needs to find out what room Rui is in at he moment.

     While she is standing there she has caught the attention of a dark handsome man at the bar, he is an international arms dealer named Amir Malouf. He has been waiting for his contact who hasn’t arrived yet and has had several drinks. She looks like a ripe peach, maybe he could entertain himself with her until the American arrives. He pushes a pretty dark haired girl who is hanging on him, disgruntled she huffs away glancing towards the direction he is looking .

     She sees LiMei staring around, he must be looking at that slut! She strides over in her 10cm heels purposefully knocks into LiMei, jostled by her LiMei staggers in her boots but an arm reaches out to steady her, falling into his chest she looks up to see an extraordinarily handsome man smiling at her. Why does that smile seem so familiar. “Sorry!”

     “You should be careful you don’t look in your element here and these women who frequent these places can be vicious to their competition.” She looks like a small white bunny as she clutches onto his arm.

    “Thank you”, her cheeks are blushing his French accent is very sexy as he warns her. LiMei hurries away towards the stairs to wait for the doorman. 

     Henri Armand walks towards the bar to greet Amir Malouf.

     Amir Malouf motions to the bartender to come over and he points at LiMei. His eyes narrowing showing a beast like gleam, “I want her.” He pulls out a stack of cash and sets it by his drink. His intense black eyes are fixated on her flawless face and her slender body . The bartender sees the money and greedily looks at the direction he is pointing. He doesn’t recognize her as a Club girl, can he get away with sending her to a private room with this man?

    Henri approaches him, “Amir, it has been awhile how is your lovely wife?”

     He glares at him why did he mention that shrew he was enjoying himself and ready to eat a fresh peach of a girl. He sneers, “Wasn’t she in Paris at your Show last week? You would know better than I.”

     Henri laughs, “She was having fun buying out our latest collection. I’m surprised seeing you here in Pushong City.”

     Amir waves at the bartender to refill his drink, “Business, you will have to excuse me I reserved a private room and my client should arrive soon.” He wants to ravage that delicate girl standing by the stairs with a faraway look in her eye, she is bewitching.

     Henri saw him hand the money to the bartender and now sees his lustful gaze on he girl who tripped into him a moment ago. He knows Amir’s reputation that girl wouldn’t survive his voracious appetite. For some unknown reason he wants to rescue her. “I will leave first then.” He sees the bartender walking towards LiMei with a cocktail if he isn’t mistaken most likely there is a drug in it.

     In just a few strides of his long legs he intercepts the bartender knocking into him spilling the drink.

     LiMei wasn’t paying attention so Henri moves her away as the drink falls to the ground. The bartender starts to say something then recognizes this man is not someone to antagonize he was taken to the Boss’s private room earlier. He apologizes and hurries back to the bar, returning the money. “Sorry she is with Henri Armand there is nothing I can do for you.”

     Amir Malouf slams his drink down, damn that arrogant bastard she was almost his! He stares at them with killing intent, he needs to find a woman to relieve his desire right now. He walks over to the woman he had just pushed away earlier and grabs her by the waist whispering something in her ear.

     LiMei isn’t sure what happened right now, she sees the doorman looking for her, she quickly bows towards Henri Armand, “Thank you again! I need to go.”

     He stands there watching her as she scurries away, she seems oblivious to the dangers around her, why is she in a place like the Black Lotus Club?

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