XiXi’s Dream…

 Feng Tian arrives on the shore as Siyu lands with XiXi on his back. He carefully picks her limp body up into his arms from the beast and lays her on the cloth they had used earlier. He feels his heart is going to explode looking at her frail drenched body.

     XiXi’s breathing is very shallow. Feng Tian carefully opens her mouth and uses his inner force to draw the water from her lungs. He brushes her wet hair back and hugs her head to his chest. She begins to cough slightly and her  long black eyelashes flutter.

     “Zhang XiXi…XiXi…”Feng Tian frantically calls her name, as he touches her flushed cheek.

     She is warm but not feverish, that is a good sign. But, there is no response from her, she just lays motionless in his arms. He waves his palm over her using his internal energy to dry her clothes and hair knowing he can’t take her back in this condition.

     He remembers the incident at the river, does this girl draw trouble to  her? At the time he didn’t want to expose his abilities and he had just taken her to the bamboo house. He didn’t use his internal energy to dry her, afraid he might scare XiXi in the process.

     Feng Tian is worried she may have internal injuries from being tossed about in the water. He can’t risk using his qinggong to carry her the distance back to the bamboo house. He starts to panic, what should I do?

     Siyu is watching this scene, he hasn’t left XiXi’s side since he brought her back. Feng Tian senses the concern coming from the beast. He is Yun Tai’s most favored beast because he was a gift from The Old Master. Maybe somehow he could get the beast to take a message to Yun Pei Shan to come and heal her body. Xixi looks in very bad shape right now.

     Feng Tian walks over to Siyu and tells him to go get Yun Pei Shan , Feng Tian points to the hut in the woods , then points to XiXi, not knowing if Siyu will understand or not.

     Within less than a second the beast soars into the sky, in the direction of Cloud Mountain.

     He watches and senses the beast understood what he was saying. Since Feng Tian seldom came to the lake he wasn’t aware of the beast’s capabilities. But, as a gift from The Old Master Feng Tian thought he must be special.

     Feng Tian carefully holds XiXi and carries her to the hut. It hasn’t been used since that one boy lived here who was in Yun Tai’s army and had no home to go to so many years ago. He lived here and trained with Yun Tai, then went off to see the world as Feng Tian recalled.

     He is deep in thought wondering what condition it is in, well it will have to do, I can’t leave her to go get anything and I can’t take her with me. He kicks the door to open it trying not to disturb XiXi, she looks like a sleeping angel in his arms.

     The interior is surprisingly clean and there are a few Night Pearls lighting up the room. It looks as though someone had been living here more recently than that boy. Maybe Yun Tai let other members of his army stay here. No matter, this is much better than I thought it would be.

      How long it will take Siyu to fetch the old man. Can they can communicate with each other so he knows someone is hurt. He gently places XiXi on the bed, and covers her, she hasn’t stirred once, it is alarming him. Dammit,she was so excited to show me that trick, what the hell happened!  His mind is in utter turmoil as he looks at XiXi on the bed.

     He sits on the edge of the bed holding her hand Zhang XiXi I hope you don’t mind me holding your hand, but I can’t let go right now.

     Staring at her face he wonders if he should try to wake her up or just let her sleep. She is breathing in shallow breaths but it isn’t as labored as at the lake’s edge.

     XiXi looks like she is in a deep sleep almost serene.

     XiXi is in a dream world right now, she is wearing a flowing crimson red dress and she has red lotus designs covering her right arm. She is gliding on top of water towards a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a cave in which are two dragons lying together,

    A beautiful red dragon with pink eyes and a graceful neck, next to her is an old dragon with red eyes and a hexagon between them. There are two large eggs one bright red and the other one black in some sort of nest.

     The old dragon welcomes her ,”You have come.”

     XiXi waves her arms and the red lotuses glow in the dimly lit cave. She smiles a brilliant smile and says “Of course I came”, then hugs the old dragon.

    “I wouldn’t miss this happy occasion!”, She respectfully cups her hands and in the middle a flame of gold and red rises sparkling lighting up the cave in a multitude of colors, the sound of a shell cracking can be heard.

     Suddenly a black mist drifts into the cave and the sound of demonic chanting can be heard.

     The dragons rise up breathing fire and XiXi feels demonic black chains encircling her.

     At that moment she wakes up screaming clutching Feng Tian…she sits straight up and stares with wild violet colored eyes at Feng Tian and cries “ YUN TAI, SAVE THEM!”

     She immediately faints backwards, leaving Feng Tian with a  stunned and bewildered  expression on his handsome face…

    Yun Tai?

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