XiXi’s Dance…

Yun Tai returns swiftly to his house and immediately sheds  his clothes. The black robes are tossed onto the ground,and the Gemini Twins hop out as he is about to incinerate his clothes with his internal energy. {We were so quiet listening at the hut did he forget we were in his pocket?}.

     What was I thinking rushing down to the lake without cleansing the residue of blackness that had flowed out of my body while I was cultivating. I guess I’m used to being surrounded by my soldiers who are constantly around  the foul odors of the demons.

     But, Tian’s girl is not very ladylike, blatantly showing her distaste, holding her nose like that and waving her little arms around. He laughs recalling her silly look  and voice.She did sound ridiculous while she was talking holding her nose.

     Yun Tai shakes his head laughing picturing XiXi. I don’t think I have seen such an amusing girl ever in all my travels. Did she ever learn any manners or etiquette?

     She is not like Feng Tian’s other noble women who surround him vying for his atention. They are quiet and have an air of perfection about them. Why did he leave her in the hut with Siyu guarding her? I should hurry and return to check on the girl

     Yun Tai sinks into a bath, enjoying the warmth of the water, the temperature perfect. When he is cultivating his body reaches extreme temperatures of hot and cold as his qi flows through his meridians.

     Yun Tai leans his head back washing his long ink black hair draped over the back of the bath. He rubs his throbbing temples, Feng Tian why do I feel this situation will be harder to deal with than a horde of Demons.

     He closes his deep black eyes for just a moment, when he does he pictures XiXi on the bed laughing holding the little beast. The dress must be Ling Ling’s it is a little too big and sliding down her delicate white arms. Her twinkling blue eyes when she was hugging Siyu, seemingly not caring he could crush her with a paw. Too impulsive!

     Yun Tai climbs out of the specially designed large  moonwood bathtub, his muscular body still dripping water as he grabs a towel by the side. He looks down to see a disturbing sight, just picturing that stupid girl my body has a reaction. He takes the basin of cold water that is on the jade table, irritated dumps by his lack of control he dumps the freezing cold water on his body.

     Damn that Feng Tian bringing the little seductress to my house! My body’s reaction must be caused by..of course because I haven’t seen a woman who wasn’t a Demon in fifty years. 

     Yun Tai decides his body’s physical reaction is natural, it would happen if I saw any woman in that wantonly alluring posture on the bed. Her blue eyes provocativey half open,  the way she kicked the covers off  of her body revealing her white soft legs.

     Her slender thighs were completely revealed  before the little beast jumped onto the bed to cover them! He stops himself there, rubbing his body roughly with the towel  to erase the images of XiXi in his mind.

    He takes a black robe from the closet, maybe I shouldn’t rush back down to the lake. He ties the sasha round his waist, Feng Tian must be returning soon, he wouldn’t leave Siyu to guard her all day.

     I need time to process this feeling I’m having. I was often surrounded by Demonesses trying to suck my soul out over the course of the Demon War, They would be beautiful, voluptuous, fawning and hanging their bodies onto mine. I’m positive it was just seeing a normal{well not quite normal} girl I let down my defenses. Of course that explains it!

     But, I said I would return and bring her the Chrysanthemum tea. She said she is anxious without Feng Tian there. I should take it to her. It’s not right just to leave her with those two beasts.

     After Yun Tai leaves XiXi  walks outside into the woods to get away the stench which permeated the small room.  XiXi glances down at the beautiful dress in her hands admiring  the deep pink color and the white lilies delicately embroidered on it that Feng Tian left her to wear. The dress reminds her of Feng Tian and she frowns, Feng Tian..where would that brat go without me, he has some explaining to do! Noticing a stream close by she smiles, the water is clear and looks refreshing.

    While Yun Tai is having a cup of wine sorting through his feelings, XiXi is picking flowers in the woods on the way to the stream.

     She is accompanied by the two beasts, Siyu and Zhen. The little beast wanted to ride on Siyu’s back, his short legs can barely keep up, but he decides against hopping up onto Siyu’s braod back. He watches the formidable beast next to him, maybe I could make friends with him at the stream..I was always good at making new friends.

      When they get to the slow moving stream the two beasts being gentlemen wait for XiXi behind a large bush where they couldn’t see her bathing  but could hear if she was in any distress.

     While they are lounging behind the tall bushes Zhen can’t help staring at Siyu’s golden eyes which is making Siyu uncomfortable. Why is that little beast drilling a hole in my face with that look?

     Well I am too tired to care, he lays his muscular body down on the ground making himself comfortable. Zhen is astute enough to realize now is not the time to try to communicate with the big beast beside him from that glare he just got.

     Zhen then also lays down to soak up the warmth of the sun. If a passerby had seen them they would have laughed at the contrast a majestic beast with a red mane, laying next to a little beast with a little furry head and chunky body.

     XiXi is in the water wishing she had some soap but just rinsing her feels good, she takes some of the flower petals with a nice light fragrance and crushes them in her hand. Once the scent is released she wipes her naked body with them, noticing one of the purple wildflowers is especially fragrant she thinks could be used to make soap. I will collect some more wildflowers on my way back to the hut.

     She emerges from the cool stream feeling refreshed and freely walks naked to dry in the sun. XiXi thinks being in these woods no one is around, there are only those two beasts it will be fine.

     I don’t want to put the beautiful dress on while I am wet. The sun is hot today it should only take a few minutes to dry my body , I can clip my wet hair up with this pin. She studies the jade hairpin,what a beautifully carved lily on it. LingLing really has beautiful clothes and accesories .

     Looking around at the scenery , the tranquil green woods, the stream quietly flowing she has an urge to dance like a wood nymph, naked in the sun.

     XiXi suddenly considers this is a freedom I would never have in my world.

     She lived in an urban setting with people everywhere, even when they went to the mountain spa there were still people who could walk through the woods.

     XiXi on an  impulse begins dancing, her wet hair flying as she spins around.I never thought those tiresome lessons would come in handy!  She starts singing a French song her mother loved, it’s sad lyrics tell the tale of a lost love.The sound of her voice is drifting through the air and she is moving to the melody of the sad song she is singing.

      XiXi is thin and has the lithe figure of a ballerina she smiles brightly as she  flies in the air off a  large rock, her creamy white body spinning around and her long black hair cascading down her slender back.  Landing on her tiny feet in the lush spirit grass XiXi stumbles a little from being off balance, laughing she skips a verse of the song. She puts her willowy white arms up over her head and stands on her tiptoes twirling around. 

     The French song resonates with heartbreak, she dramatically grabs her hair in her fingers , raises her arms, then lets go of her hair. Her expression reflecting that of a woman whose love is lost, her dark blue eyes filled with pain.

     The sunlight makes her black hair shine like black jade, as it messily contrasts  back down her snow white back. It was a breathtaking sight.

     Then she bends over backwards, with a fluid motion slowly came forward, imitating a dancer she had seen on television.

       She decides for the finale of her dance she grabs the pink, white, and pale yellow blossoms that remain on a rock nearby. XiXi tosses the colorful petals in the air, laughing as they floated down around her naked body.

     Some of the vibrant blossoms are entwined with her tangled hair and don’t fall to the ground. The petals create a beautiful contrast to her black hair.

     ” Qing Jun! Wait for me!”  XiXi shouts longingly, as she looks up at the sky with a gleaming smile. 

       XiXi slowly  strolls over to her clothes, “Whew, haha..I deserve an award for that performance!” She playfully laughs as she picks up the pink dress.

        Little does this little wood nymph know, her performance  has a spellbinding effect on her mesmerized audience of one…

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