Sung Wu Gets Greedy

 Feng Tian arrives at the spot where Sung Wu eats his meat buns everyday. It is located at the very end of the street of food stalls, you can smell all the different aromas drifting through the air.

     Tomorrow I need to bring XiXi here, she would enjoy all the different types of food we have here in the city.

     Excited he has the ultra grade fire spirit stones to trade he rushes to where Sung Wu is devouring his lunch.

     He shakes his head thinking of Chen Jue risking being engulfed in flames to retrieve them for him.

     He has known him since he was young, he is a stone faced man who never shows his emotions, who knew he was so soft hearted. when it comes to love.

     Feng Tian shakes the pouch of fire stones and the man engrossed in eating a greasy pork meat bun glances up. He wipes the grease from his chin with his sleeve and says. “What can I do for you Young Master?”

     “ I want you to make me a bracelet with glimmering red ore, on the beads carve red lotuses. I need it by tomorrow afternoon, can you fulfill this order by then?” he asks excitedly.

     The little beast is inside the bag thinking, don’t be so anxious he will take you for every spirit stone you have. He taps his paw on a bottle of wine listening to the conversation. I wish I could jump out and negotiate for him, damn this ridiculous body.

     Sung Wu sees the bag on the ground and gets an idea, that boy might have something better than spirit stones in there. Business has been good I have a stockpile of fire spirit stones, He greedily looks at Feng Tian, “What is in the bag you have there?

   “Just some Peach Blossom wine and a pesky little beast.”

     In Feng Tian’s mind hurry up! I have the stones I need an answer I have to still go check the boat at the lake. He doesn’t want to insult Sung Wu with his impatience though, he is a prickly old man. All these old men I deal with are so eccentric!

     Curious if Feng Tian is telling the truth he spits out a piece of fat then motions with his greasy finger, “Let me see”


    “ Let me see”

     Reluctantly Feng Tian opens the bag halfway to reveal its contents. The beast squints his eyes to the sudden shot of light into the bag and puts his paw up to shield them. Through his paws he sees Sung Wu and dips quickly under the bottles. making a clanking sound.

     Sung Wu caught a glimpse of him and recognized the little beast as the one who stole his meat buns a month ago.

     Not only did he run off with my favorite meat buns that are only made at that stall twice a month. I could have sworn I heard the ugly fart laugh and throw up a paw as he scurried away.

     Sung Wu’s hair stands up on the back of his neck, I will gladly trade for the opportunity to skewer you little beast.

     Sung Wu also notices the distinctive jugs that  the old hermit, Lou Wan, uses for his Peach Blossom wine.

     They are old chess buddies and have a rivalry known throughout Myriad Cloud City. They  sit under this very tree, two withered old menplaying with worn chess pieces until the sun went down.

     Any passerby can testify it is a long standing traditon  scratching their heads, rubbing their white long beards as though they were locked in mortal combat, deliberating their next move.

     The stakes are always the same,the old hermit’s wine or Sung Wu’s mystical dragon beads he collected with great pain.

     I haven’t beaten that old Daoist priest in well, he scratches his head of white tangled hair, I don’t remember how long. I need that little beast and two bottles of that wine.

     “That’s quite a rush order and I see you have the ultra grade fire spirit stones , but it also is a custom order.”

     Feng Tian looks at him anxiously, notices Sung Wu intently staring at the little beast , who seems to be hiding under the wine. Little beast how did you aggravate this stinky old man?

     “I will take five spirit stones, that beast and two bottles of wine”

     What a greedy old man! Feng Tian is now really wondering what the beast did. Of course anyone would want Lou Wan’s wine.

     The little beast grabs the hem of Feng Tian’s robe to remind him the old priest’s words. Feng Tian feels a tugging at his hem and looks at the worried expression of the little beast.In an almost inaudible voice he whispers” Don’t worry stinky beast I remember the old hermit’s words. I will be lying soon I feel”

     he furrows his brow looking serious,” I’m willing to negotiate Sung Wu but that is a little excessive don’t you think? This is a rare beast that took me four days of hunting to capture.”

     Stupid old hermit, I wish I could just kick this beast out to Sung Wu.

     “He doesn’t look like much {The little beast throws him a look. This King is quite outstanding.then looks at his stumpy beast body he is presently occupying..welp}

     Additionally, I have an agreement with Feng Che my brother. I need to use his prestige I feel I will lose out to this squinty eyed, greedy…..

     The meat of this beast is tender and melts in your mouth, he is serving it at his next banquet when the representatives of The Kingdom of the Devil Monarch arrive.”

     The little beast ears perk up, those bastards who did this to me are coming to Myriad Cloud City? They are going to serve me on skewers at a banquet? He pictures the Fourth Crown prince as he picks up a skewer while he flatters Feng Che.

     This retarded Young Master’s brother is my nemesis Feng Che? His furry head begins to spin, Lou Wan what journey is this boy going on you need me to accompany him?

     You know I hate Feng Che. When I get back you better help change me back or I will set your whole vineyard and you on fire.

     Sung Wu hearing the name Feng Che knows this Young Master is not ordinary, he should have recognized the resemblance.

     He definitely possesses the outstanding facial features of the Feng family, the aristocratic air. But this boy doesn’t have the domineering aura of all the other Feng brothers. Still, he is a Feng.

     “Since I am someone who admires your family I will certainly not want to deprive them of the beast’s savory meat.{I hope they enjoy every bite he thinks as he glares at the little beast.

     The wine though is non negotiable if you want the bracelet by tomorrow. In addition, because your brother is Feng Che, I will carve it with my finest thin Blue Spider knife to make the red lotuses lifelike.

     “Deal” He looks in the pouch of fire spirit stones

     Chen Jue you actually got eleven stones? You are the bravest man I know!

     Hmm, it’s good I looked before I tossed the pouch to this greedy merchant, I doubt he would mention the excess amount.

     The extra six fire stones might come in handy later as we cross the island to where that dragon lives. Feng Tian throws them back in the pouch praising Chen Jue in his mind.

    Feng Tian takes the five spirit stones and tosses the stones  and the two bottles of wine to Sung Wu.” I will return tomorrow for the bracelet.”

     He closes the bag, well one bottle is fine, Zhang XiX couldn’t handle the Cloudberry wine. This Peach Blossom wine he makes is much stronger.  It is very sweet, I think she will enjoy a small cup at the lake.

     He starts picturing her cheeks blushed pink from the Cloudberry wine, her beautiful blue eyes with that dreamy look she gets.

     Dammit, I wanted the other two bottles to give Yun Tai when he returns tomorrow, I will find something else to compensate him for the last few days.

    While soaring through the sky to The Luminous Pearl Lake he looks in the bag and laughs , “Hey, little beast what did you do to make that old fart angry?”

    The little beast ignores him he is deep in thought right now.

     The Luminous Pearl Lake got its name because at night all the beautiful Phoenix Fireflies that live in the woods around the lake encircle it in clusters. They appear to be  Night Pearls  illuminating the lake.

     The lake itself is a wondrous blue color that shimmers in their light, really quite beautiful particularly at night.

    He wants to share all the beautiful sights of his world,with XiXi, and for that little beauty to have eyes for him…only him.

     Feng Tian feels his preparations are almost finished then he can hurry back and invite XiXi to see the lake.

     The final step is to check the boats.

     Since it is on Yun Tai’s property no one else can come here unless they are invited by him. His array formation around his property is impenetrable, besides no one would dare encroach on The God of War’s land.

     Yun Tai allows Feng Tian and LingLing to enter at will but those are the only exceptions. Of course, the Old Master also. but he never leaves his mountain.

     Yun Tai has been away for fifty years and Feng Tian never thought to come to the lake, LingLing is always busy working her way up in her sect , he wonders what state the boats are in there.

     Feng Tian goes down to the water’s edge to check the boat. He needs to check the boat and area before he brings XiXi here later.

     Looking around the area and up at the Plum Blossom Cliffs Feng Tian envies his friend,Yun Tai’s land has the most beautiful and magical scenery.

     No wonder he doesn’t like going into Myriad Cloud City unless Feng Tian twists his arm, it’s so hectic and full of deception. This place is tranquil and pristine.

     The little beast had taken a nap on the journey.  although he doesn’t seem very bright this boy’s qinggong is of a very high level, the ride was so smooth I had a restful sleep.

     It was much roomier in this coarse sack with only one bottle of wine, he stretches his legs and scratches his butt.

     He rubs his eyes with his paws and looks out at the lake, where are we?

     Who is this XiXi girl he is muttering about?

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