Please Don’t Sing!

The two beasts wander over to her side, wiping the sweat off their foreheads,relieved she looks fine. XiXi says to them, ‘I’m hungry Yun Tai isn’t back yet, The gods only know where that brat Feng Tian ran off too. Let’s go find some food!”

     Siyu and Zhen look at each other and start walking into the woods, she thinks did they just understand what I said? She follows them looking for any berries or fruit. Remembering the Fairy’s Death berries she is leery to pick any strange berries, but it is beautiful walking through the woods.

     Since these are beasts on a magical island maybe they do understand me but can’t speak. XiXi is feeling more and more like she is trapped in a fantasy novel. I’m going to ask them if I can eat any of these, my stomach is grumbling.

     “Hey guys, where are some berries I can eat without dying?” She laughs as she asks them.

     Zhen reluctantly lifts his furry paw pointing to beyond the Bending Birch tree to the vine of grapes,my precious grapes, but she is small how many can she eat?

     Siyu thinks I could get her some small animal to cook, but would she know what to do with it?

     XiXi kneels down, hugs the little beast to her chest, “You are amazing!”   

    Zhen trips over his paws.please remove your soft breasts from my face His furry cheeks turning red, this king is a man under this furry exterior! . I want to cry, I haven’t been this close to a woman in..

     The three walk past the towering tree towards the grapevine. When Zhen and XiXi see the glistening purple grapes ,she picks up her dress, runs through the brush racing Zhen whose little legs are struggling to keep up. Siyu saunters behind watching those two, his face twitching. Ridiculous!

     Xixi hurriedly picks a handful of grapes from the top of the grapevine realizing Zhen even if he stood on his hind legs couldn’t reach up there. Zhen is busy below her, stuffing grapes into his little furry pouch, while popping three in his mouth.

     Siyu wanders off a ways looking for any small beast he could roast later when he transforms into a man. He returns with a small plump wild pig in his mouth, he drops it when he looks over by the Bending Birch. XiXi is leaning up against the tree. Zhen is laying comfortably next to her with his head in her lap. I might make the little girl a concubine when I am King again, she is so soft and sweet..of course I will need to get Feng Tian out of the picture.

     They are both rubbing their stomachs and have grape stained faces. Zhen and XiXi both have their eyes closed lost in their own thoughts. Siyu swipes his huge paw knocking  Zhen out of her lap, startling both of them.

     “Siyu, be more gentle with Zhen!” XiXi admonishes him pointing a delicate white finger at his golden eyes. She checks on Zhen and wipes his face with a grape leaf. “You are much bigger and could harm him”, She affectionately pats Siyu on his head while speaking softly to him like a small child.

     She picks up Zhen and pets his head admonishing him in a teasing tone, “You little rascal putting your head in my lap..”

     Zhen is in XiXi’s arms smiling looking at Siyu, then quickly looks down, best not to annoy the big fellow.

      Siyu shakes his red mane looking at the girl with her lips stained purple,trying to act mature. Where is Feng Tian or Yun Tai? I can’t babysit this silly woman much longer,

     Yun Tai arrives as she is pointing her tiny finger in Siyu’s face. Standing there in a flowing pink dress with the little beast in her arms. Why are her lips purple? And why is she pointing that little finger in a giant beast’s face? Feng Tian really needs to get back here and see to this impetuous girl.

     XiXi not realizing her lips are purple and the juice stained her cheeks when she touched them earlier, smiles seeing Yun Tai approaching.

     “Yun Tai did you see Feng Tian? Do you know where he is?” She is starting to get perturbed he would just leave her here without even a note.

     XiXi is sizing up Yun Tai with a curious look on her face, accentuated by the purple stains on her face she looks quite funny. Yun Tai is weighing it should he tell her, she looks ridiculous.

     She thinks I don’t feel very comfortable being alone with this friend of Feng Tian’s. Suddenly so many thoughts ran through her mind as she stared at him

     What can they talk about, he looks so fearsome. The black robe, his hair pulled up with that obsidian colored hairpin and red feather{is that hairpin made from some sort of bone?} He is very handsome in a dark way with that scar on his cheek.

     But, he exudes such a freezing aura,so different from Feng Tian who is easy to be around now, I wonder how they became friends?

     Also, earlier I was rude to him because he smelled so bad. Will he hold a grudge, he didn’t look happy when I was waving my arms to lessen the smell.

    Too tired to make conversation with this Iceberg!

     She sets Zhen down and starts walking towards the hut, as though they should all automatically follow her.

    Zhen scurries by her side while Yun Tai and Siyu look at each other. Yun Tai sees the wild pig on the ground,

    “Good Siyu, I can cook that for her dinner if Feng Tian isn’t back by then. Should I just take her back to the bamboo house? I would have to use my qinggong and carry her, I’m not sure I should. Feng Tian might get upset me holding his girl.

     Yes, please take her back!

     Siyu picks up the wild pig in his teeth , I was planning on that for My dinner..hmph..that girl has got to go.

     She turns around and sees them still standing there and waves her arms motioning for them to hurry, “Let’s go!”


     Xixi bends down picking some wildflowers as they walk along, putting them to her nose to smell. Leisurely singing a song, she decides to ignore Yun Tai, Feng Tian should be back soon.

     Yun Tai is a few steps behind her as they approach the small hut. XiXi’s melodic voice is soft and almost putting him in a trance. Listening to her song, a wave of calmness comes over him, similar to when she was singing in the hot spring. It is making his mind wander…his body is feeling hot…

    He blurts out in a sharp voice,“Miss Zhang, do you mind not singing!”

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