Is This A Dream

  “Dad…Father..ZHANG YU!.. WAKE UP! Why are we here?” XiXi frantically screams as she looks around the unfamiliar place.”I have exams today!”

     Why are we on this island? She panics looking at her disheveled father on the ground. He is wearing an unusual long white robe with a crescent moon embroidered on it.

     She gazes around the strange surroundings while her father remains unconscious on the ground. Okay, I must be , dreaming… yes that’s it!

     XiXi laughs,this is a very realistic dream, I even feel as though I can smell the ocean breeze.

     Well, I will just enjoy this island atmosphere until I need to get ready for school. It is really quite beautiful, the sand is white and the water is a shimmering blue color. The sun feels warm on my face.  It’s just a dream I might as well relax. It’s funny I am wearing my school uniform in this dream, shouldn’t I have a swimsuit on at the beach?  She lays down on the sand, feeling the tropical wind on her face.  XiXi licks her lips thinking a drink would be nice right now.

     While XiXi is having this conversation with herself , her father is beginning to stir. He looks over at his daughter who seems in a daze. This can’t be right! I was working on my spells and armaments when a bright light engulfed me.

     The last thing I remember was an indistinct voice warning me I was going to tread too far into another realm. Why did my daughter come with me through the portal?  He furrows his brows worried about the situation, How am I going to explain our family’s history as Sorcerers to XiXi…

     Zhang Yu feigns sleep while he ponders all the implications, maybe I can resolve this before she realizes the situation. I knew I shouldn’t have taken this assignment, that man definitely didn’t look trustworthy. 

     The Sorcerer’s Society had recently begun to deal with very unsavory characters from the Underground Syndicates. Zhang Yu noticed that although the trafficking of Beast Cores had been outlawed there has been a resurgence in black market trading. He got the impression the man who approached him was from a Syndicate, but he had no choice but to accept.

     While this father daughter duo are engaging in their own thoughts, two handsome Immortals  are sitting on a cloud observing them.

     “The little beauty is very amusing” Feng Tian quips to his brother. “They have no idea what awaits them on that island” It is filled with dangerous terrain, Mythological Beasts, merciless Beast Hunters, making it difficult for two weak people to survive.

     “Shall we have some fun with them?” 

    He can tell Zhang Yu is at the most a third grade Sorcerer. What was he thinking coming to this island with that slip of a girl. What does he plan to do here… he doesn’t look like a Beast Hunter, maybe someone employed him. Feng Tian  is intrigued, where were could they be from, the girl’s clothing is unusual and very revealing.

    Feng Tian notices his brother Feng Che is scowling at him.”Brother, I have been bored lately in  Myriad Cloud City,  I think this could prove to be interesting! You are always busy with the business of the High Council, why don’t you come with me to see what they are doing here?”

     “Unlike you Tian, I have better things to do than play around, I only came here today because I haven’t seen you in awhile. Father wants to know if you have a woman with whom you would like to enter a marriage contract.Otherwise he will choose a suitable woman from one of the official’s families, or a princess from a neighboring country.”


      XiXi sneezes just at that moment ,who is talking about me? She rubs her nose and looks over to where her father is lying, he seems to be moving so she walks over to his side. 

     “Hey Dad ! I need to get up for school so see you at breakfast” as a cue for her body to wake up. Suddenly Zhang Yu reaches out and grabs hold of her small hands, “I’m sorry this isn’t a dream, XiXi” She jumps away startled by his words, this can’t be true. It’s impossible!

     A certain Immortal  bursts out laughing, no wonder she was acting like a kitten laying in the sun. She thought she was in the dream world. His lips curl up in a faint smile as he wonders what they will do now.

    Zhang Yu exclaims, “I don’t have time to explain everything to you but trust me I will get us back home”. All I need to do is find that Mythical Beast and get its Beast Core for that bastard. But how?

     He hadn’t finished his preparations before being catapulted here with XiXi. The last thing he remembers is XiXi knocking on his study door to borrow his laptop, He was in his secret room behind it when he felt his whole body hit with a bolt of lightening.

     XiXi blinks in disbelief then nervously clutches onto his sleeve,  “Dad, I think I need some reasonable words from you.Where is this place and why is my dad, the accountant, dressed in that robe?

     Zhang Yu says “Sit down and give me a minute to gather my thoughts. I also need to check and see what I have in my Dimensional Space.” Zhang Yu is beginning to sweat not only is he unprepared he has his daughter with him.  He sighs looking up to the heavens,the gods are truly unkind.

    XiXi is worried about how strange her father is acting. She shakes her head ,Dimensional Space? What the hell is that ? This can’t be real, it must be a dream. 

     Zhang Yu tries to calm XiXi down. “There is much I need to tell you but for right now just trust me.”

    XiXi begins to panic as she glances around at the strange surroundings, how are we going to return home, I don’t even see a boat. At that moment she has a strange feeling as though someone is laughing at them.

   Feng Tian from his perch in the sky is holding his side from uncontrollable laughter.  “She is priceless, did you see that look on her face when the old fart said Dimensional Space?”

     Feng Che sensing his brother has an unusual interest in this girl asks, “What do you intend to do Brother?” He knows no good follows when Feng Tian wants to relieve his boredom. 

     Feng Tian replies “I must get a closer look at the little beauty, I need some amusement!”

     He jumps down from the cloud without waiting for his brother to respond. Feng Tian floats in the air then lands on the opposite side of the island. He lazily strolls to a bamboo house belonging to his friend Yun Tai’s that he occasionally uses.

     His phoenix eyes have a mischevous gleam  as he pictures all the expressions on that little girl’s face.He is surrounded by beautiful women but they seem too perfect and uninteresting. This little beauty caught his fancy and he must get to know her! The way she licked her pink lips and tossed her long black hair while looking up at the sun in that revealing attire. Then without a care she laid down on the sand like it was  the most natural thing to do, she reminded him of a playful kitten getting comfortable.

      Feng Tian thinks I don’t want to frighten them by my sudden appearance, so I will disguise myself. Right now he is dressed in an elegant embroidered white brocade robe, his  long ink black hair pulled up in a gold and jade hairpin. He finds some clothes left by his warrior friend, Yun Tai. Yes, these clothes should do, I very ordinary now in this simple black robe.

     Feng Tian considers the situation then feels he should conceal his face with a mask. He chuckles,I am too extraordinarily hanhandsometer all. He is widely known as the most handsome man in Myriad Cloud City, with his unusual green eyes  and his peerless beauty. Women in the city fawn over him hoping he gives them one look. Looking at himself in a bronze mirror he is quite happy with his transformation then sets out to meet the little kitten who has peaked his curiousity.

     Across the river Zhang Yu and XiXi are currently trying to come to grips with the fact they have ben transported to a strange land. Zhang Yu took close to an hour to explain the circumstances to his daughter but XiXi is unwilling to believe that her ancestors were famous Sorcerers, that he is a Sorcerer.

     She sits on the ground with her hands around her knees, How could this be true in the modern world, there is no rational explanation for what Dad is saying. Our family has powers..powers? and due to a series of events in the last generation their powers had been lessened so father had to comply.

    XiXi mulls over what he told her.  When her grandfather married her grandmother against the wishes of the elders, a seal was placed on most of his powers. Grandfather didn’t care at the time he loved his ordinary wife and his ordinary life. They lived a simple life, he went to college became a chemist and his wife had a beauty salon. He only occasionally dabbled in magic for fun and a bit of profit. Grandmother was well know for her beauty creams he concocted, people often praised its magical effects. XiXi remembers how beautiful her grandmother is and how her grandfather dotes on her, so some of her father’s story makes sense, but Sorcerers! 

      According to what he explained, he had been kept in the dark and grew up thinking his parents were ordinary…very boring people. They sent him to the local college to become an accountant so he could help with the family’s growing cosmetic business.

It wasn’t until his father was diagnosed with a rare disease did he become aware of his ancestry. The elders relented and told him they would extend his life but he needed to teach Zhang Yu the Sorcerer’s Arts and his son needed to complete at least one commitment a month to them. Two nights a week he would accept assignments or work on his skills.

   While XiXi was listening she felt she was going to explode. I am his only daughter why is the fact their family is full of Sorcerers only coming to light now​?

     XiXi is frightened, she knits her brows together and her hazel eyes are covered with a layer of mist.  Maybe if I had an inkling of the family history as Sorcerers I might not feel so helpless now. This is all unbelievable…how are we going to get back home? 

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