Gemini Twins…

 Yun Tai is deep in thought clutching his spirit pets trying to exorcise the last bit of darkness from his body. Their bodies have a gray tint to them from absorbing the impurities within Yun Tai’s psyche and meridians.. The dingy gray color usually disappears after a few days when this inner darkness is totally consumed by them.

     He is thinking he didn’t know how he would survive and still have his humanity without them. The Gemini twins could be considered to be his most precious possession.

     The things he has done to protect The Order and the horrific carnage he has seen perpetrated by the Demons would enter his dreams and he can’t  sleep for nights on end. After he has been on a Demon killing mission if he didn’t have these little spirit pets he might be consumed by the darkness within his soul. That is why he loves them, is so protective of them.

     He isn’t lamenting his choices as he sits there deep in thought. It is his destiny to rid this world of those who wanted to destroy the Order of Righteous Life.He believes the gods sent him on this path at an early age but he thanks them for allowing him be adopted by the Old Master when he was an orphaned child. Then encountering that old Sorcerer that black day who gifted him the Gemini twins.

     These are the only gifts he feels the gods have bestowed upon him in his otherwise miserable life.

     His family was slaughtered during the Wave of Blood set in motion when the Thirteenth Demon King wanted to invade their land. The power hungry King’s army of flying Grijori Demons needed human hearts to satiate their blood lust. They had sixteen layers of teeth that were sharp as razors, feathers black as night,  purple heads and orange eyes.

     Hordes would swoop down and slice through to the beating heart of any human they encountered. carrying the heart off to the mountains to feast. Blood would rain down on the village covering it in red as they flew off past the forest.

     This strain of demon survived by sucking the hearts out of humans while they were still alive. It was particularly horrific to see these orange eyed beasts attacking from the sky with screaming women, children running for their lives.

     Yun Tai had only heard stories of these Demons around the fire, told by grizzled old elders drinking their homemade cloudberry wine. He didn’t believe them until that day he witnessed it for himself. He felt that day was what had set him on the path he has been on for six hundred years.

     He was the last of his clan now, saved by his father as they swarmed down on the village.

     He witnessed his mother and sister being brutally sliced and falling to the ground their eyes frozen in horror. Yun Tai ran over but was helpless to save them. His father was valiantly striking with his sword when they attacked from behind killing his wife and daughter he desperately was trying to protect. When he saw Yun Tai crying running towards his mother,he grabbed him and tossed him into a barrel and put the lid on loosely.

     That young Yun Tai stayed in that barrel he really doesn’t know how long until he crawled out and saw the scene which he has never been able to erase from his memory.

     Yun Tai was mulling over these memories which he seems to do every time he comes home when Feng Tian approaches the table.

    Feng Tian asks in a worried tone.“Are you feeling all right Yun Tai, your color doesn’t look good,”

     “ I was just caught up in some memories, I will be fine after I go into seclusion for a few days” Now that you are here we need to discuss some questions, I would like some answers. You and I have been friends since we were children and you seem changed. Who is that girl?” Yun Tai decides not to waste time and get to the question that has been on his mind since he first saw XiXi.

      While Yun Tai anf Feng Tian are talking The Gemini twins jump down and roll out the door towards the room XiXi is laying in sleeping fitfully. When they enter the room, they suddenly start having a glow surround them and start squeaking loudly to each other. The lingering gray tint from Yun Tai disappears and they are feeling some force on their fur.

     “Squeak…squeak squeak is getting louder and louder.

     XiXi doesn’t seem to be aware of their presence but is mumbling in her sleep. Gemini White begins to transform into young boy all dressed in white. XiXi stops her almost inaudible mumbling and drifts back into her dream at that moment Gemini White transforms back into the fluffy ball that had rolled into her room.

     Squeak..squeak..squeak.. she is the one.

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