Feng Tian in Myriad Cloud City

Feng Tian makes his way to his home’s treasury and takes a million out in gold, silver taels and banknotes, smiling as he plunders I haven’t raided father’s treasury in forever.

     Father won’t mind I will leave a note. I don’t want to go find him. I can’t lie to him and I don’t want to explain.

     Flying up several stories he comes in through the window of his room and grabs some change of clothes. Looking down at the solemn black robe he is wearing he admonishes  Yun Tai silently for being so boring in his choice of clothing… so plain.  Reaching into a box fill of hair ornaments he picks out an assortment. Yes I need that jade and gold dragon hairpin.

     He gets his Silver Snake Sword he had left there when he went to the island. Also his black dagger, Che,Yun Tai, Ling Ling and him each had received one from Yun Pei Shan as a gift when they left the mountain. It was created from the talons of a purple Dragon and can slice through anything or anyone.

      Next stop? To find Chen Jue to get the spirit stones, he is probably at the Broken Angel Brothel hanging around getting information for my brother, Feng Che.

     The girls at the door have seen Feng Tian but he has never entered before, they are very excited to see this Young Master here.

     Their clientele is mostly made up of fat paunchy diplomats and at the end of the spectrum rich spoiled sons of nobles who came to gamble and indulge in debauchery.

     Before he has a chance to  enter  Chen Jue sees him and rushes out, it would be my head if I let Feng Che’s innocent brother in here.

    “Feng Tian what brings you here to The Broken Angel. Did you finally decide to taste a woman. I know several noble’s daughters who would give you that chance and they would be much cleaner.”

    “ Shut up Chen Jue before I take your woman. I hear you can’t even get a kiss from her, haha.”

     Chen Jue’s face turns red, he has to hang out here but he never indulges. He loves a pretty daughter of the Magistrate in the next town over.

    “Feng Tian…”

    “I need your help Chen Jue, I need you to hurry and get me some ultra grade fire spirit stones for me this afternoon.”

    “Feng Tian do you have a girl? The only person who wants them in this town is Sung Wu “, Chen Jue is still feeling the sting of Feng Tian’s remark.

     “Chen Jue do we have to go a few rounds here in the street? I don’t think I would be lacking in my skills against you!” Feng Tian didn’t realize Chen Jue would be so perceptive.

     Chen Jue starts laughing and hits Feng Tian on the back in a brotherly fashion. They grew up together in the palace and know how to annoy each other.

    “Sure I can but it will cost 50,000 in gold for five I would say. Those ultra grade fire spirit stones are rare they can only be found in the mountains that are guarded by the Mythological Cyan Bird.

    It has burnt up half of the Black Wolf Clan that goes there for the spirit stones. Not one of them doesn’t have at least one part of their body that hasn’t been burnt from going up that mountain.

    Not to mention, the clan kills anyone else goes there for the fire spirit stones!”

    “Sounds reasonable, here is 55,00 in gold the rest is for your trouble Chen Jue. I heard you are getting married soon!”

     Feng Tian turns to leave quickly before Chen Jue gives him a swift kick and yells back “Meet me at the tree by the lake, that is the only time I can talk to that Sung Wu, otherwise he is nowhere to be found’”

     He is thinking now I need to get the wine and the pastries.

     Feng Tian as he is walking looks around at the bustling street thinking his brother does a very good job keeping the City running smoothly.

     You don’t see beggars because everyone gets fair wages and can find work. The streets are clean and all the shops are full of people going in and out.

     Many travelers come here for products that are unique in Myriad Cloud City, so all the Inns are full.

     Right as he is admiring his brother he sees him across the street and ducks behind a cart going by. Feng Che sees him but chooses to let him be. Tian, I hope you will never have to change. I envy the way you enjoy life and are carefree.

    I think Mother would be happy knowing you haven’t got sucked into the affairs of Myriad Cloud City.

     Feng Che had received a message that LingLing was at Yun Tai’s bamboo house and was coming to discuss Sect business with him in two days.

     When he saw Feng Tian he was reminded of the beautiful young girl Zhang XiXi that is staying there.

     He has been aware of LingLing’s obsession with Tian since they were young, he laughs to himself wondering how that is going.

     Tian’s bunny looks to be no match for LingLing.

     Feng Tian bought several pieces of the Osthamus cake and then went to get the wine from that old hermit who lives at the bottom of Cloud mountain.

     Why do these old farts not just want money it would be so much easier. He always wants me to do some work for him, let’s see what he wants this time.

    “ Hey old man”, Feng Tian lightly kicks the old man asleep under the tree.

     “Brat what do you want I was up all night let me sleep!”

     “ I need some Peach Blossom wine from you, three bottles”, then you can go back to sleep, how much ?”

     “You know I don’t use silvers, you need to do some work for me.

     Go find the little beast that has been eating my grapes, it is too quick for me and laughs every time I get near.

     Not only does he raid my vineyard, he mocks this old man! Go! when you have its skin I will trade for three bottles of my premium Peach Blossom wine. Go!”

     The hermit leans back and watches Feng Tian’s perplexed expression, “What does the creature look like?”

     “You will know it when you see the little bastard will have a grape stained face.”

     Feng Tian huffs off to look for this beast, the old hermit laughs to see him angry to not get any clues to the beast’s appearance or whereabouts.

     The old hermit has watched Feng Tian through the years and always puts him to work when he wants something from him. Feng Tian is too spoiled by his father and brothers. No one expected anything from him,just to cultivate and be happy. how could the boy meet his trials that will come.They took too seriously the words of his mother as she was passing into the spirit world. Feng Jia’s guilt has made him too soft on that boy.

     When Feng Tian was young it was the sweet grapes in his vineyard, as he got older it was the varieties of wine, each time he would make him work for it.

     The old hermit was once a Daoist priest, but he lost his beliefs when the Seventh Demon King killed that young Sorceress.

     Not one of the gods intervened to protect her as she was chained in that circle of flames.

     Those memories still haunt him and he leans back, I will sleep until that brat returns….

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