Chapter 31 Ignoring Advice

After Dr. Deng leaves Li Tian thinks about what he said, could it really be true that Song Sara is my destined woman?  He was accurate on all his points but maybe he is very observant. The rest about  yin and yang sounds like a load of fucking bullshit. I need to find out more about that old fart from Yixing.

    He walks into Sara’s bedroom holding the ointment in his hand, well for now she will have no idea about what happened.  He sits on the edge of the bed,Dammit though when I am close to her tempting body I want to fuck her so damn bad. Maybe I just need a woman… 

     He inhales her scent drifting into his nose. I really like the light floral fragrance on her body, the scent is intoxicating, I wonder if the little thing wore heavy perfume like those other women if that would turn me off. I should experiment, there is something that makes me crave her body. I can’t let my body control me, pure yin…  ha… fucking bullshit!

      I have no weaknesses, her body just suits me that’s all. She is clean, pure…I am the only man she has been with so no one else has dirtied her body. that’s it.

   That old doctor sucked me in with all of his nonsense because I want to find a way to relieve my rage. He gazes down at Sara curled up under the quilt this girl just hits all my points that’s all. 

     He laughs, what was I thinking I just need a goddam clean woman to screw, I have been too pent up lately. Yeah the night in the loft apartment was unbelievable sex but she was a tight little virgin on drugs and drunk. She was clinging onto my body and begging me to fuck her that night. 

     What man wouldn’t get aroused by having a beautiful woman seducing him with an alluring perfect body. She looks like a goddam fairy with those big blue eyes and long black hair cascading down her creamy white back. 

    He lifts the quilt off of Sara then gently pulls up her thin pink nightgown to rub the ointment on her chest but when he sees her snow white breasts his eyes redden and he can’t restran his desire. The old doctor said she won’t wake up for awhile, this will be the last time..yeah the last time. 

     His throat dry as he thinks about pressing Sara underneath him he tosses the ointment on the nightstand. Running his hand over Sara’s soft skin, he caresses her cheek, then kisses her lips prying them open plundering her mouth with his tongue. 

   His pants form a tent when he gets hard as he tastes her sweet saliva while sucking on her small tongue. When he senses she can’t breath he reluctantly stops kissing her deeply, then sucks and bites on her red swollen lips.

    I wonder if the little thing would wake up if I put her hand on my d**k. He unzips his pants as he continues moving his lips down her swan like neck sucking and licking getting more aroused as he fondles her breasts.  

     His heart pounding he pulls out his huge erection, I’m fucking addicted to this little seductress’ taste. I can’t get enough. I don’t fucking care what that old man said, I want the little thing. 

     He carefully takes her small hand placing her warm palm on his exposed hardness, I can’t fucking believe I’m doing this but I am going insane wanting her to touch me.  After tonight I will find another woman, there are countless beautiful women in Catang who would love to crawl into my bed.

    He guides her small warm hand up and down his pulsating hardness with just the right rhythm and pressure to satisfy his desire. 

     Using his other hand he slides her loose nightgown up to her neck then begins sucking her luscious snow white breasts twirling his tongue around her pink buds. 

     Burying his face in the valley between her breasts he moans getting more excited as he breathes in her bewitching scent. Engulfed in unspeakable  pleasure he growls, “Nnnn..Baby…you smell so good…”

   Shit! this feels so fucking good…so fucking good. His body is on fire as he sucks on her pink bud then bites her tender skin. His soft damp hair brushing against her sensitive skin as he continues to play with her breasts causes Sara to quiver in her sleep.

 Li Tian runs his left hand over her soft skin, I need your never should have wandered into my sight…I can’t let go of you little kitten. You make every cell in my body feel an electric current running through them. 

    Goddamit! I need to be deep inside you. Li Tian hurriedly takes off his clothes throwing them impatiently on the floor. He then straddles Sara’s body tearing off her pink nightgown like a man who has been in the desert searching for an oasis. Her delicate clavicle is partially revealed under her long black hair hanging down, moving her silky hair to the side he runs his finger across as Sara shivers from his touch still not awakening. 

    Just in case there is some truth in what Dr. Deng told him and he can reach euphoric heights when he releases inside of her body he decides he will give her pleasure. 

     Spreading Sara’s legs apart he hungrily sucks on her petals lapping up the honey flowing out from his  stimulating her sensitive area,  ahhh so sweet. He licks and teases her with his tongue while his thumb rubs her sensitive spot, in her deep sleep Sara moans involuntarily as her body reacts.

    Li Tian can’t control himself, he puts his finger inside of her as he listens to her soft lewd moans in her sleep. When he feels she is wet enough he urgently thrusts his swollen member inside of her body,  So tight..Yesssss..fuck yess.. He moves his huge throbbing hardness around inside her tight tunnel, his chest has beads of sweat as he growls, “…urghh.” 

     Out of control from his intense lust he pumps rapidly, then leans down sucking on her breasts nipping and licking as her body instinctively responds to his teasing tongue. Fuck I wish she could scream my name right now.. 

    No one would recognize this Li Tian who always maintains a calm and restrained persona. Right now he is like a raging beast that has gone crazy as its prey lays helplessly in its clutches. 

     His dark eyes blazing and completely out of control he holds Sara’s round bottom up pressing her into his body as he wildly thrusts in and out relentlessly driving further inside of her. Sara’s overflowing honey dripping over his hardness from his deep penetration causes his Adam’s apple to roll up and down as he groans,“Yesss.. Unnnn.. fuck yeaah..” 

     He leans down possessively biting and sucking on her breast, Your body is mine..only mine. If I have to chain you to my bed no other man can taste you. I will kill…

     His heart beats wildly, sweat dripping down his angular face onto her breasts as he climaxes, breathing heavily he stays inside of Sara not willing to leave her body. When he rolls off of her limp flushed body he holds her tightly around the waist

     Fuck that old man! Fuck any bastard who says I can’t have you.. no one can tell me what to do. He runs his finger across her red and swollen are my little kitten. He lightly kisses Sara’s forehead, brushing back her damp hair he whispers in her ear, “I need your body Baby until I can find another woman who satisfies me like your body does.”

    Enjoying the feeling of their naked bodies pressed together, he has a devilish smile while hugging her soft body to his chest, why was I listening to that old man, having sex with you feels so right. He kisses her red lips with a look of satisfaction on his handsome face then leaning back on the pillow he puts his hands behind his head when we get to Milan  as soon as I kill  that bastard Viktor I will take you to all the Fashion Shows and buy you whatever you want. 

     He lays in the bed holding Sara close to him as he plays with her long black hair with his slender fingers twirling it around and smelling it. Staring at her delicate features, her long curled black eyelashes slightly fluttering and her flushed appearance he lightly kisses her slightly parted lips,”You are very beautiful kitten.”

    After a while Li Tian lets go of Sara’s waist then get off the bed striding confidently into the bathroom, I will bathe with you then apply the Golden ointment.  

     He mutters to himself as he languidly strides into the bathroom looking down at his naked lower body getting hard again..”Ha ha ha  what was I thinking.. fucking you for the last time..give you up.. ha ha ha.. that will never fucking happen. You are my little kitten.”

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