Chapter 26 Li Tian Is Furious

Sara walks down the hallway with Li Tian her heart tightens in her chest as his oppressive aura feels as though it is sucking the warmth from her body. She shivers as they silently walk towards the living room, I have met people with cold auras before but his by far is the most demonic. Does icewater flow through his veins…I pity his girlfriend! When Sara doesn’t see Sun Peizhi she continues to walk to the kitchen looking for Mrs. Mu. Why is the iceberg man following me? Maybe he is looking for Sun Peizhi also.

     Sara breathes a sigh of relief when she sees the old woman in the kitchen chopping vegetables. “Mrs. Mu is there anything I can do to help you prepare dinner?”

   Mrs. Mu notices Li Tian behind the girl looming over her petite body like Mt. Tai. A little flustered knowing he is the Young Master’s boss and Sara is his girlfriend she hesitates. Looking at them she can’t help but think about the difference between them, the young girl is warm as the sun and the overbearing man is as cold as a Winter’s night. She nervously glances at Li Tian’s face to see how she should answer,  deciding to avoid a problem she says, “No Miss Song but thank you for asking.”

   Sara walks over by the counter, “Do you mind if I brew some tea?”

   Mrs. Mu maintains a calm exterior but inside she is afraid she can sense the suffocating coldness emanating from the Big Boss. She sweetly says, “I will fix you tea, why don’t you sit in the living room, I will bring it to you when it is ready..”

   Li Tian stares at Sara in a domineering tone he tells her,”You should be resting according to the doctor.”

   “I feel much better CEO Li I am not used to being idle and I enjoy cooking.” and you following me  is making me very uncomfortable.

   The atmosphere gets colder, he furrows his brow,  I don’t like the way she is calling me CEO Li in that indifferent tone either.

  He points a long slender finger the direction of the living room motioning  to Sara, “Go sit… Mrs. Mu is it? Bring the tea and some pastries to the living room.”  I remember the day in Zhou’s office she was salivating over the last piece of cake.

    “…”  Sara furrows her brow and puffs her cheeks out, Who does he think he is talking to? One of his subordinates? Of course I have to restrain my temper, I need him to call Bi for me. Dammit! I wish I had my own phone. Yeah..maybe I could borrow Mrs. Mu’s phone, but I will need to get rid of the tyrant first.“Mrs. Mu where is Sun Peizhi?”

    Li Tian stands behind her his body rigid when he hears her question he glares at her back, a dark storm cloud  building over his head. Why does she want to know where that bastard is?  How does he compare to me? I am much more handsome and desirable than Peizhi .. he is a fucking lowly bodyguard.

    Mrs. Mu  eyes dart back and forth between the two people. Miss can you not see your man is getting angry with you..could you leave the Young Master out of it?  “Well I don’t know… I think he might be running by the lake. He likes to do that before dinner when he is here, but I can’t say for sure.” She puts the teapot onto the stove.

    Sara sits at the kitchen island watching Mrs. Mu, I definitely don’t want to sit in the living room with Li Tian, I can’t think of a thing to say to him and his cold aura is giving me a headache. I wish Sun Peizhi would get back it is so much easier to have a conversation with him.  She taps her fingers on the counter, he is quiet but not don’t know…scary?

   Li Tian’s face darkens watching Sara ignore him What is wrong with this stupid woman! Does she know how many women want to be with me and she dares to treat me like air. I need to teach this disobedient kitten a lesson.  He is about to say something when the tea is ready and Sara says to Mrs. Mu “You are busy, I will take the tea to the living room.”

  “No Miss, I will.”

   “Don’t be silly you are busy making dinner.”

   Mrs. Mu reluctantly hands her the carved wooden tray with the tea set her hands shaking looking at Li Tian out of the corner of her eye.

   Sara walks into the living room then sets the tea tray down on the coffee table elegantly pouring two cups of tea. Li Tian watches her small jadelike hands as she hands him a cup, when her warm fingers brush across his cold hand his desire rises in his body. After she hands him the tea cup she sits at a chair across from where he is sitting on the couch.

  Surprised she didn’t take the opportunity to get close to him he sips his tea, she won’t even sit next to me on the couch, the veins bulge on his neck, how am I going to make her fall in love with me? I need her in my bed, I have had insomnia since the night I spent with her at my apartment. Fucking shit! I have no idea how to coax a woman!

   Sara has no idea the turbulent thoughts going through Li Tian’s mind right now. She picks up the remote on the table then turns on the television, I should try to be nice. He did save me after all by sending Sun Peizhi to rescue me.  She sips her tea then smiles at him,“Anything you would like to watch CEO Li?”

   “Call me Tian.” 

   “…” WHAT!  I can’t call him by his name, “CEO Li I don’t think we are that familiar.”

   “I want you to call me Tian. If it would make you more comfortable I will call you Sara.”

   “..” He is acting very strange. I don’t know much about him but from my past experience this is very out of character for him. I do need to work with him at the Zhou Group and want to get along but ‘Tian’..’Sara’..he couldn’t be interested in me could he? Sara can’t help but chuckle at the thought. I am not his type at all!

   Li Tian watches her changing expressions, she must be happy. I asked her to call me Tian, he smiles, when Sara sees him for a moment she is mesmerized by his handsome face, without thinking she says, “You should smile more often.”

   He drinks his tea, this is good progress. What were you worried about? You have always suceeded in getting what you want. He sets his tea looking at her profile watching the television. 

   Mrs Mu comes into the living room with a plate of delicate pastries placing them down on the coffee table thinking the Young Master hates it when people eat in the living room. “Can I bring you more tea?”

   Sara sees the beautifully arranged pastries and her blue eyes sparkle, “Mrs. Mu is that strawberry mousse cake?”

  ” Yes. I saw you liked the strawberries on the waffles so I made it for you.”

   “Looks delicious!”

    Sara walks over then puts one on a plate, she takes a quick look at Li Tian, “Which one would you like?” 

   “None.” She is drooling looking at the sweets that was a good idea to tell the old lady to bring her some dessert.

     Sara has a strange expression, if he didn’t want any why did he tell her to bring pastries to the living room? making more work for the grandma… couldn’t he see she was preparing dinner!

     Sara eats a forkful of the creamy cake as she flips the channels. A news report comes on about the fires at the wharf and the freighter.  Red and orange flames are shown engulfing the boat as thick black smoke rises into the air. She stares intently at the television recognizing the markings on the freighter. Dropping her fork onto her plate she turns to Li Tian in a terrified voice she asks, “Is that the freighter where I was held prisoner?”


   Sara gasps I could have been caught in the fire and horribly died… burned alive. No one knew I was hiding in the bathroom. If it wasn’t for Sun Peizhi I would have died miserably. 

   Right then Sun Peizhi comes through the kitchen wiping the sweat off his forehead after his run, he puts the towel around his neck. Grabbing a bottle mineral water he sees Li Tian and Song Sara in the living room. His intuition tells him he should avoid them.

     He quietly walks past the living room to go shower before dinner but before he can slip past unnoticed Sara sees him and jumps up from the chair. Running over to him she throws her arms around him hugging his waist.. Both he and Li Tian are shocked by her flying into his arms unexpectedly, Sara looks up with tears in her blue eyes, “Thank you..thank you so much.”

    Sara quivers holding onto him ever since she was stuck in her bedroom when her mother’s house caught on fire she is deathly afraid of fire. Only six years old at the time the memory is imprinted on her mind. The thought of being in a smoke filled room with hot flames surrounding her made her impulsively hug her savior.

   Sun Peizhi,shocked by her sudden action, gently pushes her off his body as he notices Li Tian’s killing intent in his eyes, “Miss Song.” 

   She lets go of him wiping her tears, “I’m sorry I  am just so grateful you rescued me. You have no idea how afraid I am of fire.”

   Li Tian stands up suddenly wanting to pull her away when he sees Sara pressing her petite body onto Sun Peizhi’s chest. It took all of his internal energy to hold him back from pounding him into the ground. Recovering his composure he casually says, “Sara, did you want to speak to Fan Bi?”

   Sara wipes her eyes looking his direction still clinging to Sun Peizhi’s arm, “I do, can I speak to her personally?”

   He takes her hand off Sun Peizhi’s black sleeve putting the phone into her small hand.“Yes as long as you don’t disclose your location. The kidnappers haven’t been caught. ” He glares above her head at Sun Peizhi who blankly stares back, Boss! I had nothing to do with that! I didn’t touch her, did you see my arms in the air?

   “Thank you CEO Li.”

    He doesn’t let go of her hand holding the phone correcting her,“Tian.”

   “Tian.” Sara blushes feeling awkward as he let’s go of her hand, “I am going to call from the guest bedroom, would that be alright?”


   Sara clutches the phone then hurries back to the bedroom, Bi must be so worried. When she sits on the bed she looks at the phone smiling. This phone looks like one you get at the convenience store did he bring it especially for me to use? he must have got it from Sun Peizhi. She dials Fan Bi’s number.

   In the living room Li Tian angrily grabs Sun Peizhi by his jacket, “What the hell was that Piezhi!”

   “Boss honestly I don’t know, but ya know some girls are emotional like that. She was grateful and impulsively hugged me. It was spontaneous..” 

   Li Tian stares at his face, “So when a girl is grateful she throws herself into your arms.”

   “Yeah I have known a couple girls like that, they don’t think about distance. You don’t seem to know much about your girlfriend. Haven’t you noticed how Song Sara has  a naturally warm and uninhibited aura…  she had an honest reaction thinking I saved her.

    Li Tian thinks about what he said, but I don’t want other men touching Song Sara, I will need her to stop doing that. “Go take a shower.” 

   Boss, I was on my way to do that..“Okay, who are you taking with you to Milan tomorrow?”

  “Song Sara.” He smiles thinking about her rushing into his arms when he buys her designer clothes and jewelry.

   “You are taking your girlfriend? Aren’t you going there to deal with Viktor?

  “I am but it is Fashion Week in Milan. I think she will enjoy it.” Then I will enjoy her beautiful soft body when she shows me how grateful she is for all the gifts.

   “What men are you taking with you?” Sun Peizhi wants to go to meet with an operative in Viktor’s organization he has been using for information.

   “I want to keep a low profile leaving Catang City so I am using an Italian Security Company.”

   “Do you think that is a good idea? Can you trust them?”

    Li Tian’s eyes narrow,“Are you questioning me?”

   “ I just think you should take someone as a personal guard for Song Sara.”

   “I will take Donnie then.”

   Sun Peizhi knows if he says more Li Tian will become suspicious. “Good.” He walks down to his room, when he enters he kicks the trash can over, Motherf****ng shit! I was planning on being part of the security team, Donnie already  talked to me about the mission to take out Viktor. But he can’t die until I get the information I need. I am going to have to find a way to go! He takes off his sweaty black tracksuit thinking about Song Sara’s  sweet fragrance as she hugged him,  he shakes his head, are you crazy? But if she really is the Boss’ girlfriend why does she act so indifferent to him she actually called him CEO Li. Well none of my business. I just need to find a way to accompany him to Milan.

   Li Tian takes out his phone, “Send me the voice recording of Song Sara and Fan Bi’s conversation and any other calls she makes.”

   “Will do.”

   He sits back on the couch smiling, once we are in Milan it will be easy to make her fall in love with me. I want her to be a willing partner in bed, he twirls the gold and jade ring engraved with a dragon on his finger thinking about being in bed again with Sara. Soon..I can’t wait too long.

   In the bedroom Sara nervously fiddles with the bedspread waiting for Han Bi to answer her phone, when she finally picks up she breathlessly says, “Bi! It’s me Sara!”

   “Oh my God Sara I almost didn’t pick up the call..whose phone..well no matter..” She excitedly waves to Yibo to come over to the couch they have been waiting for any news from Sara. “How are you? Where are you? What happened!”

   “Haha.. one question at a time. Did the police give you any information?”

   “No. They said since it is an ongoing investigation they couldn’t give any details only that you were kidnapped by an unknown assailant and now are in a safe location. Yibo called his cousin and was able to find out you were safe anyway. But for some reason even his connections were unable to find out much information.”

    “I think it is because the kidnappers are still at large.”

      “Why would someone kidnap you from the hospital?”

   “I can’t say I am cooperating with the authorities. I just wanted to call you so you wouldn’t worry.”

   “Were you hurt? I did overhear them at the police station say you were rescued by a man who works for CEO Li.”

   “That is true one of his bodyguards bravely saved me before the freighter exploded into flames.” I guess I can tell her some details.

   “CEO Li.. that’s right I had dinner with him and sent your Japanese takeout with him.”

    “What do you mean?”

   “Sara you know I can’t drink Saki, well I got drunk…” She glances over at Yibo who is giving her a look then ignores him and continues, “He offered to deliver the food to you in the hospital, he said you worked together on a project so he was familiar with you.”

   “He did?” I thought he couldn’t tolerate me the way he belittled me at Zhou Group. Why would he kindly deliver my food.

   “Yeah he wasn’t the asshole we thought, he was actually funny and approachable at dinner. Her eyes light up,”He really has a beautiful smile…If I didn’t have a crush on my CEO ..haha.. anyway he had his driver send me home telling me that he would deliver your food.”

   He said he was in the parking lot of the hospital when I was abducted. He never said he had been in my room. “CEO Li brought me food?” Why wouldn’t he mention that?

   “You didn’t see him?”

   “No I was asleep I guess… when I woke up I was on the freighter with several other women locked in a room.”

  “Oh Sara! You must have been terrified!”

   “I was really afraid but the man who rescued me has made me feel safe.. he is protecting me now. He reminds me of an action star in a drama, handsome, srong with a heroic aura.  I can’t give you any more details, but I am fine.”

   “You sound in love ha ha.. I’m happy he rescued you and you are safe. Jeez, who would kidnap you?” Yibo motions to Bi to give him the phone. “Yibo wants to talk to you.”

   “Don’t be ridiculous I just admire him. Put Yibo on the phone.”

   “Sara! I have been so worried about you. Are you sure you are alright? I’m so sorry the security at my hospital failed to protect you! We turned all the CCTV tapes over to the police after it was discovered you were missing but all the evidence had been erased.”

   “Yibo don’t blame yourself who would have thought someone would abduct me. I am an ordinary girl. You sound tired..were you and Bi up all night?”

   “Yeah we were waiting for news, when will you be home? Do you have any injuries? I can have a full security detail guard you at the hospital.”

   “Yibo I’m really alright they just need me to stay here until the kidnappers are caught. I don’t want you or Bi getting sick worrying about me. You know how she can be, promise me you will get her to calm down and rest.”

   “Sara that is why I love you… always worrying about other people even in a situation like this. Don’t worry I will take care of Bi. Is this a good number to call you?”

   “No I used one of the guys’ phones, I need to give it back but I will try to contact you when I know more. I can not say CEO Li is here, they might misunderstand, although the only reason is he is here to discuss business with Sun Peizhi.

   Yibo couldn’t believe she was snatched from his hospital and has been going insane firing security that was on duty, pestering the police for information.“Please Sara keep in touch or I will have to come find you even if the police say no.”

   She smiles the three of them have been inseparable since elementary school. “I will.  I love you too Yibo. Let me talk to Bi.”

   “Bi you take care of Yibo I can tell he blames himself. Make sure he eats and doesn’t go drinking. You know he doesn’t do well under emotional pressure, I don’t want him doing anything reckless. ”

   “Sara..” She doesn’t want to tell her about her father using this to pressure Yibo making him feel guilty she was abducted from his hospital,


   “Nevermind you rest and take care. Call me.”

   “I will.”

   Sara hangs up holding the phone to her chest, as bad as things get I have my good friends who care about me.

   After she hangs up Li Tian receives the voice recording, as he listens to Sara worrying about Tzu Yibo, praising Sun Peizhi and treating him like an insignificant  passerby, black lines form on his forehead.. he clenches the phone almost crushing it in his hands, “SONG SARA!!!!!!”

    Sara sneezes as she rolls over on the bed tossing the phone down. Is someone calling me?

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