A Glass of Wine and Memories of a Dragon Tooth…

Feng Tian is sitting in Yun Tai’s lush  garden having a few cups of wine considering what he could do to help those two unfortunate mortals.

     Really they are too weak and pathetic to try even to get a low level beast core let alone the Zehran Water Dragon core. That dragon has been ruling this island for a thousand years,

    When he was younger he and his friends used to go to the waterfall and try to torment the dragon.

     He is most proud of his Silver Snake Sword and secondly the dragon tooth he got one summer day from that old dragon. His father had it made into a necklace and proclaimed him to be the strongest of his sons!

     His friends and him had stolen some vintage wine from that old hermit that lived at the foot of Cloud Mountain.

     They were having fun flying from cloud to cloud, even took turns riding the Giant One Eyed Falcon that belonged to Hong Bo. He almost fell off but hung onto a talon halfway across the mountain.

     Feng Che was teasing him because that is just what older brothers do..no reason in particular. He dared him to get a dragon scale from the Zehron Water Dragon. Even an Immortal would have to be quicker than the blink of an eye.

     That dragon can sense an intruder entering  into its cave and turn to water before two steps could be taken to approach him. Feng Tian was full of wine and bravado and accepted the challenge. He had just received the Silver Snake Sword as a birthday present and was eager to try it out.

     All his friends said don’t go the dragon could behead you with one strike before you even got close to grabbing a dragon scale.

     Feng Tian shrugged off their worries and grabbed his sword and headed for the waterfall. The sword was shining in the sunlight and he felt it was urging him to go.

     The Silver Snake it was made of had almost been the Dragon’s lunch until Feng Tian had saved it that day.

     Feng Tian kept that snake for three hundred years as a pet. He took it with him on many adventures through the years. When it finally died of old age his father took the backbone and had a sword forged from it.

     The snake’s purple eyes crystallized and adorn the hilt of the sword.

     The dragon was lying in the sun in all its magnificence, one had to admit he was a beautiful Mythological Beast.

     Feng Tian had to gather his wits and analyze the best approach to save his head. He then recalled he had met a sorcerer on an adventure a few years back who traded him an illusion spell (only good for two illusions) for a 200 year old bottle of wine.

     He had been saving it but now was the perfect opportunity to use it. Really thinking back he got the better end of that deal.

     The wine had been payment from the hermit for removing some pesky beasts from his vineyard.

     Feng Tian decided he would create an illusion of a female Zehran Water Dragon to distract it, then swoop in from his blind spot and steal a scale.

     So as he friends watched from the third cloud away( they had no intention of losing their heads) he prepared the spell. This illusion would only last a brief time so he needed to be in position and decisive.

     He chanted the words he had been given as he stood on a branch a good distance away. Slowly an image formed of a beautiful red dragon, slender in the neck, the face had mesmerizing pink eyes and for a dragon looked rather seductive.

     Luckily the Zehran Water Dragon was old and his sense of smell wasn’t keen. He hadn’t seen a female in so long he wasn’t thinking straight.

     Right as the old dragon was about to sink his teeth into that beautiful neck to get aroused, Feng Tian flew in brandishing his sword. It popped into his drunken mind  why get just a dragon  scale when I can slice off a dragon tooth.

     He swung by the illusion’s neck and with a quick slice into the dragon’s mouth, the tooth fell into his hand.

     Ecstatic as he was at that moment  he realized he had no time to waste to get as far away as possible.

     The Zehran Water Dragon whipped his head around blood flowing from its mouth.

     He let out a blood curdling scream, and his fiery breath caught Feng Tian’s hem of his robe as he flashed away.

     He looked back to see the illusion disappearing into the air. He will never forget as he looked at the Zehran Water Dragon it looked as if a tear was falling down. It’s face looked incredibly sad as it watched the illusion of the beautiful red dragon disappear.

    Feng Tian poured himself another glass of wine while thinking how lonely that Zehran Water Dragon must feel being alone for a thousand years.

    A real female Zehran Water Dragon would be delivered to him in a month’s time and ultimately would probably end in his death.

     These memories and this thought for some reason this disturbs Feng Tian…he takes another gulp of wine then shakes the empty bottle. Old Dragon I don’t want you to die.. He lays his head on the stone table then falls asleep.

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