Zangwa Yan

Han Weisheng is speaking with Bai Chiyu about the patient he is looking for in the hospital. “Miss Bai, please call the Director to confirm he said you could access the information for me earlier. I was in a meeting so I was unable to come to his office until now.”

     Bai Chiyu was about to leave it is five o’clock already but if he is a friend of Qiao Rui’s she needs to accommodate his request. Looking at the 187 cm tall man towering over her he has an intimidating presence, she has never seen him before. “Please sit Mr. Han I will need to confirm with the Director.”

     Han Weisheng sits crossing his long legs, this lead had better turn out to be worthwhile or he will break that money sucking informant’s bones. That little weasel has already sent him on three wild goose chases.

     Qiao Rui is driving on a winding road, his black Porsche hugging the curves, he wants to arrive before dark to the resort these roads are unlit and treacherous at night. He touches his bluetooth, “Chiyu what is it you need I’m driving.”

     “Sorry Dr. Qiao but there is a man here, Han Weisheng who said I am to retrieve some patient records, I wanted to check because of patient confidentiality.”

     “He is with Army Intelligence he is allowed to gather the information he needs it concerns a prominent missing person. Anything else?”

     “No, Sir.”

     Qiao Rui ends the call putting on the music again,  LiMei is resting with her eyes closed. He takes his jacket off laying it across her bare legs whispering , “You are so beautiful.” LiMei feels the warm jacket and smells Rui’s warm masculine scent she clutches onto it with her fingers curled. Rui has a faint smile looking at her curled up under his jacket.

     At his hospital, Bai Chiyu stares at Han Weisheng, he does have a military bearing the way he was standing there with an oppressive aura. “Give me a minute I will give you the file.”


     LiMei is under his jacket half asleep listening to the music, he sounded very serious, the man in his office must have a high clearance to ignore the law concerning patient rights.

      After awhile she stirs in her seat looking up at the sky getting dark, she can see the city below over the edge of the mountain road getting further out of sight “Did that call wake you up?” When he had glanced over earlier it looked like she was asleep.

     “No I was just listening to the music enjoying the night air. Thank you for your jacket.” She smiles watching him, he doesn’t get much time away from business, earlier his assistant had called about some blueprints.

     Thinking she might have heard his conversation he wants to clarify not anyone can access patient records, after all she was just a patient there. “It is an unusual case, we don’t typically release information without the patient’s consent. But he is high up in Army Intelligence and his brother went missing a couple weeks ago in Bashu City.”

     LiMei’s eyes widen..missing..two weeks ago..Bashu City? On No! They are looking for clues all the way here in Pushong…Could it be the same man is this world that small? She clenches her little hands in her lap under his jacket until her knuckles turn white.

    She want to ask the missing man’s name but that would be inappropriate. “That’s terrible, but isn’t Bashu City quite far away from Pushong?”

     “I don’t know the details, he is a friend of a friend of mine, I just met him earlier today.”

     “Well, I hope he finds his brother.”{But not me!}

     Qiao Rui can hear the concern in LiMie’s voice maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned something as disturbing as a man’s disappearance she was almost abducted earlier.

     He reaches over to hold her hand, “LiMei your hand is cold should I turn up the heater? We still have about a half hour until we reach the resort.”

     “No, with your jacket I am perfectly warm.”So warm… smelling your scent on this jacket is amazing..

     He lets go of her hand the road is getting dangerously  narrow, he needs both hands on the steering wheel.

     LiMei sits back trying not to worry, if it is the same man, she covered her tracks well. So he wasn’t found dead and is missing, Kuang Fu didn’t send someone else to complete the assignment? She doesn’t even want to imagine that maniac’s face when he found out she escaped. She is happy there is a chance the man heeded her warning and will resurface after the 30th of the month.

    Han Weisheng looks over the patient’s record in his hand, he might be able to get some information from this woman. The bastard pushed her down a flight of stairs scaring her face she should be bitter towards him. “Thank you Miss Bai, I won’t trouble you further.” He gets up and heads to the door.

    “Wait, you will need a special badge to pass through security in that section of the hospital.” She prints him out what he needs, “Here, show this at the nurses station when you enter.”

    Bai Chiyu is sitting at her desk watching him leave, she thought he was quite handsome and tried to make conversation with him while the files were printing he totally ignored her. She picks up a mirror from her desk drawer, looking in it she confirms her own beauty, she mutters to herself, “I am beautiful but why don’t these men notice me?”

     She puts the mirror away slamming the drawer, maybe she should resort to her cousin’s method and purchase an aphrodisiac. LiLi is now married to a top executive in the Zhao Corporation. If she were to seduce Qiao Rui and he had her in bed he would definitely take responsibility.

  Should she? picking up the phone she dials her cousin’s number, ” Cousin LiLi it’s Chiyu are you free for dinner tonight?

     After Han Weisheng leaves the office he goes to the VIP wing which has a great deal of security. The people admitted into the hospital who need to keep their identity from being exposed by the media are placed here. He shows his badge to a guard by the nurses station then proceeds to room 6750. A man in a black suit is standing in front of the door, Han Weisheng shows him the badge, then knocks.

     A woman’s weak voice says “Enter.”

    When he walks in a woman with her face bandaged on the left side, she turns to look at him,her arm is broken and it looks as though her right leg is injured too. It is amazing she survived the fall.

     In a strained voice she says, “Who are you?”

     “I’m a friend of Jack Carsten, he wants to help you.”

     “Jack? I thought he moved back to England.”

     He did but we have a mutual friend Han Tingfeng, do you know him?

     “Get out!” There is fear in her voice, it takes all of her energy to raise her voice

     “I don’t think you will want me to leave after I tell you why I’m here.”

     “I don’t have anything to say to you”, she clutches her cover, he will kill me if he finds out I said anything.

     “I’m prepared to move you to a hospital in another city with the best doctors until you recuperate then give you a new identity.”

     She studies this man, the drugs have made her mind hazy, but his demeanor is steady, could he help her?

     “Why would you do that?”

     “You have information I need to find Han Tingfeng. If your maid hadn’t called 120 when she saw you on the floor you would be dead now. Don’t think as soon as there is an opportunity he won’t kill you. Just because you hired your own security don’t think he can’t circumvent it with a trained professional.”

     Cindy is scared, Jack Carsten introduced her to this politician from Bashu City to get information from him about a large coastal construction project. The politician would come to Pushong on business and to indulge in his deviant sexual behavior. Jack Carsten didn’t think she would become the man’s mistress and betray both of them. He abandoned the project when the Zangwas entered the picture he didn’t want to have any involvement with that Family. 

     During the relationship she started to become acquainted with several businessmen, one was Zangwa Yan. He was a handsome Young Master, he caught her attention then used her in bed and to gather information, paying her well. But she knew they were all using her for their own purposes, so she decided to blackmail them.

     The day the Politician pushed her down the stairs she was careless, leaving a flash drive with damaging photos of her being dominated by him on the computer screen. She didn’t have time to close it out when he entered her bedroom, if he was exposed his career would be over. He was furious, they struggled in the bedroom then she tried to escape, he caught her at the top of the stairs by her arm shoving her down the stairs.

     “How do I know I can trust you?”

     “You don’t but I can have you transported immediately after you give me the information I need.”

    Cindy’s hand is shaking as she drinks a glass of water, Zangwa Yan will definitely send someone to kill her when he finds out what happened from the politician.

     “Cough..cough..The Zangwa Family bribed four members of the Council to insure they would be able to build on the beachfront, two members already had their own interests tied to the project. Two weeks ago Han Tingfeng was able to get their bank records from their offshore accounts which showed large amounts of money deposited in the last six months. This proof would cause an uproar, they would need to void the vote, replace the Council members.

     His uncle Han Yaoting also would lose his investment. So they decided to get rid of him. I was in bed with Yan when he got the call Han Tingfeng was still alive, he flipped out throwing anything in the bedroom he could grab. He then called Han Yaoting, “Fuck! It failed deal with that fucking little shit nephew of yours or you die. 

     I have the recordings I tapped his phone for blackmail purposes.

     Once I am in a hospital far away from Pushong City I will tell you where you can find the tapes. As far as Han Tingfeng’s whereabouts I think only Han Yaoting knows. The last time I saw Zangwa Yan he was talking to a man with a gruff voice in his study, I listened at the door. He told him Han Yaoting knows the consequences if Han Tingfeng attends the vote on the 30th but that old fool refused to kill his nephew, he had him kidnapped. He told the man to find Han Tingfeng then fucking kill them both.”

     Han Weisheng takes his cell, “Come to Qiao’s Hospital on 134th St in an ambulance I need you to come to room 6750 with a stretcher, transport the woman to the Army hospital outside Catang City. I will give further instructions after she arrives there.”


     “Yes.” Cindy hasn’t slept since she awakened after the operation, why did she mess with that fucked up Zangwa Yan. The politician is just a sicko but bastard Zangwa Yan is a psychopath!

     Han Weisheng leaves the hospital, she merely confirmed what he already knew, but it gave him hope his uncle won’t kill Tingfeng. Now just to find him before Zangwa Yan does. He decides he will attend the party and see if any of the Zangwa Family is there and his uncle should be attending also, his wife is from a prominent family in Pushong City. He will wait until he finds Tingfeng to expose the Zangwa’s corruption, finding his brother is more important.

He looks at his cell Chen Jianyu sent the address, Lau An sent him an invitation ..Good.

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