What a Surprise

No orders are coming into the kitchen yet so everyone is relaxing after the meeting. The Kitchen Manager has gone back to his office to find a list of all the employees that Chen Jianyu requested. Mari is telling a story about her son’s first day at school, LiMei is laughing picturing the little boy with his zipper stuck coming out of the restroom. How embarrassing for the little guy! She is holding her side laughing, she has seen a picture of him he is the cutest little dumpling. Her laughter could be heard outside the door, Chen Jianyu’s face darkens, it sounds like they are having a good time in there instead of working.

     Chen Jianyu and Wang Li enter the kitchen through the swinging door when they do everyone jumps up from their seats, the two men’s intimidating presence makes the atmosphere heavy. Chen Jianyu looks around to see where the laughter was coming from, he sees a young girl covering her mouth trying to control herself. LiMei recognizes him as the man from last night, she looks down at her feet hoping he won’t recognize her. Everyone stands in a line, the Kitchen Manager hears them enter and comes running out with a computer printout.

     “These are the only people that were were on duty last night.” the Kitchen Manager’s voice is shaky. Chen Jianyu remembers she had long hair, he took her hair down from her hairpin and it cascaded down her back. One employee has long hair but she is too old, the two younger girls have short hair. “Let me see the other employees that work in Room Service.” The Kitchen Manager shows him the printout with the pictures taken for their employee badges.

     LiMei quietly watches him as he reads the sheet. Last night his voice was low and hoarse probably from the drug, but when he just asked the Kitchen Manager it was clear and sharp with an intimidating tone. Is he the same man I saved in the morning in front of the cafe? Someone tried to kill him in the morning then drug him at night. She starts giggling, wow, his karma must be really bad.

     Chen Jianyu turns around with black lines on his forehead, he takes two long strides and stands directly in front of her towering over her petite body. “Get out you are fired!” he is in no mood to hear laughter right now. Does she think this is a fucking joke?

     LiMei’s eyes get big staring at him, did he just fire me for laughing? Well this might be the perfect chance to go check his Penthouse. She quickly turns running out of the kitchen pretending to cry, hopefully the Kitchen Manager will protest. The most important thing to do right now is find my charm, I can worry about a job later.

     Everyone in the kitchen stares dumbfounded at Chen Jianyu, they heard he was a bastard but firing LiMei for laughing, that is too cruel. The Kitchen Manager doesn’t know what to say she is a nice girl, he likes working with LiMei.

    Furious he was unable to find the little culprit he grits his teeth then growls, “Everyone else get back to work!” They look at each other until any orders come in there isn’t much to do. QiQi picks up a cloth wiping off the table, Mari runs to the wine room to hide. Han Wu grabs the garbage to go empty, he plans on having a smoke out there waiting until they leave.

    “CEO Chen may I have a word with you please.” The Kitchen Manager has worked at the Crescent Moon Hotel for ten years, never speaking his mind but what he just witnessed was uncalled for …firing a decent employee like that.

     “If it is about the girl who ran out of here, no” One thing Chen Jianyu can not tolerate is someone having the nerve to laugh when he is carrying on a serious investigation. The girl had a disrespectful and bold air with an amused look in her eyes when I stepped in front of her.He is still steaming about the brazen girl yesterday who ran into him without a proper apology, now this girl…

     He tosses the printouts back to the Kitchen Manager, “Let’s go Wang Li. That was no help at all.”

     LiMei walks slowly to the elevator checking to see if anyone is around, she quickly presses 50, hurry..hurry..When she gets off the elevator she hurriedly swipes the room card entering the room. I was over by that wall maybe it is on the floor there, she turns the light on to see better then searches around , dammit it isn’t here. She stands up moving across the room, she can’t help but notice what a boring color scheme so dark and depressing, well it suits his cold and inhumane personality.

     When she gets closer to the bed she sees her bunny charm, oh my god right on the nightstand. She picks it up clutching it tightly, now to get the hell out of here, she is not far from the door when she hears voices, oh shit they are back what do I do..ahhh..

     The door to the right looks like a closet all I can do is get in there and hide, when he goes to sleep I can sneak out. LiMei opens the door, what a narcissist! I have never seen so many clothes, shoes watches,mirrors, this closet is the size of her apartment!

     Chen Jianyu slams his hand down on the desk when he enters, “That was a waste of time! How am I going to find that girl?”

     Wang Li hasn’t seen his boss this angry in a very long time, the last couple days have really taken a toll on him. “CEO is there anything else you need me for?” His wife has been pestering him on his cell all day since he was out all last night.

     “No. Just be back here at 8:30 we need to drive to Hushang Entertainment to see Huan.”

     LiMei can hear them talking, so he knows Director Chen, it figures, rich people flock together. She decides to take off her wig and contacts, oh that feels good, I am going tomorrow to get better contacts…oww.. first thing in the morning. She curls up in a back corner taking a couple of his sweaters to lay on the floor, so soft…is it cashmere?

     She didn’t bring her purse it is still in her locker in the kitchen, no phone to play on or anything, boring! It has been a long day, her body is beginning to feel achy now that she lies down from her strenuous workout in the morning then running around all day. Not having a phone to play on she closes her eyes, I will rest for awhile, then sneak out, she feels well hidden in the back corner of the closet.

     Chen Jianyu turns on the computer while it is starting up he gets a glass of wine, from now on I am only drinking wine I personally bring to the penthouse. The footage from a right angle by the cafe shows him walking towards his car, then turning towards the woman, dammit I am blocking the view of the woman. When they are falling to the ground she is too close to his chest to make out her facial features,. What the fuck! I was hoping the video pictures could be blown up to get a better image.

     He drinks his wine as he rubs his throbbing temple, nothing is going right the last couple days, he walks over to the couch then he pours another glass of wine. Maybe Lau An’s security cameras will show something, when is she going to email them.He dials her number“An, did you find the footage I need?”

     “Jianyu, no, not yet, I had to go pick up my gown for the party Saturday night. I will check when I get back to the cafe to close up for the night.”

     “Go now.”

     Lau An looks over at Qiao Rui, they have barely begun their meal. He sets down his chopsticks, now that bastard is interfering with his date!

     “An give me the phone.”

    She shakes her head no, “Jianyu I’m at a dinner meeting that can’t be rescheduled, nothing can be done tonight anyway I promise you will have it by 11:00.” She never says no to Jianyu but she hasn’t seen Rui since he returned, besides Jianyu she cares deeply for Rui, they dated at University. It didn’t have a good ending after he fell out of favor in the Qiao family, then he disappeared for several years. This is the first time he called her since he returned, she would like to know what happened.

     “Fine, but I expect it then.” He abruptly hangs up on her. To save face Lau An pretends to still be talking to him.

     “Thank you for being understanding, I will contact you later. Bye”

     “Since when has that bastard been understanding?” Rui smirks thinking about Jianyu’s personality. He looks at An, she has a smile that isn’t really a smile as she gets off the phone. He knows Jianyu has always been in her heart that was one of the reasons he left without a word, but it annoys him anyway.

     “Rui, you know how he always has been, he hasn’t changed.”

     Thinking about how he commanded him earlier using the threat to expose his past activities, Rui nods, “I wish he would meet someone who would make him realize his selfishness won’t always be tolerated!”

      Chen Jianyu has finished the bottle of wine, his body and mind are beginning to relax, he goes into the bathroom to shower. While the hot water is streaming down his naked body he is thinking of the girl last night. How soft her lips felt as he feverishly kissed them, her eyes sparkling like the stars were within them when she said “Kiss me” He feels his body reacting to the images in his head, I need to find that girl!

    He dries his body then wraps a towel around his waist to go get his night clothes from his largecloset. Chen Jianyu opens the door walking over to the drawers on the left, as he is reaching in he hears a barely inaudible sigh coming from the corner of the room. What the hell is that?

     What he sees is a slender girl rolled into a ball on several of his designer cashmere sweaters like a contented little kitten sleeping. He leans down to take a closer look, her hand is slightly open exposing the cheap bunny charm in her tiny palm. Shit! She must be the girl from last night! She must have snuck back  into the penthouse to retrieve that stupid charm then I returned so she hid in here.

     Chen Jianyu can hardly contain the excited feeling inside him, I will wake her up then demand answers. He is reaching down about to wake her up when he gets an idea as drunken thoughts race through his mind.Who knows what her reaction will be to being caught by him, she might refuse to say anything, and looking at her delicate body lying on the ground he wants to just have her by him for awhile, maybe kiss those pink lips to ensure it is really the girl from last night.

     She appears to be in a deep sleep, her breathing is shallow her long black eyelashes barely fluttering while she dreams. He carefully picks her up, she is too light, doesn’t she eat? Carrying her thin body pressed to his bare chest he takes her over to his luxurious bed.

     He quickly returns to the closet, ripping off the towel from his waist he hurriedly puts on his night clothes, he is anxious to take a closer look at her. He pulls up a chair next to the bed, suddenly his cell over on the desk goes off, he practically trips running over to get it, if the sound wakes her up I will fucking kill whoever the person who is calling. He hits ignore then puts it on vibrate, damn Qiao Rui what the hell does he want?

     Chen Jianyu returns to the chair at the bedside, the girl’s ink black hair is spread across his pillow he can smell her scent of jasmine floating into his soul as he looks at her sleeping. Her tiny pink mouth is slightly open, her shirt,she must have been hot in the closet then unbuttoned the top two buttons, exposing a white lace bra. The black uniform skirt is short, her creamy white thighs are spread apart tempting him. Should I remove her little heels? He carefully slips them off her feet, she doesn’t even stir at this action.

     Chen Jianyu sits there mesmerized not wanting to disturb LiMei, he has never felt an attraction to a woman like this before, she is really just a girl, she looks about twenty. Her jade like skin looks soft as tofu, he wants to touch her cheek but he holds himself back. What should he say when she wakes up, he doesn’t want this little bunny to run away frightened by him.

     He opens another bottle of wine gulping down glass after glass as he sits staring at her while rationalizing the situation in his mind. She is under his power, she entered his room, that is breaking and entering I could call the police of course I won’t, but I could use that threat to get the answers I need. Feeling more in control and like himself he pushes the chair back then carefully climbs into bed next to her as not to wake his sleeping little beauty.


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