Uncle Xinghi Calls

  A dark expression came over Kuang Bo’s face after he hung up the phone. He hasn’t pursued looking for Qin Daiyu thinking she is smart enough to hide herself from the Black Sky Organization. He isn’t in the best situation to bring her to his side yet, but should he at least find her whereabouts. If he doesn’t contact her personally he could protect her from afar from Kuang Fu. He twirls the pen in his hand contemplating what he should do when his phone rings, “Speak.”

     “Is that the way you speak to your Uncle in such an abrupt manner?”

    “Sorry Uncle I was thinking about Qin Daiyu.”

     “Well I have news for you about our little fairy princess.”


    “Calm down, I have a connection in Pushong City that confirmed someone used my antidote pill for someone who ingested that little shit from Morrocco’s aphrodisiac. You know I don’t deal with just anybody and the only person I gave two of those pills to was Qin Daiyu when she had the assignment on Yinghe’s yacht.”

   “You didn’t tell my brother did you?”

     “Why would I tell that psycho. Qin Daiyu is like my own daughter, I’m only telling you because she might need your protection. The person who she gave the antidote to was Chen Jianyu.”

      Kuang Bo is baffled, if Qin Daiyu is keeping a low profile while would she have contact with the CEO of Hushang Group.

     “Do you remember the doctor who saved your ass in his mountain clinic about five years ago?’


    “He is actually the heir to the Qiao Corporation, he was estranged from his family and owed a large debt from his education so he was working for the Underworld at the time.”

     Kuang Bo is interested, the man did save his life so he has no ill will towards him but how does he figure into this situation. “So he is your contact?”

    “No, but he owns  a lab where a technician works who is part of my network. They do research there using rare medicinal herbs. Although I am a genius,” Xingi laughs, “Dr. Qiao could also be called one. His mentor used to be my close friends until we didn’t see eye to eye on a matter. He collects rare herbs, roots, any plant that has medicinal qualities, I’m interested in his research but he ignores me.”

     “…” Hard to believe someone in the medical field ignores the great genius Xinghi. People pay millions for his expertise.

    “Anyway, a week ago Dr. Qiao sent blood samples over to be analyzed at his lab and that is when the technician informed me.”

     “Why are you just telling me now?” He is annoyed maybe Kuang Fu does have some information.

     “Calm down, I was in the mountains with no reception I just got back and got the email.”

     “Uncle you know I am trying to break away from Fu, things are complicated right now. If I find Qin Daiyu I don’t want to ruin the life she might be building right now. I’m not in the position…if Fu finds out her location she is in deep trouble.”

     “I’m going to meet you in Pushong City, I have created a new skin mask for you, Fu won’t know you even if he was standing right next to you. All the ones I have made you in the past I know he had to okay but I am doing this for you so you can find and protect that little girl. No one made me smile the way she did, I miss little Daiyu.”

     “Thank you Uncle.”

     “I will meet you in Pushong City this Tuesday, I am checking into the Crescent Moon Hotel under the name of Song Wu, I will of course be wearing a skin mask myself so when I contact you I will give you a code phrase and my room number. I am curious myself what the little fairy’s relationship is with Chen Jianyu. I haven’t seen him since he was a boy but I hear he is a cold bastard.”

     “You know the Chen Family?”

    “I was raised in Pushong City.” Xinghi doesn’t want to go into detail about his relationship with the Chens, his connection to Pushong City was severed when she died.

     “I will see you there on Tuesday I should already be there I need to meet with someone.”

     “Kuang Bo I know you have endured for many years so don’t be hasty now.”

     “I understand Uncle, see you Tuesday.”

     After he hangs up the phone his curiosity gets the better of him, he googles Chen Jianyu. Why would Qin Daiyu be involved with him. His jealousy rises to the surface picturing Chen Jianyu being drugged and out of control, Daiyu helping him. His imagination starts going wild as he pictures them together, her smiling face looking up at another man is making his blood boil. Kuang Bo’s handsome face contorts in anger, maybe I need to destroy you also Chen Jianyu.

     Han Weisheng is outside the mansion where Tingfeng is supposedly being held captive, a helicopter is hovering above, he has ten of his best men surrounding the house. He calls his Uncle’s phone, no answer. He waves his hands and a muscular man in a black suit kicks in the front door, no one can be seen inside. He cautiously moves inside with his gun drawn, motioning his men to enter through the back.

     Wondering if this is someone’s sick joke as he moves around the empty house. He goes up the stairs kicking one door in after another. He is going to hunt down the fucking bastard that led him on this wild goose chase. There is one more door at the end of the hall Han Weisheng lifts his muscular leg and gives it a kick. Tingfeng is tied on the bed, he rushes over taking the gag out of his mouth. “Brother!” He takes the gag out of his mouth, Tingfeng looks at him with a dazed look on his face.

     Han Weisheng shakes him, “Tingfeng!”


     Obviously the have been giving him drugs to keep him sedated, his eyes are dilated and his movements are sluggish.

     Han Weisheng picks up a phone calling Chen Huan, “I found him but he looks doped up what is the name of your friend’s hospital? I need this to be kept quiet.”

     Chen Huan tells him the address of Qiao Rui’s Hospital, “I will meet you there. There is a side entrance used by celebrities and people who don’t want their presence at the hospital be known. Can you transport him yourself or do you need an ambulance? I will call Qiao Rui, he is in the mountains if he doesn’t answer I will call Bai Chiyu to handle admitting him.”

     He looks at Tingfeng who is laying on the bed silently staring at the ceiling., “I can get him there.”

     He can see needle marks in Tingfeng’s arm, he wants to find his Uncle and kill him but first he needs to see about Tingfeng. He motions for two of his men to come carry his brother. He gets on the phone to tell the helicopter to leave the area.

     Once they get him in the car Tingfeng slumps over and is mumbling something Han Weisheng can’t make out. Han Weisheng gives the address to the driver and they speed towards the hospital. It appeared as though the house was cleared out quickly, there were coffee cups on the table with the coffee still warm in them. So the person that gave him the information also warned his Uncle and his men to leave. Interesting.

     His phone rings, “Bai Chiyu will meet you there and take care of all the arrangements.”

    “Thank you Huan.”

     “How did you find him?”

     “I will explain when I see you.”

     Han Weisheng is puzzled, why would someone tell him Tingfeng’s location but also warn his Uncle? What would someone have to gain..this isn’t the act of a good Samaritan.

     When they arrive Bai Chiyu has a stretcher waiting for them, two male nurses place Tingfeng on a stretcher and quickly take him to their VIP wing.

     The phone wakes Qiao Rui up but he isn’t able to get to it in time to answer it. He is still groggy and sees it was Chen Huan, eh..I will call him back later, one of his models probably needs some plastic surgery. He stretches his long legs under the covers, he sees he is still wrapped in just a towel but LiMie must have piled every blanket in both rooms on top of him. He gets up shedding the towel and turns the heat off, it feels like it is a hundred degrees in the room.

     He runs his fingers through his hair where is she? He sees the time is almost noon he has slept at least twelve hours. Shit! What a night! He smiles remembering her taking care of him, her cute face scrunched up with worry. He shakes his head, she wouldn’t leave him even in that state, he needs to find a way to make it up to her. Qiao Rui peeks into her room she is sound asleep on top of the covers, was she up all night with me?

     Entering the bathroom he turns on the shower, after I get dressed I will order Room Service Feng LiMei will be hungry when she wakes up. As he gets into the shower, frustrated he slams his fist into the tiled wall, that fucking bastard Xiaotong! He and my scheming stepmother will pay for ruining my weekend with LiMei and putting me in this position.

He washes himself then stands under the hot water letting it run over his body trying to calm his anger before he sees LiMei. When he steps out he wraps a towel around himself then goes to his closet. He picks out some casual dark blue pants and a white cashmere sweater, then puts on a Limited Edition Cartier watch.

     When he is finished dressing he walks into LiMei’s room taking two long strides over to the bed. Qiao Rui looks at her peacefully sleeping curled up into a ball, he smiles and pushes a few strands of black hair off of her face. In the soft light blue dress she is wearing she looks like a little fairy, with her snow white skin and her silky black hair draped over the pillow.

     He pulls up a chair to watch her sleep, using the needles on him must have exhausted her internal energy when she treated me. He can’t resist,he leans over kissing her tempting pink lips. The kiss is brief and light but he could taste her intoxicating sweetness combined with the refreshing scent of jasmine on her body. Rui affectionately gazes at LiMei, You are the one I have been waiting for

     He hesitates for a moment while staring at her beautiful face then goes back into his room, “I want to order a Western Style brunch for two, make sure you have fresh flowers from the garden, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a pot of Da-Hong tea”

     Qiao Rui walks back into her room and sits by her bed, happy watching her sleep, her face is so delicate and beautiful. He hears a knock on his door it must be room service, he goes through their adjoining door to answer it, instead of room service it is Chen Jianyu.

    What the fuck! “Jianyu what are you doing here?”

    “I have a big meeting with old man Zhao on Monday and I came for the weekend to relax. You know I have been stressing out about that mystery girl.”

     “How did you know I was here?” Qiao Rui is going to fire whoever told this nuisance he is staying here.

     “Aren’t you going to let me in?”


     Chen Jianyu pushes past him as he enters there is another knock on the door. “Room Service.”

     Qiao Rui answers the door a pretty girl pushes in the cart, she looks at the flower arrangement on the tray, are these two outstanding men a couple? They are both so handsome, what a waste. “I will set it up by the window for you two.”


     “Did you bring someone here?” Chen Jianyu looks around the room.

     Qiao Rui is running out of patience, “What do you want Jianyu?”

     LiMei starts moving on the bed, the aroma of roasted chicken is wafting into her room, it smells delicious. She sits up on the bed, Rui must be awake and ordered food. She stretches her slender arms out then languidly gets off the bed. She goes into her bathroom, after washing her face she brushes her hair, maybe if they have time they can walk around those beautiful gardens if Rui feels up to it. She brushes her teeth again and smiles in the mirror anxious to see him.

     She goes to the adjoining door and flings it open, “Rui..” then she sees Rui talking to Chen Jianyu! She quickly shuts the door. Oh my God no!

    Chen Jianyu whips his head around to see who it is but it s too late the door is shut. LiMei is leaning on the other side of the door and she quickly locks it.

   “Rui, you actually do have a woman here with you!”

        Qiao Rui wouldn’t mind introducing her but she said she doesn’t want to meet his friends. “Jianyu it is none of your business and our brunch is getting cold, what do you want?” He saw her peek her little head out then duck back inside her room like a little scared bunny. So cute..

     “Tell them at the front desk I can have access to your employee files.”

     “What? Why the hell do you want them?”

     “You know the mystery girl I have been looking for, she works here.”

     “Are you crazy are you saying you saw here at the resort?”

     “Yes, I spent the night with her.”


    LiMei is leaning on the door she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that statement.

    Qiao Rui pushes Jianyu towards the door, “Get out!”

    “Call them!”

     “I will, but if you spent the night with her why didn’t you get her contact information? No don’t tell me just go.”

    “Her name is Kang Mei.”

    “Whatever.” Rui shoves him out the door.

     Rui laughs as he walks over to the door separating them,“You can come out now LiMei, my ridiculous friend left.”

     LiMei opens the door seeing Rui standing there in his casual clothes he has looks fine, she is relieved.

     Impulsively she hugs him resting her head on his broad chest, “Rui…”

     He is surprised by this sudden show of affection but he is enjoying it, he wraps his arms lightly around her trying to stay calm his heart is beating rapidly. She realizes that was forward of her to impulsivey hug him and jumps back.

     Rui looks at her blushing, he smiles down at her taking her small hand in his, “Let’s eat before it gets cold.”

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