Trouble in Han Family

 Chen Jianyu is working at home unable to concentrate while waiting to hear news of the mystery girl. “Wang Li not one call?”

     “Sorry boss, not one.” Chen Jianyu kicks the wastebasket by his desk sending it flying across the room.This girl is a fucking ghost even with a reward on those flyers not one person has called. It’s already seven o’clock. His phone rings, “What!”

     Chen Huan has spent the day with Han Weisheng and Xiaobo at the Police Station this is the first chance he had to call him. “Jianyu are you still feeling shitty from last night. I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner with us.”

     “Yes, and no to dinner I got room service, I don’t feel like going out. I have had no luck finding that girl, I even sent my men out with flyers by Morning Glory’”

     “Why would you look by Lau An’s place?”

     “ Well I didn’t tell you the whole story, I think I had met her earlier that day by Lan An’s but she was wearing brown contacts.”

     “What, she was stalking you?”

     “No.. shit…I have no fucking idea., but it is the same girl I know that.”

     “Send the picture of her to me I can have Xiaobo check it out he has connections everywhere.”

     “Not a bad idea. I will send now, are you at the office?”

     “Only for another fifteen minutes I had stop back by here to coordinate with the New Talent Division about that upcoming Special.”

     “I will send now.”

     Chen Huan pulls the picture from the fax machine. She is a beauty, very natural, fresh looking, why does she look familiar to him. He folds it up and puts it in his jacket pocket. He has never seen his brother pay attention to a woman before, now it is one he can’t even find, how ironic, Chen Huan can’t hekp but laugh at the irony as he locks his office door.

    Weisheng and Xiaobo are at a restaurant named Fire Phoenix waiting for Chen Huan. They got no definitive answers at the police station, there have been no leads at all concerning Tingfeng.

     “People don’t vanish into thin air, and everyone leaves some sort of trail, I don’t get it!” Weisheng is frustrated it has been two weeks no leads at all.His brother’s wife said she met him at the docks, he was talking to a foreman, then they were going to get lunch. As they were leaving he received a text, he said it was urgent he would need to check on a construction site. He told her to go to our parents to wait for him he would be back as soon as he straightened the problem out.”

     “Do you think the text has something to do with his disappearance. Why do you think he was kidnapped?”

      “There is quite a bit of criminal activity in Bashu City right now with all the new construction and my family has been butting heads with the Zangwa Family over construction by the beach.”

     “Fuck! the Zangwa Family has a serious amount of Underworld connections.”

     “Before I came to Pushong City I checked out the Zangwa Family, I found out they hired the Black Sky Organization to eliminate my brother but the contract wasn’t fulfilled for some reason. You know that fucker that runs it Kuang Fu doesn’t just cancel a contract, they are the best and most ruthless assassins in Asia. We have been trying to catch those bastards for years but no one even knows what he and his brother Kuang Bo look like.

     They have perfected the use of face changing masks thanks to that maniac Xinghi, we can’t locate their base of operations either. In April last year we captured one of their assassins but before we could question him he got a bullet between the eyes when he was in custody. Fuck Ziaobo he was surrounded by ten men when he got shot!”

     “Yeah usually if someone hires the Organization for a hit, it is as good as done.They leave no tracks either, it is like they are ghosts. You are sure the Zangwa’s hired the Black Sky Organization?”

     “My source is very reliable.”

     “So you think then someone else kidnapped him then when the hit failed?”

     “There are a few other corrupt companies in Bashu City but they don’t have the resources, I’m only telling you this,I think it was my uncle. I believe he was colluding with them. He has the most to lose.”

    “What would he gain?”

     “It’s complicated, we have a vote coming up the 30th of this month, Tingfeng has the most shares because he controls my father’s since he had a stroke last year, but if Tingfeng isn’t there for the meeting the majority vote would easily be in the hands of my uncle. My source informed me my Uncle wanted a piece of the action so badly he had taken out millions in high interest loans to buy beach front property. If the land stays idle he has no way to repay those loans.”

     Chen Huan arrives, “Did you order I got held up at the office.”

     “No, we were waiting for you.”

     Chen waves a waiter over, “I would like a gin and tonic, make it tall with a lime.”

     “Xiaobo, I was thinking you could help my brother find this girl. Jianyu is losing his shit over this, you know what a workaholic he is Xiaobo, he didn’t even go into the office. He has a merger coming up for one of his subsidiaries with the Zhao Corporation and he blew off Old Man Zhao, not once but twice! Today like a nut he had his men passing out flyers with her picture on it.”

     Xiaobo looks at the picture. “I thought he said she had green eyes.

     “He did, but he swears he saw her earlier that day she was wearing brown contacts.”


    Huan starts laughing,” That was my first reaction too. haha..haha.. He takes a cigarette out of his pack, “Who knows but my cold hearted brother is obsessed with finding this girl.”

     “I can see what I can find out.”

     “Weisheng any developments about your brother?”

     “No, I am going to meet a contact later see what information they have found.” He looks at the picture,“Why does your brother think they are the same girl?”

     “He didn’t say.Let’s order I’m starving.”

     At the hospital Qiao Rui finished his exam of LiMei then leaves to meet Lau An.

     Lau An wants to talk to him about the party at her parent’s on Saturday, she plans to tell him that her father is going to announce her upcoming  marriage to Chen Jianyu. She still has residual feelings for Qiao Rui, more  importantly doesn’t want him surprised by the news and make a scene.

     When Qiao Rui arrives he is in a very good mood. Tomorrow he will spend the afternoon with Feng LiMei then he plans on inviting her to accompany him to the Lau’s party. He has enjoyed spending time wth her these last two days, for the first time in a long time he is attracted to a woman.

     He enters the Cafe, Lau An has made him his favorite tea, he doesn’t drink coffee and set out some desserts.

     “Lau An what did you need to speak to me about? I said I am coming to your party tomorrow, you could tell me then.”

     “Rui, I wanted to tell you something before the party.”

     He takes a sip of tea, “What?” He is tired of the games she plays with him, he feels he has finally broken free from this toxic relationship.

     “I wanted to tell you first. Tomorrow night my father will announce the upcoming marriage of Jianyu and me.”

     “Good luck An. He might announce it but how are you going to get Jianyu to agree.” He doesn’t care anymore, how many times has she played him. “An if you are telling me because you think I might be upset, I gave up on our relationship when I left Pushong City five years ago.”


     “What do you want me to say?” He wants to tell her he finally met someone he thinks he could care for but why? It’s none of her business.

     “Lau An let me give you a piece of advice, Jianyu will never be forced into a contract marriage. Make him fall in love with you if you want him that badly.”

     Qiao Rui gets up to leave as he does he notices a flyer on the wall. “What’s this, a missing person poster?” The girl looks familiar to him. He takes it off the wall to look closer, right,she is the girl who ran in front of his Porsche that day heading to a taxi.

    Lau An’s face turns red there is no way am I telling him it is  Chen Jianyu who is looking for this girl. She knows it is a different phone number, Rui won’t recognize it.

     “Some man is looking for her, asked if he could hang it in here, she was seen around here I guess.”

     “Huh. Bye An, think about what I said.”

     As he is driving he thinks if An had told him this last week he would have been somewhat upset but he has found someone who opened up his heart again. Who knows if it will work out with Feng LiMei she is much younger than me but just being attracted to her is the beginning of forgetting An.

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