The Doctor is So Handsome

Long An wants to confirm Li Tian will be taking her to the Leng Enterprise banquet on Friday night. Her agent has been on her ass to be seen in public with him more. Some comments on her Weibo planted by Xia Lixue’s army are throwing dirty water on her saying she made up her relationship with the elusive Li Tian to become popular. 

     Since she is a celebrity under contract to Leng Entertainment it is important for her to make an appearance at the banquet on Li Tian’s arm. “Tian, here” She hands him a bottle of water from the table, “I need to know what time you are picking me up to go to the LE banquet tomorrow night.”

   If his mother wasn’t insisting on this engagement he wouldn’t look twice at Long An. Unfortunately she keeps threatening him with going to his grandfather who dotes on her or his mother who nags him to get married. 

     He needs to go to the banquet to solidify his relationship with Leng Shuai who word has it will become the next Master on New Years. He needs to have some woman accompany him so he says, “I will pick you up at six, it takes an hour and a half to get there, don’t make me wait.”

    Long An is shocked how easily he agreed she thought it would take more cajoling on her part. “ We need to both wear Dolce and Gabbana I am doing a commercial for their new fragrance.”

   “That has nothing to do with me and Henri Armand will be at the banquet so I will be wearing a suit from his latest collection. I am sending a dress over to you later today from his designer Chloe which you will wear. I don’t need to go into detail with you but I want him to consider using my textile factory I recently purchased in Shenshuan. And since when do you have the balls to give me any orders?

   “I can’t wear a designer gown from Chloe I just signed the contract with the head of marketing at D&G stating I will solely appear in their designs.”

   “Then I will find a different date for the banquet. There is no shortage of women I can choose from who would gladly accompany me.”

   Long An’s face turns red, angry with his flippant attitude, “Tian! Don’t be unreasonable they will fine me!”

   He lazily crosses his long legs and  takes a sip of water then turning to his friend who is on his phone ignoring them. “Tielin you are going to the banquet right? You  escort An.”

   Zheng Tielin looks up from his phone, “Don’t drag me into your argument. I have a beautiful date, I’m going with a friend of mine from University, Han Bi.”

   Long An gets excited for a moment, “Tielin you know Han Bi…Kang Jin’s sister?” She did her research on him, her investigator was able to find out his real name is Han Chao of the prestigious Han family. If she can get close to him it will help her become more popular and possibly get a role in his next drama.

   Zheng Tielin knows Long An’s personality and when he sees the gleam in her brown eyes he knows she is scheming. “Why?”

   She sways her hips coquettishly as she walks over to him, bending over him in her swimsuit she pouts, “Tielin it would really help my career if I could have some pictures taken with him. Nothing too much…just a few shots. Is he going to the LE banquet?”

   Li Tian smiles watching Zheng Tielin squirm in his seat as Long An sits on his lap, “You would do this small thing for me wouldn’t you?”

“…” Tian aren’t you going to stop your fiancee from acting coyly in front of you?He pushes her off of him, “While Tian was in the pool you totally dissed me now you want my help? I don’t think so. Also Han Bi never talks about her brother so I’m sure his family doesn’t want it known he is in the entertainment industry. You know how stuffy Old Man Han is, if I mention this to Han Bi she won’t even pick up my call next time.”

    Long An humphs then sits down in the chair next to him  putting her finger to her temple thinking of how to convince Zheng Tielin. I can’t let such a good opportunity pass me by. I have tried to get close to Kang Jin several times but he is always surrounded by his people and bodyguards making it impossible. Even my conniving agent couldn’t make it happen. Hmmm…Maybe I can get close to Han Bi myself then.

   Li Tian stands up, “I’m leaving. You decide wear the dress or not it is up to you but I won’t bend on this matter.”

   Ha..this bastard doesn’t even know the meaning of the word bend. I guess I will need to have daddy pay the fine. “Send the dress over … I don’t wear blue.”

   Li Tian smirks then the dress will need to be the brightest blue. “Tielin, do you want to get some lunch I need to discuss the Waterfront project with you.”

   Zheng Tielin sees a chance to escape from Long An, he jumps out of his seat, “I’m finished working out for the day let’s go now.”

    “…” Li Tian stares at his friend, you did nothing but sit on the lounge watching me swim laps while drinking a mineral water. “I need to swing by my company first I will meet you at the Golden Pear Restaurant.”

   “Two o’clock then?”

   “En.” Li Tian turns to Long An his voice is cold, “Behave yourself when you come to this gym from now on or I will have the manager revoke your membership. Don’t ask the employees to get your drinks.”

   Long An watches them walk away how does he know about that? Did that moron earlier run and tattle to the manager like a big baby? Why would he tell Li Tian? Who cares..anyway how am I going to get close to Han Bi? The Hans definitely above my family in social status so I don’t know her.

   Opening her phone she searches Weibo for information on Han Bi, she is the executive assistant to Fang Yunxian at the Fang Group. why would she take that kind of job with a degree in Business from A University. Hmm..looking at her profile on Hinkidin. She can’t see any pictures of her though. Long An has an idea she rushes out the door to the pool to go to the changing room.

    While Long Tian and Zheng Tielin are leaving the gym Li Tian asks him, “You are taking Han Bi to the banquet?” Han Bi must be Han Chang’s little sister, he hasn’t seen her since he was in High School she must be about twenty two now.

   “She was my junior at University, I ran into her when I was at Fang Group she works for Yunxian.”

   Li Tian wonders what Han Bi looks like now, she was a chubby little girl in Middle School the last time he saw her and Tielin is the biggest playboy he knows. Curious he asks, “Do you have a picture of her?”

    “Huh?” Since when is Tian interested in seeing the picture of a woman I am dating.

   “I’m curious, I remember her when she was a chubby kid.”

   “Han Bi was chubby?” Zheng Tielin starts laughing holding his side, “No way! You are lying Bro.”

   Li Tian, “Yeah… she used to follow her brother Chang and me around bugging us to buy her cakes.”

   “I wish I did have a picture of her, she could be a model, tall with long legs and a nice pair of …” He stops himself she is his friend he can’t describe her the way he usually would one of his women. “If you are going to the LE banquet you will see here there with me.”

   “En. See you at lunch.” He gets into his black Land Rover parked in the front of the gym as he drives off he smiles, So you turned into a beauty huh Little Bi..

   Bi and Yibo leave the cafeteria to check on Sara, Bi asks Yibo, “Don’t you have to go to work?”

   “I cleared my schedule when you were using the restroom. I want to make sure Sara is alright. Dr. Meng should have a diagnosis by now I want to see how she is doing before I leave.”

   Bi looks up at him, “Yibo, you surprise me sometimes.”

   He has a quizzical expression on his face, “What do you mean.”

   “You always seem so frivolous but I can see you are really worried about Sara.”

   They are walking down the hallway to the elevator, “Of course I am! Bi I’m not the person you think I am.” Yibo wishes he could tell Bi she is the only woman he wants, the women he dates are for show he doesn’t sleep with them. “I keep the facade of being a playboy hoping Song Sara’s father will let her dissolve our engagement, but I underestimated how much he wants a partnership with my old man. I care about Sara, neither one of us want this arranged marriage.”

   When they get to the elevator Bi turns towards him, “That is a stupid way to go about it. Now even if you meet a nice girl you like she will have the wrong impression about you. Your image is too heavy.”

   He leans his arms up blocking Bi as she stands next to the elevator, with a penetrating gaze he tells her, “I would hope the girl I like looks beyond what people on the internet and in the paper say about me.”

   Bi pushes on his strong chest not budging him, “Look! There is a photographer!” Teasing him she thinks he will turn around but he instantly presses her head into his chest covering her with his suit jacket, “Don’t look up so they can see your face.” Bi blushes at his protective gesture, feeling awkward she doesn’t say anything. He waits a minute looking around, sounding relieved,“They left.”

   The elevator opens and they get in Bi feels embarrassed. Yibo looks down at her affectionately, “Don’t worry Bi they didn’t see the illustrious Ms. Han’s face with the notorious playboy Tzu Yibo.” He starts laughing, “Your blushing, Bi I don’t think I have ever seen you flustered.”

   Bi’s heart is beating fast she isn’t sure if it is from him holding her so close that she could smell his distinctive masculine scent or that she was playing a bad joke on him and he responded so chivalrously.

    She snaps out of it, pouting she scolds him , “Yibo you scoundrel you didn’t have to hold me that tight!”

   He ruffles her hair with a doting tone he isn’t aware of himself he says, “Bi, I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you, even if he got the picture I would have my men destroy his camera before he left the building.”

   Bi gazes at his handsome face, she is used to him teasing her and his caring attitude surprises her, “Well it is good to know our childhood friendship still means something to you!”

   The elevator door opens to the floor Sara’s room is located. Tzu Yibo checks at the desk, “What room is Song Sara in?”

   The young nurse smiles at him brightly, Oh my God Director Tzu is even more handsome than the pictures of him on the internet, “Director Tzu let me look.” She looks at her computer, “She is in room 3267. Dr. Meng said she isn’t to have visitors she is still unconscious.”

   “Page him for me we will wait in my office.”

   “Yes Director.”

   “Bi you will be more comfortable in my office Dr. Meng can talk to us privately about Sara’s condition.”

   Concerned that Sara hasn’t awakened yet she worriedly says,“Yibo what do you think is wrong with Sara?”

   He can tell by her voice she is really worried about her best friend, “Don’t panic, Dr. Meng is a cautious man he probably wants to discuss her condition with us first before we visit Sara.”

   In Sara’s room she has awakened and realizes she is in a hospital bed. A tall doctor in a white coat is taking to a nurse with his back towards her so she can’t see his face. She sighs remembering seeing the muscular man come into the apartment then panicking. I must have passed out from fright how lame! 

     She holds her gown tightly with her small hands gripping it tightly up to her neck. This doctor must have seen my body.. the little voice inside of her sneers of course he saw your body you idiot! Sara blushes as the doctor turns around, My God he is so young and handsome… how embarrassing.

    Dr.Meng says something to the nurse and she leaves the room. He takes a few long strides  over to the bed, Sara buries her head under the covers it is too late to pretend she is sleeping. He has a faint smile “Miss Song, please come out from under the covers I need to talk to you.”

    Song Sara doesn’t want to face him but she peeks out holding the covers up to her neck. He thinks she looks adorable blushing, peering up at him with her big blue eyes like a frightened bunny. He casually sits on the edge of the bed, “Miss  Song you have nothing to be ashamed about what happened to you wasn’t your fault. If you would like to speak to someone I can connect you with a counselor.” Since he didn’t do a full examination he can’t say for sure she was raped but the probability is very high.

    She is feeling the heat rising in her as he calmly talks to her about her situation. She is trying to control her emotions that are still raw from the incident with the unruy bastard.

   Dr. Meng gently pulls down the cover and she is stunned by how handsome he is up close. His face has a look of conern and his voice is soothing, “You can talk to me if you want also, since I am your doctor it will be between the two of us.”

   Sara shakes her head no, so he let’s it drop for now. His voice is calm and not judgemental as he explains her medical situation. “Miss Song you passed out from physical and mental exhaustion combined with the effects of a powerful aphrodisiac and consuming a quantity of alcohol. Your CAT scan came up normal which is a good sign. I applied a special herbal healing lotion which should both soothe and remove the bruising on your skin. You do have a bump on your head from hitting the floor when you fell unconscious, nothing abnormal showed up so the swelling should go down in a day or two. You need to stay in the hospital overnight with an IV drip to stabilize your electrolytes and help you regain your strength. Do you have any questions for me? Your friends are worried and waiting for me to go to the Director’s office. If you feel up to visitors I can send them down.”

   Thinking about it Bi and Yibo must be really worried about her but she doesn’t want them to know the truth. Dr. Meng can see all her mixed emotions displayed on her face, he wants to reassure her he won’t tell them her personal information. “Miss Song what I have told you is between us I won’t divulge your personal medical information even to Director Tzu. I adhere strictly to the principle of protecting a patient’s rights.”

   Shit! Yibo must have told him I am his fiancee. Could this get any worse! She tries to speak but her throat is dry and hoarse..”Ah..kaka..” she coughs. Seeing her unable to speak Dr. Meng quickly pours her a cup of warm water. After she takes a few sips she says, “Thank you Doctor..” He says, “My name is Dr. Meng Jian.”

   “Dr. Meng I appreciate..” She drinks more water, why is my throat so dry..”I appreciate your keeping this information to yourself it would only cause the people I care about to worry about me. But,I can’t stay overnight I need to go home.” I can’t afford this room it looks expensive, I don’t want to waste my savings.

   His face darkens what is she thinking she is in no condition to leave the hospital, “As your doctor I can’t discharge you until you have been monitored and your fluids replenished.”

  She brushes her hair behind her ears and waves her hand, “I will be fine. I feel much better.” Sara smiles as she gets up from the bed, her legs are weak and her insides are still sore from the man violating her last night, she wobbles and starts to fall. Dr. Meng quickly catches her in his arms before she hits the floor.

      He looks down at her exquisite face and gulps as Sara’s soft body is pressed into his chest. Sara quickly tries to stand, he supports her by her arm back to the bed. “I think you just proved my point you are too weak. If you don’t want to impose on your friends I suggest you listen to me.” He lays her onto the bed covering her in the blue blanket. What is wrong with this girl why is she trying to rush out of the hospital before she is discharged. She can’t even stand up she should have a gynecological checkup. How can I bring that up?

   He fixes the pillow behind her head, he is hesitant to bring it up but it needs to be said, she could have internal injuries. “Miss Song I will be frank with you, when I examined you the pattern of bruising on your lower abdomen and inner thighs no I can’t say it she might get too upset being reminded of her experience. Well, I think you should be examined by a gynecologist.”

   Sara can’t take it any more… holding in her emotions in… trying not to think about what happened..she bursts out crying. Meng Jian is caught off guard and has no idea what to do, he takes his handkerchief out of his pocket wiping her tears, in a gentle voice he says, “It will be alright, Miss Song I won’t tell anyone… you need to heal and move on…forget the bastard who did this to you. Obviously you were drugged and taken advantage of by a violent man. You need to take care of yourself.” Did I just say what I was thinking..shit!

   She leans on his shoulder and he stiffens holding her lightly, smelling her light and refreshing fragrance he feels his heart tighten wanting to kill the asshole who hurt her. What kind of man ravages a young girl like Song Sara? Despicable! 

     Meng Jian can’t help but stare at her beautiful blue eyes full of sorrow and her delicate tearstained face. Sara just lays limply on him crying and whimpering like a wounded little bunny. He can feel her pulling on his heartstrings as her tears wet his shirt.

      When she comes to her senses she looks up at him her hazy blue eyes covered with a layer of mist, “I’m sorry Doctor.” She wipes her face with the handkerchief he hands her, trying to catch her breath from crying she stutters,“I r..r..eally ..a….appreciate your kindness.”

   “You have been through an ordeal I can’t imagine, but if you want to talk about it I’m here.” He gently pats her back to calm her down. He furrows his eyebrows as  he pictures her red and swollen feet covered in cuts, she must have been scared to death running away from whoever did this to her.

   “I will be alright I guess I needed to get that out,” Sara shyly smiles at him as she dabs her eyes. “Please don’t tell my friends.”

   He feels uncomfortable seeing Sara so upset, what can I do but try to comfort her and ease her worries, “I told you Miss Song I respect the doctor patient relationship. I didn’t write anything in my notes about you being drugged so that can’t leak out and ruin your reputation. I didn’t allow the nurse to dress you into the hospital gown when I saw the markings on your neck. Nurses tend to gossip unfortunately and you are the Director’s fiancee. If you don’t want to see a gynecologist I can apply some healing vaginal ointment, but I highly recommend you see one.”

    Oh my God I want to cover my ears can this get any worse he changed me into this gown… took off my underwear seeing my body. But he is speaking in such a matter of fact tone ..right he has seen many naked women before I’m sure. Sara takes the water from the table next to the bed and gulps some down, then shakes her head trying to get past her embarrassment he is a doctor after all. But, looking at his handsome face as he said vaginal her face is bright red. Obviously from the condition of my body and my weakness when I stood up he put two and two together. Blushing she timidly says, “If you could bring me the ointment I can apply it myself.”

    He stands up, his voice is low and magnetic,“I am going to see Director Tzu and your friend if you are ready to see them I will send them down, after they leave I will bring you the ointment.” I won’t say vaginal again she looked too embarrassed when I said it before. Damn, why aren’t I more sensitive!

   Sara stares up at him, he is being very gentle and considerate, she shyly smiles at him, “Thank you Doctor.” His warm aura made her feel safe and protected as he was holding her…he must be a really good man. 

    “You must be hungry I will tell the nurse to bring your lunch.” When I changed her into the hospital gown her thin body looked too fragile like she could blow away in a strong wind. “When you leave the hospital I will send some nutritional supplements with you and a diet plan to strengthen your body.”

    He must have heard my stomach rumbling ahhh.. I didn’t even get a chance to taste my Hangover Soup this morning! “I am a little hungry, thank you.”

   After he leaves she turns over pounding her fists into her pillow, the Doctor is so damn handsome  why…why did I have to meet him under these circumstances! Vaginal..vaginal..ahhh..not to mention I fell apart into his arms! Sara..Sara..get it together! Ohhhhh…If I ever see you bastard who did this to me… I am definitely… most definitely going to kill you!

   Li Tian is driving to meet Zheng Tielin at the Golden Pear Restaurant and starts sneezing…

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