The Clinic

Han Weisheng has a slight smile on his handsome face as he wipes the blood from his lip, that girl is quite interesting. Who was she running away from when she collided with me? He could tell she wanted to render him unconscious with her palm strike, that isn’t a technique a normal girl would know for self defense. He is still picturing the murderous gleam in her shining catlike eyes as she looked at him. He approaches the hospital as Chen Jianyu and Qiao Rui are leaving.

     “Han Weisheng, this is Qiao Rui he is the Hospital Director.”

    “Jianyu told me you have some questions about a patient”, he looks at his watch, “But I have a rather important appointment right now. My assistant will be back in at one o’clock she might be able to assist you. Her name is Bai Chiyu.”

     Wang Li walks up as the three of them are talking. “Excuse me.” Chen Jianyu pulls Wang Li to the side’ “Well, where is she?”

    “Sorry Boss,I lost her in the crowd.”

    “Fuck! Well Rui had a good idea, he saw her on Tuesday afternoon catching a taxi at the intersection of 68th. St. and Jinyun St. You need to go by all the cab companies to find out where the taxi driver took her.”

     “Boss there are a lot of cab companies.” I’m a bodyguard, not your assistant, should I mention that? No, probably not..

     Qiao Rui and Han Weisheng are talking, Chen Jianyu interrupts them,“Rui what taxi company was it?”

     Qiao Rui looks over at Chen Jianyu, what a pain in the ass,“Shit I don’t know.”

    “Well, what color was the taxi?”

     “Brown and white, I need to go. Jianyu see you tonight at the Lau’s don’t forget to bring your wallet for the Silent Auction it is to benefit my new hospital wing!”

     “Jianyu, I’m going to check out a lead then come back to talk to Qiao Rui’s assistant. “

     “Weisheng do you want to go to a Charity Event tonight at Lau Zemin’s? You might make some important contacts, all the prominent families will be represented there.”

     Han Weisheng never participates in these types of events but maybe he could feel a few people out, “What time?”

    “Eight, I can text directions to you and I will have Lau An send an invitation to your phone.”


     Qiao Rui walks over to his black Porsche, he needs to go home and change before he picks up Feng LiMei.

     After LiMei returns from shopping she showers again,she was hot by the time she walked home, it is a very warm day today. When she gets out of the shower she rubs her body with her jasmine lotion. Then she puts her long black hair up in a pony tail tying it with a pink ribbon, no that makes me look too young, she puts her hair down taking part of it and putting it in  her white jade hairpin, yes, that looks pretty.

     LiMei applies a little lip gloss, she didn’t think to buy makeup earlier. She slips into her dress, he should be here soon, she is getting excited. She doesn’t want him to come up the stairs to her room so she asked Grandpa Du if she could wait downstairs in their living room for him.

     She locks her door then runs down the stairs to knock on the door. Chang answers it he was playing a video game in the living room, his mouth drops open when he sees her,“Wow! LiMei you look beautiful! Where are you going?”

     “Dr. Qiao is taking me to visit his Clinic on the East side of town, they use traditional Chinese medicine to treat patients.”

     “He is too old for you LiMei!”

     “It’s not a date you idiot!”

     “Why are you wearing that dress then? I have only seen you in tshirts and leggings.”

     LiMei blushes, am I overdressed, maybe I should go change.

     Grandma Du comes out of the kitchen, “Chang! leave LiMei alone”, she hits him lightly with a wooden spoon. “Your dress is very pretty, don’t listen to him.”

     LiMei smiles at the old woman she really likes this family, “I’m going to meet a famous doctor so I wanted to dress up just a little, you don’t think it is too much do you Grandma?”

     “Not at all you look beautiful.” She always wanted a granddaughter, LiMei is sweet and has a natural beauty  she is very glad her husband rented the spare room to her. “Sit, Chang move over, do you want some tea while you are waiting?”

     “No thanks Grandma. Chang hand me a controller I, Zhar! will kill you!” She sits on the couch next to him.

     They start laughing, Chang can never beat her at this game. She has slain him seven times already when the doorbell rings.

     LiMei can feel her heart is pounding, calm down LiMei this isn’t a date.

     Qiao Rui is standing at the door looking around, the house is old but well kept, nice modest neighborhood.

    LiMei jumps off the couch straightening her dress as she goes to the the door, “Dr. Qiao” she yells back to Grandma Du, “ I’m leaving” She hurries out the door before Chang can say anything.

     Qiao Rui looks at her as she rushes out the door almost into his arms, she looks very beautiful in that dress. He is momentarily stunned, it is very feminine a light pink with traditional Chinese embroidery on the skirt, a perfect choice highlighting her creamy white skin.

     He composes himself, “Call me Rui.”

     LiMei is nervous, he is so handsome,  wearing casual clothes, a black shirt the top button is undone, gray pants. His black hair is a little windblown and messy making him look less serious than when he was in the hospital.

     They walk out to this car, the top is down on it, Rui asks LiMei “Do you mind? I like to feel the warm wind when I drive, soon it will be too cold to enjoy it.”

     “No, I have never ridden in a convertible, looks like fun!”

     He opens the door of the black Porsche, she feels like she is with an idol from her drama, she wants to pinch herself. When she is in the car he gets in the driver’s seat then leans over to buckle her seat belt for her. He can smell a light jasmine fragrance on her, a refreshing change from the heavy perfume many women wear. Qiao Rui can’t take his eyes off her as she pulls up her long ink black hair with her slender arms, he notices her slender neck, her skin is jadelike… flawless.

      She notices him watching her she thinks he wants to go, she puts on her sunglasses, “Ready!” she smiles at him, he really wants to lean over, pull her close then kiss those tempting pink lips.

     Qiao Rui snaps himself out of it, pulling the car out, he takes off down the street. LiMei can feel the warm breeze, he puts some music on, she leans back just enjoying the ride. They ride along silently, it takes about a forty minutes to arrive at the Clinic.

     As they pass the Hushang Group Headquarters she thinks about her job in the Accounting Department on Monday, most likely she won’t run into either of the Chen brothers but she should disguise herself a bit just in case. Maybe have some black rimmed glasses, wear her short wig, maybe blue eyes for a change, when they take the picture for the employee badge that will be the picture on file. So that should work. 

     She shivers, a good job but having to hide from those two morons what a pain. She has goosebumps on her arm whilethinking about it.

     “Are you cold I can put the top up?” he notices her shivering next to him.

     “ Dr. Qiao I love riding with the top down.”

     “Rui, remember.”

     She blushes, “Rui.”

    He can see her cheeks turning red, he loves the way LiMei is pure and innocent looking. Her shy look is adorable. “We are almost there.”

    They enter a modest tree lined neighborhood, children are playing in the street, he slows down as a ball flies past them. Turning a corner they stop at an unobtrusive building, the parking lot is surrounded by tall Chinese Oak trees. The style of the building is ancient Chinese architectural design, there is a small sign that says Wellness and Harmony. Qiao Rui parks then opens the car door for LiMei helping her out of the low seat.

     She thinks the building is very welcoming, as they walk through the outer door there is a small open courtyard with flowers surrounding a large tree in the middle that reaches into the sky,  some wooden benches. LiMei has removed her sunglasses, Qiao Rui can see her eyes shining as she looks around. He has never brought a woman here, no woman he knows would appreciate the atmosphere of the clinic, or what he wants to accomplish by having a small traditional medicine clinic.

     “Dr. Qiao, ..Rui, this courtyard is awesome”, she can feel the positivity of the space.

     His lips curl up in a faint smile as he can see her appreciation of the atmosphere he created here at the Clinic. He wasn’t wrong in his judgment of her personality. She is sweet and straightforward when she speaks, saying whatever comes to her mind without restraint, her delicate face expressing the emotion she is feeling at the time. 

     “Come with me Dr. Woo should be in his office.” He takes her small hand in his as though it is the most natural thing to do. He doesn’t know why he grabbed her hand at that moment but it feels good holding her warm palm.

     LiMei is shocked at this gesture but doesn’t pull her hand away, she looks up at the outstanding man next to her feeling like this is a dream and she doesn’t want to wake up. He is so tall she wishes she had worn heels she barely comes up to his chest.

     “Zixin.” Qiao Rui greets Dr. Woo as he exits his office door towards the Courtyard.

     Dr. Woo sees Qiao Rui holding hands with a petite young woman, did the Sun rise in the West today?

     “Rui, who is this?” He has never brought anyone to the clinic, as far as he knows Rui never talks about the clinic with anyone.

     “Her name is Feng LiMei she is interested in Acupuncture and herbal medicine so I wanted her to meet you and see it in use in the Clinic. She was injured so I want to remove her bandage and apply some Dhesing on it, I have some in my office.

     “Room one isn’t being used you can take her in there.” Dhesing..holy shit he must really like this young cost him five million USD to buy 5 grams from that black marketeer in Hong Kong two years ago. It is very unlike Rui to be so generous with his rare herbs he collects. He stares Feng LiMei who is looking shyly up at Rui with sparkling deep green eyes. She is a little beauty..he must not want a scar on her jade like skin.

     “When I’m finished I’m going to show her around then we can get lunch, are you free?”

     “Come and get me in my office I have some paperwork to do this afternoon, Dr. Ling is seeing the patients today.”

     Qiao Rui stops by his office picking up the Dhesing that is stored in a special black glass jar on a shelf in the back. LiMei looks around at his office, besides some books stacked on a table, there are shelves with herbs in the back, a simple antique desk and a computer, no photographs or personal items.

     On the wall across from the desk hangs  a painting that depicts a mountain covered in mist with a small house, a hauntingly beautiful woman in ancient clothing standing next to the house looking into the sky,  she appears to be very sad. LiMei doesn’t know anything about paintings but it gives her a very dark and gloomy vibe. Why does it look familiar though, as if she has seen it before?

    Qiao Rui turns around to see LiMei, her slender finger on her lip staring at the painting with a pensive look on her face.

    He walks over to her grabbing her hand  then walks out of his office with her towards Room One.

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