Taking Advantage

LiMei is deep in sleep, she is dreaming about Kuang Bo, besides the fact he is Kuang Fu’s brother he was a good friend to her, he always protected her. She is picturing him smiling at her his handsome face, his deep brown eyes with a hint of amusement as he teased her rlentlessly. Part of her misses him, they were together daily for five years, he was her best friend, even though he wanted more. She mutters in her sleep,” Bo..” her pink lips form an alluring smile on her face as she whispers the name.

     When Chen Jianyu hears her say another man’s name his blood begins to boil, who is this man? I will drive the thought of any other man from her mind. He moves his body closer to her, she stretches her arm draping it across his waist. He takes advantage of their position, running his fingers through her hair then he kisses her forehead. Crazy desire is running through him right now, so what if she thinks I am someone else, I will make her see only me when I finish. His drunken logic is distorted right now, he only knows he is getting hard as her small delicate hand rests on his stomach. He wants her tender body, he wants to be deep inside and possess LiMei entirely.

     Chen Jianyu can’t contain the lust he is feeling, his heart is pounding in his chest. Is it wrong to take the girl in this situation… yes… will I do it yes.His reason is gone from all the wine he drank, as he looks at her seductive lips inviting him, the skirt riding up her slender thighs exposing her white lace underwear. There is something very sexy about the white lace between her legs, he wants to rip the tiny white lace away, touch what is hidden underneath, then taste her sweetness.

     He puts one hand under her blouse roaming to her soft breasts, he leans on top of her pressing his lips on hers, his breathing is becoming heavy. His other hand is sliding up her slender thigh eager to slip under the white lace to touch her sensitive spot. LiMei is dreaming of Kuang Bo he is trying to take advantage of her, no…we are friends, no..

      She is going to be completely his soon, he won’t let her out of his grasp this time she has bewitched him. His mind is in chaos as the sensation from touching her ignites his passion. Chen Jianyu wants to leave his mark on her, he begins sucking harder on her soft skin, his tongue licking her neck, inhaling the intoxicating jasmine scent on her skin.

     LiMei suddenly realizes this is more than a dream, she feels the man’s flesh under her hand as she pushes him away, she opens her eyes there is a man’s hot breath on her face. Who is this, she is disoriented from her dream. “Who are you!”

     Chen Jianyu is surprised by her sudden movement, he sees the shock in her beautiful green eyes. He is about to try to calm her when she uses her palm to strike his Zehua point knocking him unconscious.She rolls out from under him, shit..shit…shit..what the hell..

     LiMei sees her bunny charm once again is sitting on the nightstand,her shoes are by the side of the bed, she grabs them running to the closet she gets the wig she had placed under a sweater. Hurriedly buttoning her blouse she pulls her hair up putting the wig back on, how will I explain still being at the hotel after I was fired? I need to get my purse from the locker. She is cursing herself she didn’t have her silver needles on her, he is unconscious but she couldn’t imprint a different memory, he will remember what happened. Dammit to hell!

     How did I end up in his bed, the last thing I remember is being bored deciding to rest until he went to sleep. He found me and put me in his bed! Shameless! Bastard! I save his life twice then he wanted to ruin me! I want to be pure when i find my true love, not spoiled by some arrogant rich bastard for his own pleasure. LiMei wants to kill Chen Jianyu right now for paying back her kindness with injury, but she knows she won’t find happiness in the future if she does, but she will pay him back for this insult!

     Livid about what just happened LiMei gets into the elevator, now what to say to the Kitchen Manager, why is she still here? She needs her purse, it’s good it is locked in a locker she has a few items hidden in there she wouldn’t want anyone to see, not to mention her phone, wallet and house keys. The elevator stops at the first floor, she wipes the beads of sweat that have formed on her head, composing herself she glances around, it is late probably only the Kitchen Manager is in the kitchen finishing the paperwork. She enters the kitchen walking to the lockers in the back to retrieve her purse and jacket then leave.

     Before she can the Kitchen Manager comes out from his office.”LiMei I knew you would need to come back for your things, I’m sorry about what happened earlier, that man is notorious for being unreasonable. I’m going to talk to Song Yichen, he is the one in charge of the daily workings of this hotel. He doesn’t like Chen Jianyu so I think you have a good chance of still working here.”

     Chen Jianyu? His brother is Director Chen Huan, really this world is too small, two brothers annoying me with the same Young Master attitude. I escaped the net of one to fall into the trap of the other. Ironic.

     “Kitchen Manager I appreciate that, I do like working here, call me, I will return if he allows it.” LiMei isn’t going to let a good job slip away because of that pig. “It’s late I waited because I didn’t want to face everyone when I came back.”

     “I understand, they all felt bad for your situation, if you return it won’t be mentioned again. Get some rest look for my call tomorrow.”

     “Thank you for your effort.”

     LiMei sighs it is late, she waits at the bus stop, putting on her jacket she sits on the bench. Is she destined for trouble, she came to this city wanting to get lost in the crowd, in the last two days she has caught the attention of two brothers who aren’t to be trifled with, maybe she should move to Chantang City. But, she loves her little apartment, she has made a friend in Du Chang, his grandparents are nice to her, and she can’t leave Father Lam. LiMei she tells herself, just avoid anyone named Chen… you will be fine.

     When she gets home she washes her uniform in case she still has a job. If so she will get the other uniforms if not she will look for another job. She still has money, that isn’t a worry. The only worry she has is being found by the Kuang brothers so she needs to have a low profile stop getting involved, stay to herself. LiMei takes a shower putting on her pajamas, she sits at her little vanity table to apply face cream, WTF! He left marks on her neck, obvious love bites..how am I going to cover them up! What kind of man takes advantage of a girl when she is sleeping! Can’t he buy a woman if he needs one that badly?

     LiMei climbs into bed rubbing her neck, she scans some websites on her phone for any cream that might take care of the problem, good there is one, I can buy it at the drugstore tomorrow. Then I will find a jewelry store to get a chain for my bunny charm. She hugs her plushie closing her eyes.

     Lau An after dinner with Qiao Rui goes back to the cafe, when she enters her office she sinks into the chair. Rui is right Jianyu has had her waiting for him for ten years, but she can’t give up now. Her father will make it happen. She opens her computer, should she erase the images of the girl, what would that gain her, if Jianyu wants to find someone he eventually will with his resources. If he finds out she did he will be angry. He can have the footage whatever it reveals she decides. The program loads she checks the time of about 7:40 to 8:30 it should be within this time frame.

     She rubs her eyes, seeing Rui again was very difficult it brought up old feelings she hadn’t thought about since University. She scans the frames, then she sees what he is looking for, her security camera shows her bumping into him then walking into the restaurant, it is a clear shot of the girl’s face, well fate is not kind is it, she was hoping the picture would be blurry but it is crystal clear. Then after several frames there is the girl at the counter ordering a coffee, the security camera behind the counter shows her handing the money smiling at Sun Shirong. She isolates the footage copies it sending it to Jianyu’s email. She shuts the computer down, father I’m counting on you to make it happen Saturday night.

     Lau An calls Chen Jianyu’s cell to let him know she sent it, he doesn’t answer, that is odd knowing him he was waiting for a call and the email.

 Chen Jianyu why aren’t you picking up my call?

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