Qiao Rui Rescues Her

 Qiao Rui and LiMei walk along the river, it is late in the afternoon, there are a few people running and some bicyclists passing by them. LiMei can’t believe what a great day she is having with Qiao Rui, never did she think she would spend a day with such an outstanding man. Her life was bleak when she was with the Organization, she turned off her emotions living day to day waiting for the next assignment always needing to be an obedient slave to Kuang Fu’s orders.

      His domineering voice echoes in her mind,“Daiyu, you need to run three more laps, you looked sloppy climbing that wall, you need to be faster…After the laps climb it again!”

     Now, walking along leisurely she feels that nightmare might be finally over. She looks up at Qiao Rui walking next to her, he is looking out across the river, this is like a perfect dream.

     “LiMei would you like an ice cream?” Qiao Rui walks towards a small stand on the side of the park.

     “Thank you I would!”

     He gets two, handing her the strawberry one she requested. “Let’s sit on the bench over there.”

     After they sit Qiao Rui glances at her eating the ice cream, it is good I grabbed a couple napkins she has it dripping on her chin already, he reaches over wiping the dripping pink ice cream from her face. She looks very cute when she eats, savoring every mouthful, not caring about appearances.

     “Is it good?’

    “Delicious!” The ice cream is cold on her tongue and sweet, the day hasn’t cooled off yet and she was still hungry after not finishing her noodles at lunch.

     “Did you think about what I asked you earlier, would you be my date for the party tonight?”

     “Um, I’m just a working girl, I don’t have any party dresses.”LiMei thinks that is a lame excuse but she can’t go with him.

     “Not a problem, my friend has a dress shop downtown, we can pick you out a suitable dress.”

     LiMei tries to think of another excuse, “I don’t think it would be comfortable being around your friends to be honest.”{Especially the beast and his obnoxious brother.}

     “You would be with me no one would dare bully you.”

     Qiao Rui is not looking forward to this party, the only reason he is attending tonight is because the proceeds are going to the construction of the new wing. Lau An’s scheme is sure to blow up in her face, Chen Jianyu has been annoying lately obsessing on the mystery girl. Also his step brother Xiaotong should be going with his stepmother and their attempts to curry his favor grate on his nerves.

     To spite them he just might put his name in for the next CEO of Qiao Corporation at the next board meeting. His mother’s family initially funded his father when they were first married, then continued to offer support through the years even after his mother’s death.

     Maybe he should call his aunt, she could go in his place.

     “I have an idea.”

     LiMei was finishing her ice cream when she was distracted by a boat in the water and dripped on her new dress. She is dabbing her dress with a napkin, maybe she should go to the drinking fountain for some water, “Did you say something?”

     “I have to make a phone call, I need to step away for a minute. Wait right here for me.”

     “Okay.” Good… maybe he didn’t see the mess I just made on my dress, I will get some water to wipe it off before it stains. After he walks into the grass next to the Walkway LiMei walks over to the drinking fountain not paying attention to two men who are watching her.

     “That’s her! The fucking girl the Director has been looking for, it looks like she dyed her red hair black but I’m sure that is her!” Tang Shen is positive, he is still wondering how he lost her the other day at the mall. Since then Director Chen has had them staking out the River Walkway in case she came back, Today was really hot and he is in a bad mood being out there all day again.

     “Are you sure? What should we do grab her, she seems to be by herself.”

     “Yeah, where is the car?” Tang Shen is really tired of hearing how he lost her from his brother.

     “I parked it by the edge of the park not far from here.”

     “There aren’t any other people around right now, I think we can grab her.”

     “All we really need is her purse she probably has an ID in there then we will know her name and where she lives.” His cousin Liu doesn’t want to kidnap anyone. “We should just steal her purse.”

     “What is it doesn’t have any information in it then we have to come back here tomorrow again.I got a sunburn today Lui!

     “Okay. No one is around let’s do it.”

     LIMei is absentmindly rubbing her dress with a napkin,with her head down. Suddenly two beefy men in black suits come one on each side of her. Tang Shen looks at her, “Remember me? We aren’t going to hurt you our boss just wants to talk to you.” 

     They start walking pulling her along. She could take care of both of them but Qiao Rui is not far away she doesn’t want to expose herself, should I go with them to their car and then escape? Should I scream?

     Before she can decide Qiao Rui looks for her on the bench, then sees her being dragged off by two men. He rushes over and kicks Tang Shen in the chest, he stumbles backwards trying to catch his breath letting go of LiMei’s hand. His cousin Lui is frightened, he just got this job last week but he doesn’t want to go to jail even for the salary Chen Huan is paying.

     He is still holding onto LiMei when Qiao Rui swings his leg around kicking him in his side, Tang Shen rushes at Qiao Rui attempting to punch him in the face, Qiao Rui dodges the blow and hits him with a palm strike in the neck, he then falls unconscious to the ground. Cousin Lui drops LiMei’s arm he doesn’t want to be arrested so he takes off running into the park.

     LiMei is standing there wide eyed watching Qiao Rui take care of these two men with little effort. Qiao Rui watches Cousin Lui run away, takes his cell out of his pocket to call the police. LiMei doesn’t want to go to the Police Station to make a report she doesn’t know what to do. What should she do, why Chen Huan why? You just ruined my perfect day!

     She pretends to faint distracting Qiao Rui from Tang Shen, she subtly uses her inner energy as she falls to awaken Tang Shen who is lying on the ground behind them.

     “LiMei..LiMei.. “ Qiao Rui picks her up into his arms holding her to his chest. LiMei can hear his heartbeat as he holds her to him. She keeps her eyes shut, thinking leave Tang Shen you big idiot while he is holding me, please run away! What a couple of incompetent fools! Director Chen you bastard!

     Tang Shen scrambles up off the ground and runs towards the woods, if they got caught it would be attempted kidnapping. He doesn’t even have confidence the Director would bail them out.

    Worried he embraces her then brushes her loose hair behind her ear, “LiMei…LiMei.. can you hear me?”

     Hoping the meathead ran away she slowly opens her eyes, “Rui?”

     Qiao Rui holds her tighter to him, in a doting tone he asks, “LiMei did they hurt you?” She is so soft as he feels her body pressed onto his, he could have killed them for touching her but he held himself back. His martial art techniques can be lethal but he has worked hard to build an image in Pushong City, and how would LiMei react if he had killed them in front of her eyes.

     In a weak voice looking up at him her deep green eyes misty ,“I’m alright, that was very scary though. Thank you for saving me.” She feels a warmth spreading through her body as he holds her close she can feel his heart poundng in his chest.

     He gently wipes some dirt from her cheek, he wants to kiss her badly right now looking at her delicate face and her tempting pink lips. Who were those men? Why did they target LiMei? Was it because she looked like she was walking by herself? Dammit! Why did I leave her alone there! He is blaming himself for the attempted abduction.

     “Are you able to stand?” He gently takes her hand to lift her up from the ground.

     LiMei doesn’t like pretending to be weak but in this instance how would she have explained herself if she fought them? She flutters her eyelashes as a tear rolls down her cheek, “Yes, I’m fine now.”

     Qiao Rui takes his finger and wipes away her tear, damn she looks so vulnerable and helpless. He wants to keep her with him. “LiMei would you like to go with me to my family’s Resort in the mountains tonight? There is a hot spring I think it would help you relax, we can stay overnight and come back tomorrow.”

     “What about the party you are supposed to attend?”

     “I asked my aunt you met earlier today to go in my place, I don’t usually attend these parties, tonight I was going because it is a benefit.”

     “Ah, I don’t know about staying overnight “ LiMei blushes as she says this to him.

     When he sees her shy response he realizes she must have misunderstood, “I can call in advance to have them get two rooms ready for us.”

     LiMei nods, what was I thinking! “ Okay, I don’t work tomorrow,I haven’t been to a hotspring in a long time, I would enjoy that.”

     Qiao Rui takes his cell to call the resort to alert he is coming and bringing a guest to have the Sky Suite ready.

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