Qiao Rui Knows Kang Mei

Sitting at the table LiMei is drooling, the table is filled with a variety of food carrying delicious aromas her direction and the flower arrangement is beautiful. Rui places some roasted chicken on her plate, “Do you like asparagus?”

      LIMei replies, “I have never had it but it looks interesting,” she smiles at him, the white cashmere sweater with a V neck makes him look like an idol, it highlights his skin tone and ink black hair. He is so sexy in his casual clothes. She gulps as she stares at him with wide eyes across the table, Rui can see the little lustful look in her eyes it is very cute.

     He doesn’t want to bring up last it might make the atmosphere awkward but he thinks he should at least apologize.

     He looks across the table LiMei is happily eating,“LiMei about last night I want to thank you..my family is complic..” LiMei looks up with her green eyes sparkling as he begins talking, before he can finish LiMei waves her fork, “Rui, I can never repay you for all your kindness towards me…don’t feel burdened by what happened. I don’t want you to have to explain anything to me.”

     Rui is surprised she is calm about the situation of last night he has a vivid recollection of his behavior, and how inappropriate the things she had to do to help him. “But..” He really doesn’t even know what to say, he really likes being with her and doesn’t want this incident to scare her away.

     LiMei senses how uncomfortable he is, “Rui I think you are an awesome person, it is not your fault you were schemed against. If after we get to know each other better you want to tell me about your family I will listen, but I’m sure whoever did this to you will regret it, karma you know..” I will definitely make sure they do!“You should eat!” She places some chicken and vegetables on his plate, “Everything is delicious your chef is great!”

     Rui smiles at her, her brows are furrowed and her nose is scrunched up, he can tell she is angry for him but is trying to make him feel at ease.

     LiMei looks at the colorful flowers in the vase , “Rui are those from the resort’s garden, they are very beautiful. The garden is spectacular.”

     “Did you see the garden?” Maybe she wandered around this morning while he was asleep.

     “Ah.. no.. I just saw it in the brochure.” LiMei doesn’t want to get Qin Delun in trouble for allowing her into the restaurant overlooking the garden before it was open.

     Rui watches LiMei while she is eating, she is savoring every bite, I will have to compliment my brother and the chef. “Would you like to walk around the garden after we eat? There is a wine bar we can sit and enjoy the garden, there is a koi pond there also.”


     “Did you see my friend who I was talking to earlier”

     LiMei chokes on a bite of egg she was swallowing, “No, why?” She has a nervous look on her face, he didn’t see me did he? No I heard their conversation.

     “He is Chen Jianyu the CEO of the Hushang Group, isn’t that where you said your new job is you start tomorrow? He is staying at the resort would you like to meet him?” Rui decides maybe as a small reward for her he could get Jianyu to give her a better job. He already asked her to work for him but she said she had already signed an e contract with Hushang.

     LiMei feels her eyes are going to pop out of her head listening to him say this, what a disaster that would be! She takes a minute to calm herself. “Rui, I want to lead a simple life at Hushang, get ahead on my own merits. I feel you want to use your friendship with Chen Jianyu to help me, which I appreciate but I would like to not call attention to myself.”

    Qiao Rui really isn’t surprised by her answer since he met her she isn’t like the other women he knows wanting to get ahead using any means possible. He admires that quality in her, but meeting him wouldn’t hurt, he also would like to show her off to Jianyu to let him know he is finally moving past Lau An. Feng LiMei is everything he wants in a woman, if it wasn’t too soon and might scare her off he would ask her to marry him. She is beautiful, sweet, kind and makes him laugh.

     “We could still have dinner with him if you want to meet him as my friend, he doesn’t need to know you are one of his employees.”

     “Rui maybe another time but we only have today, I would like it just to be the two of us.” LiMei smiles sweetly at him as she holds his hand that is on the table.

     He gazes into her sparkling green eyes and gets sucked into them, the warmness of her small creamy white hand holding his he thinks why did I even consider having dinner with Jianyu. He wants to kiss her lips that have a little oil from the chicken on them they are glistening. He takes his napkin and gently runs it across her lips, “All done?”

     LiMei has a habit of leaning back like a satisfied kitten after she eats, she pats her stomach, “So delicious!”

    “We should go to the garden now and walk around.”

    “I would really like to see the beautiful flowers!”

     Chen Jianyu after he left Qiao Rui’s Suite rushes down to the personnel office. It is closed. Dammit that’s right it is Sunday. He calls Rui but no answer, he is probably with the woman he brought and ignoring him. Hmm..he goes to the front desk it is that woman LingLing again from when he checked in, doubtful she will help me. He walks over to the front desk. LingLing looks up from her computer, “CEO Chen is the Suite to your liking?”

     “Yes. But that is not why I am here , I need you to open up the Personnel Office I need access to employee files.”

      LingLing gives him a strange look, “CEO Chen I have no keys to that office, they will return to work tomorrow morning at eight.”

     “Would the Manager?”


     “Would Dr. Qiao?”

     “I don’t know.” What is with this man!

     “Do you know an employee named Kang Mei?”

     “Did this person trouble you in some way? You can register a complaint.”

     “No.” Chen Jianyu is getting frustrated, “Let me describe her to you. She is slender, with long black hair, green eyes with flecks of gold, flawless face, creamy white skin, perfect white teeth when she smiles”

     “…” LingLing thinks if there is an employee who looked like that here she would definitely remember her.

     Cherise is walking by on her way to the Boutique for her shift when she hears the description, that sounds like LiMei, but didn’t he just say Kang Mei? She works here? No that is Dr. Qiao’s girlfriend. She doesn’t like to interfere so she keeps walking to the Boutique.

     Chen Jianyu sees Cherise as she is walking away, she looked like she knows something, he is very good at reading people’s faces. “Miss!’

     Cherise turns around, “Me?”

     “Yes. Do you know an employee here named Kang Mei?”

     “Sorry Sir I do not.” She continues to walk away with him following her. “You looked like you recognized the description I gave the front desk clerk. Are you sure? I’m willing to pay a reward.”

     Cherises’ eyes light up, but first she needs to know why he wants to know. “I might but first why do you want to find her?”

     “She saved me from being bitten by a snake I want to thank her.”

     He doesn’t look like he is lying, but if LiMei told him a fake name she had her reasons. Cherise would like to be friends with her if she moves to Pushong City to go to school. Maybe she could just give him a hint, all she needs a little more money for the tuition. “Let me think a minute.”

     Chen Jianyu is watching her face, she definitely knows Kang Mei, he pulls out his wallet so she can see how much money he is offering.

     Cherise will just warn LiMei if she sees her, he looks persistent someone will get the reward, why not her.“Well, I do not know her personally but a girl who has the looks you described was talking to Dr. Qiao at the Boutique yesterday.” Cherise recalls LiMei telling her they were only staying until today they probably checked out also Dr. Qiao has his visitors screened this guy probably couldn’t even get in touch with him.

     “She was talking to Dr. Qiao?” Maybe he knows what department she works in at the resort. He pulls out a stack of money and hands it to Cherise, “If you see her again my name is Chen Jianyu here is my card, I will pay you if you can bring her to me.”

     Cherise looks at his business card, CEO of Hushang Group? She looks up at him, he is an an outstanding looking man, his aura is cold but his features are flawless. Many good looking rich men come to the resort but besides Dr. Qiao he is by far the most handsome and rich. Her dream is to be a costume designer and one of their companies is Hushang Entertainment. “I will try to help you CEO Chen.” She bows and leaves she is already late to open the Boutique.

     LingLing was watching Cherise take the money from Chen Jianyu,what is she up to, at her break she is going to see, Cherise is her cousin and she doesn’t want her to get into trouble. Chen Jianyu isn’t someone you mess around with if you want to live.

     Chen Jianyu gets out his cell dialing Qiao Rui’s number, he still isn’t answering. Fuck! Chen Jianyu’s frustration level is through the roof. He decides to go to to his Suite and describe the mystery girl again to him, he probably wasn’t even listening last time.

    Rui and LiMei are walking around the garden holding hands enjoying the fragrance and beauty of the flowers. “This is an unusual design for the garden.” LiMei notices it combines both modern and ancient design elements.

     “My younger brother’s mother designed it, she was very talented this garden was her final project before she died.” He has a tender tone when speaking he must have been fond of her.

     “You have a younger brother?”

    “Yes, his mother was a mistress of my father’s.”

     “Oh, I didn’t mean to..”

     “No, it’s fine he and I get along very well. I loved his mother, she was a very serene woman who cherished the beauty in life. You can see from her interweaving of the past and the present in her design she was unique. Even many of the flowers she imported to plant here have special meaning. It is too bad her life was cut short.”

     LiMei doesn’t want to pry into his life, she squeezes his hand she can feel his sadness recalling this woman.

    The little gesture to comfort him did not go unnoticed by Rui, he smiles down at her, “Here is the wine bar would you like a glass of wine?”


    They sit at an outdoor table, a server approaches them, “May I see a wine list?” Rui isn’t really someone who drinks, Chen Jianyu usually orders the wine when they go anywhere.

    “Do you have a preference LiMei.”

    “I really know nothing about wine.” LiMei starts giggling, Kuang Bo one time tried to teach her about wine but they just ended getting drunk.They were in Paris she had studied a book all day so Bo decided to get various types of wine for her to sample. LiMei remembers standing on a hill overlooking the city dancing barefoot in the grass with him empty wine bottles everywhere.

     She had an assignment the man was a wine connoisseur, she was supposed to be a connoisseur also to try to get close to him. It was a disaster, she had to just knock him out after she couldn’t tell the difference between a French Chardonney and one from California, seriously she thought they tasted the same.

     Rui doesn’t know why she is giggling at the question but she looks really cute. ,

     “You know Rui I do like Sangria if they have it.” In Spain she tried it at a tapa bar, it was sweet and very delicious.

     Rui smiles at her she looks so naive, not too many people would order Sangria it is not even on the wine list.

     “Do you have Sangria?”

         “…” The server has never had anyone order that before.

     “LiMei they don’t offer it but if you like a sweet wine I can order one.”

     “Sounds good.”

      Rui orders an expensive French wine, the waiter is impressed it is 96,000 yuan a bottle, fruity so his girlfriend should like it. “Excellent choice Sir.”

     They sit at the table enjoying the wine, LiMei is feeling very warm from drinking. Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes look seductive they have a slight mist covering them. Rui can’t stop staring at her face he wishes they were sitting closer together so he could put his arm around her and kiss her. He has an idea there are outdoor couches on the other side of the garden, “LiMei shall we take some desserts with us and sit over on a bench by the Koi pond?”

    “Yes! I would like to see all of this garden it is very peaceful here.”

     Rui calls the waiter over to pack a few desserts and another bottle of wine with two glasses. The waiter is excited this is the first time he has sold two bottles of such an expensive wine. Rui hands him his Black Card, when the waiter sees the name on it he wishes he had fawned on Qiao Rui a bit more.

    Once they have the desserts and wine Rui and LiMei walk through the garden towards the Koi Pond. LiMei leans into him as she is walking, he puts his arm around her tiny waist. He doesn’t want to go back to Pushong City he would like to stay here a few more days to have her to himself.

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