Need To Hurry Back

Qiao Rui pulls into the hospital parking lot he wants to wrap this up quickly and return to LiMei. He never thought he would meet someone who would make him forget about Lau An. Thinking about how sweet LiMei is he wonders what he ever saw in a haughty woman like An, always playing games with him. He shakes his head as he gets out of his car, I won’t let go of LiMei.

     He enters the hospital and immediately takes the elevator to the VIP floor. He asks the nurse at the nurses station what room Han Tingfeng is in. She looks at him wearing casual clothes, he doesn’t have his usual cold aura that surrounds him. “He is in room 5890, Dr.Chow is in with the patient now.”

    Rui smiles at her, “Thank you.” 

     She stares at his back as he walks away, was the iceberg smiling? Never have I seen him say thank you or smile. Her friend told her the other day Dr. Qiao was in the garden with a patient smiling and laughing. Did she cause this transformation.? I should thank her if that is the case.

     Qiao Rui enters the room he looks at Han Tingfeng on the bed, the IV drip is almost finished. “Yan, let me see the lab results.” He doesn’t waste any time with pleasantries, Han Weisheng and Chen Huan can see he wants to quickly check the chart. Qiao Rui touches his forehead, Han Tingfeng’s blood has a higher concentration of the drug than he has seen before, it must have been an amateur who administered it. He looks at the heart monitor, the Bedozeine is keeping his heart rate normal. He lifts Tingfeng’s eyelids to examine his eyes, then he feels his pulse which is erratic.

     “Han Weisheng can you step outside with me?”

     He glances at his brother on the bed then follows Qiao Rui out the door.

     “Whoever administered the drug was an amateur, your brother came very close to overdosing. I don’t know if you are familiar with my methods but I like to combine modern drugs with traditional Chinese medicinal herbs when treating patients. I believe if your brother stays on the IV drip he will wake up tomorrow but the effects from the almost lethal amount he was given his mind will be impaired.”

    Han Weisheng’s veins are popping out on his neck , he puts his fist into the wall thinking his brother might not be himself when he wakes up.

     Qiao Rui wants to lay the facts out before he gives his suggestion. “I will need you to sign off on my treatment plan if you want me to help your brother. My method is controversial but I think it will help your brother regain his ability to return to his former self in the shortest amount of time. If you don’t agree I can recommend a neurologist that is not affiliated with my hospital. If you agree, Dr. Chow and I can coordinate to treat your brother.”

     Han Weisheng has never been brought to tears by any situation but he wants to cry thinking about Tingfeng’s future. “Explain your plan clearly to me I will make a decision.”

     “First of all  three of the medicinal herbs used are rare and expensive, since you are Chen Huan’s friend I will only charge you what they cost me but we are still talking two million USD.”

     Han Weisheng nods, that amount is nothing to him

     “I combine six medicinal herbs that will help his brain reorganize itself and his body detoxify from the Sylanal this will be given to him four times a day for ten days. During this period he will gradually regain his thought processes and his speech. I say ten days but it also depends on your brother’s constitution it could take a little longer. Dr. Chow will monitor him and do periodic CAT scans to see how his brain is adjusting.

     He will be in charge of the case, I will consult with him. I need to tell you I have only used this method once before  the patient had been in a car accident, it was successful, but there is no way of knowing at this point how severely your brother’s brain was damaged from the drug, there is no information on how long he was receiving it. Do you have any questions?”

     “No, I have heard you a genius from Chen Huan and I trust him so I will trust you.”

     “I take a holistic approach which is not fully recognized to be the appropriate course of action in mainstream thought. I assure you though I am thorough and want the best results possible for a patient. You will need to participate in his recovery also by being with him daily to stimulate his mind and give support. We have a therapy team but I find family members to be integral in a patient’s recovery.”

     Han Weisheng reaches out to shake his hand, “Doctor I appreciate your straightforward approach. I will do all I can to assist in my brother’s treatment.” He has confidence in Qiao Rui at first he thought Chen Huan was exaggerating about him but he can see he is highly competent if unorthodox in his methods.

     “I am going  to speak to Bai Chiyu she will have the papers for you to sign. This is our secured VIP wing so have confidence your brother’s condition won’t be leaked, Chen Jianyu told me about the situation before your brother was found.”

     “Dr. Qiao I won’t forget this.”

     “The Chen brothers are my friends so no need to feel indebted. Chen Huan told me you saved his life. He is a pain in the ass but I have known him most of my life.”

     Han Weisheng laughs, Chen Huan is a pain in the ass, “He is isn’t he.”

     They both laugh. Chen Huan sneezes as he is waiting for them in the room. Who could be talking about him?

     “I need to go to the lab to create the medicine for your brother, I will say goodbye.” Rui looks at his watch it is almost six o’clock. He can’t rush making the medicine that will take an hour, Dammit! He won’t be back to the resort until almost nine thirty. He should call LiMei to let her know. She is probably hungry too, he thinks of how she loves to eat and then has the most satisfied look on her face when she finishes a meal.Fuck! He wants to get back and hold her in his arms again. He should call her, he wants to hear her voice.

     LiMei wakes up holding her head, did she fall asleep, was that a dream? She shakes her head, no it couldn’t have a dream it was too real. She blushes thinking about them kissing. She closes her eyes thinking about him whispering in her ear in that low sexy voice of his. Where is he anyway, she should knock on his door. 

     Her stomach starts growling she is very hungry, she walks to the counter where some snacks are in a basket, as she rips open some rice cakes she sees a note next to them.

     Oh that’s right  Rui had to go to the hospital. He left his number should I call him? No he might be busy with the patient. Oh my God! I was holding his sweater telling him not to go. She stomps her feet, what an idiot I embarrassing! She pounds her tiny fist on the counter, “LiMei you dummy! No man likes a clingy woman! Ahhh!” She crunches on the rice cake, the note says he will be back at eight I can wait to eat something more. She is not too anxious to face him after her ridiculous behavior. 

     She plops on the bed munching on the cracker, Chen Jianyu was right they need better snacks. LiMei gets a soda from the minibar. She wishes she had a manga to read,  should I call Du Chang and see how he is doing.

    She gets her cell out of her purse and dials his number, “Chang! How’s the knee?”

     “Where are you?” He has been worried about her she hasn’t come home since she went out with the old man.

     “You sound like a father!” LiMei starts laughing. “I went to a resort with Qiao Rui, you wouldn’t believe the view from my room!” She walks over looking out the window.

     “You are in a resort with that old man!”

    LiMei spits out her rice cake, “He isn’t old! You are just young!” She loves teasing him. “Don’t worry my little Chang we have separate rooms, you know my heart belongs to you!”

    Du Chang’s ears turn red when she says this, “You should have called us Grandpa was worried about you.”{actually Grandpa didn’t notice she wasn’t in her apartment.}

     LiMei wouldn’t want to worry them they have been so kind to her. “Oh I’m sorry tell him I will be home in the morning before I go to work.”

     “That’s right you start your job tomorrow, you shouldn’t be out tonight come home now.”

    “I can’t Dr. Qiao had to go to the hospital for an emergency I’m here by myself, why do you think I was bored and called you.”

     Qiao Rui has tried three times and LiMei’s phone has a busy signal, who is she talking to?

     LiMei had been drinking her soda and didn’t look at her phone, OMG! Three missed calls from Rui.

     “Chang, I gotta go will call you later.”

     Should I call him back? She bites her finger thinking about it, he called three times! I should quickly call him.

     Qiao Rui is sitting in the lab with the medicinal herbs in front of him he can’t concentrate. He is staring at his phone when it starts ringing, he gave her a special ringtone of ancient style’s  Feng LiMei..He doesn’t want to seem too anxious she hadn’t called him before and was on the phone with someone. He feels like a schoolboy as he lets it ring a few times, LiMei was about to hang up when he answers.

    “Oh I was about to hang up, I didn’t want to bother you but I see you called.”

     He is thinking yes I did three times! “I wanted to see if you were awake.”

     “I woke up about a half hour ago, my head was throbbing.” She giggles, “I guess my tolerance isn’t as good as I thought.”

     She sounds so cute when she laughs like that, “There is some headache powder in the medicine cabinet in my bathroom.”

     “If it persists I will use my needles to relieve it. How is the patient?”

     He wants to ask her who she was on the phone with when he called. “He will recuperate, I need to stay in the lab until I finish his medicinal compound then I will return. I’m sorry it will be later than eight most likely nine thirty.” He can hear her crunching on something. “What are you eating?”

    “Some rice cakes from the counter, Rui..haha.. seriously your resort needs better snacks.”

     He starts laughing, “Throw them away, go to any one of the restaurants to eat. I left my Black Card in the Suite, it is on the nightstand.”

     “I will wait for you, I don’t want to use your card.”

     “LiMei I’m serious if you don’t go get some dinner I will be angry with you. After the wine you drank I don’t want you getting sick from eating junk food!”

    Now Rui sounds like an elder, “I was just going to eat a few snacks with this soda and call Du Chang back while I wait for you.”

     Du Chang? The boy she was on the back of the bike with the other day? How close are they? His face darkens and hand tightens on the phone, “LiMei go eat. You need to take care of your body especially after drinking.”   

     His voice sounds harsh, he must really be worried about me eating junk food. 

      Jealous she ignored his calls while on the phone with Du Chang, Rui knows she is concerned about money so he tells her, “You probably shouldn’t be on the phone, the roaming charges are extremely high calling from the resort.”

     “Oh my! I should go then, I will go eat, see you later!” LiMei quickly hangs up.

     “…” I didn’t mean hang up on me! Don’t call that little bastard Du Chang! 

      Rui looks at his phone, he  doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she can be such a little idiotWell, the sooner I get finished the sooner I can kiss those alluring pink lips.  After what I  said  Feng LiMei definitely won’t call that boy back, he grins as he picks up the Glistening Snow Pearl and puts it in a bowl to grind it.

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