Mischievous Smile

Chen Jianyu has spent the afternoon lying on the couch in Lau An’s office when he wakes up the icepack is dripping down his shirt. “Lau An!”

     He feels very uncomfortable his shirt is wet, his suit is dirty, he needs to have a change of clothes. Where are those morons with the CV tapes. I want to see the clumsy girl who knocked me down, I need to find her to have a proper apology before I can forget about today’s incident.

     For some reason while he was dreaming he felt her soft body pressed into his chest as they fell. He could smell a fresh jasmine scent from her hair as it brushed his neck. Then in the dream the images were more intimate. she was lying across his chest, he was holding her slender body, kissing her tender pink lips. He needs to rid himself of these thoughts, when he sees her in person it will dispel the illusions.

     Lau An is sitting out in the cafe talking to a VIP customer when she hears him, “Excuse me Zhao Gen.” without any explanation she rushes into her office.

     “Chen Jianyu are you hurting somewhere?”

     “No, I just need you to go buy me a change of clothes then drive me to the hotel.”

     “I can leave in a moment I was talking to Zhao Gen when you called me.”

     “Don’t let him know I am here, I had to cancel an important meeting with the Zhao Group. Nuying told them I was called out of town for an emergency. You know old Zhao would take it as a slap in the face cancelling at the last moment with no explanation. Until I get to the bottom of the attempt on my life, I don’t want the attempted assasination known to anyone. “

     “Certainly. ” Lau An knows his personality she never offers an opinion.

     Chen Jianyu puts his hands behind his head as he narrows his eyes, I will find you little bunny. I can’t have you stuck in my mind, no woman has ever touched me like that. Not once but twice.

      Meanwhile, LiMei arrives at the hotel, she checks in with the front desk, they send her to the kitchen. The Kitchen Manager explains to her the procedure in the kitchen, it is similar to at the beach hotel she had worked. The tickets are hung for the cooks above the line, when it is ready the expediter calls a server to deliver the cart. Not hard.

     She glances around the kitchen she sees one male server standing off by himself. She was trained in reading people through their body language , facial expression, he looks jittery, anxious, what is with him is he on drugs? There are two girls talking one looks like a student, the other looks like a housewife type. Only four people are working tonight that could prove to be hectic.

     The Kitchen Manager asks LiMei if she has any questions. “Only one where is the elevator we use?”

     “Good question, we use a service elevator located through those swinging doors past the kitchen.” He thinks she is pretty and smart she reminds him of his daughter Ling Ling.

     “It will most likely be slow tonight there is a huge banquet in the ballroom the French restaurant inside the hotel is taking care of tonight. But, there still will be some guests ordering so be ready.”

     LiMei observes the activity in the kitchen,the order comes in, the cooks prepare it, when it is ready the expediter calls out for a server. In this instance  the jittery guy is called to take it. He looks at the room number, “Wang, let QiQi take it that old fart only likes girls to deliver.”

     QiQi looks scared when she hears this. What does that expression on her face mean.LiMei observes them talking, Jittery guy sees she is hesitant and reassures QiQi, “Don’t worry he is harmless, just never tips the guys.”

     This explanation makes sense to everyone, Han Wu is a hustler if he isn’t making extra he doesn’t want to take it. QiQi’s hands are trembling but she says,”Fine, I will go.” She places everything on the cart then enters the wine room to grab the wine he requested.

     LiMei is observing the dynamic in the kitchen, she wants nothing to do with this Han Wu guy. No orders come in for a half hour, everyone is sitting around. LiMei assumed it would be busy at a large hotel like this but it is early. Two orders come in at the same time, Han Wu flips the tickets to look at them, she can hear him mutter under his breath, “Where the hell is the order.” The Kitchen Manager sees the one order, “Han Wu this VIP asked for you, you need to take this one to 1609.”

     “Hey man, I need to go to the restroom have the new girl take it.” That sicko every time he delivers to him he has to flirt with the fat fuck, he isn’t in the mood to kiss ass. I need the order to come through I am waiting for, that rich bitch paid me a lot of money to do the job.

     “Han Wu get over here! “ Everyone knows that man has the protection of the Lee family so he can exhibit any depraved behavior he wants and get away with it. Hell who gives a shit if he is gay, it’s his sadistic methods he uses. The Kitchen Manager has heard stories that make his skin crawl. But he pays for that entire floor so Song Yichen lets him stay as long as no police are called.

     He is tired of this little shit Han Wu’s attitude but every time he wants to fire him Song Yichen steps in saying he is the best server they have. Like hell he is, he just does Song Yichen’s dirty work.

     Before he can say another word Han Wu leaves. LiMei can see the veins popping on the Kitchen Manager’s neck. She has had to deal with unsavory men before, it’s not a big deal to her to deliever the food. “I don’t mind, I will just drop the food and leave if you don’t mind saying the kitchen is too busy for me to be away long.” The housewife’s face looks like the color drained out of it, she is deathly pale, even thinking she might have to deliver to that devil’s room. She grabs LiMei’s sleeve her eyes wide in fear, “Thank you LiMei.”

     The housewife quickly packs the dishes on a cart for the other delivery, almost running out of the kitchen with it.

     “Boss”, LiMei has a copy of the order in her hand, “Where do I find this wine?”

     “Come with me I will get it for you.”

     When they go into the wine room the Kitchen Manager looks at LiMei with a serious expression on his face, “LiMei don’t look around the room, keep your head down, serve the food, leave. I would go myself rather than send you but I would be fired if I left the kitchen.”

     “I appreciate your concern, I will do as you say.”

     LiMei wonders how bad this guest is to elicit such a reaction from these people. If worse comes to worse I will take care of this pervert.

     After LiMei leaves Han Wu walks back into the kitchen he is the only one left. Good…very good.. if the order comes through I am waiting for I won’t have to deal with those little bitches.  The Kitchen Manager as he gives him an angry look as he sits at a table with his legs crossed leaning back in the chair.  Han Wu chuckles, Glare at me all you want you piece of shit. My fucking job is secure as long as he does what Sun Yichen want me to do.

    LiMei gets off the elevator, jeez the hallway has marble statues that look like Greek gods, they must cost a fortune, too bad I couldn’t carry one out..ha..ha

     She knocks on the door, an obese man wearing a blue silk bathrobe that barely fits over his protruding belly answers the door.

    LiMei bows politely saying in a flat tone, “I have your meal where would you like it set up?”  Out of the corner of her eye she sees a contraption that looks like it is from the Spanish Inquisition, what the hell! A half naked young man is sprawled on the bed looking at a cellphone.  Shit… this guy is a wierdo.

     The fat man waves his pudgey finger, “Pour the wine, set the dishes on the table to the right.”

     “Very well.”

     He rubs his jelly like belly loosening the robe’s tie. I don’t like the way this girl is so calm, usually they freak out when they see this room. I enjoy watching their pitiful expressions as they stare in horror at my toys. He needs to get a reaction from her. “My friend likes to have a girl pleasure him while I watch, what is your price.?”

  LiMei shivers inwardly at the thought, that’s gross fatty, really?..  LiMei pours the wine ignoring what he just said, this seems to infuriate the fatty.

     “I’m talking to you”, He starts to grab her arm, his foul breath is too close to her, LiMei makes a quick decision she doesn’t want to have to leave this job after her first delivery. Before his hand touches her she stabs him in the neck in his Zhedu Point with a thin silver needle, at the same time with her left hand she sends a needle into the neck of the man on the bed. Fatty falls to the ground with a thud, the handsome gay man on the bed falls backwards dropping his cellphone.

     This technique will put them out for at least two hours, I can imprint into their mind a scenario they will believe to be true. Why the hell did the fat man need to do this so far from the bed. She gathers her qi, using her internal energy she pulls the wildebeast over to the bed, she pulls him up dumping him on top of the young man. I hope you can still breath under this mass of blubber. She sees a thick wallet on the nightstand , she has an idea. She whispers into the fatty’s ear,” The room service girl was excellent, but from now on I only want Han Wu to deliver.. I gave her a huge tip, the wine was delicious, …. was great, I will tip the young man well also.

     She pulls the cellphone out from under them setting it on the nightstand, she removes two..no let’s make it four thousand in banknotes, I deserve it for having to deal with you nauseating fat pervert. LiMei removes the silver needles, she takes the wine to dump out in the sink  alos to use to sterilize her silver needles. She washes her hands as she shakes her head, Wow, first delivery…profitable ha ha ha

     Pushing the empty cart to the door she has a mischievous smile as she glances back at her handiwork. Sleep well you fat pig! You are lucky I changed my ways or you would wake up without your balls!

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