When they reach the Koi pond, LiMei is stunned this area looks like it is out of a fantasy novel. There are plum blossom trees, peonies of every color, past the Koi pond there is a Lotus pond covered in red and white lotuses. “Oh my! Rui I have never seen such a beautiful place!”

     Rui enjoys her enthusiasm, the way she gets excited over simple things, her eyes express her joy at seeing such beauty. “It is unbelievable isn’t it. Qin Chu Hua was a Horticulturist she studied in the United States when she came back here she designed smaller gardens than this one for elite clients. That is how she met my father when she designed the garden at his country house. She was a gentle person it is just unfortunate she met my father.”

     LiMei can detect bitterness in his voice, she doesn’t know what to say. She just looks at him with a sad look on her face wishing she could do something to make him happier right now. On impulse she stands on her tiptoes and softly kisses him on his lips. Rui is surprised but she quickly lets go of him, gabs the bag from his hand. “Let’s have the dessert now.”

     She sits on the couch it has a small table in front of it. She places the cakes on the plates the wine bar provided, “Come here sit!” Rui is still in a daze from her kissing him so unexpectedly. He walks over, she hands him the corkscrew, “You open the wine. I should buy some of this wine to have in my apartment it is very tasty. I wonder if they carry it at the Supermarket by my apartment?”

     Rui’s Phoenix eyes light up at her naivete, he laughs to himself the little girl has no idea of how much anything costs, I should get her a couple bottles to take home with her. He accepts the bottle of wine and opens it pouring them each a glass.

     “Rui these desserts are too pretty to eat!” The small chocolate cakes are delicately decorated with tiny roses, there is also a strawberry cheesecake and tiny multicolored macaroons.

     She stares at them unable to decide which one to eat first. Rui can see her indecision so he picks up a macaroon then places it in her mouth.

     “Ohhhh…so yummy!” She picks a small piece of chocolate cake up and holds it to Rui’s mouth he licks her finger as she places it in his open mouth. When he does she gets a tingling feeling in her body from his tongue on her finger. She blushes and stares into his obsidian eyes as though she is being swallowed up whole.  liMei’s heart races, his hndsome face is close to her she can feel his hot breath.

    Rui savors the sweet moment, in a low seductive  voice he says , “Very sweet.”

     LiMei is feeling hot, she nervously drinks down her glass of wine in two gulps, then holds it up for him to pour another.

     Rui’s lips curve up into a smile, her shy look is making him want to possess her body and heart. He pours her another glass of wine. “LiMei don’t drink too fast, it is still warm outside the alcohol in the wine will affect you faster.”

     “I’m fine, I have a high tolerance.” She drinks the wine down, I really want him to kiss me right now. She has never been attracted to a man before and just sitting next to him she is feeling her heart beat erratically.


     Her cheeks are getting red and her green eyes are a little hazy, he thinks he shouldn’t give her any more wine.

     LiMei picks up a piece of the chocolate cake and eats it with her eyes looking down, right now she feels like she can’t even look at him. 

     Rui thinks she looks like a cute frightened bunny the way  she is deliberately avoiding looking at him. He gently touches her cheek turning her head towards him, she has some chocolate on her lips he bends his head towards her and licks the chocolate from them. LiMei’s mind goes blank, she puts her arms around his neck, staring into his eyes she is mesmerized by how deep and unfathomable they look.  suddenly without any hesitation she presses her pink lips onto his closing her eyes.

     Rui takes the opportunity to kiss her back, he opens her small mouth tangling his tongue with hers, she is inexperienced he can tell which is making kissing her even more exciting for him. The heat is rising in his body her sweet taste is making it hard to control himself. His hand is behind her head with her silky hair in his fingers, his breathing is getting heavy as he kisses her deeper. LiMei has never had this feeling before her body is on fire as she leans into him. Rui begins to suck her creamy white neck, licking her sweet skin then sucking harder as he gets excited.

     LiMei is softly moaning as he kisses her neck. He can feel his body is having a reaction I need to stop before this goes any fartherBut I don’t want to stop I wants to caress her entire body and make love to her right here. She is seductively pressing her body onto his warm chest as she feels his hand on her waist. Suddenly his phone starts ringing, the caller is Bai Chiyu, the ringtone alerts him there isan emergency at the hospital, it snaps him out of the trance he is in at the moment.

     He kisses LiMei a few more times then stops, gently holds her to him, in a low voice still filled with desire for her he says, “LiMei there must be an emergency at the hospital I need to call Bai Chiyu back.”

     She is nestled in his arms her heart is beating rapidly she tries to calm down and get up from him. She is shaky, her legs are weak as she tries to stand. He pulls her into him not letting her move. “Stay here.” He  seductively whispers  into her ear. He dials Bai Chiyu’s number,”What?” He sounds extremely irritated.

     “Dr Qiao there is a problem here that needs your attention.”

     “I’m not in town.”

     ” Your friend Chen Jianyu’s brother insisted I call you he said he knew you wouldn’t answer his call. His friend Han Weisheng brought in his brother Tingfeng here, they are running blood tests on him now. He was injected with some drug he is now comatose.”

     Fucking Shit! “Did you contact Dr. Chow?”

        “Yes he is here now but he doesn’t know what caused the patient to go into a coma. He has needle tracks that appear fresh on his arm.When he first arrived he was sluggish, his pupils dilated, then after about an hour he was unresponsive, now he is in a coma. “

     “Is Chen Huan there?”


    Rui gazes lovingly down at LiMei she is sleeping soundly in his arms. Her lips are swollen and red from his kisses fuck... she looks so beautiful. He lightly kisses her forehead If I  need to go back to the hospital it is going to cost these fuckers a fortune.

     Chen Huan’s voice sounds upset, “Rui, this is bad. Nothing was administered to him here because they were waiting for the results of the blood test to find out what drugs were injected into Tingfeng. Han Weisheng saved my life when I was on military duty several years ago, I owe him. You need to get back here and figure this out.”

     “What makes you think I can.”

     “You fucking know you are a genius when it comes to difficult cases, maybe you have one of your rare medicinal herbs that can help him. He is only fucking thirty years old and his wife is pregnant.”

     “Let me talk to Dr. Chow.”

      “Does he have any skin discoloration on the back of his neck?

     “Yes, it is red.”

     “Does his tongue have bluish spots on it.”

     Dr. Chow opens his mouth, “Yes”

     “They probably injected him with Sylanal, it is a favorite black market drug of the Underworld when they kidnap someone then need to restrain them without keeping them tied up, when he missed his dose his body after a period of time went into a comatose state .The sluggishness and dilated eyes were his normal state while he was on the drug. The lab report should confirm what I just said if you get it back and I was correct put him on an IV drip with Bedozeine. It should stabilize his body until I get there. Get Huan.”

     “I will come down to assess his condition and give Dr. Chow a treatment plan. Assure Han Weisheng his brother’s condition is temporary if I am correct. Oh and by the way Huan this is going to cost you.”

     ”Thank you Rui.”

     Rui picks up LiMei princess style to carry her to the Suite. She stirs a little in his embrace but snuggles into his chest as he carries her to the elevator. He looks down at her delicate body curled in his strong arms, she looks so innocent and vulnerable. I want this girl to be moine..only mine. If I can get down to the hospital and assess the situation quickly I should be able to return to the resort by eight o’clock then we can go to the hot spring. It looks like LiMei will sleep for a while the wine and the heat was too much for her to handle.

     He goes into his Suite then carries her through the door that connects the two rooms. He carefully lays her on the bed, should I wake her up and tell her there was an emergency or leave a note. She clings onto his sweater as she opens her misty eyes half way, in a sleepy voice she whispers“Rui”, she leans towards him to kiss him.

     If I kiss her now I won’t leave and I can’t risk a patient because of my own desires. Reluctanly, Rui pries her little fingers from his sweater and holds her hand, “Li Mei I need to go the hospital but I will be back at eight.” She looks at him with blurred vision in a soft voice says “You are leaving?” He can tell she is not comprehending right now, he will leave a note too, but he needs to go. In a pampering tone he says,“Yes Baby but I will be back.” She holds onto him and pouts with a soft seductive voice she whispers “I don’t want you to go.”

     “A man is in critical condition and I need to treat him. I will be back.” LiMei nods “Oh, go.. I’m sorry for being selfish.” He hugs her and kisses her forehead, “I will hurry. You rest until I get back.” LiMei nods and he lays her down on the bed. He decides he will leave a note and his cell number, he doesn’t remember if he put his number in her phone. Motherfu***g shit! He hurries out of her room and grabs his jacket from his Suite. He looks at his watch it is three o’clock…yeah… I can be back by eight.

     Qiao Rui gets into his Porsche and heads down the mountain, he is speeding as his sports car is hugging the curves while he descends the mountain, he puts on some music. He is thinking about LiMei clinging onto him so he wouldn’t leave, she is adorable. Maybe I could ask her to marry me. No, Xiaotong is causing me problems and my stepmother the bitch would make LiMei’s life a living hell. I will keep her to myself for the time being until I can eliminate those greedy leeches from my life.

     He needs to get control of the Qiao Corporation from them and put himself in a position no one could touch him or his wife. Also there is his past which he was reminded of earlier, he refused to do any of the Underworld’s dirty work but his clinic needed to treat several men who had been injected with Sylanal or other drugs, gunshot wounds, stab wounds. He had to pay his debt to the people who loaned him the money for school by treating their men at his mountain clinic. He leans his head back as he is driving, I hope LiMei never finds out about those unsavory five years I spent working for the Underworld. She is a naive and innocent girl she wouldn’t understand.

     Han Weisheng is standing by his brother’s bedside his fists clenched at his side. His own Uncle did this to Tingfeng, I will hunt him down wherever he is and make him pay.

     “Weisheng, Qiao Rui is the best there is he will bring your brother back, he is on his way now.”

     Dr. Chow walks in with the results from the blood analysis. “Dr. Qiao was right we are starting him on an IV drip of Bedozeine now, that will stabilize the effects of the drug in his system.”

     Han Weisheng nods at them he hasn’t contacted Tingfeng’s wife or their parents yet he wants to have better news than Tingfeng is alive but in a coma.

     Qiao Rui looks at his watch he should be at the hospital in a half hour his cell rings, “Yes.”

     “You were right it is Sylanal, we have him on the drip.”

     “I should be there in a half hour.”

     Qiao Rui calls Dr. Woo, “It’s me.”

     “How are you feeling?”

     “Fine, yeah thanks for telling Feng LiMei how to treat me with her needles.”

    “She is quite a strong little girl she didn’t hesitate when I told her where the needles had to be inserted. You should find a way to keep her with you, not only beautiful but a good heart also.”

     “I plan on it.” He thinks of her blushing as she inserted the needles and the way her eyes turn a deep green when she is worried. “I called because a patient at my hospital was injected with Sylanal, he is in a coma on an IV drip now of Bedozeine.”

     “Those bastards are still using that piece of shit drug?”

     “I don’t know the details but he was kidnapped approximately three weeks ago now. If they had him on it the entire time would he have brain damage? Those people we treated at the clinic never went into a coma.”

    “His brain could have irreparable damage if he had that injected for that long of a period of time. Did they catch any of the kidnappers?”

     “Not that I know. What do you think the best course of action should be treating him? I was thinking combining Silver Leaf Berji with Black Sinja root to stimulate his brain. The Bedozeine should neutralize the Slyanal remaining in his system but the suppression of dopamine caused his sluggishness and inability to formulate thoughts, Huan told me when he was conscious his speech was slow and couldn’t form sentences.”

     “I think if you added some Glistening Snow Pearl it would speed up his recovery.”

     “Why didn’t I think of that? Woo you are amazing!”

     “Yes I am haha. What are you going to do about that bastard Xiaotong. You know he was the one who wanted to ruin your reputation.”

     “I will take care of him. How much do I owe you for this consultation?”

     “You can pay for my trip to Cambodia, I’m going to visit that maniac Xinghi.”

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