Lock Your Door

The Bartender’s sister laughs, “Honey, what could you possibly do to me.”

     LiMei calmly says, “First, I am going to hit your Hingi Point so you can’t move your body”, in a blink of an eye uses her palm to strike the base of the wopman’s neck immobilizing her. “Then I am going to insert a needle into your Sighi point by your right ear so you can’t scream,  for a start of your punishment, I am going to slash your face, and break your hand that was touching Rui.”

    Horror is written on the half naked girl’s face, her eyes are wide, blood is oozing down her cheek. Her right hand she feels every bone is broken in it. LiMei gets a handkerchief from her purse, “ You can move your head so nod if you understand me. If you don’t want me to kill you, we are going to the roof where your brother is don’t try anything on the way. I am going to release you now so you can walk, hold this cloth on your face so you don’t ruin the beige carpet. Pick up your uniform off the floor.”

     The Bartender’s sister with tears streaming down her face  nods her head up and down thinking this girl is insane, but if my brother is on the roof he will overpower this girl, he used to work for the Blue Snake Syndicate. LiMei and the half naked girl go to the service elevator at the end of the hallway no one would be going to this floor or the roof this time of night. When they arrive at the roof LiMei tells her to sit on the wood pile, she quickly immobilizes her again.

     She walks over to where she had left the Bartender, she doesn’t want to waste time, she wants to hurry to call Father Lam but she needs to take care of these two for hurting Rui and find out who ordered them to do it.

     LiMei hits the Bartender’s Hingi Point to immobilize him then inserts a needle in his neck to wake him. He looks up at her she is kneeling next to him. “What the fuck did you do to me I can’t move!’

     “If you don’t quickly tell me what I want to know that will be the least of your problems.”

     “Fuck you, you little bitch!” He spits her direction.

     “That’s gross!” It is a good thing for him the spit didn’t land on her.

     LiMei takes out a silver needle inserts into his forehead, the pain is excruciating, he starts crying, “Take it out..take it out..”

    “Who hired you to drug Qiao Rui?”

    “He will kill me!”

     “Do you think I won’t” She inserts another needle into his eyelid almost to his eyeball, “If I push this needle in further you will be blinded in that eye, also I hear it is very painful.”

    The Bartender stares at LiMei kneeling next to him expressionless as she inserts the needle thinking she looks like a porcelain doll, who is she his bodyguard?. He can see his sister half naked, topless wearing only underwear with a huge gash on her cheek sitting motionless on the stack of wood.

     “Fine..fine I will tell you what you want. It was Qiao Xiaotong his half brother”

     LiMei isn’t shocked. Honestly! rich people have no morals, “Why?”

     “It has to do with ruining his reputation so he will lose face and not be able to challenge Qiao Xiaotong for the CEO position at Qiao Corporation.”

     LiMei is disgusted what people do for money and power.”How much did he pay you? “

     “$15,000 USD.”

     LiMei starts giggling, “Tell me the correct amount right now or lose your manly function.”

     The Bartender is sweating, he feels if he lies she will do it. “He paid $300,000, when it is completed I was getting another $700,000.”

     His sister can hear the amount, she is livid, he was ripping her off big time and she was going to do all the work.

     “Tell me the account number he sent the money to and your password.”

      He doesn’t care at this point he just wants to get out of this situation and go back to the Blue Snake Syndicate, they will protect him from Qiao Xiaotong, his Uncle is high up in the ranks. The Bartender rattles off the numbers.

     LiMei transfers the money from the Bartender’s account into one of hers, when she has a chance she will send it to the Orphanage as an anonymous donation. She doesn’t want to have to explain to Father Lam how she got the money.

     “What is the name of the drug you gave Qiao Rui?”

     “ Sex Smoke”

     “What, it was in incense form? There was a distinct citrus scent in the room.


     “I guess that is all I need, oh yeah what is the name and address of the person who sold it to you?”

     “Dong Goo, I don’t know his address but he hangs out at Wong’s a club on Huyun St. Will you let us go now?”

     “In a minute.” LiMei is trying to think if she needs any more information.

     “I will be honest at first I was going to have you two commit incest, but the thought grossed me out. ”

     Both of them look at LiMei with shocked expressions, this beautiful girl looks so innocent. “So I am going to let Karma take care of you two with a little help from me.”

     She inserts a needle into the Bartender’s Zehua Point he immediately is unconscious, She whispers in his ear, you are leaving for Shanghai when you wake up, you won’t remember anything after you went to work.{Qiao Xiaotong won’t let him go for stealing his money and not drugging Qiao Rui. She is fairly sure Rui will cover up the drugging incident.}

     LiMei walks over to the sister inserting a needle into her Zehua Point, also restores her ability to speak when she wakes up, whispers”You won’t remember anything after you came to work.When you wake up you are going to put on your uniform,go directly to security office give them the Master room card and confess to robbing guests. {She had thought the reception desk but she didn’t want to upset the guests if Qiao Rui owns the hotel.} LiMei takes Qiao Rui’s room card from the pocket of her uniform..

     She glances at the brother and sister unconscious, she mutters “Such lowlife scum.”

     LiMei hurries to Rui’s suite he is unconscious on the couch, she touches his forehead he is burning up. She goes into her room to call Father Lam. It rings several times then goes to voicemail. Shit! It is getting late he is probably asleep. She paces around trying to think of what to do, should she call Dr. Woo?

     He gave her his contact number at lunch. She bites her lip, he is good friends with Rui he is the best person to call. She dials his number, no answer, no voicemail option. Oh no. I need to try again if he is sleeping I need to wake him up, this is urgent. She dials his number again, after several rings a groggy voice says “Hello.” In a desperate voice she says “It is LiMei Dr. Woo..it’s Rui..”

     Dr. Woo sits up in his bed, then he walks to the other room so as not to disturb the woman in his bed.

     “Did something happen to Rui?” He looked fine when he saw him earlier in the day.

     “Yes, he has been drugged with an aphrodisiac called “Sex Smoke.” It has been approximately forty minutes  I would estimate.”

     Dr. Woo isn’t too familiar with aphrodisiacs but he knows a black market contact who deals in antidotes. “LiMei I am going to make a call to someone who would know. In the meantime wipe him down with a cool cloth so his temperature doesn’t rise.” The only alternative he isn’t suggesting to her when he met her today she looked pure. “I will call you back in a few minutes.”

     “ Doctor, I used my silver needle to render him unconscious while I called you, is that safe?”

    Dr. Woo can imagine what how unnerving seeing Rui in that state must have been for a shy girl like LiMei. “I think it is fine as long as it isn’t for too long, I really don’t know. Don’t awaken him until I call you back. Just keep him cool.”


     She isn’t sure if the aphrodisiac is still in his room, probably, she doesn’t want to be affected by it, she opens a couple windows to air the room out. She lifts him up he is very heavy, using all her internal energy she drags him into her room getting him up onto her bed.

     LiMei goes to the bathroom gets a washcloth, she fills the ice bucket with water carrying it to the nightstand. She dips the cloth into it wiping off his face, he is so hot. She leans him forward removing his shirt that is drenched in sweat. For a moment she couldn’t help staring at his chest and his abs, his body is perfect. Removing his shoes and socks, she looks at his pants, there definitely is a reaction to the drug. 

    Dr. Woo said to wipe off his body to keep him cool but LiMei doesn’t want to take off his pants. She goes into the bathroom and runs water in the bathtub, I will just place him in there with his pants on and he can take them off when he wakes up. Yes, LiMei good idea! She is getting tired but she lifts him off the bed and gets him into the bathtub using the last of her energy. He definitely needs to wake up after soaking. She sits next to the bathtub wiping his face he seems to be cooling down.

   Her phone rings, “Dr. Woo.”

  “LiMei, Rui is lucky it is a second tier aphrodisiac, a cheap knockoff of a more potent drug. Some of these drugs if a person doesn’t have…well, if a person doesn’t get what they need their internal organs can be affected.” He isn’t sure how much this young girl knows about sex. “It is good  you are familiar with Acupuncture and have silver needles, you can help relieve the symptoms of the drug for him.

     “What do I need to do Dr. Woo?”

    “You need to insert needles in several points on his body, he might hallucinate for a short period as a side effect. {Dr. Woo is worried what Rui might reveal but he has no choice but to tell her to use her needles to help him. It is too bad she couldn’t just use her body, that would have been the simplest solution} but it will calm his body until the drug is out of his system.”

     “Alright, what are the accupoints? How long do I leave the needles in, do I need to manipulate them while they are inserted?”

     Dr. Woo names of the accupoints and other instructions.

     “Got it!”

    “Call me back with his condition afterwards.” Dr. Woo can only think of one person who would be ruthless enough to do this to Rui..fucking Xiaotong.

     “I will.”

     She feels his forehead he feels slightly cooler, she needs to wake him up so he can walk to the bed she is out of energy and Dr. Woo said he needs to be awake while she inserts the needles.

     LiMei closes her eyes for a moment, this is going to be embarrassing but she needs to do it, one of the accupoints is located on the top of his inner thigh that is to be inserted then quickly removed. Another is..oh my.. maybe I should erase his memory afterwards, I will think about that.

    She awakens him, His blurry eyes see LiMei leaning over staring at him with deep green eyes, I know this look she is worried. What happened? The last thing he remembers is a woman in a hotel uniform taking off her clothes and he was burning up obviously from being drugged. He still feels the effects as he looks at LiMei he wants to rip her dress off right now, throw her in the bathtub with him, wrap his arms around her and caress every inch of her perfect body.

    “LiMei get as far away from me as you can! “ Even the cool water in the bath isn’t quelling the desire rising in him.

     “Rui, it is going to be alright, I called Dr. Woo he told me what to do to help you.”

    He looks at the delicate beauty leaning over the bath, she is willing to have sex with me? Although he wants to ravish her he doesn’t want to have her like this. He needs to fight the feeling.

   “Just leave LiMei please!”

    “Rui I need you to get out of the bath, wrap a towel around yourself and come to the bed. I will be waiting there for you.”

     LiMei leaves the bathroom and sits by the bed playing with her silver needles.

    Rui lays in the bath with his head leaning back, his desire is making him crazy, when he saw her leaning over him with those alluring small pink lips and her black lace bra exposed slightly, so close to him. No, even if she is willing to do this he isn’t going to give in to this drug and have their first time be ruined by him being unable to restrain himself. He is afraid he might hurt her by being too rough.

   He stands up his pants dripping water as he removes them drying himself off then wrapping a towel around his waist, Dammit he is still hard and it is getting more painful, he calls out “Lock your door LiMei!”

   She is sitting by the bed, what nonsense is he saying?

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