LiMei Likes Him

Qiao Rui takes his hand off the door handle as he changes his mind about confronting LiMei. I need to calm down before I go in to see the girl. At first he wanted to reassure himself she was not permanently injured, now he feels he wants to lecture her on her attitude.

     Du Chang and his grandfather stay for a short while LiMei is comforted by their concern, she knows it was just a freak accident. “Du Chang, could you do me a favor?” She knows making him feel useful will help him.

     “Sure LiMei, anything.”

     “Could you call the hotel where I work , it is called Crescent Moon Hotel, tell them you are my brother I am stuck in Catang City. Ask for the Kitchen Manager he is a very nice man. I think if I call he will ask too many questions, tell him I will be back to work Saturday.”

     “Of course I can do that for you.”

“LiMei we are going to leave to let you rest. I will be back tomorrow to pick you up, don’t worry about a ride home. Just take care of yourself.”

     “Come here Du Chang.” when he reaches the bed she leans over to hug him. “You are my best friend in this city, I don’t want you to feel bad. I will be home tomorrow, we can play video games downstairs.You need to call that little girlfriend of yours Nuo over to take care of you!”

     Du Chang blushes, “LiMei! I told you she is not my girlfriend!”

     LiMei and his grandfather start laughing, LiMei thinks he looks adorable right now.

     “Chang, let’s go.”

     “Bye LiMei,see you tomorrow.”

     After they leave LiMei reaches over for some water at the beside table, she looks around the room, one stay in this hospital overnight will bankrupt me. I need to check out.

     Du Chang’s grandfather stops at the reception desk,on their way out, “Can I see the bill for Du Chang and Feng LiMei, I will put part on my card and settle the rest on Friday.”

     The woman behind the desk looks at the old man and the boy, isn’t that boy the VIP Dr. Qiao said no charge for him and the girl. She looks on her computer, “Sir there are no charges it has been taken care of earlier.” Dr. Qiao gave instructions she was not to reveal who paid the charges.

     “There must be a mistake,double check.”

     “Sir, it has a zero balance.”

     “Du Chang is over on the couch waiting for his grandfather, he will tell him no matter how long it takes him he will pay him back.

    Du Pengfei scratches his white beard maybe it was the man they ran into with the bike, but Chang admitted it was his fault, LiMei said she felt it was the driver’s fault though. Chang said it was an expensive sports car. I will need to find the man to thank him.

     “Chang, wait here I will pull the car up to the front.”

     LiMei looks around the room for her purse she needs to apply more of the vanishing cream to her neck. When she awoke she felt the scarf still on her neck, it would be humiliating if anyone saw the beast’s marks. She opens the drawer of the bedside table her purse is in there. No one would know she has a hidden compartment but she doesn’t like the idea someone had her purse.

     She carefully checks, good… my silver needles are there, assorted pills, my fake identity card. She closes the hidden compartment in the bottom of the purse. The different passports and ID’s the old man gave me are hidden in a can of coffee in my kitchen cupboard.

     LiMei goes into the bathroom, she wants to look in the mirror, her arm is bandaged, it looks like a skilled doctor did her stitches on her head, they are the invisible type that dissolve on their own. She takes out her contacts her eyes are sore from being unconscious when they were on. Her right arm hurts as she does this, she can feel stinging pain, she will give herself some acupuncture with her needles, she never takes pain medication. Oh shit, it is a good thing they didn’t completely undress me…my Black Sky  tattoo on hip under the high cut underwear would have been exposed.

     This is the first time she has ever been in a hospital, any time she was injured in the Organization they would have a doctor come to their own facility in the Compound. This gown is rather hideous she laughs looking at the star pattern on the cotton robe, it is tied by two strings in the back.

     After she applies the cream she waves her hand to dry it then replaces the scarf. It looks silly wearing a scarf with this hospital gown but better than the alternative I don’t need to be ridiculed by strangers as a slut.

     Qiao Rui had gone back to his office to do some paperwork, tapping his fingers on his desk thinking of the girls’s voice as she comforted her boyfriend while blaming him. He is getting irritated thinking about it, they ran into his 20 million plus Limited Edition Porsche, scratching and denting the shit out of it, then she acts like I was irresponsible. I even made every effort to have them taken care of by the best doctors in the country, I  did the ungrateful girls’s stitches myself!

     I am going to talk to her right now! He snaps the pencil he was holding into pieces storms out of his office. In the elevator he pushes the second floor, impatiently, it stops at the third floor as it is going down, dammit! He looks up to see Chen Huan getting in the elevator. “Huan what are you doing at my hospital? He hates the smug look Jianyu’s brother always has on his face, he is a black fox, always scheming. “I was visiting one of my actresses, she was getting her eyes done today, I wanted to make sure there was no media.”

     “Huan this hospital is secure you know that, why else are you here.”

     “Well I also wanted to talk to you about Lau An’s party on Saturday night. She enlisted me to get Jianyu to attend, you are his best friend I thought you might help.”

     “Piss off, he just annoyed the shit out of me the other night when some bitch tried to drug him.”


     “Ask your stupid brother, this is my floor I have to see a patient. He puts his hand in the door as it is closing, “Just don’t mention I told you or you can forget about using my hospital anymore for all the secret plastic surgeries those bimbos in your company get here.” Qiao Rui snickers getting out of the elevator those two brothers are close why didn’t Jianyu tell him.

    Chen Huan takes out his cell, is that why Jianyu cancelled their meeting this morning. He gets Jianyu’s voicemail “Jianyu this is Huan are you busy for lunch at two o’clock? Just text me back.” Who would dare try to drug that maniac he will have them killed.

    Seeing the look on Huan’s face almost put Qiao Rui in a good mood. He walks up to room 2009, he enters without knocking, the girl is bending over putting something in the bedside table bottom drawer, he can see her lacy pink underwear as she bends over, her slender back and the back of her creamy white thighs. Qiao Rui gulps as he is staring at her, her long black hair no longer is in a ponytail it is cascading down her back.He feels his body reacting to her ass being up in the air covered in pink lace. 

     She hears him after he enters quickly standing up and turning around clutching the back of the gown together. His lips curl up at the frightened look on her face.

    “I’m Dr. Qiao I came to examine you.”

     “Oh, you startled me.” She is stunned by how good looking he is he looks like a doctor in a TV Drama. Tall 185 cm, good body, his face is outstanding, he is wearing designer glasses he has dark Phoenix eyes,long black eyelashes straight nose, thin lips, why are doctors in a white coat with glasses so damn sexy! jeez..and I am wearng this tacky hospital gown. She touches her neck self consciously, thank god I am wearing this scarf.

     He notices her staring at his face mesmerized, he gets that from many of his female patients but for some reason when this girl lis staring a at him  with an infatuated look he is enjoying it. Her eyes are very unusual, very beautiful.

     “You should be in bed, it is best not to go to sleep but you shouldn’t be walking around right now.”

     She waves her phone in her hand, “I was just going to play a game on my phone for awhile.”

    “First let me check your injuries.Were you wearing contacts when you first arrived?”

     LiMei thinks that is a strange question, “Yes, but they were irritating my eyes so I removed them.” She decides to answer nonchalantly.

     He realizes this is an irrelevant question but why would someone hide such beautiful green eyes. He noticed the brown eyes when Yan opened them to shine a light earlier to check her pupils . ” I examined you in the Emergency Room, so that is why I noticed.” Why am I lying?

     “Oh.. to be honest, too many men are attracted to me because of my eyes, I don’t like the attention.” He is a doctor I can speak freely.

     “…” This girl is strange, maybe her boyfriend is the jealous type.

     He opens her eyes checking to see if her pupils are still dilated. No. That is a good sign. While his fingers gently hold her eyelids open, LiMei thinks if this had to happen at least the doctor is hot!

     “Lay down I need to check your heart rate.” He has her slide the gown down to the top of her chest , he places the stethoscope on her heart.

     LiMei jumps, “That’s so cold!”

     Qiao Rui starts to laugh softly, “I’m sorry I should have warmed it first.” This girl’s expression is  really cute. When she moved like that his hand accidentally landed on her soft breast, he quickly removes it, but he could still feel the sensation. What is up with me today, I have examined countless beautiful women without any sort of reaction. She is too young I need to definitely keep my mind on what I am doing. He came in with the idea of telling her it was his car but now he doesn’t want to let her know.

     “Doctor, I need to go back to work tomorrow night will I be alright to do that?”

     “You need to tell your parents you can’t work for at least a week, speaking of which have you called them?”

     LiMei is caught off guard how old does he think I am I need my parents here. She knows she looks younger than her twenty one years, but is it because I came in with Gu Chang? He was wearing a cap from his High School baseball team.

     Should I tell him or play along? She decides she is attracted to him, she should tell him the truth. “Doctor how old do you think I am?”

      He is surprised she is saying this in a coquettish voice. Is this little girl trying to seduce me?

      He smiles,” We didn’t get your date of birth when you were brought in maybe I should find out to put on your record.”



     LiMei bursts out laughing, her smile is taking his breath away, her eyes curve into a crescent moon shape and two cute dimples are showing as she laughs. “Doctor I’m twenty one almost twenty two in December!”

     “I’m sorry but you and your boyfriend look like you are in High School.” He has a faint smile while he takes her pulse, her heart is racing she must be attracted to me.

     “Du Chang is but I graduated from A University last Spring”{not actually but I’m rolling with this one, he will think I’m smart.}

     Qiao Rui isn’t sure why he is having this conversation with this girl but there is no doubt in his mind he is attracted to the little beauty.

     “You are dating a High School boy?”

     “There is a misunderstanding here, he is my landlord’s grandson, he is like my brother.”

     Qiao Rui really doesn’t want to tell her he was in the car they hit, he would like to go out with this girl now that he knows her age. He is twenty seven that is only a five year difference. This is the first time he has been attracted to someone since he dated Lau An. But if he isn’t honest that won’t be good either if she finds out, he should just tell her now. But, who gave her the love bites, she must have a boyfriend.

     He finishes her exam “Feng LiMei all your vital signs are normal, let me check your arm.” He is going to change the bandage for her, normally he would never do this but he wants to make sure it heals well, he brought some special Chinese herbs to applyto her wound.

     “This might hurt do you want some pain medication before I start”, he will need to scrape off the dead tissue in a procedure called debridement so the wound heals faster.

     “No I only use acupuncture for pain, I don’t like pain medication, I prefer traditional Chinese methods.”

     He knows acupuncture from when he studied with Dr. Woo the man he was visiting this morning.

    “Really? Would you like me to use acupuncture on you then?’

   “Sure.” She hasn’t had a chance to do it to herself yet, this doctor is not only handsome but skilled!

    He removes some silver needles from a velvet cloth they are tied in. He carefully inserts one in the Baihui point on the top of her head, while he inserts a few more needles twirling them inside her skin.He then proceeds to clean her arm then scrapes the dead tissue away, finally he applies the healing herbs then wraps it again. As he does he has a serious look on his face, LiMei is being sucked in by his gentleness as he changes the bandage. I wonder if he has a girlfriend.

     When he is done he removes his gloves then washes his hands in the bathroom. He returns to her room and sits on the couch by the window looking over her chart.

     “Thank you Doctor, I will be leaving now, I cant afford this room I’m not sure why they placed me here.”

     This is a good time to tell her, “I told them to bring you here after your friend’s bike hit my car. I do think it was your friend’s irresponsibility that caused the accident but I saw your injuries and couldn’t ignore them.” {This is his honest thought about the incident.}

     LiMei’s green eyes get large, he was the one in the black Porsche. “I know it wasn’t your fault, earlier I told Du Chang I blamed you for the accident because he was worried about me, but he was going too fast down that hill. He is just a boy after all sometimes doesn’t think! I can’t repay you for being so thoughtful as to send us here. I will work hard to pay the bills,  I asked Du Chang to take me to the bike shop to buy a bike.”

     Qiao Rui is shocked when he overheard her conversation with Du Chang heard her earlier he thought she blamed him.

     He thinks of Lau An’s party on Saturday night he would like to take this girl. She is beautiful and honest, a refreshing change from the women he usually has accompany him.

     “There is no need to worry about the hospital’s payment it is taken care of for both your friend and you. I told you I was involved I can afford it, it relieves my conscience.”

     LiMei gazes at Qiao Rui, he is perfect! Handsome, kind generous, ahh..but out of my league. “I am going home now, I can’t stay knowing you are paying.”

     What is wrong with this girl she needs to stay overnight so she can be monitored. “I can’t sign your release if anything happened because you left prematurely the hospital’s reputation would suffer. You need to be monitored at least two more days here.” This way I can stop in get to know her then ask her out.

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