LiMei Is Angry

  The Bartender meets his sister behind the kitchen, telling her about what he needs her to do.“I called my guy and the only aphrodisiac he has tonight is in incense, it will have to burn in his room for about fifteen minutes before you enter. It should take effect then, it isn’t as potent as the liquid I usually can get from him. I don’t even know how long it will last. I really hate last minute bullshit.”

     “I need more than 1,000 dollars especially if I need to have some bruises. I thought you just wanted me to open someone’s room for you so you could rob them.” She has a master room card that opens every room in the hotel. She even stole the room card for the Sky Suite last year when it was being renovated.

     “I need to pay my guy $10,000 for the shit, I’m only making a couple thousand myself.”

     “Well I want $2,000 or you can get your skank of a girlfriend to do it.”

      The Bartender doesn’t want to involve his girlfriend she is a cokehead and would spill her guts if questioned. He knows his sister won’t break under pressure.

     “$ 2,000 then but you better make sure to get pictures, the client wants to expose him on social media.”

     “When will he be here with the stuff?”

     The Bartender looks at his phone, “He should be here soon, I need to get back to work. I told him to give it to you, you have a room card ”

     “Who is this guy, how will I recognize him?”

     “You know him he used be a plumber here he is Korean, his name is Goo.”

     “Yeah I know that little pervert.”

     “Plan on 9:45 that will give me time to get rid of the girl with Qiao Rui. Goo will loosen a faucet so the water is leaking and put the aphrodisiac in an inconspicuous place inside the room. Then he will wait outside the door for Qiao Rui to arrive.”

     The sister goes back to work, Goo is going to meet her by the service elevator at 9:15 for her to open the Suite so he can create the problem. The Bartender returns to the Chinese Restaurant, Qiao Rui and LiMei are still eating their dinner. He looks ar LiMei he wouldn’t mind having that girl himself while his sister is taking care of Qiao Rui. Maybe he can lure her somewhere private and screw her.

     “Rui I have never had shark fin, it is yummy, what is this?” She points her chopsticks towards the sea cucumbers.

     “That dish is Braised Sea Cucumbers with Black Mushrooms” he places some on her plate.

     LiMei tastes it and is not impressed, it has a slippery texture that makes her want to gag, she would like to spit it into her napkin but forces herself to eat it. Then she gulps down her wine. “Don’t think that is for me but the Crystal Pork Dumplings are delicious!”

     Qiao Rui is watching her eat, her expression on her face while she is eating the sea cucumber is priceless, she wrinkles up her nose and her cheeks are puffed out as she tries to swallow. He wants to tell her just to spit it out.

     The Bartender comes over to their table, “Dr. Qiao there is a water leak in your bathroom in the Sky Suite, it is dripping into the room below yours, when you are here no one is allowed access to a room card for that room. I’m sorry to interrupt but you will need to open the door for the plumber and wait while he fixes it . It should only take fifteen minutes, they think it is minor but will soak the carpet in the Suite if not taken care of immediately.”

     Qiao Rui isn’t happy this is interrupting his meal with LiMei, but he doesn’t want the leak to turn into a bigger problem. “LiMei I’m sorry but could you wait here I will be back in no more than twenty minutes.”

    LiMei nods and smiles at him, “Should I go with you?”

     “No, I won’t be long, eat your Dumplings while they are hot.”

     Qiao Rui is pissed, but it is true he doesn’t allow anyone access to his Suite when he is here. He takes the elevator up to the Sky Floor, a short fat man is in overalls waiting by the door. He swipes his room card, the plumber hurries into the bathroom and closes the door pretending to work. Actually all he had done was loosen the faucet and turned on the water so it leaked out from the bathroom door. The plumber takes his time in there clanking his tools to sound as if he is working.

     Qiao Rui opens his laptop on his desk to review some emails, he has been gone all day normally he would have checked them earlier. There is an important one from the Architects, well at least he has time while he is waiting for the plumber to read it and respond.

     LiMei has finished the Dumplings, looking towards the door Qiao Rui hasn’t returned. She pours herself another glass of wine after she finishes it. The Bartender has paid the fellow bartender to cover his side while he leaves for awhile. He walks over, “Miss, Dr. Qiao called down requesting I escort you back to the room the problem is worse than anticipated.”

     “I can go myself.”

     “He expects me to accompany you he doesn’t want you to go by yourself.”

     “Alright I guess.” LiMei follows him out of the restaurant.

     When they enter the elevator, the Bartender moves closer to her , she steps back wondering what he is doing. She is thinking about the hot spring and not paying attention when he pushes the button for the roof instead of the Sky Floor. The roof is under construction they are putting in a rooftop pool and a small restaurant. By the time LiMei realizes it the door opens and he pushes her out. Good..Very Good she thinks, no one will disturb us while I kick your ass!

     Where is Qiao Rui, what is going on here. She pretends to act frightened, he is a muscular man about 175 cm tall with a pock marked face. In a whimpering voice she says, “What are you doing, where is Rui?” He grabs her chin forcing her to look up to him, “In a few minutes he will be having wild sex with my sister, what do you think about that?” She continues to play the frail victim,her eyes wide open, “What?”

     “You heard me, are you jealous? I will make you forget all about him.” He puts his hand around her waist. Inside LIMei is boiling but she wants to find out more. If her calculations are right whatever drug they gave him will begin working in less than ten minutes. What is with these people in this City! 

How can she get her needles out of her purse. She needs to get answers quickly!

     She doesn’t have her other aphrodisiac antidote with her she left it in her stash of pills in coffee can in her kitchen cupboard thinking she wouldn’t need them anymore. How is she going to save Rui. She needs to find out more, what kind of aphrodisiac, who is behind this, she will definitely seek revenge for ruining her perfect dinner with Rui. “Please don’t!”

     The Bartender smiles with a lustful look in his eyes staring at her chest. “There is no reason you shouldn’t have some fun while your boyfriend is fucking a hot chick.” LiMei wants to rip his tongue out, patience, it’s been about two minutes she has time. She starts crying, “I will pay you please let me go.” He pushes her over towards some tarps on the ground, “It isn’t as deluxe as the Sky Suite but I guarantee you will enjoy it, I know I will!” That’s it.. She decides to beat him then get some quick answers when she is done then pierce his neck with her silver needle so she can imprint another memory.

     He lets go of her as he pushes her, she raises her slender leg kicks him in the head, he is stunned but he knows martial arts, he whips his  long leg around aimed at her chest, LiMei dodges and counters with a palm strike to his neck, he moves enough it just grazes his neck. He is shocked at her agility, he throws a punch towards her face she blocks it with her arm and flies into the air kicking him in his chest, he staggers backward, blood is coming out of his mouth, “Where did the prissy Doctor find you?”

     He smirks picking up a metal rod swinging it at her, LiMei jumps onto a stack of wood then leaps off flying at him kicking him in his back, he begins to cough whipping around she lets his hand grab her throat, he leans down with a crooked smile, “Gotcha.” This is what she knew he would do, he is using the standard moves from the  Blue Snake Syndicate, she thought his style looked familiar.

     But time is running out she needs to get to Qiao Rui, this has taken four minutes, time to end it. She smiles an evil smile, head butts him as he leans down and strikes his neck with her hand at the same time, he falls to the ground unconscious. She doesn’t have time to interrogate him right now. She drags him over to the side behind a stack of large metal tubing. She pulls out her silver needle sticks it into his neck he should stay unconscious for awhile. She will be back to find the answers she needs

     LiMei runs to the elevator pushing the Sky Floor she keeps pushing it..Hurry..hurry you damn elevator… it opens to the floor, she hasn’t formulated a plan the woman should be in there and the aphrodisiac is probably starting to take effect. What despicable people use this method, it makes her sick to her stomach. Rui had said they have adjoining rooms does that mean there is a door connecting the two rooms? Earlier she had just used the front door going into the hallway to his door. Maybe..she swipes her room card and runs into the living room, no door, into the bedroom that is on the right side, next to the closet there is a door she didn’t notice earlier. Yes!

    Qiao Rui is on the couch, he is leaning back his shirt unbuttoned,with his eyes closed trying to block out the heat rising within him. Qiao Rui is almost in a trance gathering his internal energy to try to conteract the drug. He thinks if he doesn’t see the woman he can stifle his desire, In a hoarse voice he says, “I told you to leave..GO!”

     A woman’s soft sexy voice says,“I’m here for you to pleasure you take me, I can help you relieve the pain.”

     “I won’t even look at you, Go now!”

     LiMie can hear their voices through the door, good Rui stay strong I’m here. She pulls the door open to see a woman starting to remove her bra ..a blue and white uniform on the ground..a hotel employee?

     My God! Why would someone do this to Rui?

    The half naked woman is startled by her appearance, she thought her brother was taking care of this little girl. LiMei throws a needle hitting Rui in the neck, he slumps over on the couch, LiMei isn’t sure if that is a good idea but after she gets rid of these two scums she will call Father Lam see what she should do. She just didn’t want Rui opening his eyes because she is about to beat the shit out of this woman.

   The Bartender’s sister didn’t see LiMei throw the needle it was a blur, she thinks Qiao Rui fell unconscious from the pain of restraining himself, he obviously was hard when he pushed her away a few minutes ago. She is a cocky woman, looking at this slip of a girl in front of her she will take care of her then undress Qiao Rui to get pictures of them together, her brother will have to be satisfied. She wants that $2,000.

“Little girl you should leave.”she turns to face LiMei she is a 175 cm and has large breasts that are practically in LiMei’s face, she is looking down at LiMei when she says in a sarcastic  tone. “You don’t want to see this.”

LiMei is clenching her tiny fists at her side, she looks up at the woman with a murderous glint in her green eyes.

“ I’m just going to say one thing, I’m not going to kill you, but you will wish you were dead when I finish with you. I really was looking forward to the hot spring tonight.”

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