LiMei Has Skills

 LiMei is slumped over on Chen Jianyu’s shoulder in the back seat. She felt the man’s hand as he was about to press the cloth with the sweet smelling liquid onto her face, she held her breath as to not breathe in the fumes from the chloroform.

     She is pretending to be unconscious listening to the men’s conversation in the front seat, I am tired of having to save the man next to me, why doesn’t he have that husky bodyguard with him. Her plan is to find out who is orchestrating these incidents against Chen Jianyu and eliminate them. Then he will owe me a debt I can ask him to act like he doesn’t know me when I am with Rui, Yes good idea!

    “Take a left at the next street.”

     “How long do we need to keep them? “

     “He said the meeting is at nine in the morning, if Chen Jianyu doesn’t show the merger will be cancelled.”

     LiMei is disgusted, whoever is doing this only wants to ruin a business deal and is going to this extreme. What if I was an ordinary girl I would be scared to death! Names..I need names then I am going to make you wish you never took this job. I need to get back to the resort before Rui returns,it must be eight thirty that gives me an hour.

   “Which house?”

    “The last one on the left.”

    “What about the girl, should we tell him we had to bring her along?”

    “Don’t say a damn word, you know him if he hears there is a pretty girl here it will complicate matters he can’t keep his **** in his pants. I don’t want this to be anymore than what it is supposed to be, holding him until ten in the morning. I got a daughter her age, if that moron Johnny hadn’t pulled out his gun in such a rush they could have waited until she got off the elevator or something. “

     “She is a beauty, rich guys have little sluts like her hanging on them all the time. I wouldn’t compare her to your daughter, she probably has had many men so what if he wants a piece of ass he will pay more.’

     Slap! “Don’t you get any ideas either!”

    “What the fuck! If he finds we were holding out on know he is always looking for beautiful women for his clients. We could probably get more for her than for holding that fucking douchebag Chen. Did you see those legs of hers and that face is perfect.”

     LIMei is trying to control her anger, the guy in the passenger seat is going to regret those words. Her attitude towards the driver is softening he sounds like he just needs the job. She has known men like that, they don’t want to murder anyone or be too dirty they just need money so they take low level jobs like this preventing someone from being somewhere.

    “We are here, Hai, if you screw this up don’t think I will go easy on you. I’m only doing this because you owe those fuckers in the Serpentine Syndicate you belong to now. How many times did I tell you to get a decent job. We hold them until ten we drop them off back at the resort unharmed, got it!”

     LiMei recalls the Bartender’s sister mentioned he was a member of the Serpentine Syndicate so whoever hired them has a connection to the Syndicate using them to drug Chen Jianyu now to kidnap him. The Black Sky never had dealings with that Syndicate so she doesn’t know anything about them, they are probably local.

     The car screeches into a driveway, “You grab the man I will carry the girl into the house put him in the back room tie him to the chair.”

    LiMei can smell a heavy tobacco odor on him as he lifts her out she wants to sneeze, her nose is tickling her as he puts her over his shoulder. He is a big man she can tell his body has lost its muscle tone he must be old, he is wheezing as he walks towards the door.

     She almost feels sorry for him it sounds like he has a weasel for a brother and he is trying to clean up his mess.He lays her on a bed, isn’t he going to tie her up, suddenly she feels a handcuff on her slender wrist and she is locked to the bedpost.

     Chloroform shouldn’t last too long Chen Jianyu should wake up, she hears the man leave the room and shut the door. Surveying the room she looks for her purse, did he leave it in the car? She has her needles in her dress she was able to get them out of her purse when she was pretending to be asleep. 

     But my cell, what if Rui tries to callThey really must not put me in their eyes, only handcuffing one hand to the bed. I will easily be able to escape but that big lump asleep on the chair that’s a problem.

     Rui finishes up the medicinal compound for Han Tingfeng, good it is a little after eight o’clock I should be back by ten. He writes up the instructions for Dr. Chow and takes it to the hospital. He knocks on Chow Yan’s door, he specifically told him to wait so he can personally hand this medicine to him and give him the instructions for the nurse. He calls him, “Chow where are you I told you to wait.”

     “Leave it in my office, I went out to eat with my wife.”

     Black lines are forming on Rui’s forehead, in a sharp tone he says,“I said wait.”

    “I can be back there in a half hour.” Chow Yan can feel Rui’s his dark and oppressive aura through the phone

     Qiao Rui is pissed now this is another delay but he needs to make sure Chow Yan handles this medicine properly. He should call LiMei. He dials her number, no answer, maybe she is afraid of the roaming charges he shouldn’t have teased her with that. She probably doesn’t know incoming calls won’t be charged to her. He shakes his head she is so cute, he can’t wait to get back to her. He texts her, There was a delay, will text you when I leave.Rui  

     Dammit!Fucking Chow!

     LiMei hears her phone in her purse the man must have tossed it into the room somewhere. I could use my hairpin to get out of the handcuffs but if they walk in… I want to wait until Chen Jianyu can walk, dragging him would be a pain. How would I get him back into the hotel drag him..that’s ridiculous. Hmm.. I need to see my phone. 

     Li Mei takes the hairpin from her hair and wiggles it in the handcuffs and hears a click, good. As she is about to remove them the door to the room opens she snaps them back instantly and pretends to be still knocked out.

    “How long will they be unconscious?”

     “It’s been a half hour about another thirty minutes.’

     “Should we inject them with the Sylanal so we don’t need to worry about them trying to escape?”

     “Look at them do they look like they will try to escape?” He starts laughing.

     “Yeah we shouldn’t waste it on them.”

     LiMei is relieved to hear that they aren’t concerned so they won’t take precautions against them. Sylanal..eww..she shivers that stuff is bad news! I wouldn’t have time to reach Chen Jianyu before they injected him he is halfway across the room. Another half hour that sounds reasonable I will wait, but I need to check my phone. If I am not in the Suite  Rui will probably assume I went to the hotspring and maybe walk down there that would give me more time.

     “Auntie left some dinner for us, let’s go eat.”

     After they leave she feels it will be safe to go get her phone, she slips out of the cuffs and looks around for her purse. When she finds it she takes out her phone putting it on silent mode. Rui did text, so he will be late excellent! 

     She texts him back, [I will be at hotspring join me there. Smiley face should I add a heart?…yes. heart.] In case they check her purse she deletes the messages putting it back, getting back onto the bed she doesn’t hook the handcuffs tightly she can slip her hand out.

     Rui sees the message from LiMei with the smiley face and heart, he grins then for a moment it makes him consider how young she is. So what if there is a fucking age difference.. she is perfect for me. He looks at it again smiling thinking about her sweet face. 

     The door opens and it is Chow Yan, “Rui, I got back as quickly as I could, I even left my wife at the restaurant.” He knows Qiao Rui’s temper he wouldn’t hesitate to fire him if he was displeased.

     After getting LiMei’s text Rui has calmed down, Chow Yan is the best person to implement his treatment plan for Han Tingfeng. “Chow, don’t let there be a next time.”

     He proceeds to explain the proper way to administer the medicine and the conditions it needs to be stored under to keep it safe. “I want one nurse in charge of administering it, pick your best one. It has to be measured and accurately given four times a day at the exact time each day.”

     Dr. Chow pushes up his glasses, he has heard of this particular herb it can be dangerous if mishandled creating a poisonous effect instead of a curative one. Only Qiao Rui would be bold enough to create this medicine.

     “Any questions call me on my cell, I’m heading back to the mountain resort.”

     “Will do.”

     LiMei lays there thinking of Rui, when he kissed her she felt her body was hot all over and she was consumed by a feeling she has never experienced . It would be like a dream if he could be mine, he is perfect in every way. She has her eyes closed thinking about being in his arms, his touch… he looked so handsome in his casual clothes. 

     She hears a noise and glances towards Chen Jianyu he is beginning to move in the chair, he must be waking up. She almost wants to laugh looking over at him his head is hanging down and he is drooling onto his jacket she wishes she could take a picture of him. His arms are moving the chloroform is wearing off . Good if he is awake it will make it much easier to escape.

     LiMei takes off her shoes and walks towards the door she is leaning on it trying to listen, she can hear their muffled voices, it sounds like more men are out there. Shit. Two would be a piece of cake. It must be the two men who took them from the hotel. They are talking about an arms shipment to the Serpentine Syndicate. Wasn’t that the Syndicate the Bartender’s sister said he belonged , so whoever did this had something to do with the drugging incident too,this must be more complicated than it appears. The Driver’s voice can be heard, “Go check on them.”

     This will be a good opportunity to take out one of them she gets a needle from her dress and steps behind the door, as the Driver’s brother enters she yanks his shirt and stabs him in the neck he silently falls to the ground. She drags him over and sees a gun stuck in his pants, examining the gun it is a Glock 19 used by Special Forces, maybe it is part of the arms shipment they were discussing. 

     LiMei doesn’t want to shoot anyone but if they have guns she better take it with her into the outer room. She creeps around the corner the Driver is at the table facing her, he is smoking a cigarette, there is a gun on the table to the right of his bowl of noodles.

     The other two men have their backs to her eating she can see the movement of their chopsticks. She could throw a needle and hit the old man in his forehead immobilizing him. Most likely the other two will turn to look the direction the needle came from in the rear of the room. She could run and kick them in the head hopefully before they could pull out their guns, she can’t just stand in place and attempt to hit both of them accurately with her needles. One would be able to shoot her probably before she could do it.

     LiMei takes a deep breath planning her next move, Chen Jianyu you are a plague!

     She throws the silver needle it hits the old man in the forehead as she predicted the two men drop their chopsticks and whip their heads around, she is already at their backs, she kicks the short man in the temple he falls into his bowl of noodles.

      As she does the muscular man next to him grabs her arm throwing her backwards, she hits her head on a table. He reaches for the Driver’s gun , dazed she sees him aiming the gun at her about to shoot, she has no choice she raises her gun shooting him in his right forearm. She doesn’t want to kill anyone or she could have put the bullet through his heart.

     He drops the gun and let’s out an angry scream as he lunges towards her, blood dripping down his arm, “You fucking little bitch you are dead!” She tries to hit him with a palm strike but he knocks  her slender hand away, grabbing her by the hair, he pushes her back onto the table, he slaps her face,”I’m going to fuck you good before I kill you slut.” 

     LiMei can’t let him make her lose focus, she reaches behind groping for a bowl and slams it into his head. Blood is streaming down his face it seems to energizes him,with a sinister laugh, his eyes red with rage, he puts his large hand around her throat. “Maybe I will just screw your pretty corpse.”

     She can feel in a moment he will crush her windpipe. With her right hand she fumbles in her dress for her silver needles she can hear them as they drop to the ground. Shit I am going to die because of that arrogant man, she can hardly breathe she is gasping for air. I don’t want the last thing I see to be this ugly man’s bulging eyes. There is one silver needle left she grips it and with a fluid motion strikes him in the side of his neck. He starts to fall forward with his hand still clenched around her neck. She rips the needle out of his neck stabbing his hand. Moving sideways she avoids him taking her down with him. She wants to kill him, but she controls her urge, let karma take care of them with a little push from her.

     The Serpentine Syndicate will punish them, better yet she will tie them up and call the police, a stash of guns like the one over there should put these bastards in jail for quite awhile.

     The Driver doesn’t seem like a bad guy, hmm.. what to do about him if she drags him out they will brand him a traitor and kill him, maybe she can make it as though he was never with them on this job.

Her throat is terribly painful from that ugly gangster squeezing it, she walks to the refrigerator all there is in it is beer, she pops a can and sits at the table. Shit,  she coughsas she takes a gulp,the bubbles in the beer hurt her throat as she drinks it but she  needs to calm down. She holds the cold can of beer on her cheek, her head is throbbing too.

Chen Jianyu you are going to owe me!

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