Kuang Bo

 Han Weisheng enters his hotel Suite, going to the party at Lau Zemin’s didn’t turn up anything, a huge waste of his time. Zangwa Yan didn’t even attend, the representative they sent to the party was an insignificant man from the second branch of the family. He tosses his black jacket onto the couch dialing a number, “Have you arrived at the the Military Hospital, I will need the proof from that woman you are transporting.”

     “Sir, we should arrive in forty five minutes.”

     “Contact me when she is placed in a room.”

     “Will do.”

     He unties his tie, then reaches into the mini bar for a water, he takes two sips then throws the bottle at the wall. “Tingfeng where the hell are you!” Usually he can contain his anger, he is the top Intelligence agent in the country but he can’t get a solid clue as to his own brother’s whereabouts. Frustrated he lays on the bed with his hands behind his head, this woman’s blackmail material better be good or he will let her die on the operating table when they do her second surgery.

     Zangwa Yan wasn’t at the party because he found out Cindy was moved from Qiao’s hospital. His man went to take her out planning on inserting a deadly amount of pain killer into her IV line, when they discovered she was gone. He needs damage control immediately, he hadn’t been able to locate the blackmail she has on him and his family. Fuck that little bitch, he will find her and have her eliminated by the morning!

     He takes his cell his hands shaking to make a call, “Listen you bastard if I go down you are going with me.”

    A sinister laugh can be heard on the other side of the phone, “You think you are capable, I could have you killed before you hang up the phone. Turn around.”

     Zangwa Yan turns around to see his bodyguard aiming a gun with a silencer towards his head.

    “What the fuck!”

    The bodyguard has a smirk on his face, the Boss said if Zangwa Yan doesn’t pay the money he owes him to kill him.

    “I don’t see the money in my account Little Yan in thirty seconds you will be saying hello to your cousin Gu in hell.”

    “Wait..wait..I don’t have access to that type of money at the moment, my family doesn’t know about my involvement with you. I was waiting for this project to come through then pay you. I have a plan!” He looks at the intimidating man behind him he has been his bodyguard for a year, did he always work for the Crimson Jade Syndicate? Sweat is pouring down his handsome face, why did he get involved with this crazy bastard.

    “I’m listening.”

     “I just need to eliminate one obstacle then the project is in my hands we will make a few billion on this when it is completed. I will raise your share to 70% of the profits.Right now I will promise him anything so that man behind me doesn’t pull the trigger.

    “The 30th is two weeks away how are you going to settle the matter by then?”

    “You can have the deed to my mansion as collateral.”

    “I want shares in Zangwa Corporation.”

    Zangwa Yan can’t say the words he is thinking right now with the gun pointed at him. Who does this fucker think he is, two years ago no one even knew his name. The Zangwas are one the prominent Families  for three generations.

    “I can’t give up my shares!”

    “You have heard the expression you can’t take it with you?”

   “Fucking Shit!” Zangwa Yan realizes how foolish he was to take this man’s money six months ago, how did he know Han Tingfeng would block the development of the beachfront property and enlist the other prominent families in opposing it.

    “My patience is wearing thin.”

     “Fine..fine..I will give my shares as collateral, but if I make this happen I get my shares back and you settle for 40% of the profits.”

    The voice on the other end laughs,” Little Yan you have balls to negotiate with me with a gun pointed at your head!”

    The bodyguard receives a call then lowers his gun.

    “Give the paperwork to the bodyguard, I expect it will all be in order, he is not the only one of my men around you.”

    Kuang Bo sits back in his chair, it has been his dream to be a legitimate businessman since he met Qin Daiyu that is why he started the Crimson Jade Syndicate secretly two years ago away from his brother Kuang Fu. He was trained as a computer expert so he used his talents to amass a small fortune and coordinate the development of his own Underworld Syndicate to generate more funds. His goal is to become a respected CEO of his own Corporation then have Daiyu become his wife.

    His handsome face has a look of anguish on it , why couldn’t you stay by my side Daiyu until I could break away from the Black Sky Organization, another year and my preparations will be complete. He laughs to himself I didn’t even see the little wildcat’s rebellious streak until she disappeared that day. Where could she be, Kuang Fu sent some of his best men to track her and hasn’t found a trace.

    His cellphone rings, “Bo, where are you?”

    “I am in Catang City with Scorpion, the Military Hospital is ten minutes away from our location, Brother I expect to be compensated well for taking this assignment at the last minute.”

    “Have I ever shorted you on payment?”

   “I don’t understand why you care about Zangwa Yan, if Cindy reveals his secret dealings it could only benefit our client.”

   “Bo, it is more complicated than it appears on the surface. She also has a flash drive in her possession that would reveal the identities of his men working inside certain companies undermining them when it comes to negotiations with him.

   We turned her apartment upside down but were unable to find it. That bitch was planning on blackmailing not just Zangwa Yan and that stupid politician but our client also. Typically I could give a shit but he is paying triple our usual fee to eliminate Cindy before she turns it all over to Han Weisheng.”

   “Han Weisheng?”

    “Yes, Han Tingfeng’s brother who is an Intelligence officer. If I find that slut Qin Daiyu who botched the job of killing him and skipping out on me I will break every bone in that little body of hers before I kill her! His involvement is making my life a living hell right now covering our tracks. I found out where the Uncle is hiding Han Tingfeng, but I’m not going to move on him. I am sending the information to Han Weisheng through an informant on my payroll as to his brother’s location. Once he is recovered safely I doubt Han Weisheng would investigate further than the Zangwa Family and his own Uncle. ”

      They share the same father, Fu’s mother was a mistress to his father then became his stepmother when he was seven bringing fourteen year old Kuang Fu into their home. She doted on Fu when they were growing up even though he has always been a complete sociopath. He would pretend to be a loving son, a good student while he was terrorizing anyone who didn’t follow his orders including him. She could never see through him and pampered Fu while having him beat for any minor incident.

    He hates his brother for ruining his promising life forcing him into the Black Sky  Organization when he was starting in University.  He has  held back from killing him on numerous occasions because he  needs to use him and the Black Sky Organization he created. But, if he touches a hair on Qin Daiyu’s head no one can save him. Kuang Bo’s hand tightens on the phone, black lines are forming on his forehead and his eyes have gone dark.

     Kuang Bo has stayed by Kuang Fu’s side for one reason only to become rich then get back his father’s company that was stolen by the Zhao Corporation resulting in his father’s suicide. He can’t leave the Black Sky Organization until he has the money and the information he needs to put those bastards in jail. His Crimson Jade Syndicate is still growing and needs the influx of cash he gets from working with Kuang Fu. After he leaves Catang City he is going to Pushong to check on his investments there.

  He calms himself down,  “Scorpion can do it, I am working on the computer virus your client from St. Petershan wanted to destroy the evidence Interpol collected on him in the espionage case. I have it almost completed and you said he goes to trial next week. Are you going to throw away an easy twenty million USD when Scorpion is capable?”

     Kuang Bo’s sarcastic tone irritates Kuang Fu, “Just because you are the best hacker I have don’t let it go to your head.” He slams down the phone, that brat, if he wasn’t the best at what he does I would kill him for letting Qin Daiyu escape even if he is my half brother.

    None of the other women in the Organization compare to her natural beauty and skill as an assassin, he never thought she would escape from him. He can still picture her smiling face assuring him she could take care of the target herself in Bashu City. He kicks the chair across the room, if I gets my hands on her again… Qin Daiyu, you will regret deceiving me! You are the only person who has ever played me for a fool!

    Kuang Bo calls Scorpion into the room, “You need to take out that woman before she enters the Military Hospital grounds. Once she is in there we won’t have time to prevent her from disclosing the whereabouts of the blackmail material. I met her once when she was with Jack Cranston, she is clever, her only mistake was trying to juggle too many men. I’m sure she isn’t giving up the information to Han Weisheng until she is safe inside, he is the only person involved who would have  access to a Military Hospital. You should leave now, report directly to Kuang Fu.”

     Kuang Bo had finished the intricate code for the virus two days ago but he wants to buy time to go to Pushong City. He needs to meet with the man who oversees his investments for him, if his calculations are correct he should be close to his goal soon.

    There is a knock at the door, Kuang Bo looks through, it is Kangwa Yan’s bodyguard. He opens the door, “Do you have the share certificates and deed to his mansion in Pushong City?”


    “Good…Very good” He hands the man a stack of bills, “You can leave, keep an eye on Zangwa Yan contact me if he tries to leave the country before this is settled.  “

Kuang Bo smiles looking at the papers in his hand, “Qin Daiyu I hope you are happy and safe I will find you when I reach my goal.”

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