Qiao Delun walks back into the kitchen, “Kang Mei will be out in a minute.”

     His friend who is working on the grill is smiling, “Qin Delun is she your girlfriend?” The other cooks chime in “She is too pretty!”

     He wants to throw something at them but the Chef is looking his direction, “No I just met her when she asked where the changing room is located.”

     The Chef wasn’t paying attention but now he needs to see this new server when she comes out.

     Qin Delun hastily puts some food on a plate for Kang Mei he grabs a fork and takes it into her, “You need to hurry.”

     Her eyes light up when she sees the food. She immediately starts eating as though she has never seen food before, “Qin Delun if I had money I would buy you your own restaurant, this so good.”

     His lips curl up in a smile, he will eventually have his own restaurant but he needs to hone his skills working under the Chef and studying. “I will have one someday and you can be my first customer.” LiMei gives him a thumbs up as she finishes the meal.

     “Let’s go the Manager is waiting for you.”

     LiMei grabs a bottle of water from the employee fridge and gulps some down, “Qin Delun what is his name?”

     “ Manager. That is how you call him only the Chef can call him by his name.”

    “Okay, showtime!” LiMei straightens out her skirt and tucks in the oversize shirt better.”Qin Delun lend me your belt you can just tighten your apron.”

    He looks at the skirt that is about to fall off her hips when she stood up. “Okay”

    “You need to poke another hole in it so I can tighten it.”

     Qin Delun looks at the Gucci belt she wants him to destroy, “Can’t you just tighten it or tie it.”

    “No hurry they are going to look for us soon.”

    He pulls out a knife from his belt poking a hole.

    “Cut off the excess length I will buy you another belt.”

     “…” Do you know how much this belt costs?”

     She has the belt tight around her waist. She looks in the full length mirror. “Not bad, thank you Qin Delun.”

    A short girl with blond hair peeks her head in the door, “What are you two doing in here, the Manager said to get out here now!”

    LiMei bows towards her., “I’m sorry I was nervous and Qin Delun was preparing me to go out.” She winks at him and walks towards the door.

     “Kang Mei get over here.”

     “Yes, Manager?”

     He looks at her sloppy outfit, Chen Jianyu must be interested in her for her beauty, she has a flawless face. “Next shift you better have the right size uniform and correct shoes. I will let it go this time a customer on table 45 requested you.”

     The other servers know that is where CEO Chen is sitting, why would he want this messy girl to be his server.

     LiMei asks the Manager for a server book to take the order, she does have room service experience.”Are there any special dishes tonight I should be aware of?”

     The Manager is impressed she at least knows to ask this question, “Han Xue tell her what we offer tonight.”

     Once she receives the information she walks out the door towards Chen Jianyu. He is smiling as she approaches his table.

     “Good Evening Sir have you had a chance to look at the menu?”

    Chen Jianyu is incredulous she would pretend she doesn’t know him. “Kang Mei so you are my server?”

    LiMei thinks he really isn’t very bright. “You asked for me.”

    Chen Jianyu glares at the Manager who is watching over by the bar.

     “I did. I saw you when I came in to eat.” He looks at her baggy outfit, is that a man’s Gucci belt holding up that skirt that is too big on her. He is pissed thinking about it, who is this man.

     LiMei pours his wine for him her delicate hands holding the bottle of wine, he wants her to sit with him and eat.

    “Did you want to order?”

     “How do they let you work in that unsightly outfit.”

     “It is my first night and this is all that was available. I have other tables if you aren’t ready I will come back.”

     He waves the Manager over, “She needs to serve me, no other tables.”

    “…” She doesn’t have any other tables. He looks at LiMei who looks innocently at him shrugging her shoulders.

     “Sit with me.”

     “Chen Jianyu do you want me to lose my job! “{she thinks her acting skills are top notch.}

    He gulps down his wine, why is so hard to get close to this unreasonable woman!

    LiMei pours him some more wine, as she does the tall girl Beatrix who Chen Jianyu rejected is about to bump into her so she spills the wine. LiMei can see her and steps slightly to the side putting her foot out so Beatrix falls to the ground. Chen Jianyu can see her smirk as Beatrix falls and starts laughing.

    LiMei acts innocent helping Beatrix up, “Are you alright?”

    “You tripped me you ..” before she says anymore she feels the murderous aura surrounding Chen Jianyu and doesn’t say anymore. She glares at LiMei and walks toward the kitchen.

    LiMei is tired of waiting for Chen Jianyu to order so she starts walking away. He grabs her hand, “I haven’t ordered yet.”

   “Touching an employee is harassment.”

    “Kang Mei is there some reason you don’t like me?”

    “I actually don’t dislike you you were a gentleman when we were in the forest, but I am not interested in you.”

   Never has there been a woman he met that didn’t find him handsome added to the fact he is rich, and a golden bachelor, why doesn’t his girl want to be with him. Is it because of the man whose belt she is wearing?”

    “Kang Mei whose belt is that?”

    “What? Could you just order please.”

     “Fine, but you need to eat with me.”

     She is still hungry and would love to join him for dinner at this point but it would send the wrong message.

     Qin Delun goes over to the kitchen door to see who Kang Mei is trying to get away from, he must be powerful, the Manager was nervous. Holy Shit! It is Rui’s friend Chen Jianyu! He needs to warn Kang Mei not to mess with him he is dangerous.

    Two men are sitting at the bar watching Chen Jianyu and LiMei.”Who is the girl?”

   “How would I know, she looks like his server.”

    “No. He doesn’t touch women and he grabbed her hand.”

    “What does it matter we are just to take him so he can’t meet with Old Zhao tomorrow. His father is angry he hasn’t wrapped it up yet, if it falls through they will lose a couple billion. Sun Yichen said don’t kill him just delay him, after the last failed attempt if something happens to Chen Jianyu it will point right towards the Sun Family.”

    “Chen Jianyu, I am going in the kitchen when I come back be ready to order.” LiMei rolls her eyes he certainly is persistent.

    He watches her leave she looks ridiculous in that uniform and those heels, how could the Manager even let her work like that. He drinks his wine she is incredibly stubborn. His lips curl up  thinking about how cute she looked when she tripped the woman who was trying to humiliate her. He must have her, he will be patient.

    LiMei enters the kitchen Qin Delun hurries over to her, “Kang Mei don’t mess around with that man, do you know who he is? He is one of the most powerful men in Pushong City. My brother..well don’t have anything to do with him.”

    “Can’t you see I don’t want to he is a pest!”

    Qin Delun looks at her most women would love to have Chen Jianyu’s attention and he doesn’t give them any face. He seems to be chasing Kang Mei. Who is she anyway.

    She puts her arms on Qin Delun’s shoulder’s looking into his eyes with a playful gleam, “I saved his life now he is fixated on me. I don’t want him to know my identity so I said I work here, but I’m tired of the charade. Is there a back way out of the kitchen I want to leave now.Thank you for feeding me call me when you are in Pushong City I owe you a belt!” She smiles as she walks to the changing room.

     He can’t take his eyes off her as she walks away, like it is all a game to her. She is a delicate beauty how did she save Chen Jianyu’s life. The Chef calls him over, “Qin Delun stop flirting with that little girl you are behind on your orders.”

     LiMei looks at her phone it is eight o’clock , what should she do until Rui gets here. She takes off the uniform and puts her dress back on, she chuckles as she glances down at her heels she ruined. She lets her hair down. That was stupid, the pretense of being an employee is over, why did she think he would leave her alone he is an obsessive crazy. How Rui is friends with him she can’t figure out, the have completely different personalities.

    What the hell she is going to walk right out the front of the restaurant, what can he do in front of all the people in the restaurant.

    Chen Jianyu wonders when she is going to come back to take his order. He pours himself another glass of wine, as he looks up he sees her floating through the restaurant like a fairy in a white dress on the way to the elevator, What the hell! He runs through the restaurant after her following him are the two men who had been sitting at the bar.

    She is standing waiting for the elevator,when he comes rushing out. The two men slowly walk to the elevator also.

     She turns around and flashes Chen Jianyu a smile, “Game over, I’m not playing anymore.” He is stunned by how beautiful she looks while she is smiling at him. He is about to say something when the door opens and the four of them enter, he will tell her when they get off the elevator. One of the men decide this is their best chance to kidnap Chen Jianyu they can take the girl too, it is only for a night and they are wearing disguises so they can’t be identified. When the door shuts they pull out their guns, “Listen and you won’t get hurt.”

    LiMei looks at Chen Jianyu, why are people always plotting against you. She can’t disarm them in the elevator how would she explain it to Rui.

    “When the elevator opens in the lobby we will be right behind you walk towards the exit.”

    Chen Jianyu knows some martial arts but he doesn’t want to take a chance Kang Mei might get hurt, he will have to wait for an opportunity.

    The four of them walk to the exit, when they are in the parking lot LiMei is about to make a move when she sees Cherise who is leaving. Dammit, she will need to play along for awhile longer. Cherise sees Chen Jianyu and keeps her head down she doesn’t want LiMei to know about her and Chen Jianyu’s deal.

     The men who are walking behind them look like bodyguards so it doesn’t look suspicious. They approach a black SUV two men with masks are sitting in the front seat. Before LiMei can do anything the two men shove them in the backseat while covering their noses with a cloth. Both Chen Jianyu and LiMei pass out immediately.

     The two men who brought them out shut the back doors and head over to a Land Rover, The leader gets out his phone, “It’s done.”

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