Kang Mei Server Trainee

LiMei is hungry she hops off the bed, she wants to call Du Chang back but who knows how much the last phone call cost. I probably shouldn’t have spent so much money on the Crimson Jade necklace, maybe texting is cheaper, she sends Du Chang a text, [Roaming charges here are too much I found out. Will talk to you tomorrow Little Chang. xD.]

     She goes into the bathroom to take a shower, Du Chang did remind her she starts work tomorrow, it has been a strange weekend I almost forgot. After eating the rice cakes her headache went away, she gets into the hot shower steam is covering the glass door, she makes a heart, LiMei loves Rui..haha..She hasn’t been this happy since her grandmother and mother were alive. The best decision she made in the last five years was escaping from the Black Sky Organization, now tomorrow she starts a new job in the Accounting Department of Hushang Group. Sweet!

     Cherise helped her pick out several dresses at Rui’s insistence she looks at the rack of clothes. She sees the black swimsuit with the cutouts. I wonder if Rui will think I look sexy wearing it at the hotspring,she giggles as she looks at her chest which she wishes was bigger. She sighs thinking of the Bartender’s sister when she was topless.

     If he gets back late maybe we should go swimming at the rooftop pool instead of going to the hot spring she shivers, what if Chen Jianyu is there. I will casually suggest it to Rui.

     LiMei picks out a white dress that has a splash of colors on the skirt. The pink shoes she brought don’t go with this dress so she puts on a pair of red slingback heels that match.She decides to wear her bunny necklace the charm will be hidden in the dress only the gold chain can be seen. She touches it thinking of her mother.

LiMei doesn’t want to use Rui’s card, he bought her so many clothes, she decides she will pay for dinner herself. She looks at the list of restaurants, I wonder if Qin Delun is still working at the Autumn Leaf Restaurant. The waffle this morning was delicious, hmmm..the view was amazing I will go there, Western Style food sounds good.

     She brushes her hair then braids it to the side, then grabs her purse and room card. When she gets into the elevator she decides to see if Cherise gets a dinner break she can treat her to dinner. She exits into the lobby as she walks through she notices people that work there are all staring at her, she smiles awkwardly towards them and heads towards the Boutique. She looks down at her dress it’s fine, does she have something on her face.

     A woman behind the front desk turns to LingLing,  “Doesn’t that girl fit the description CEO Chen gave earlier today of the girl he was looking for? But he said she was an employee, that girl is wearing a designer dress from the Boutique.” LingLing looks towards the Boutique, that girl does fit the description but there is no way an employee could afford that dress. While they are discussing it, LiMei sees Cherise helping a woman looking at jewelry LiMei stands back she doesn’t want to interrupt. Cherise sees her and smiles motioning her to sit over by the fitting rooms.

     LingLing can’t leave the desk several people are checking in at the moment but she wants to know if Cherise knows this girl. She sees LiMei smiling at Cherise then sitting down. What is that little cousin of mine up to, I get a break in ten minutes and I will go see.

     LiMei gets out her phone to play a game while she waits. Cherise glances over at her, she feels guilty but if she wants to get ahead she will need a backer like Chen Jianyu, the Entertainment Industry is not easy to break into as a Costume Designer. Maybe she could find a way for him to sponsor her if she helps him with LiMei. She finishes up with the customer, a little dejected her commission won’t be much on that sale. Walking over to LiMei she smiles, “Are you here shopping? Where’s Dr. Qiao?”

    ” He had an emergency in Pushong City he won’t be back until later. Do you get a dinner break? I thought I could treat you to dinner for helping me.”

     Cherise wishes she wasn’t the only one in the Boutique right now she would like to go to dinner at one of these restaurants with LiMei. But if she can find out which one she is going to then she can direct Chen Jianyu to it.

     “Sorry I’m the only one here right now, I had my dinner break earlier.”

     “Oh that’s too bad, well I will see you when you come to Pushong. I’m starving I am going to eat then,bye “

     LiMie is starting towards the door Cherise quickly asks, “Which restaurant did you decide on there are so many to choose from at the resort.”

     LiMei’s eyes light up, “I’m going to the Autumn Leaf Restaurant the view of the garden below is breathtaking and I love Western food.”

     “Enjoy your dinner.” Cherise really wishes she could go there is a cute cook there named Qin Delun she has had a crush on since he arrived. Why did I take an early dinner tonight of all nights!

     After LiMei leaves Cherise dials the number on Chen Jianyu’s business card. He is in his room preparing for the merger meeting with Old Zhao. He tried Rui’s phone and even went and banged on the door to his Suite, no answer. He has resigned himself she is a ghost, he only hopes she will come to his office but he doubts it. He doesn’t recognize the number so he lets it go to voicemail. Chen Jianyu continues to flip through the contract looking for any inaccuracies.

     Cherise is frustrated now is her best chance to ingratiate herself with him. Should she leave a voicemail, no she wants to talk to him. She dials the number again.

What the fuck! Chen Jianyu is pissed at the persistence of the caller, he sets down his paperwork,“Speak.”

    She nervously asks in a sweet voice. “Ah, is this Chen Jianyu?”

He has a cold tone, “Who is this?”

     “I met you earlier you were asking about a girl.”

     Chen Jianyu drops the papers he is holding, “Do you have information.” This must be the homely girl I gave my business card to earlier.


     “Well?” Does she want more money, women always trying to get as much as they can.

     Cherise decides just to tell him where the girl is she can tell by his voice he is impatient and expecting a demand from her. I will hold onto his card and come to him in the future.

     “She is going to the Autumn Leaf Restaurant.”

     Cherise hangs up she doesn’t want to answer any questions. She holds the card to her chest, Chen Jianyu, you owe me.

     Chen Jianyu thinks she works at the restaurant now is the time to approach her with a job offer. The Hushang Group owns three restaurants in Pushong, she can be a manager at any one she chooses. He hurries into the shower not caring he was in the middle of working, when he gets out he picks a black suit and a black shirt. Lau An said this is his best look, very sexy. At the time he laughed at her for saying that but he hopes Kang Mei will think so as well, he needs to capture that girl tonight.

     LiMei enters the restaurant and asks for a table for one, the host leads her to a small table back by the kitchen. LiMei tries to ask for a window table but he tells her they are reserved, she is disappointed but hungry so a least she got a table. It is so close to the kitchen she gets an idea, she is going to pop her head in and see if Qin Delun is in there. She giggles at the thought of surprising him, suddenly the door to the kitchen swings open and a beautiful server comes through carrying a tray of food. LiMei is glad she hadn’t stood up right then she would have collided with her.

     She watches as servers go in and out when she realizes no one has come to take her order, she thinks that is strange. She drinks the water the busboy brought, maybe I should ask someone who my server is. They are super busy it seems. All of a sudden she hears a commotion at the door, is it a celebrity?

     The beautiful server girl is standing by LiMei’s table arguing with an equally handsome man over taking the celebrity’s order. Who can it be she wonders he must be a big star. LiMei suddenly thinks hey what about me I’m not a celebrity but I am a paying guest. She is about to ask the handsome server to take her order when he pushes the beautiful tall girl into her tiny table. What the hell, the celebrity must be a huge tipper, that is why they are fighting over waiting on him.

     Neither one apologizes to LiMei as if she is air. She decides she will never get served she should go see if Qin Delun will give her food. As she stands up out of curiosity she looks around the corner to see what celebrity is worth fighting over. Her green eyes get wide in shock. Hell no! It’s not a celebrity at all it’s Chen Jianyu! She pushes past the two servers who are still arguing into the kitchen., all the cooks stare at her, wondering who is this beautiful girl? Qin Delun is plating a salmon with grilled vegetables when he looks up to see what is going on. Kang Mei?

     He rushes over to her pulling her to the side so the chef won’t see her in the kitchen. Whispering he says, “Kang Mei what are you doing here?” He is stunned by how beautiful she looks in that dress with her hair braided and her slender snow white legs in those heels. Quite a contrast to the athletic wear she had on this morning. Is she here to see me?

     She leans in to whisper in his ear, her breath on his neck is unnerving. “I told you I was running from someone this morning. I came to the Autumn Leaf for dinner and he just showed up. I can’t have him find me Qin Delun and I’m starving help me!’ She looks at him with pleading eyes. If she tries to leave Chen Jianyu will see her she would need to walk the length of the restaurant. She is cursing the man who sat her in the back. If he wasn’t a close friend of Rui’s she wouldn’t care but she can’t have Rui find out about the connection between Chen Jianyu and herself.

     “Okay I just can’t let the chef see you.” That old fart will tell my father in the time it takes to light incense. “Follow behind me keep our head down, go into the first door on the right and change into a server’s uniform.” He motions to his friend one of the cooks to distract the chef.

     LiMei does as he says and enters the room.

“When you change I will tell him you are a new server training here. He doesn’t pay attention but just in case it comes up. I need to get back I was in the middle of plating a dish.”

     LiMei looks at the rack of uniforms she picks one that looks her size and slips out of her dress putting it in a locker, but she has no shoes. She can’t wear red heels and blend in everyone else she noticed has black shoes. She sees a black Sharpie over on a table would that work. She takes the sharpie and colors her shoes black, if no one looks too close they are passable. The heels are a little high for a server, whatever it isn’t like she is going to have to carry a tray.

     She puts her braid up higher securing it with a hairpin and sits on a chair. She will just stay in here until Chen Jianyu leaves.

     Chen Jianyu sits at a table by the window where he can see the entire restaurant but he doesn’t see her among the servers. Maybe she hasn’t arrived yet for work, she could be changing into her uniform, the girl from the Boutique seemed reliable. A server comes over to his table to take his drink order she provocatively leans down showing her breasts as she does, the smell of her heavy perfume is making him nauseous.In an annoyed tone he tells her, “Go get the Manager.”

     She is stunned she just paid the other server so she could take his table now he wants the manager, she huffs off to get him. Chen Jianyu has an idea he will request Kang Mei as his server. The Manager arrives at the table, “CEO Chen is there a problem Beatrix is one of our best servers.”

    “She stinks.”


    “You should tell your employees not to wear heavy perfume, she almost ruined my appetite.”

    “I want a server named Kang Mei.”

     “CEO Chen I don’t know if she is on duty.”

     “Check, her friend said she was on her way into work. I will wait. Get me a bottle of your best French red, then send her over.”

     His cold and arrogant tone doesn’t leave room for an argument. Everyone knows he is Qiao Rui’s friend and walk on eggshells around him, he is such a cold bastard. “I will send the wine over and get Kang Mei for you.”

    Very good..Chen Jianyu looks out the window while he waits, a male server brings the bottle of wine over and pours him a glass.

    The Manager goes into the kitchen in a flustered state, “Is there a Kang Mei on the schedule tonight?” The other servers look at each other who is Kang Mei?  One girl pipes in” I saw a trainee sitting in the changing room maybe she is Kang Mei.”

    A trainee? CEO Chen wants a trainee to serve him.

    Qiao Delun wonders what the hell is going on, she said she doesn’t work here and was wearing a designer dress. “I met her when she arrived for her shift, I will go get her.”

    He goes into the changing room, “Kang Mei what is going on a customer asked for you to be his server.”

    “That’s impossible, I came here to eat then saw him and ran into the kitchen…Shit! I told him I worked at the resort it must be a coincidence he came here to eat and saw me going into the kitchen assuming I work as a server.” That sneaky jerk asking for me to be his server!” She clenches her little fists at her side.

    Qiao Delun can’t help but laugh at the situation, “Kang Mei you are too funny!”

    Her cheeks are red she is so angry at Chen Jianyu. “Qin Delun, I don’t want to get you in trouble the cooks saw you bring me in here. I will just pretend to be a server.”

    He can’t help himself he is laughing so hard his sides hurt. “You are wearing 8cm high heels you used that sharpie over there to make black, the uniform is a size too big for you. Do you think he will believe you work here.”

     “He is not that bright. Also I am a trainee, I wasn’t prepared.” She even starts laughing as she looks at the baggy blouse and skirt she is wearing.

     “…” Who is this man, he will need to look out and see.

     LiMei’s stomach is growling,“I am really hungry though Qin Delun could you just grab me a roll or something.”

     “Sure.” I could tell her Kang Mei my job is secure here..it is my family’s resort after all but I don’t want her to know that. This should be hilarious!

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