It Is The Mystery Girl

 LiMei finds the stream it wasn’t too far from where they are, it is too dark to see any fish in the water, the flashlight isn’t strong enough. No fish tonight,she dips her hands into the stream it is freezing but it feels good relieving the pain from starting the fire. Sitting on a rock staring into the dark forest, what are the odds of running into Chen Jianyu here, isn’t he supposed to be at that big party tonight?

     Her stomach is growling, well in a few hours we can get back to the resort, I am going to order a giant breakfast. She wonders if they have Western Style, Belgium Waffles sound good her mouth is watering thinking about it. LiMei sits there for a few minutes thinking about Rui, he should be sound asleep when she returns. Dr. Woo said he should sleep twelve hours.

     Chen Jianyu is sitting by the fire eating some of the snacks he brought, the rice crackers are making him thirsty he drinks the rest of the bottle of water. He thinks the girl has been gone for a long time he stands up should he look for her? No she said to keep the fire going and it is getting really cold. He puts more wood on the fire.

     He finishes the rice crackers as LiMei walks up. He sees she is empty handed he decides to tease her, “No fish?”

     She doesn’t make eye contact ignoring the teasing tone she says, “No, it was too dark.” She notices he has a couple package snacks,”What are you eating?”

   “I have some chocolate biscuits”, he hands the bag to LiMei.

She spits her first bite of biscuit out wiping her mouth with her sleeve, “These aren’t very good.”

     “I know I need to tell my friend to put better snacks in the room. I have an apple but you have the knife.”

     “Toss it to me.”

     LiMei peels the apple with a precise motion, cuts a piece, then hands it to him. LiMei then cuts a piece for herself, it tastes sweet and delicious, she let’s out a sigh. “So good.”

    He watches her as the knife swiftly moves. Her head is down so he can’t see her face he is curious what she looks like.

    “What is your name?”

     LiMei doesn’t look up from the apple. “Kang Mei”

    “Do you work at the resort?”


    “Why were you at the hot spring?”

    “You ask a lot of questions”, she hands him another slice of apple.

     The atmosphere is relaxed LiMei thinks he hasn’t recognized her because she put her collar up and pulled her hat down. She decided if he does she will leave him here and run back to the resort. He has a fire he won’t freeze and the fire would keep wild animals away most likely. Then she will tell the people at the front desk to come get him.

     “Do you know who I am?” Chen Jianyu wonders why she isn’t trying to get close to him, most women would take this opportunity to hang all over him.

     “Don’t care.”


    Suddenly LiMei stands up and throws the knife towards him.

    “What the fuck!” Chen Jianyu jumps up.

    “There is a snake behind you on the right.”

    LiMei walks over as Chen Jianyu turns around, there is a large back and yellow snake with a knife in its head still wiggling on the ground

    Chen Jianyu feels as though he is going to faint the snake is a foot away from where he had been sitting.

    “This is awesome I am so hungry!” She picks up a rock smashing the snake’s head.

    Chen Jianyu is in shock as LiMei picks up the snake then begins to remove its skin, when she is digging out the insides a potent odor reaches Chen Jianyu’s nose he thinks he is going to vomit. Then she whittles down some branches for skewers. “I think I saw some wild herbs I will be right back.” She returns with some herbs she rubs on the snake meat.

    Placing the snake skewers in the fire she pours water she had brought from the stream in her bottle washing her hands.

   “ You are not going to eat that are you.”

     LiMei starts laughing he is acting like such a child. “Why not, its delicious and has medicinal qualities, haven’t you ever had snake soup?” Her grandmother said it was good for blood circulation they would have it every few months when the butcher in the village would get a few snakes in his shop.

     “Put more wood on the fire.”

     Chen Jianyu tosses some more wood onto it. He is staring at the petite girl sitting by the fire watching the snake meat cook.

    When it is finished she pulls it out of the fire handing him a skewer, he shakes his head pushing it away.

     “It’s delicious, you should try some, don’t be such a big baby.”

    When he hears her insult he wants to throttle this girl. “I’m just not hungry.” As he opens his mouth to say this she pushes a piece into his mouth. LiMei wants to tease him although he is behaving himself and not beast like she is still annoyed about the other night. He grabs her hand as she does, because she was leaning into him she loses her balance falling on top of him. When she does their faces are inches apart. “It’s you!” Chen Jianyu can’t believe his eyes, in the firelight he can see her face perfectly, her cap fell off her head as she landed on him.

     LiMei jumps off of him standing a short distance away, “What do you mean?” She hurriedly puts her cap back on her head.

    Chen Jianyu is in shock, the girl he has been looking everywhere for is right in front of him. “You know me don’t you.”

    “No, I have never met you before.”

    He stands up and grabs her arm, staring into her face he will never forget those eyes. “Don’t lie to me, you were the girl in my Penthouse.” His heart is beating wildly as he is holding onto her.

    LiMei throws his arm off stepping back, “I just saved your life for the thir..second time, that snake is extremely venomous, if it had bitten you, you would be dead. Forget you know me, I don’t know why fate keeps throwing us together but I want nothing to do with you Chen Jianyu!”

   Chen Jianyu has a strange feeling in his heart as she says this, he has been searching everywhere for her unable to forget her. He is going to try another tactic, she doesn’t know he is obsessed with her.

   “I want to apologize for my behavior that night, I had too much to drink.”

   LiMei is stunned he is apologizing? So he isn’t going to try anything here.

   Chen Jianyu has sobered up from the wine earlier and his mind is clear. His negotiating skills are golden, maybe he can win this girl over with money. “I would like to compensate you for giving me the antidote, I heard it is expensive.”

   Well it is, but I got it for free from Uncle Xinghi the last time I was in Cambodia. He was worried about her because she had to go to the playboy’s yacht. She doesn’t want to explain anything to Chen Jianyu.

   “It wasn’t mine, so no need. An interested third party paid for to be delivered it to you.”

    Chen Jianyu smiles, her delivery method certainly was unique, he is looking at her lips remembering the kiss between them. “Who was it?”

    “I don’t know. I work part time for a detective he gave me the assignment.”

    “What is the detective agency?”

    “I can’t say, I no longer work for them.” This is getting complicated! But she decided she can’t run off and leave him here who knows what would happen to him he almost got bit by a snake. She will get her revenge another day, she needs to continue doing good deeds even if it is for this unbearable man. He seems harmless right now, maybe he was just really drunk when she went to retrieve her bunny charm, even so that isn’t an excuse to take advantage. 

    “No more questions if you want me to stay here. My snake meat is getting cold.”

    She would run off? No, he can’t let that happen. He needs her contact information, he looks around hearing some noises within the forest and he doesn’t want to be in the forest by himself.

    They sit down, he ate the piece she fed him it actually was quite tasty. Chen Jianyu picks up the skewer he is hungry too.

   LiMei smiles at him then eats a bite, “I told you it is good!”

    “En.” He can’t stop looking at her, how is he going to get her information.

    LiMei finishes eating she is getting very sleepy, she looks at her phone it is another two hours until the sun comes up, She lays down by the fire, “Chen Jianyu could you put some more wood on the fire.”

    After he puts some more wood on the fire he lays down on the other side of the fire with his hands behind his head smiling. After all the searching she is right here with him.

    Chen Jianyu turns to look at her,“Kang Mei”

    No answer, LiMei wonders who Kang Mei is.

   “Kang Mei!” He doesn’t like the way she ignores him, but he can’t let his temper flare.

   LiMei , “Oh! yes, what?”

    “Do you like your job at the resort?”, maybe he can offer her a job at his company.

    “Very much, but be quiet now I’m going to sleep.” LiMei closes her eyes curling into a ball hugging her body to stay warm, the ground is cold under her shivering body. “Brrrr…so cold.”

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