Going For A Ride

LiMei stares at the business card, Director Chen Huan. Why would he be so insistent, what kind of game is he playing. There is no way I would be a model calling attention to myself, before you know it Kuang Fu would be in Pushong City dragging me back by my hair. He would either kill me outright or make the rest of my life miserable for running away.

     He probably punished Kuang Bo heavily for letting her escape she can imagine how he would take his revenge. LiMei feels bad about that, really Kuang Bo was always nice to her except for his advances she had to fight off, he was decent to her.

    Well, Director Chen Huan I won’t be wearing this red wig again, with my contacts back disguising my eyes you will never find me, she rips up his business card leaving it on the table. Confident LiMei leaves the cafe, she is going to pick out some gifts then travel across town to see Father Lam. Not long after she leaves she can feel someone is following her, it appears the Director doesn’t plan on letting her go. Fine you can follow me while I shop then I will ditch you, I don’t want to do it too quickly you might get suspicious.

    She hops onto the number 61 bus heading to the mall, right before the bus leaves a muscular man in an expensive looking suit holds the door stepping into the bus.

He sits a few seats behind her, LiMei is shaking her head he must be inexperienced his appearance is too obvious. When she gets to the mall she goes to a toy store picking out a couple soccer balls, some games, a few dolls. She has three large bags she wishes she could just ask him to carry them for her since he will be going to the Orphanage also, she giggles thinking about it.

    After she finishes shopping she texts Father Lam to see if there is anything else he needs she should be there about 1:30, that will give her enough time to visit then go home to change for work. She passes a bakery as she is leaving the mall, she buys two dozen cupcakes to bring along, she is juggling everything when she decides this is ridiculous she turns around suddenly crooking her finger towards the man who has been following her. He doesn’t know how to respond, she obviously noticed him following her, the Director isn’t going to like this. “Hey buddy come here!”

     “…”    Tang Shen knows it’s over he might as well see what she wants. He walks over to where she is standing, “Yes?”

     “I know your boss told you to follow me I saw you earlier with him. Can you help me carry these bags, you can just come along with me.”

     “..” Tang Shen is thinking what a weird girl, but whatever if he goes back now he will get bitched at by his brother who is head of Director Chen’s security.

     “We need to catch that bus that is pulling up now hurry!” LiMei runs across the road, they barely make it onto the bus. When they are seated LiMei lets out a sigh, she will lure him in to trusting her then lose him before she goes to her apartment.

    “How long have you worked for the arrogant handsome guy?”

    Tang Shen doesn’t respond, best he doesn’t tell her anything.

     “I want you to know I see you are just doing your job. I don’t hold it against you but you have to realize I don’t want anything to do with your boss. I don’t need his attention. You can pass that along to him.”

     Tang Shen is surprised by this girl’s attitude, sure he could see her rejecting him before she knew who he is but he left his card, she knows his identity now. Why would she turn down such an opportunity, even his girlfriend bothers him to get her an audition.

     “We are here, just wait outside you might frighten the kids with that stone cold face of yours.”

     Tang Shen figures this is the only exit so he will wait outside. He scratches his head, what is she doing at an Orphanage.

     LiMei hugs Father Lam when he comes out to greet her, he isn’t actually a priest he left an Underground Syndicate, killing the members to make his escape. He was a brutal assassin by the name of Yama, he wanted to leave peacefully but they objected, he was forced to eradicate anyone who knew his identity.

LiMei knows him because the old man is his uncle, he sent her to him when they planned her escape. Yama decided he would make amends for his evil deeds by living righteous life here in Pushong City going by the name of Father Lam, his uncle forged all his papers, his seminary education.

     “LiMei!” he likes this little girl they put her through so much torture training her, then forced her to become an assassin, yet she has an optimistic attitude about life.

     “Father, I brought just a few gifts for the kids, a pretty scarf for Xiao and some cupcakes, did they eat lunch?”

     “Yes, Xiao has them out by the playground, do you want to go out?”

     “Sure”, she holds his hand, he is like a father to her, he helped her acclimate to the city, to being free.

     A beautiful woman comes from the swings to greet them, she is actually his wife, Xiao, she is the children’s teacher. “LiMei”, she hugs her tightly, “You look so pretty as a redhead!”

     LiMei starts laughing, “Xiao it’s a wig, you know how I love to change my look.”

     Xiao smiles, this little girl is a chameleon, every time she sees her she has a different appearance. The three of them walk over to a bench under a tree to watch the children play. Father Lam tosses out the soccer balls , excited three of the boys begin fighting over them. He doesn’t intervene he lets them work it out themselves.

     “How are things with you LiMei?”  Father Lam looks at her with a loving gaze.

     “Good! I got a job at the Crescent Moon Hotel doing room service. I love my little apartment, I’m happy!”  She doesn’t want to tell him in the last couple days she has had a few incidents.

      “Who is the man waiting for you outside?”

     Hmm.. I guess I will at least need to spill the beans about Director Chen,I don’t want to lie to him .”He is following me to find out my identity for Chen Huan.”

   “What?” Father Lam doesn’t like the sound of that, she needs to keep a low profile so Kuang Fu doesn’t locate her.

     “Don’t worry, I have a plan when I leave the Orphanage before I get to my apartment I’m going to stick him with one of my silver needles, then imprint him with a different scenario. That’s why I allowed him to accompany me here.”

     She has the appearance of an ordinary student but her mind works in strange ways, the calmness of her voice when she says this matter of fact tone stuns Xiao. This little girl is so strange, all she knows is her husband loves her as if she is his own daughter, that is enough for her to accept her. They sit talking for awhile, LiMei shows him the picture of the Belgium Waffles.

     “You ate all that?”

     “I had trained hard in the morning so I was hungry!” We should go there the three of us one day, it is by where I live it is called Morning Glory Cafe. The interior is airy and open, the coffee is excellent too.”

     Father Lam’s eyes darken, he clenches his fists at his side that chain of cafes is owned by Lau Zemin’s daughter, he hates that family. They have ties to the Underworld that is how old man Lau rose up in the City. When he was in high school his father had a small grocery business it was in the way of Lau’s development of a huge construction project. They destroyed his father’s business in order to buy the property at a low price. He holds himself back from seeking revenge but there are times when he is reminded he wants to wipe out the entire Lau family.

     LiMei can feel his aura turn dark, does he know the owner? She knows not to press the point, he has his own issues it seems. “Father Lam I will be leaving now, I will try to come back next week for a visit.”

     He nods staring off into the distance lost in his own thoughts.

     Xiao leaves her husband alone when he is in this black mood, she hugs LiMei then walks her out. “Thank you for the presents the children will be very happy!” she is in charge of soliciting donations but lately there doesn’t seem to be the extra money to spoil the children. .

     LiMei motions to Tang Shen she is ready to leave, he walks next to her, he has been wondering why she is so accommodating to him. “Miss do you mind answering a few questions?’

     “Yes I do mind, I just needed your help carrying the bags.”

     Tang Shen doesn’t know what the boss sees in this crazy girl, he has women falling at his feet to get into the agency and his bed.

     “The bus is coming we need to hurry across the street.”

     They silently sit in the back of the bus, Tang Shen figures at the very least he will see where she lives, then he can get all the necessary information he needs for the Director. He is relaxed as he leans back in his seat. This is easier than I thought it would be, she isn’t very bright. Even though she isn’t talking I will find out what I need from her landlord with a nice stack of cash in my hand.

     Halfway across town LiMei is ready to deal with Tang Shen, she can get off the bus wander around looking at a few shops then catch the next bus. By the time he wakes up the bus will be at the end of its route he will have no idea how to find her.

She leans over to him, “I have reconsidered your boss is rich and handsome I should not fight with him. Tang Shen’s eyes light up, she has come to her senses, “So, what is your name?”

     LiMei glances around no one is paying attention to them, she leans into him as though she is going to whisper it to him, patting him on the shoulder she says, “My name is..” she takes her shorter silver needle subtly pierces the back of his neck in a lightening quick motion before he can react.

LiMei looks like his girlfriend being intimate as she whispers in his ear, “You lost me at the mall while I was shopping.” He should wake up in an hour as to why he is on the bus, hmmm.. a girl similar to me was getting on it so you followed, you didn’t sleep last night your girlfriend keep you up doing naughty things to you so you fell asleep on the bus.” LiMei giggles, not a great story but it should be fine.

     Sorry if you get into trouble but its your fault for doing his dirty work, I can not get involved with such a high profile man. I don’t like his entitled attitude either.

     LiMei gets off the bus at a stop by some shops. she sees the bus pull away with Tang Shen’s head leaning against the window. 


















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