Go To Hotspring

When Rui doesn’t come out of the bathroom after he says that LiMei walks over to the bathroom door, the poor guy must be afraid he will hurt her. She likes him even more at this moment because she knows he must care for her. The door is locked, “Rui, please come to my bed, I know how to help you.”

     Rui’s breathing is getting heavy thinking about her, in a hoarse voice he says, “LiMei you don’t want to do this, I told you earlier I like you, I don’t want to hurt you. I will return to my Suite, you get some sleep.” It is taking all of his inner strength to hold on and not rush into her room.

     “Just let me in to talk to you, I will tell you what I will do to you. Once I’m finished you will feel much better. I have never done this before but I will try my hardest to put it in right, Dr. Woo gave me instructions.” LiMei’s voice is soft trying to comfort him.

     Fucking Woo told her how to satisfy a man? Is that bastard crazy? Doesn’t this naive girl know by saying that she is asking for trouble. She is willing to have her first time be under these conditions, no I won’t do it .

     He leans against the wall he is on fire, he can hardly talk,“LiMei I’m telling you one more time keep your door that adjoins our suites locked and stay away from me.”

     LiMei could pick the lock and enter but how would she explain that? She even has his room card she took from the Bartender’s sister.

    “Let me in or I call emergency 120!” That seems like a stupid threat but I’m sure he doesn’t want a scene.

     Fuck, I can’t let anyone see me in this condition! if I let her in I will just control myself, I can do it. I will tell her she doesn’t need to go to bed with me. I can fight it.

     He opens the door and she quickly pulls his arm towards the bed, “Hurry Rui lay down I have the needles ready.” Dr. Woo said to ice the ssilver needle that goes into his thigh.


     “Yeah I just told you Dr. Woo told me how to help you! Lay down”

     Qiao Rui looks deeply into her shining green eyes as she holds a silver needle in her small hand, he almost wants to laugh at the images he just had in his mind of her naked in bed ‘helping’ him.

     “I have to put them in some ah..sensitive spots but he said it should relieve your symptoms.”

     His obsidian like eyes are glazed over from the drug but he stares into her eyes they are bright and shining as she smiles at him. So beautiful.

    “Lay still while I do it.”

     He is laying on the bed with only a towel around his waist. The first spot to insert the needle is under his heart, the doctor said this would slow down the lava like blood that is flowing through his meridians.When she does this he feels his body is relaxing. She turns bright red as she lifts the towel making sure only to expose his thigh, she inserts a silver needle and twists it around in his inner thigh.

     LiMei is momentarily distracted by the sight of his muscular legs, she shakes her head she needs to concentrate the Doctor said the needles must be inserted precisely where he instructed .

    Rui glances down at her serious little face as she lifts the towel covering him. He can feel her soft hand on his thigh as she inserts the needle.The doctor said to also insert one in his lower abdomen right above his…. quickly afterwards, she pushes down the towel to insert the needle she is very close to touching the hardness right below, she begins to feel her heart pounding, her hand is shaking a little. Rui smiles at her shyness, he is finding it easier to control his desire now, just appreciating her beauty as her tender hands touch his body softly.

    Once these needles are inserted, he instantly feels a cooling sensation in his lower half of his body as it relieves the intense heat he had been experiencing. Both LiMei and Rui are silent with their own thoughts as she carefully inserts the needles. The last needle she is to insert will make him sleep allowing his body to completely recuperate as it dispels the final traces of the drug.

    “Rui, how do you feel?”

    “Much better.” his voice is still hoarse his mouth is dry.

    She gets him a glass of water lifting it to his lips. He touches her hand holding the glass, “Thank you LiMei.” his dark eyes are filled with affection as he looks at the slender girl holding the glass.

     LiMei feels her heart pounding, Rui looks very weak from the drug, I will pay this back a hundred fold to those bastards who did this to him.

     “Rui the next needle Dr. Woo said would help you sleep and dispel the rest of the drug from your system. It might hurt I need to manipulate it for ten seconds.”

     He holds her hand, “I’m sorry you need to see me like this.”

    LiMei can’t resist, she hugs him tightly, her beautiful green eyes misty, “Rui..” she can’t find any words to say right now, she has only known him a few days but she has never met anyone like him.

     Rui is stunned by her sudden hug ,he can feel her slender body pressed to his, her soft hair falling onto his bare chest, her heart beating wildly.

     Before he can respond LiMei inserts the needle into his neck twisting it, he feels a burning pain going down his spine, slowly closing his eyes. LiMei takes the cover and puts it over him. She sighs looking at his flawless face, his long black eyelashes, such a handsome man.

     She takes out her cell to call Dr. Woo, “Hello Dr. Woo, I finished, he is sleeping now.”

     “Very Good.. he will sleep soundly for about twelve hours. { Rui very well could reveal secrets while he sleeps, where he had her place the needle besides dispelling the poison stimulates the brain causing a person to talk in their sleep.} Using the needles like that depletes your internal energy, they have a therapeutic hot spring there don’t they?’

     “Rui said they do.”

     “You should go soak in it for awhile, it is a mineral hot spring it will refresh you. Have a security guard accompany you it is late. Then get some sleep, you don’t want to get sick.”

    “Thank you for your advice but I think I will sit with him.”

     “LiMei listen to me, if you get sick Rui won’t forgive himself for putting you through this ordeal. Do as I say.”

     What he says makes sense, “I will, thank you.”

     “Have Rui call me tomorrow when he wakes up.”

     “Okay.” She sees Rui is sleeping soundly on the bed. She puts another quilt onto him then turns the heat up in the room so he doesn’t get chilled without his night clothes.

     LiMei goes into her room and flops on the bed, she is exhausted, the Doctor is right she should go to the hot spring. It is late so no one will be there probably she can unwind. She doesn’t like the fact she had to deal with the Bartender and his sister, she thought those type of encounters were over when she arrived in Pushong City. It looks like Qiao Rui’s life isn’t simple, she will need to see who this Qiao Xiaotong is and pay him back for hurting Rui.

     She changes into a comfortable pink and white track suit to wear down to the hot spring. She isn’t sure where it is located she will need to stop at the front desk for directions. LiMei leaves her room to go to the lobby.

     LiMei gets out of the elevator as she does she sees Cherise the salesgirl from the Boutique she must just be getting off work. She waves at her and walks over, “Hi, do you remember me from earlier?”

     “Yes, of course!” How could Cherise forget this girl, the commission she made from her boyfriend was huge. Soon she should have enough money saved for tuition.

     She looks around for Qiao Rui. “Where are you going so late?” Normally there are no people around when she finishes closing up the Boutique.

    “I was coming to the front desk to ask where the hot spring is located.” LiMei smiles pointing at the front desk.

    Cherise liked this girl’s attitude when she was shopping, she should warn her not to walk around late at night here. Also the path to the hot spring although it is lit up there are animals out at night.

     “I can show you which way the path is I’m leaving now but you should ask security to escort you.”Usually these princesses have ten bodyguards. Should she ask where Qiao Rui is?

     “I will be fine if you show me the right direction to go.”

     They walk to the side door that exits towards the lake, the pathway to the hot spring is past an outdoor area with gazebos.

     Chen Jianyu comes through the front door and walks directly to the reception. Ling greets him asking what name the reservation is under.

    “Chen Jianyu.”

    “Mr. Chen did you get the voicemail I left you earlier? There is a problem with your Suite.” She explains the situation.

     “I called this afternoon and asked for a Suite, it was confirmed, now you say the only one you had available has a water soaked carpet from a leak above it?

     “I tried to call your contact number, it went to voicemail” Ling gets tired of these entitled Young Masters, but the job pays well .

     Chen Jianyu is pissed off, he takes out his cell and checks his voicemail. “Fine you called, what is available now then?”

    “We only have a Single on the second floor, no view.”

    It is too late to drive back and he was looking forward to soaking in the hot spring. “What about Qiao Rui’s Sky Floor he has an extra suite up there.”

    “That is not possible.”

    “ Why, is he here this weekend?” He asks sarcastically he knows Qiao Rui is at Lau An’s party.

    She was given strict orders not to reveal he was here with a guest. “No, but no one is allowed access without his permission.”

     “I will call him.”


     He dials Rui’s private number it goes right to voicemail. Dammit.

    “Give me that room on the second floor.”

    Ling rolls her eyes as she turns around to get him the room card, “Your room card.” she smiles brightly as she hands it to him.

    As he walks towards the elevator there is a scent of jasmine in the air. It reminds him of that damn mystery girl. His mood worsens.

     Chen Jianyu opens the door to his room, he looks around it is the size of a fucking walk in closet, Well, it will only be for a night the Suite I reserved should be ready tomorrow. He tosses his bag on the bed it is late but the hot spring is open all night. There isn’t even a couch, he sits on the bed. What is in the mini bar. Shit not even a bottle of wine. He calls room service, “Send me two bottles of your best Cabernet.”

     Cherise walks as far as the lake pointing to the pathway to the hotspring, “Miss, if you follow the path you will be fine but there is a fork in the road that heads to a nature trail on the left so make sure you stay to the right.”

     “Cherise if you are ever in Pushong City I would like to treat you to a meal, may I give you my cell number?”

     She is surprised LiMei would be so friendly towards her, she never has been to Pushong City she lives in a small town not far from the resort. Her dream is to go to a Fashion Design school located in the city, she almost has enough money saved. “Thank you LiMei when I go to school there I will contact you!” she puts LiMei’s number into her phone.

     “Remember stay on the path.” Cherise smiles waving good bye as she heads up the hill towards the employee parking lot.

     LiMei looks at the sky there is a full moon and the sky is filled with stars, it is beautiful by the lake, She pulls her pink collar up it is a little colder than she expected it to be.

    Chen Jianyu finishes a bottle of the wine and puts on casual clothes to wear to the hot spring. He picks up the other bottle to take with him, He sees some packaged snacks in a basket.What a bunch of cheap shit! He is going to need to talk to Rui about the lack of decent snacks in the room.

Reluctantly, Chen Jianyu shoves some snacks in his pocket just in case he gets hungry then leaves his room for the hot spring.

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