Friday Morning

 Friday morning several men dressed in expensive black suits are walking along Sinan Street passing out flyers. Lau An arrives to open the Cafe and sees Wang Li talking to one of the men. “Wang Li what are you doing here so early, where is Chen Jianyu?”

     “Hi Miss Lau, the Boss has us passing out these flyers of the girl he is looking for, could you have pretty boy hang one up above the counter?”

     “What?’ She walks over and looks at the flyer, the picture is the one from the camera behind the counter. Her knuckles are turning white as she clenches her fists under her coat, Jianyu hasn’t given up on finding that girl! All she can do is agree to what he asks. “Sure, Shirong should be here soon I open in fifteen minutes. Is CEO Chen coming to the cafe this morning?”

     He doesn’t know if he should tell her the boss was drunk last night and is having Hangover Soup right now. “Not sure, he has a business meeting early.”

     “Wang Li, why don’t you come in for a cup of Blue Mountain, it’s cold out here”, she wraps her coat tighter. He is usually a good source of gossip when she butters him up.

     He hands the fliers to Peng Wei. “Okay.” He isn’t going to pass up a cup of that delicious coffee.

     Wang Li enters the cafe then sits at a window facing table so he can see what is going on outside. Lau An takes off her cashmere wrap coat tosses it on a chair she isn’t opening up for about ten minutes. She brews two cups of coffee then sits next to Wang Li. “Li how long have you worked for CEO Chen? “

     “Ten years, I was his bodyguard while he attended University until now.” She saw me a million times then she doesn’t remember?

     “Have you ever seen him acting like this over a woman?”

     “Miss Lau I can’t discuss the Boss’ personal business.” {But no I never have I can’t believe it myself.}

     “I’m just concerned he is acting strangely lately.”

     “I think if he finds her he will lose interest quickly, “

     Lau An’s face lights up. That would be great. No one is closer to Jianyu than Wang Li he is always by his side.

     “How is your coffee do you need more?”, she leans over her chest brushing his arm as she takes his cup. He can feel his ears turning red, “No, I should get back out there to supervise.” She wanted to ask him a few more questions but she doesn’t want to be obvious about it. “If you get cold come back inside.”

     Wang Li is not stupid he could see she was trying to get information out of him, everyone knows she likes the Boss but him. She is beautiful, smart, nice he doesn’t understand why she can’t get Chen Jianyu’s attention. What he told her is what he thinks the Boss is just obsessed because he can’t locate this woman. He leaves the Cafe it looks like all the flyers have been distributed.

     His phone rings it is Chen Jianyu, “Li are the flyers passed out.”

     “Yeah Boss they just finished, now we need to wait to see if someone recognizes her.”

     Peng Wei had called Chen Jianyu’s cook at the mansion make him some Hangover Soup then brought it to him before he went to meet Wang Li. Chen Jianyu is sitting at the table having the soup going over some paperwork he neglected in the last couple days. Every once and awhile he glances at the picture of the girl, she is making him crazy trying to find her.whereabouts. He finishes the soup then takes a shower, he isn’t going into the office today he feels like shit. He can have Nuying bring the files he needs to the penthouse.

     LiMei wakes up in the morning her head is throbbing, she is reaching in her purse for her silver needles when a nurse comes in holding two pills in a small paper cup with a glass of water. “Good Morning Miss Feng, the doctor ordered this medication to reduce the swelling around the area where you received stitches. He will be in shortly to examine you.” Oh yes! I get to see the handsome doctor this morning,maybe he can use his needles again if not I will use mine after he leaves.

     LiMei didn’t bring her phone charger she needs to text Gu Chang before she is completely out of battery. He is most likely in class right now. Li Mei texts him to bring the charger, mangas on nightstand, pajamas, robe a pair of leggings and a tshirt and some candy that is in a jar on the counter. My battery is almost gone, just come whenever you can. Thanks! Smiley face, heart, heart, heart.

     LiMei sets her phone on the nightstand, leans back onto the pillow, If the handsome doctor is coming soon I need to freshen up. She jumps off the bed runs to the bathroom, washes her face, brushes her teeth then swishes the complimentary mouthwash around in her mouth, oh minty, nice! If I put on lip gloss that would be obvious, she pinches her lips, will that even work ,ouch.. She rubs some lotion on her arms and legs, After she puts her scarf back on she brushes her hair up into a ponytail then hops back into bed.

     Qiao Rui enters LiMei is sitting on the bed trying to appear natural looking at her phone.

     “Miss Feng, how are you feeling today?” She has no idea he never does a morning check on patients she is a special exception.

     “Better, but I was wondering if you could relieve my pain again this morning with some acupuncture. my head is hurting.”

     “I can do that I’m going to change your bandage also see if those herbs are working to speed the healing process. Could you sit up?” Remembering the stethoscope was too cold yesterday he warmed it up for LiMei before coming over.

     He places it on her chest, “Doctor Qiao it isn’t as cold as yesterday.” She is smiling she was ready for the cold metal against her skin.

     “I had the nurse warm it so you wouldn’t have the same experience as yesterday.{he did it himself, if anyone knew he was taking such care..}

     LiMei smiles at him looking at his strong profile as he bends over to examine her, he is too perfect…I think his eyelashes are longer and thicker than most women.

     “Were you able to sleep well?”

       She blinks a couple times she wasn’t paying attention as she was admiring his beauty.“Yes, my arm bothered me a little when I turned over but other than that I was fine.”

     Qiao Rui thinks it is strange she hasn’t asked if it will scar, that is usually the first question from a beautiful girl when she is injured.He unwraps the bandage, cleaning the area, the herbs did an excellent job the wound is healing nicely. She doesn’t flinch as he wipes the wound with the cleaning solution.But he can see her eyes are getting misty. Dammit she looks like she is about to cry, I should have used my silver needles first to numb the area.

  “Does the injury hurt as I clean it?”


      “I’m almost done.” He gently applies herbs he brought from his home especially for her so the wound won’t leave a scar. He got them from Dr. Woo, they are rare herbs that only grow at the base of the Himalayas.

     After the new white bandage is carefully put on by him, he reaches into his bag for his needles, he proceeds to use the same technique as yesterday, she can feel her headache and neck pain disappear as her hits her accupoints. He then manipulates three of the needles located above her clavicle. LiMei closes her eyes she is almost in a state of euphoria,  she softly moans her whole body is warm and tingling all over.  After a few moments she comes to her senses. LiMei blushes, she has never had this feeling before, she stares wide eyed at Qiao Rui, what was that pleasant sensation!

     Qiao Rui  learned this technique when he studied with a woman who was Dr. Woo’s associate, she was an expert in acupuncture, who liked to experiment with techniques to relax the body> When Qiao Rui hears her soft moans he doesn’t know what to say he just wanted for her to relax after being in pain.

     “Ah Doctor what technique is that I’m not familiar with it.”

     “It is an experimental technique taught to me by an associate of my Master. I learned acupuncture and Martial Arts from him in the mountains after I graduated Medical School. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable I just wanted for you to relax after the pain when I changed your bandage”

     LiMei tries to act nonchalant, “Well, I’m relaxed! Haha..”

   Qiao Rui thinks she is cute the way she tried to move past her reaction to the needles, she looks adorable as she is blushing. He honestly wasn’t expecting her be that sensitive. He used  this technique to relax patients in addition to using needles to ease their pain when he was in the mountain hospital if he had to operate without anesthesia.

     He can see she is embarrassed right now, he thinks it would be best to go and let her calm down. “Miss Feng I have to meet Bai Chiyu but I will be back this afternoon to check on you.”

     “Thank You Doctor.” LiMei is trying to act cool but she is dying inside, how embarrassing, what were those sounds I made!

     After he leaves LiMei pounds her pillow with her little fists, Dammit! What the hell was that! He must think I am a little wierdo!

     Qiao Rui walks down the hallway to the elevator, he really wants to get to know this girl she is unique. She was trying to be brave as he changed her bandage, then the reaction to the needles was priceless, he chuckles to himself. I wonder if she would go with me to the Lau’s party if I asked her to accompany me?

     Lost in thought he gets into the elevator, he doesn’t even notice Bai Chiyu is standing  in it. “Doctor Qiao.”

     “Chiyu.. good, we need to go over the blueprints so I can submit them to the Board next week , if we need to make any changes in the design we can contact the Architectural Firm to fix them beforehand.”

    Bai Chiyu can see he is unusually distracted, he entered the elevator from the second floor was he in that girl’s room again? I need to go by and see the girl after they are finished.

     LiMei turns on the television it is boring laying here with no phone to play with, after Gu Chang brings some clothes she is going to walk around the garden she can see from her window.

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