LiMei pushes the cart into the elevator, I wonder what it would be like to be newly married with the love of your life. They must be rich to afford the Honeymoon Suite at the Crescent Moon, she is imagining a huge wedding people toasting the bride and groom. A beautiful bride in white, a handsome man in a tux. The drama she watches on television has a young couple struggling to make ends meet while living with her parents, she chuckles it is a funny show. Well, I’m here let’s see this beautiful couple!

     LiMei knocks on the door, “Room Service.” she is excited to see what a Honeymoon Suite looks like, after a few moments the door opens.

     “Hello…”she is speechless, she immediately attempts to adjust her face.

     “That’s okay little girl, that is the reaction we have got every time we order.” A silver haired man is standing at the doorway holding a little grandmother.

     LIMei pushes the cart into the room, not what I was expecting, but cool. They are on a Honeymoon?

     “What a view you have!”

     The old man laughs this girl looks the same age as my granddaughter. He and his wife are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary, this hotel is where they spent their first right after he built it.

     LiMei puts the flowers on the table spreading the flower petals, she likes the look of these two, they look in love. She knows it isn’t appropriate but she is curious, “Did you just get married?”

     The woman smiles up at the tall handsome white haired man next to her, “No it is our fiftieth wedding anniversary.”

     LiMei can’t stand how cute this is, her eyes sparkling , “That is awesome! I hope I find a man to spend a happy lifetime with!” She finishes setting up the table thinking they should have a cake for their dessert.

     “Well it is finished, is there anything else you need?” The table is beautifully set with the flowers and petals nicely arranged.

     “No, it looks perfect.”

     “Enjoy your meal!” LiMei when she has a sincere smile is breathtakingly beautiful, even wearing the hotel uniform doesn’t diminish the fact.

The two people stare at LiMei what a beautiful girl..

She pushes the empty cart out to the service elevator. What a surprise. I should get them a cake, isn’t there a bakery on the first floor.

     When LiMei arrives back at the kitchen she asks the Kitchen Manager if she could have a short break. She hurries over to where she had seen the bakery cafe earlier. She drools while staring at the cakes in the case, really beautiful, they show to the side what a slice looks like. She picks a small vanilla with strawberries that sounds light, the meal they ordered was a bit heavy. “Miss can you decorate one for me?”

     The girl sees LiMei is another employee, who is she buying a cake for these are very expensive. “We can for an extra charge.” LiMei has decided she will spend some of the money from the pervert doing a few good deeds. “That’s fine. I want it to say “Happy 50th Anniversary in red with two intertwined hearts.”

     The salesgirl thinks it must be for grandparents after she hears what she wants written on it.

     “I will be right back.”

     LiMei is happy, for so long she was in despair everyday wondering how to escape from her dismal life, it is nice to see people fall in love and stay together for fifty years, a coworker concerned about her safety, oh yeah the pervert, let’s forget about him and the jittery guy. She glances around the bakery/cafe while she is waiting for the cake. Hmm..over by the window why does that mother daughter pair look familiar. Oh shit it is prune face and her scheming daughter! Is tonight the night they are going to drug that poor guy!

     The girl comes back with the cake in a pink box with a ribbon tied around it. Cute!

     “That will be $150 USD”

     The pervert had dollars,mixed with the banknotes it must be because a few of the shops inside here are owned by Americans and they want US dollars.

     She pulls out $200 she would tip more but it might be suspicious. “Thank you.”She takes a quick look back at prune face, she seems to be giving something to her daughter. Wow… I wonder who their victim is tonight.

     Cake in hand she runs to the service elevator she looks at her watch,that took longer than expected. When she arrives at the Honeymoon Suite she says “Room Service.”

     Inside the couple are enjoying their lobster, they look at the meal, everything is there why would room service return.

     LiMei doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it so she quickly bows, “Happy Anniversary.” She quickly hands him the cake then hurries to the service elevator.

     When the couple opens the pink box, their eyes light up, they hadn’t thought to order a cake. They decide they will find a way to repay that little girl for her kindness, they know the prices in the bakery are not small. 

     LiMei flies into the kitchen, that definitely took longer than expected, QiQi is pushing a cart, Mari is in the wine room getting a bottle of wine, and that scummy Han Wu has a sinister smile on his face while he loads a cart. As he puts the last container on the cart he is texting someone. LiMei suddenly puts two and two together, he is the person they enlisted to drug some guy, then prune face’s daughter is going to enter with the room card. Why did I have to see this going down, I can’t rescue every lame person I meet. But, when I stayed with Father Lam when I first arrived he told me the only way to have peace is to use my skills to help people, lead a righteous life. She stomps her little feet, dammit..dammit..dammit.

     How do I follow him? I can’t just walk out with him, I just took a break. The expediter calls her name she has a delivery to the 35th floor, I wonder where slimeball is going. She bumps into him as he is looking at the ticket, it falls to the ground, he bends to snatch it quickly but LiMei is faster, she sees he is going to the Penthouse wow..that guy must be richer than rich.

     “Sorry..” she hands it back to him.

     “What the fuck! Watch where you are going newbie or you won’t last long.”

     Man, I really don’t like this guy, I would like to slice off his….{calm down LiMei you have changed your ways.} So I could run the delivery to the 35th then continue up to the 50th floor. But by then he will have delivered it. What can I do knock on the door and say “Mister someone is drugging you.” That’s ridiculous, I would get investigated. He would think “Who? How do you know this?” I could wait until the girl tries to use the room card, knock her out. Why would I go to so much trouble for a random guy. 

     She sees Han Wu is taking the cart, she quickly follows with hers, as the elevator door is shutting she puts her hand there, “Wait!” Han Wu gives her a dirty look, she pushes 35. Neither one speaks, the drug is probably is in the wine, should I knock it over? No… he will get pissed try to start something I will need to kill him. I guess the best plan is to intercept the girl.

     LiMei knocks on the door of 3508,”Room Service!” no one answers. She knocks again louder, she doesn’t have all night! Kitchen Manager said they were still at the Spa but wanted the food there when they returned, so he gave her the room card.

     In the elevator she removes her wig she doesn’t want to be identified, she unpins the bun it is wrapped into, pulling it up in the hairpin, she removes her contacts. It will appear as though someone stole a uniform to do this{LiMei your skills have diminished} When she exits the elevator she looks down the hallway, there is no other room. Yikes. As she is about to give up thinking I tried, the main elevator opens and she sees the homely daughter dressed in a revealing dress. It is low cut revealing her cleavage, with a slit up the thigh. She must say even though her face is ehh..her body is quite busty and curvy.

     The girl sees LiMei thinking I thought mom said a guy was going to drug Chen Jianyu. “You haven’t delivered it yet?”

     “No, I just got the order.” Maybe she could somehow get the room card from the girl, that would solve it but if it is strong aphrodisiac he will need to have sex or the antidote. She only has two antidote pills from when she was on the Yinghe’s yacht disguised as masseuse, she grabbed one from the lining of her purse when she realized Han Wu was going to drug someone. I don’t want to use it if I don’t have to what if I got schemed on, well seriously I’m a poor girl no one is going to scheme on me but still, I paid a lot of money for these.

     “What are you standing there for, I am going to wait downstairs for your text, if he sees me right now the plan won’t work.”

     I need the room card, it is probably in her purse, LiMei is getting a headache. She decides this girl isn’t too bright so I have the room card Kitchen Manager gave me for 3508 I could exchange it then she wouldn’t be able to access the room.

     LiMei acts like her apron is caught on the cart she stumbles into homely girl, her purse falls on the ground the contents spilling out. LiMei slips the room card from her sleeve into the purse while she does she stealthily grabs the room card from her purse. Homely girl is so mad her face is contorted making her even more unpleasant to look at, she wants to yell but Chen Jianyu might hear her.

 “Hmmph, get it done!”  She storms off to the elevator.

     LiMei wishes she had got the job at Hushang Group, this hotel has way too much going on. She slides the room card as Chen Jianyu is coming out of the bathroom, water droplets are sliding down his rock hard body. He has a towel loosely wrapped around his waist, even though he just took a cold shower he was still feeling very hot. liMei’s mouth drops open at the sight of his half naked perfect body.

   “Who the hell are you?”

     She sees the wine bottle empty of the table , only a glass of wine remains, wow this guy can drink, it hasn’t been that long since Han Wu brought the cart up. I could drop the pill in there but what if he doesn’t drink it.

    “I’m here to clean up.”

     Chen Jianyu’s vision is beginning to blur,  “How did you get in my room!” In two long strides he is in front of her she can feel his hot breath on her face. This isn’t good the aphrodisiac must be starting to take effect.

     His voice sounds familiar, why is that?

     “Who sent you.. what did you do to me?” Her eyes are so beautiful, green with specks of gold… the scent of jasmine. Feeling muddleheaded he can’t think he only knows he has a burning desire to touch the young woman in front of him.

     “I just walked in what could I do to you?” She needs to decide soon, his eyes look like a wild beast’s right now. Stay calm LiMei you could always knock him out.

    LiMei decides she will just tell him about the two women, she didn’t like the way homely girl talked to her in the hallway. “I’m going to tell you the truth, a prune faced woman and her daughter are scheming on you, I happened to overhear them, I don’t like to see a lame guy get worked just because he is rich.”

     “Lame guy?” Does this little slut know who I am ! I will crush her!

     He grabs her slender arm with an angry expression, “Why would you help me”. Chen Jianyu wants LiMei right now, he is trying to control himself but his body is on fire looking at her creamy white skin and her tempting pink lips.Where has he seen those lips before? His head is in a fog.

     “I’m making amends.”

     She decides she will put the pill under her tongue, kiss him one time make him swallow it then leave. Good plan. She needs to get back to the kitchen.

     Chen Jianyu can’t restrain himself she is part of the conspiracy let her take the consequences. He presses her up against the wall, his breathing getting heavy, pulling her long black hair out of the hairpin, it cascades down her back, then he runs his fingers through her hair, He can’t take his eyes off her beautiful face. Feeling her soft body against his chest, his hand is about to rip her shirt when she lifts her face up looking into his eyes full of lust. LiMei’s bright green eyes sparkling as she says with a pouty look, “Wait..Kiss me first.”

     She wants me too? His lips greedily meet hers, his tongue entering her mouth entangling with hers, the sweetness  is making him hard under his towel. He moves his kisses down her neck sucking her soft skin. LiMei can feel he is going to get out of control soon, she isn’t willing to go that far to help this idiot. She can tell he has swallowed the pill, now is the perfect time to escape, the pill should take effect instantly,it is of the highest quality, made by Xinghi himself.

     “Let’s move to the bed,” she slips from under his arm extended above her moving seductively to the bed. He follows her I should thank whoever sent her, I have never felt this attracted to a woman before, I want to possess all of her. They lay down on the bed he leans over her with eyes full of a burning desire and is about to start unbuttoning her blouse when he can’t keep his eyes open any longer.

     LiMei jumps off the bed, should she cover him up? He is laying there in a towel his hair wet he will catch a cold,  she takes the quilt tosses it over him then runs to the door. She warned him, he should be on his guard now with those two schemers.

Father Lam I hope I am getting angel points!





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