Driving To Pushong Part 2

 They drive along neither one speaking as they travel down the mountain. LiMei continues to drink the whiskey, she is starting to feel her eyes closing but she doesn’t want to go to sleep in case there is a problem with the car following them. She needs to get rid of them soon so she can sleep.

     LiMei turns to Chen Jianyu in a lazy voice says, “ I am going to do something now that we are on the highway and down from the mountain. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I need to stop them from following us, I’m tired. Slow down a little I don’t want then going at a high rate of speed.”

     “What are you going to do?”

     “Don’t worry about it, go about 40mph.”

     Chen Jianyu slows down the car, LiMei sets the whisky bottle on the floor and gets the gun out of her purse.

    “Kang Mei what the hell are you going to do with that gun!”

     “I got it from one of the kidnappers, I’m not going to kill anyone, just shoot their tire, this is a good stretch of road with a grassy side area, they aren’t going fast, he should be able to maneuver the car onto the side of the road. Then you speed up and get us back to Pushong I have to get up early for work.”

     “Are you crazy?”

     “No, just tired. Open the sunroof and keep the car steady.”

     “Forget it what if you miss and they shoot at you?”

    “I won’t miss.”

    “You have been drinking the whole way down the mountain!”

    “Chen Jianyu!”she points the gun at him, “Do as I say now. I am out of patience!”

    “You won’t shoot me.”

    “No I won’t ..but open the sunroof.” LiMei starts laughing,” It will be easy, trust me”

     Reluctantly Chen Jianyu opens the sunroof.

     LiMei closes her eyes for a moment picturing what she will do, she needs to be quick and accurate or they will shoot at her. The advantage of standing up is she will have a straight shot, a side shot from the window wouldn’t be as accurate. “Hold the wheel steady.” 

     She unbuckles her seat belt then removes her heels. In the next moment she is standing on the seat with her head out the sunroof, her hair flying in the wind one hand holding the opening, in her right the gun. She quickly takes one shot at the left tire, that will make the car swerve that direction into the grass. LiMei pops back into the car laughing she says, “ DRIVE!”

     Chen Jianyu can hear the SUVs wheels squealing and bullets hitting the back of his car as he speeds off. What the fuck! She is fucking insane! Her face is flushed and her hair is messy, she is still holding the gun in her lap.

     She puts the gun in her purse then buckles her seat belt, now she can relax.“How far are we from Pushong City?”

     Chen Jianyu is still not over what just happened, it was like out of an action movie. When he looked over her slender legs were standing on the seat, her long ink black hair, the bloody white dress fluttering , her creamy white arm holding a gun, it was surreal. Then when she sat back down smiling her green eyes sparkling she looked like an angel. He shakes his head this is like a weird dream.


     “Just wake me up when we get there you can drop me off by your friend’s cafe I will walk home.” She is exhausted, she closes her eyes.

     He can’t just drop her off by Lau An’s. “Where do you live I’m not dropping you on the street at two in the morning.

     Kang Mei?”

     LiMei fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes. Chen Jianyu looks over her eyes are closed and she is breathing softly, she looks nothing like the crazy girl from a moment ago. Her cheeks are flushed from the whiskey and her pink lips are slightly parted. Her hair is half way across her face. He reaches over and brushes her hair behind her ears, as his fingers gently touch her swollen cheek he feels a stabbing pain in his heart. 

     I will take her to the penthouse and call Qiao Rui to come, when I  was looking for him earlier at the resort the girl at the desk said he had returned to Pushong for an emergency. He notified them in case his female companion needed anything. That’s right Qiao Rui brought a woman to the resort, I wonder who she is. 

Chen Jianyu takes his jacket off and covers LiMei.  He gazes at her tiny hands grasping the jacket around her in her sleep. How can such a petite delicate looking  girl be so fierce? 

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