Chen Jianyu watches LiMei sleeping, he can’t help but move closer. He takes off his black jacket and puts it over her  covering her entire body as she is curled up in that position. Smiling he considers how to bring her closer to him, when they are walking back to the resort he plans on asking her to come work for him.

     LiMei is freezing as she is sleeping, in her dream she is with Kuang Bo in the mountains, there is ice and snow everywhere. Their assignment is to kill a reclusive arms dealer and rescue a girl he had his men abduct to bring to him yesterday. They will get paid for both the hit and rescuing the girl, double if she is still a virgin. Kuang Bo looks through his binoculars they are less than a km away from the wall surrounding the mansion. From his vantage point above Kuang Bo can see four men at the walls and eight in the courtyard. He sees movement through a top floor window, it is probably the girl.“Daiyu.” he call down to her, “We need to wait until dark.”

     Kang Bo jumps down from the tree. Daiyu is spacing out thinking about the abducted girl, she is only fifteen, what a bastard to steal her from school. The girl is his rival’s precious daughter he wants to torture the man, he didn’t even ask for ransom.

     Kuang Bo flicks her head. “Stop daydreaming you little idiot, we need to discuss a plan.” She bends over making a snowball then playfully tosses it at him, “Kuang Bo stop calling me an idiot!” He laughs at her as he brushs the snow from his jacket then he rushes towards her tackling her down into the pristine snow, “You don’t pay attention”, he is holding her on the ground her hands above her head, his face so close she can feel his hot breath on her cheek.  “You need to be on your guard at all times.” Her cheeks are red and puffed out, “Get off me you pervert! We are a km away from them, I was thinking about how we are going to get the girl out.”

     He lets go of her body then rolls over next to her. “Daiyu be careful when we enter, don’t take any chances. I want to rescue the girl but..”

     “What do you mean but?’

     “I saw the layout of inside the mansion most likely they have her on the top floor, I saw a silhouette in a window that is where the bedrooms are located, to reach her before they kill her is going to be difficult. “

     “Kuang Bo, we need to rescue her she is only fifteen!”

     “Daiyu, you need to learn to be realistic, Kuang Fu took the job because he wanted a reason to eliminate that old bastard and get paid for it he doesn’t give a shit about the girl, getting her out would just be an added bonus.”

     “Your brother is the worst!”

     “Yes he is.”

     “How about this I scale the wall to the roof, go into her window from there then lower her down to you on the rope. I stay in her bed pretending to be her, we have similar looks from her photograph, I call the old man in as if I am giving in to him, I kill him then exit through the window. Then we don’t have to worry about all the men on the ground floor.”


     “Kuang Bo, it is the best plan how are the two of us going to take out all the men he has in there?”

     “I need to think about it.”

     They eat the sandwiches she had packed, Kuang Bo gets out a thermos, pouring her a cup.

     “Kuang Bo! Hot chocolate!” she smiles brightly that is her favorite.

    He starts laughing,“Yeah if your sandwiches were as good as the drink I brought.” 

     She hits him in his arm, he is her best friend in this screwed up world. She always feels sorry for him having an evil brother like Kuang Fu, he has told her a few times he would love to leave this life but he can’t. She looks at his face he is wearing a skin mask as always, the only time she gets to see his handsome face is in his quarters in the Compound of the Organization. Not even the other members of the Black Sky Organization know what he and Kuang Fu really look like.

     “It is getting dark have you decided. You have trained me for three years, have confidence in me I won’t let you down and I don’t want to die. Your brother is a tightwad not sending at least one more man on this assignment, how did he expect us to take out all these men?”

     “Fine we enter the back together then kill the men guarding the back. I will wait for you to lower the girl, be sure to gag her in case she is afraid and wants to scream. Once I get the girl beyond the outer wall I’m coming back for you if you don’t meet us in twenty minutes. “

     “Deal!” She hugs him tightly, “I love you Bo.”

     LiMei whispers this in her sleep as she hugs herself tighter, Chen Jianyu is sitting beside her he clenches his fist, who the hell is Bo she is always dreaming about… her boyfriend? I need to find out who he is and crush him. 

     He stares at her sleeping he has to resist the urge to kiss her half parted lips, he doesn’t think she would forgive him a second time. His excuse he was drunk last time seemed to work, but he would have no excuse tonight.

     He puts the last of the wood on the fire, it should be light in awhile. He lays down next to her without being too close. He will go with the plan of asking her to work for him. 

     Chen Jianyu closes his eyes, it is miserable out here in the forest but at least he found her. The heat from the fire is decent but without his jacket he is really cold, maybe he should move closer for body heat. No she would misunderstand.

     LiMei can feel the sun coming up, she opens her eyes, what is this, she sees his jacket on her. Chen Jianyu is a modest distance away from her asleep. Well, that was gentlemanly of him covering me with his jacket and he is a considerate distance away. Maybe he isn’t that bad of a guy. She smooths her hair then puts on her white baseball cap.

     She shakes him she is anxious to get breakfast. “Chen Jianyu , wake up!”


     “Time to go back… the sun is up.”

     He sleepily sits up, LiMei is smiling at him.

     “Oh, good.” The sunlight hitting her face through the trees her skin is flawless, in her green eyes the golden flecks are sparkling, he is momentarily mesmerized by the sight.

     “Thanks for your jacket.” She hands it back to him, now that the sun is up she is almost too warm with her own jacket.

     “When we get out of this forest should I call for them to bring a cart for you?” They both start walking down a path the opposite direction of the mountains. This must be the way back by LiMei’s guess.

     “What do you mean for me? What about you?”

     “I’m just an employee to be honest I shouldn’t even be out here in the guest area. I will run back.”

     “No! I mean you saved me from that snake I can’t get a ride while you run back, just come with me.”

     “It’s fine I like a morning run.”

     “So do I . I will run back with you. Or we could just walk.” His brother Huan runs everyday but he is too lazy, the most he does to stay in shape is use his treadmill in his workout room once and awhile. He needs to find out more about her.

     “I’m super hungry and I want to eat before my shift.”{She wants to go to her room, shower, check on Rui then order a huge Western style breakfast}

     “Let me buy you breakfast.”

     She bows, “Thank you for the offer but employees can’t eat with guests.”

     Chen Jianyu frowns, dammit Rui, how many fucking rules do you have at this resort. “My friend owns the resort I’m sure he would make an exception for me. I will call him to okay it when we get back.”

     LiMei panics a little, that is not a good idea at all.

     She grips his hands, “Please, don’t call attention to me I’m still on probation here. “

     Chen Jianyu is getting pissed, she is even scared because she is in a probationary period.”Well just come to my room I will order room service for us.” Fuck! Right after he says this he knows that was a mistake. “I mean..”

     LiMei can see he is flustered, it is rather funny. “Chen Jainyu, I know you simply want to repay me, I won’t take offense to that last suggestion. Do you have a business card? I need to go to Pushong City next Wednesday for an appointment you can treat me to a meal how is that?”

     Chen Jianyu’s face lights up he reaches into his pocket for his wallet, fucking shit he didn’t bring it.

     “I don’t have my wallet, when we get back I will meet you in the lobby with it.”

     “Ah no, we can’t mingle with the guests.”

     He is going to strangle Qiao Rui when he sees him..rules and more rules!

     “How about I come to your office, would that work? Then you can take me to lunch.” She has no intention of ever seeing this nuisance of a man again..but doesn’t know how to get rid of him.

     “Yes, do that.” He plans on being here through the day he will get her information in case she doesn’t show up, he feels she is politely blowing him off. He doesn’t want to appear aggressive.

     “Can we start running now we are on the main path.”

     LiMei begins to run, not as fast as she normally would most people would be in awe of her speed. She doesn’t need to draw more attention to herself. Chen Jianyu can barely keep up with her. They approach the gazebos by the lake, LiMei stops running.

     “I will be going up to the employees entrance from here, so good bye Chen Jianyu.”

     Before he can catch his breath he is leaning over trying to breathe, she is gone. How did she disappear so quickly? Dammit! Well he will find out what part of the resort she works in after he showers and has breakfast.

     LiMei takes off her jacket and cap, putting her hair up with a hairpin, she is wearing a simple white shirt, she hopes to blend in with the people coming into work.

     Chen Jianyu is very thirsty he stops at the front desk, he is sweating from running back.

     “Get me a water bottle quickly.”

     The girl behind the desk recognizes him as Chen Jianyu, she is wondering what happened to him he is disheveled so early in the morning, she hurries and brings him one. He drinks it in two gulps, “Another.”

     He takes this bottle drinking it on the way to the elevator, that’s right he is in that tiny room. He will call about the Suite after he showers he feels incredibly dirty but surprisingly he doesn’t care as he pictures her beautiful face in the moonlight.

     “Kang Mei..”

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